Senior Top 5: Harrison Farrier

By Harrison Farrier, BHS Class of 2016


  1. Senior Prom-Prom was definitely a night to remember; dancing and hanging out with my friends the whole night. It was great seeing everyone have so much fun.


2. Racquetball-This was my first year playing and I wish I had started playing sooner. I met so many people and made a lot of new friends.


3. Tailgates-It was so much fun getting together before all of the home football games; listening to music and eating hotdogs and hamburgers.


4. Football Games-I had a lot of fun chanting for all my friends that were playing and watching Southridge get beat on their field and then rushing it after the game.

5. Jam the Dam-It was a lot of fun going all four years of high school. Β This was my first year waiting in line listening to music and watching kids playing video games on the TV that they brought.



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