Ms. Gwyn is a Spanish teacher at BHS; she teaches Spanish 1-4. She grew up in Perrysburg, Ohio and went to Perrysburg High School. She went to Kent State for her undergrad and to Bowling Green for her Masters Degree. She also went to Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Spain. Along with studying Spanish in Spain, she also studied in Costa Rica and Mexico.

After college, Ms. Gwyn was a Middle School Teacher in North Carolina, and then she moved to Portland and taught at Bonny Slope Elementary School for three years, then she moved to BHS.

Outside of school, she is interested in many different activities such as crabbing with her boyfriend Greg and his daughters, kayaking, hiking, gardening, traveling, and cooking especially with home-grown ingredients. Her favorite food is artichokes cooked with butter, and her favorite movie is “The Burbs.”

When asked about what she likes about BHS, she said, “ Definitely the students.  We have a diverse group of students, and with teaching no two days are alike.  Each day is new and exciting because of the dynamic with the students. I also like the traditions.  I think the Rhythm B’s are so cool, and I always look forward to seeing their performances at the assemblies.” Her advice to students is to always try their best and ask questions when they are unsure. Thank you Ms. Gwyn!




Meet Mr. Theriot! Mr. Theriot is a teacher in the Language arts department here at BHS and teaches classes such as American Lit and Lit and Comp 10. He is also the Building Representative for the Beaverton Education Association, which is the teachers’ union. Before coming to BHS, Mr.Theriot taught at Aloha High School from 2001-2003, and before that, he worked for a child care organization called Vermont Hills Family Life Center.


Outside of BHS, Mr. Theriot enjoys going on many different adventures with his wife and his two sons. They love to hike, backpack, camp, and travel. He also really loves biking! When it’s nice out he likes to commute to school on his mountain bike and in the fall he competes in cyclocross. He also really enjoys reading, sports, art, music, and television.


When asked what he loves about the BHS community he said “I love how diverse this community has become over the years.  With that brings some challenges, but I think we are the type of community that has the capability and attitude to have courageous conversations and actions.  I say “we”, because not only am I a part of the staff here, but I live in the BHS boundary and my boys will soon be Beavers!” Thank you, Mr. Theriot, for being so involved in the BHS community!



Mr. Edwards is a teacher in the Social Studies department. He has been working here since January of 1993. Mr. Edwards likes his job here at Beaverton because every day is different, and he has been able to meet multiple generations of students, and he also likes working with his colleagues. “The people make the place.”

What Mr. Edwards thinks is most unique about Beaverton’s community is that Beaverton is a place that knows it has a long history but acknowledges that change is occurring. He believes that schools are focal parts of the community, and Beaverton has been part of this community for a very long time and, still to this day, works hard on remaining a focal part of that community.

Mr. Edwards grew up in Kenmore, Washington and attended high school at Inglemoore High School in Kenmore. He has a brother who is a middle school teacher; his mom is a retired 5th-grade teacher; and his dad is also retired. He also has two daughters, one in 8th grade and the other in 12th grade.

Mr. Edwards would like everyone to know he values his time here at Beaverton and really enjoys coming to work every day. He thinks it is extremely important to find work that is important to you and that you value. His words of wisdom are, “Find something you enjoy doing because you are going to be doing it for a long time”.


Ms. Davidson has been at Beaverton for 21 years, and she’s loved every year here. Ms. Davidson’s official title at Beaverton High is a World Language Teacher, but more specifically, she teaches the French course. When asked what she enjoys most about BHS, she answered, “The students have become so diverse since I started working here.”

Ms. Davidson believes the different cultures and languages that are represented at BHS are what make it such an unique school. Before working at Beaverton, Ms. Davidson worked at different middle schools teaching both French and Spanish. Ms.Davidson grew up in Oregon and she loves to travel and read outside of school. She is also an experienced equestrian as she has ridden horses all her life.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Jeffrey Buckingham

Staff Spotlight.PNG

Mr. Buckingham is an AP Biology, Chemistry, and AVID teacher at BHS. He began teaching at Beaverton in the fall of 2014, after teaching physics and English in Thailand in 2013 and at OMSI Outdoor School from 2010-2011. Mr. Buckingham graduated from Skyline High School in east Seattle, then studied at the University of Portland. He also has a twin brother who looks nothing like him and an older sister.

At Beaverton, Mr. Buckingham enjoys the community, but mostly the students. Things Mr. Buckingham are passionate about include wild spaces, environmentalism, his impact on the planet, and positive interactions with people. When asked about pet peeves, Mr. Buckingham responded with stepping in water after putting on clean warm socks and the Live 95.5 radio presenters because of the annoying laugh in the background. One thing Mr. Buckingham wants to let students know is to take 4 years of science!


Staff Spotlight

Mr. Bayha has been teaching here at THE Beaverton High School for 17 years now, not to mention a water polo and swimming coach here as well for 15 years. To the left of him is Elsie Windes, a two-time Olympian of whom he had coached (State Champs in 2002). Mr. Bayha has spent a majority of his life in Bend as he is an alumni of Sheldon High. After high school, he attended Pepperdine University and Oregon State University. Mr. Bayha is currently a Health Careers teacher. What he loves most about the community is the student body’s willingness and acceptance of being unique by being involved in school spirit and as well as activities. The advice he’d give to current high schoolers is to make the most out of your experiences, be willing to take risks, and always try something new.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Jessica Fregoso

staff spotlightstaff spotlight(1)staff spotlight(2)

Mrs. Fregoso started teaching at Beaverton right after graduating college, and she currently teaches Social Studies 10, AP Human Geography, and AVID. She is also a Co-AVID Coordinator. Before teaching at Beaverton, she worked at Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, and Banana Republic. Outside of school, she loves to watch football (especially the Oregon Ducks!), spending time with her family and friends, and going to Disneyland. When asked what her favorite part about BHS is, she says, “My favorite thing about BHS is the students!”. Mrs. Fregoso has so much love for her family, friends, and her students. We are so lucky to have you in our community, Mrs. Fregoso! #ExperienceBHS



Syner Clothing is a brand created by alumni here at BHS. Shalev Hanamura started embroidering shirts and selling them to classmates in his 2017 graduating class. He and his crew have worked super hard to build up this clothing brand and plan to go even further. His favorite thing about this business is having the ability to do whatever he wants with his clothing. He explained that Beaverton and some of his favorite teachers such as Mr. Emch (pictured) did a great job allowing him to be creative with his passion. As his company grows, he wants to promote upcycling and how his brand has had a minimal carbon footprint from the beginning. He will be running a club at Beaverton to let students tap into their creative qualities and learn more about clothing and music. Lastly, He will be doing a pop-up shop at the Beaverton food carts on January 25th. It will be open to the public with clothes, food, music and more!


Staff Spotlight.jpg

Maintenance custodial foreman Jon Rattazzi has been working at Beaverton High School since 2015. Jon was born in Oakland, lived in Modesto, and had later on moved to Oregon. What Jon likes about BHS are the kind students and staff members and how active BHS is, so there is always something to do. Jon knows what makes BHS so unique is the diversity at the school which shows in the community. Some of his favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and taking care of his grandkids.


Staff Spotlight

Mr. Williams is a new teacher at BHS this year; he is a Special Education Paraeducator. He has been a teacher for 8 years in the Special Education program. He taught at Aloha High School for two years before coming here. Before teaching, he was a marketing manager of his own company. In his younger life, he grew up in Eugene and went to the University of Oregon to study education in health and PE. At UO, he also was an All-American Sprinter. His favorite part about working in Special Education is being around kids and spending time with them and every day is different in the classroom. When asked about an advice he has for students, he said to go into a career that you are passionate about and excited about going to every day.