Hayden_s WishMeet our 2018 BHS Make A Wish Kid, Hayden! At the time, Hayden was 10 years old and her wish was to go to Aulani – A Disney Resort. Hayden had always wanted to swim with dolphins and was so excited to meet Disney characters, so Aulani was the perfect wish. Hayden and her family enjoyed many days in the Hawaiian sunshine on the beautiful island of Oahu. We thank you for making Hayden’s wish come true.

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This year we want to introduce you to Elise. Elise’s wish is to go to Sesame Place, let’s make her wish come true! Come out tonight to support Make A Wish at Jam the Dam, doors open at 5! Text BHS2020 to 44-321 to donate to Make A Wish.


Gordon_s Wish

Hey Beavs! Meet one of our past Make-A-Wish kids Gordon. At the time, when the BHS community granted his wish, he was 14 years old and was suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. Gordon is from Happy Valley, Oregon, and he loves playing Madden NFL and playing Flag Football. If you didn’t notice, Gordon loves football! The BHS community was able to grant Gordon’s wish to go to Seatle and meet his favorite football team the Seatle Seahawks as well as his favorite quarterback, Russell Wilson. Gordon and his family got to spend an entire day in Seatle with Russell Wilson at Centurylink field along with other players from the Seahawks. We thank you for making Gordon’s wish come true!

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And this year we want to introduce to you, Elise. Elise is three years old currently and is AWESOME! Elise’s wish was to go to Sesame Place. Help us make her wish come true!

Wish Kid Spotlight: Elise

Meet this year’s Wish Kid Elise! Elise is a spunky 3-year-old who wished to go to Sesame Place.IMG_5655

Elise joined Sports Marketing last week to celebrate her wish with a Sesame Street party, complete with a coloring contest, donuts, singing, presents, and – of course – a dance party! Join us tonight at Swishes & Wishes and Friday night at Jam the Dam to make more wishes come true.


Beaverton Underground: Episode 15

Beaverton Underground

It’s SPIRIT WEEK! Learn all about the week’s fun festivities – dress-up days, Swishes & Wishes, Jam the Dam, and Winter Semiformal – and a recap from the BHS fire.

Follow the podcasting team on Instagram: @beavertonhigh.underground, and you can email them at beaverton.underground@gmail.com. Listen to Beaverton Underground on Spotify and Google Play, and please feel free to share your constructive comments and suggestions.

Wish Kid Spotlight: Lyla

Beaverton High School_Lyla_FY19

Beaverton High School got the amazing opportunity in 2019 to grant 10 year old, Lyla’s wish at Jam the Dam.🏀💫 Lyla has the biggest heart and most amazing smile one could come across. Lyla is a lover of the Seattle Seahawks, Ariana Grande, chocolate, and so much more. Community truely connected us as donations and sponsors enabled Lyla to live her dream to go to Disneyworld! Beaverton High School will forever be grateful to get the chance to see Lyla’s most beauitful smile as her wish was granted!💝


This year’s Wish Kid is Elise, whose wish was to go to Sesame Place. WISH GRANTED! Join us on Wednesday for our annual Swishes and Wishes game to help raise funds to grant more wishes for amazing kids like Lyla and Elise!

Wish Kid Spotlight: Chrystalyn

Make A Wish Kid Spotlight 2018

In 2019, a 13-year-old girl dreamed of dolphins🦈, becoming a veterinarian, and wished to go to Atlantis resort. Beaverton High School was able to make Chrystalyn’s wish come true through the generous support and donations of the BHS family and community members. At Atlantis resort, Chrystaln was able to swim with dolphins and spend all day under the sun🌞and in the water🌊.

Make A Wish Kid Spotlight 2020

This year, we are more than excited to introduce our 2020 Wish Kid, Elise, a sweet and cheerful😁 three-year-old who dreams of going to Sesame Street. With the help of our BHS community, we will be able to grant Elise’s wish!

Join us at Swishes and Wishes on Wednesday, January 29, to raise funds to support Elise’s wish. It will be a fun night with family, students, staff, and a great basketball game!


Student Spotlight m.e

Maia (left) is currently a senior at BHS who is well-spirited. This year, she participated in cross country, swimming, and now track! Maia’s favorite part about our community is the school spirit and the genuine supporting environment. Last year, Maia’s favorite class was Sports Marketing because of the hands-on experience with Week of Wishes and Jam the Dam. Maia will be completing the Marketing Pathway.

Something that Maia looks forward to is attending University of Oregon this upcoming fall. She is very excited to be decorating her dorm this summer in preparation for college. Outside of school, she enjoys eating out at fancy restaurants with friends. Maia has two younger twin brothers who are currently freshmen. The advice Maia has for underclassmen is to do something that scares you or challenge you as it helps you become a better person. She also encourages the idea of getting involved in extracurricular activities!


Community Spotlight

Located at 9220 SW Nimbus Ave, Bella Furnishings was started in 1998 by two Beaverton High graduates. Bella Furnishings sells custom furniture at lower-than-retail prices, offers fabulous customer service, and consulting/design services for your home. Bella Furnishings was laos kind enough to be a sponsor of Jam the Dam this year, helping us raise money for Make-A-Wish.

If you are in need of new furniture, make sure to check out Bella Furnishings: https://www.bella-furnishings.com/.


Alumna spotlight.jpg

Corinne graduated in 2013. She was involved in LINK, DECA, and Speech and Debate. As well as the clubs she participated in, Corinne played a few sports at Beaverton, such as racquetball, cross country, soccer, and track. She did the Marketing Pathway as well as one year of Health Careers. Her favorite memories while at Beaverton was the trip she took to Saint Louis for racquetball nationals, cheering on her brother’s lacrosse team, and planning for Jam the Dam. Her favorite quality about Beaverton was how welcoming the community is to everyone.

After high school, Corrine went to Gonzaga where she majored international marketing and minored in German. She also ran track and cross country! Corinne is now the RFP/Proposal Manager at Moovel, a tech company that makes urban mobility apps.

In the future, Corinne plans to work abroad possibly in the Moovel offices in Germany. Her advice: Don’t be afraid to explore different hobbies and interests. High school is a great time to take risks to figure out what your future might look like. You might figure out you hate something you thought you liked or you might develop a new passion!

Senior Blog: Noelani Lambert

Top 5 Favorite Memories at Beaverton
By Noelani Lambert

My favorite memory here at BHS was my junior year when my softball team took the 5th place title in state. It was a great memory because it was my favorite group of girls and we had so much fun that year. We had been working so hard all season to make a statement and play our hardest and we did that by leaving everything on the field.

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Another great memory I have was Jam the Dam my junior year because it was the only year I was able to attend. It was a great game and a great way to experience our community!

Another one of my favorite experiences was my freshman year, traveling to Portland State with my Beaver Lodge class. We are really good friends, and that day was the beginning of our friendship. We got to spend the day together and explore the campus. Another memory I have at Beaverton that I will never forget is the sleepovers that I would have with my softball team last year and the year before. We were a really tight knit group and were really bonded. We spent lots of time together and created friendships that will last forever!

My last favorite memory at Beaverton was College Commitment Day, because it was a perfect opportunity to reflect on my high school experiences and accomplishments. I never would have expected that high school would fly by so fast and I would be headed off to college soon. It was strange to thinking back and contemplate the last 18 years of my life.

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