ALUMNA SPOTLIGHT: Megan Talalemotu

alumna spotlight

Hey Beavers, meet alumna Megan Talalemotu (pictured right). Megan was originally born in Connecticut until fourth grade, when she moved here to Beaverton. She graduated in the BHS Class of 1986!

During her time here, Megan was involved in soccer, track, and cross country. One of her favorite teachers was Mary Peterson, her P.E. teacher who was also a big runner! (Megan even ran with her on her Hood to Coast team after she graduated college!) Megan’s favorite memory from high school was winning state in the 800 and 1600 relay for track! A major impact BHS made on Megan was the introduction of new opportunities that she didn’t know she was interested in.

After high school, Megan attended the University of Oregon, and majored in psychology. In the following years after college, Megan continued to train in track for the Olympic Trials; unfortunately though, an injury prevented her from moving forward. Currently, Megan is working in real estate as a realtor. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, (Megan loves their Sunday night dinners), and going on runs with friends! One thing Megan is still looking forward to is having grandkids!

Megan would like to tell current BHS students to not forget where you came from, but to also chase your dreams, and to, “Go get it!” #ourBHSstory


Alumni spotlight

Meet Craig Cook! Craig attended BHS and graduated in 1990. During his time at BHS his favorite memory was the overall unique bond created with fellow classmates that he still maintains to this day. After BHS, he enlisted in the Navy where he spent the next 6 years of his life as an electronics technician. ” While it was challenging, the experience was very beneficial in preparing me for my future, it also gave me an opportunity to see a lot of places that I never would have been able to had I not joined.”

Craig now works for Cook Security Group a company that his brother founded in 2002. The company provides security solutions around the 11 state footprint they have and beyond with a focus on financial institutions. Currently out of the 350 employees in the company, 10 of them are BHS grads.

Craig is married and has a 10-year-old daughter named Ella. Craig’s advice for seniors about to leave BHS would be, “With the right effort commitment and dedication, you truly can achieve anything. Whether your next chapter is college, military, or the job market, use the opportunity to build your foundation and network to grow. With the strong economy, there are many opportunities to start your career in both traditional and new industries. Time seems to go by faster after high school, it doesn’t seem like it’s been 30 years since I graduated. Be sure to make the best of opportunities and experience new things and have fun along the way.”

One fun fact about Craig is he once sang on stage with 80’s hair band Mr. Big! Some hobbies he enjoys are golfing, running, reading, cooking and watching sports!


Alumnus spotlight

dave furman graduated from BHS with the Class of 1998! He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to Beaverton at age two. After high school, he attended U of O for his undergraduate in English Literature and Japanese Language and Culture, then earned his Master of Arts in Teaching at Pacific University in Forest Grove. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Education Leadership at Lewis and Clark University. Now, dave furman works as an assistant principal at BHS, and is on his second year here! His favorite part of BHS is the kids, and how there is an actual sense of community here compared to other high schools.

Outside of work, Mr. furman enjoys building LEGOs with his 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter, go on family walks, and watch bad TV shows to relax to in the evening. Advice that Mr. Furman would give to students here at BHS is,”If an opportunity comes and is not a danger to yourself and others, say yes!”


Alumna SpotlightNatalie graduated from Beaverton High School in 2017! During her time at Beaverton, Kathryn Robinson and Emily Ramberg made the largest impact on her with “their sometimes strict yet helpful teaching styles.”

Her favorite memories were all the football games and the water balloon fight on the last day of her senior year. Natalie is currently attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ, majoring in Justice Studies and minoring in Psychology. She is currently a part-time barista at her school, as well as working with Maricopa County Superior court Guardianship program.

Natalie’s goals for the future include attending law school or finding a career within the Guardianship Program. During Natalie’s free time, she says that she “enjoys relaxing because college is hard, and adventuring AZ when I have time.”

When asked for advice to all BHS students, Natalie says, “Sounds cheesy but work hard for good grades because that means more money scholarships-wise, which means less debt!”

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Mrs.Carrie Matsuo

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 9.13.55 AM.png

Hey Beavs, meet Mrs. Matsuo! She was born in Vallejo, California, and moved to Portland at age 10. She attended Garden Home Elementary School, Whitford Middle School, and then Beaverton High School (Go Beavs!). She then attended St. Mary’s College and majored in communications.

Mrs. Matsuo has been at Beaverton High School for 3 years now, and for 15 years total in the Beaverton School District, also teaching at Westview High School and special education in an elementary school. Here at Beaverton, she is a graduation mentor who supports students working to finish outstanding credits.

Her favorite part of BHS are the students’ energy, passion, and gifts. Outside of her career, Mrs. Matsuo loves going to watch and support youth and high school supporting events. She also loves to read, and her favorite current genre is nonfiction on topics such as diversity and civil rights. In fact, last spring in 2019, Mrs. Matsuo, her husband, and a group of students had the opportunity to visit four states down South in the U.S. through the Sojourn Project. It was a life changing experience because they were able to see sights from the civil era and meet living heros as well.

Mrs. Matsuo states that, “Education is Family Business”. Her husband is the vice principal of Hillsboro High School, and her son coaches and teaches special education there as well. Advice that she would like to give to the BHS students is to, “Speak your story and listen to others. Also, remember that community and tradition need to grow together.”

ALUMNA SPOTLIGHT:Elizabeth Hampton-Gray

Alumna Spotlight

Hey Beavs, meet alumna Elizabeth Hampton-Gray. Elizabeth graduated in the Class of 1960 from BHS. She has two brothers James, and David and two sons, Matthew and Marvin, that all graduated from BHS as well.

When she was in high school, most of her time spent was in the music hall. She was in Band, Orchestra, Choir, and the Boys and Girls Ensemble. Elizabeth says her most vivid memory from BHS was when she was pushed into the men’s swimming pool and waking up to being given CPR because she could not swim and had to be saved by her friend.

After graduating from BHS, she went on to receive a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Lewis and Clark College where she now is on the Board of Albany Society. Also, she received her Masters of Religious Arts in Christian Education and a Doctorate in Philosophy of Christian Psychology. Later, she became an educator that served as prison Chaplain and was also a Pastor.

In addition to her busy life, she was involved in saving children in the Philippines from human sex trafficking crimes. Elizabeth says, “Saving those children was the highlight of my life”.

During her free time, she loves being involved here at BHS with the Fashion Design students and also with planning the annual lunch the Wednesday following the last day of classes for students.



Will graduated in 1991 from Beaverton High School. Will loved going to all the sporting events and supporting the teams. He said, “We had the biggest school in the state!”

After high school, Wil went to Oregon State and has worked for Intel and now Nike. Working for Intel and Nike has allowed him to live all over the U.S. including Boston, San Diego, Texas, San Francisco, and Portland. Will has been married for 18 years and has two boys.

During his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and hiking around the Northwest with his family. The best advice Will can give is to stay active, stay close to your family, and limit your social media “Unless you career aspiration is to be a Social Influencer, lol!” And, lastly, to go outside and travel because there are many places to visit outside the Northwest.


alumni spotlightMichelle graduation from Beaverton High School in 1987. When she was in high school, her favorite thing about Beaverton were all our athletic programs. Michelle says, “We had great athletes when I was in high school!!” She also completed the Marketing Pathway at Beaverton. After graduating, Michelle continued with Marketing through college at Portland State University.

Michelle’s older son, Matthew, graduated from Beaverton in 2017, and her younger daughter, Sammy, is a senior this year at BHS! Michelle’s hobbies include tons of activities such as golf, hiking, paddle boarding, and biking to cooking and spending time with her beautiful Husky, Lilly (pictured above). The best piece of advice that Michelle has for current BHS students is to stay in school and to always make healthy choices!


ALUMNA spotlight.PNG

Mila graduated from Beaverton in 2016. She completed the Health Careers pathway and loved every minute of it, experiencing opportunities such as watching a live birth and an open heart surgery. She believes that Beaverton’s Health Careers program gave her a lot of clinical experience and helped her learn professionalism in the workplace. Mila transferred from Sunset High School to Beaverton going into her senior year, and she loved how welcoming and inclusive the student body and teachers were. Her favorite memory about Beaverton was coming back to BHS during her freshman year of college to visit and see all her teachers, and how excited they were to see past students.

After graduating high school, Mila went to Ohio State to pursue a bachelor in science in medical anthropology, and after finishing her undergrad, she plans to get her masters degree in nurse midwifery.

Her advice: Make sure to not procrastinate with homework because it will always pay off in the long run. Also, don’t worry too much about your future because as long as you work hard it will unravel itself!



Bryan graduated in the Class of 1980 and loved his time here at Beaverton! After graduating from Beaverton, he attended Oregon State University and majored in Business. He now works for a money management firm and loves his job. He used to play basketball a lot, coached for his kids, and now he is involved in the community through work and through volunteering. What he remembers most about Beaverton are the students. He still talks to many of his former classmates through social media, as they are spread across the country and world. What he still sees at Beaverton is the atmosphere is still very accepting of everyone, and he thinks that is super cool that the atmosphere is very similar to when he attended Beaverton.