This is Doug Johanson; he graduated from Beaverton in 1986. Doug participated in student leadership, debate, golf, and a variety of recreational sports such as basketball and soccer. In high school, Doug earned his money by managing a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store. His favorite moments were doing the Rhythm Boys with his friends because it was hilarious and being part of a golf team that won state his junior year and came in third my senior year. His favorite quality of Beaverton is a sense of community.

After high school, he majored in Finance at the University of Oregon. That let him to be the CEO of Vista Capital Partners, an investment advisory firm him and his business partner started 18 years ago. The advice he passes to students is, “Think big. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

Doug plans to have fun, work hard, make a difference, give back, get outdoors, try new things and spend as much time with his family and friends as possible.



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Impire is a clothing brand that was established by Beaverton Senior Sam Mendoza. Impire is a small clothing brand that sells a variety of clothing items such as jackets, hoodies, and T-shirts along with other accessories. Sam releases his clothes as ‘drops’ every couple of months, and his latest release was three weeks ago. Sam hopes he can grow his brand and eventually expand from what he is currently doing to make Impire a profit-making business. Sam has also involved his friends in his endeavor to create a successful brand by having them model and wear his clothes to market them. Sam is currently a full-time student but he hopes to turn Impire into a successful brand that not only works as a sustainable job but is a well-known brand from Oregon. For more information visits the official Impire Instagram page @impireofficial.



Ally is a freshman here at THE Beaverton High School. Ally’s favorite thing about Beaverton is the strong community and diversity within the school. She is involved in cross country, and she is also on the swimming team. Her favorite subject is Lit and Comp, and her favorite food is avocado. Her family includes her older sister Emma who is a junior at Beaverton along with her dad Tom and her mom Amy.

Ally is interested in psychology and plans on taking Intro to Psychology next year. She looks up to her parents because they push her to be her best self and inspire her to follow what she’s passionate about. Ally wants to attend a four-year university and after she graduates, she would like to take a couple years off to travel!


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Lulu’s Scrunchies is a small company started in October 2018 by sophomores Olivia Buist-Thuilier and Lucy Ray. Currently, they sell scrunchies of different colors and fabrics. Olivia and Lucy are looking to expand their business into selling upcycled hand-embroidered clothing and other accessories like bracelets and necklaces. Their goal is to create sustainable and eco-friendly clothing that’s affordable for high school students. They currently have 9 long-term scrunchie options to choose from, and they also release limited edition scrunchies; they are also working with the Oregon Zoo Teens to make limited edition animal print scrunchies. In the future, they are looking to continue expanding while maintaining the goal of being eco-friendly. For more information, visit their Instagram page @scrunchies.lulu.


Student Spotlight1

JR is a senior this year at BHS! Some of his favorite things include soccer, Chinese food, hot Cheetos, and going on runs with his dog. His biggest dream is to have the opportunity to play soccer with Cristiano Ranaldo.

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At Beaverton, JR has primarily been involved with soccer. Since his freshman year, JR has been playing with the Multicultural Soccer Club. Additionally, JR was the goalkeeper on last season’s Varsity Boys’ Soccer team. JR considers Beaver Lodge as his favorite class because he is able to use the time for whatever needs to be done.

Something JR is passionate about is school because he is ready for the future. After high school, JR will be attending PCC in hopes to be an electrical engineer. He believes BHS is an amazing school and will miss everyone.



Ellie is a junior at Beaverton. She participates in lacrosse and water polo and enjoys the friendships shes made along the way. Her favorite class is elementary school tutor because she loves to help kids out and get to know them. Ellie is looking forward to finishing junior year as soon as she can. When she isn’t at school, she spends a lot of time with her friends and works at Ernesto’s, a local Italian restaurant. She has two siblings, an older sister who is an alumna of Beaverton and is now attending the University of Oregon and a little sister who’s in fifth grade at Raleigh Park.



Andres will be a freshman at Beaverton High School this upcoming year. He is excited to start freshman year and get to know the high school experience. Andres likes to play basketball. He looks up to his brother, Hector, a junior at Beaverton. Andres looks up to Hector because of his character and that he plays football! Can’t wait to see you here next year, Andres!!

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jose Rivera Espindola

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Meet Jose Rivera Espindola! When asked about who his family members are, Jose’s family includes his mom and dad, his older sister, older brother, and his younger brother. When asked about what his favorite class was, Jose responded with his physics class because he believes his teacher (Emch) is a cool and interesting person that involves the students.

Jose is involved with Multicultural Soccer and also plays for Beaverton High School’s soccer team. Jose’s favorite food to eat is pepperoni pizza and, in his free time, Jose enjoys to catch up on sleep. One place Jose would love to travel to is Hawaii because he has heard that it is a beautiful place for vacation.

When asked about who he looks up to, Jose said his Mom, because she is a very hard worker and has been through a lot. Some advice Jose would give to incoming freshmen next year is to not slack off first semester, and to GET YOUR WORK DONE.


Student Spotlight m.e

Maia (left) is currently a senior at BHS who is well-spirited. This year, she participated in cross country, swimming, and now track! Maia’s favorite part about our community is the school spirit and the genuine supporting environment. Last year, Maia’s favorite class was Sports Marketing because of the hands-on experience with Week of Wishes and Jam the Dam. Maia will be completing the Marketing Pathway.

Something that Maia looks forward to is attending University of Oregon this upcoming fall. She is very excited to be decorating her dorm this summer in preparation for college. Outside of school, she enjoys eating out at fancy restaurants with friends. Maia has two younger twin brothers who are currently freshmen. The advice Maia has for underclassmen is to do something that scares you or challenge you as it helps you become a better person. She also encourages the idea of getting involved in extracurricular activities!


Student Spotlight Cody DavidsonCody is a junior at Beaverton and is on the varsity football and basketball team! His favorite thing about BHS is how the community shows up at games and cheers the team on! His favorite memory is playing football in Las Vegas. If Cody could travel to one place it would be Hawaii. Cody’s favorite drink is water because it is good for you and keeps you feeling fresh! Cody has one older brother who went to BHS named Jake. Cody’s favorite hobbies include water sports or swimming and hanging out with his friends. Cody is most excited for summer so he can get back on the lake with his friends and family. Cody also looks forward to his senior football season.Student Spotlight. Cody Davidson