Class spotlightCLASS SPOTLIGHT: Concert Choir. Concert Choir is for students with advanced musical skills. This choir studies and performs music literature of various style periods. Vocal technique, musicianship and performance skills are further developed. Students perform in concerts and festivals. Students who plan to try out for Concert Choir should sign up for a full year of Women’s or Men’s Choir to save a period in their schedules for Concert Choir. Auditions for the choir will be held in April. After the auditions, the counseling office will pull the forecasting sheets for the students accepted into Concert Choir and change their placement. #ourBHSstory #ExperienceBHS



Meet BHS senior Chris Cook! What Chris loves most about Beaverton is the friendly community that is always booming with school spirit. He also loves the teachers because, “It is evident that they really care about and love what they do.”
Currently Chris’ favorite class is Marketing Management because he gets to learn about customer service and other important life skills. He played both golf and basketball in the past for Beaverton, but doesn’t this year and still enjoys playing both in his free time.
After high school, Chris will attend the University of Oregon to study either business or finance. Outside of school, Chris likes walking his dog Juni and spending time with friends and family. If you see Chris around, make sure to say, “What’s up?!” #ourBHSstory

CLASS SPOTLIGHT: Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry

Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry (FST) is a great mathematics course for all BHS students. FST is a full-year mathematics course taught at BHS. In order to take FST students are required to have taken AGS or Advanced AGS 3 and have passed the course. Topics in FST include: transformations of functions, quadratics, radicals, exponentials, logarithmic functions, polynomials, rational functions, trigonometry, and much more. For more information about FST you can speak to one of the FST teachers: Mr. Curiel, Mr. Kennis or visit:

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Marlene Salvador Gonzalez


Marlene Salvador Gonzalez is a senior here at Beaverton. Marlene has 4 younger siblings named Liliana, Andrea, Itzel, and Jose. Liliana actually also attends BHS as a sophomore. While not in school, Marlene likes to give back and help her community in any way possible; her favorite way is to help out at her local hospital. Marlene’s favorite class is AVID because it gives her an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques to further her in whatever career path she chooses.

Later in life, Marlene plans to be successful in the medical field, being either a pediatric nurse or a surgeon. One fun fact about Marlene is that she loves any kind of Thai tea, especially milk Thai tea. Lastly, one thing on her bucket list is that she wants to go skydiving with her family. #ourBHSstory


Class spotlightStudents will have the opportunity to explore health-related issues such as mental and emotional health, violence prevention, alcohol, tobacco & other drugs, human sexuality, including sexually transmitted infections, and unintentional injury prevention. The focus in this class is on accessing information and developing strategies for improving communication, problem solving, and decision-making.


Student spotlightHey Beavs, Meet Suhani Koppolu (pictured on the “Goonies” set in Astoria). Suhani is a freshman who came from Highland Park just like her older brother, Nihar, who graduated last year.🎓

Suhani is currently involved with Club Hope, Robotics, Winter Percussion, and the mural project, which creates art murals around BHS! She is also involved in Cross Country in the fall!

One interesting fact about Suhani is that she works as a volunteer at Youthline, which is the youth crisis line. One thing that Suhani loves about BHS is how there are so many opportunities and how supportive the teachers and people are! If you see Suhani in the halls, make sure and say “Hi!”👋 #ourBHSstory



This is Alison Yang; she’s a freshman here at Beaverton. Alison has 4 siblings named Laura, Brandon, Gabriel and Phoebe. Outside of school, Alison likes to play tennis and plans to play this spring for Beaverton. Her favorite part of Beaverton is how nice the people are. Her favorite class is either PE because she like to be active or Lit + Comp because she enjoys writing. When she’s older she would like to become a comic artist. A fun fact about Alison is that corgies are her favorite breed of dog. Lastly, one thing on her bucket list is to write a book.


Student spotlight

Hey Beavers! Meet Senior Brandon Chavez. His favorite classes here at BHS are Leadership and Marketing. He says, “I love spending time with my friends in those classes as well as with my favorite teacher, Mrs. Robinson.” He has three half-siblings in which he is the eldest out of all of his siblings.

Brandon went to Sunset for his first two years of high school, then went to Portland Community College for one year and is now finishing his final year here at BHS after the district boundary changes. Brandon has enjoyed his high school experience because he has loved meeting so many new people throughout the past four years. One thing he says he enjoys about BHS is how it does not feel overcrowded how Sunset once did.

CLASS SPOTLIGHT: Human Anatomy & Physiology

Ready or not, here comes forecasting!

This year-long class specializes in the study of the human body. Exercises include the identification of the cells and tissues and the body systems (skin, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urinary) as well as investigations in how those systems function. Lecture and discussions are complemented by labs involving microscopic studies, hands-on discovery labs and some dissections. This class is for any junior or senior interested in the science of the human body; it also fulfills the science prerequisite to be accepted into Advanced Health Careers.


Hayden_s WishMeet our 2018 BHS Make A Wish Kid, Hayden! At the time, Hayden was 10 years old and her wish was to go to Aulani – A Disney Resort. Hayden had always wanted to swim with dolphins and was so excited to meet Disney characters, so Aulani was the perfect wish. Hayden and her family enjoyed many days in the Hawaiian sunshine on the beautiful island of Oahu. We thank you for making Hayden’s wish come true.

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This year we want to introduce you to Elise. Elise’s wish is to go to Sesame Place, let’s make her wish come true! Come out tonight to support Make A Wish at Jam the Dam, doors open at 5! Text BHS2020 to 44-321 to donate to Make A Wish.