Senior Top 5: Nick Balashov

By Nick Balashov, BHS Class of 2016


Asking me to choose my top 5 memories from BHS, that’s asking a lot, considering I have so many good memories here, it’d be difficult to choose just 5.  It seems like just yesterday I was on a tour around Beaverton with my link crew being led by Zack McCann and Morgan Nobach. Although they probably don’t remember me, I still remember them because they introduced me to Beaverton and the awesome culture we have here.  That brings me to my first memory by the way…

5) First day of school

As I mentioned before my link leaders were Zack and Morgan, and seeing how old and mature they were let me know I had a lot of growing up to do in high school.  They did the normal stuff and showed our group around the school, and we had to go through our A and B day schedules so we knew where all our classes were, and they also gave us a bunch of advice that made the first few months of high school smoother.  This is one of my top memories because it influenced me a good amount, and it’s a day I’ll never forget.


4) Witnessing the freshmen football team beat Jesuit

Watching the class of 2016 freshmen football team was something else, they were practically unstoppable, well they were cause they were undefeated, but they did almost have one slip up versus Jesuit, until 2 of my best friends helped clinch the win.  1st off, Cole Cooper a good friend of mine kicked the field goal to put us ahead of Jesuit in the 4th quarter, then my friend CJ Lewis intercepts a Jesuit touchdown pass to clinch the win.  The best part was storming the field after to congratulate them, then getting talked to by Jesuit security about storming the field and to never do it again.


3) 2 buzzer beaters against Southridge

Alright we all know Southridge is our rival, and beating them in anything makes us feel just a little better about ourselves cause we have bragging rights.  So when I witnessed the varsity basketball team beat Southridge not once, but twice on 4th quarter buzzer beaters, it was a big deal.  It’s just one of those memories that I’ll never forget cause of the passion I felt about those wins, even though I was just supporting from the stands.


2) Getting Alex Morton to guest speak in Marketing Seminar

So my task was to bring in 1 guest speaker for the class to listen to, and I could’ve asked anyone, but Mrs. Robinson said to try and ask someone with a career that you want in the future.  So I automatically thought of Alex Morton, an entrepreneur I look up to.  The only problem was that he was massively successful and pretty hard to get ahold of, but the way I got his attention was on one of his first periscope livestreams, I commented and just asked him if he was interested and he told me yes, and we set it up from there.  This is a point in my life that gave me a lot of self-confidence, because at first when I thought about it, it seemed impossible.


1) Helping set up Jam the Dam junior year

My top memory is setting up the 10th anniversary of Jam the Dam because of all the work my team and I put into it to set up a great event for the school.  It was a good experience to set up an event that I loved attending so much already, and it really felt fulfilling when it was all over with because I knew we did a good job.




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