Prom Dress CRISIS

By Sley Vega, Senior

The countdown to Prom has begun for us seniors! It’s crazy how fast time is passing by, especially now that we are officially second semester seniors. The past few weeks, prom has been a recurring topic in conversations among us girls, and it is still two months away. “Send me a picture of your dress!”, “Who is hosting?” and “Oh my gosh, it’s approaching so soon and I haven’t even started looking for a dress…” are constantly talked about at the lunch table.

The funny thing is, I can definitely relate to everyone who hasn’t started looking for dresses. Dress shopping is already hard enough, and this is a huge night, so finding the perfect dress is a must. Not to mention, finding a unique and different dress so you don’t show up wearing the same dress as someone else is important. It’s so important to some girls that they have created a group message where everyone is sending in pictures of their dress to make sure no one buys the same one.

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Here are some of my recommendations that I’ve come up with to all the girls still looking for a dress:

If you are going to order dresses online, I would start looking now or in the next few weeks and order soon, just because you don’t want to stress about your dress not coming in on time, or not liking the way it fits. If you don’t want to buy a new dress or don’t have the money to spend on a dress, ask around and see if anyone has one you can borrow! Or… in the next few weeks, check in with Becca’s Closet to see if they have any dresses you like.

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But my biggest recommendation that I have got from some friends of mine that have graduated is to have patience! Dress shopping is certainly not easy, and you may not find the dress you like after the first one you try on. You will know when you know, and that may be the last dress you try on after a month of looking for one, so take a step back, breathe and have fun because when you think about it, this will probably be the last time we will be looking for a dress to wear to a high school dance.



Beavers are Learners.

Every day, when you walk the halls at BHS, you experience learning first hand. Whether it’s in the math hall where teachers teach students on whiteboards, or in MD where students use technology to learn how to use Microsoft Office in Computer Apps or how to create websites in Web Design, students are hard at work learning valuable skills to be prepared for life after High School.

Students learn using a variety of resources, including teachers who dedicate their time to help students prepare for their future. Teachers are key role models to students and help influence what happens for the rest of their life. Teachers use what they have previously learned and pass that knowledge along to students in many forms, in all classrooms around our school. After school, student athletes can be found in the gym or on the field with their coaches, learning or improving their sport. You learn through practice.

“You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.”-Wayne Gretzky

If you don’t throw the football tons of times, you will never be good at football, if you don’t shoot free throws at practice, you won’t ever make free throws during the game, and if you don’t do math homework, you will never be good at math. It takes practice to learn, and you have to learn to try.


Excellence is truly all around us at Beaverton High and the best place to see it is in out students. A person who embodies the core value “Excellence Inspires Us” is junior Gabriella Lee.

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Gaby is an example of excellence in our school community because of her dedication to her activities both in and out of school. Something many people do not know about her is that she is a competitive figure skater. She has been skating since the time she learned to walk, and she hopes to continue on someday to perform in shows all over the world. Gaby hopes to go out of state for college to study political science and history, and her dream school is Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her dream job is to be a lawyer and live in Atlanta, or somewhere on the East Coast.

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Outside of school and skating, Gaby loves going to the gym, watching The Office, hanging out with friends and watching sports. Gaby loves the Blazers and a dream of hers is to marry an NBA player. Gaby Lee has bettered our school community by finding a need and completing it. Along with joining LINK Crew this year, she has started the Beaverton High School Black Student Union, a group that plans to improve the opportunities and success for black students at Beaverton, along with creating awareness about social justice issues in our community. She also hopes to create more representation for minorities in school activities and leadership.

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Thanks to Gaby and her excellence, our school is a more inclusive and well rounded place.

Bucky’s Family: Zainulabdeen Alsada

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Zainulabdeen Alsada!


Zainulabdeen Alsada is a sophomore at BHS. Zainulabdeen, or Zain for short, recently moved to from Istanbul, Turkey to Oregon with his family, where his grandparents lived.

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Zain has lived in the U.S. for over a year now, and he is already fitting right in. Zain plays soccer with his friends during the week and enjoys burgers and action movies on the weekend. Unfortunately, it has not always been this easy for Zain. He moved between Iraq, Iran, and Turkey as a child and had to deal with dangerous environments.

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From explosions in the streets to mafias at school, these are just some of the rough patches he had to get through to become who he is today. Zain embodies a person who had to overcome many struggles in his life, and he has used those experiences to become a positive, outgoing,  and funny student that he is today.

Bucky’s Family: Eli Serrao

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Eli Serrao!


Eli Serrao is a senior at Beaverton High School. He has attended BHS for all four years and enjoys every minute of it. He’s part of the Marketing Pathway, National Honors Society, and LINK Crew. At school, you can catch Eli working the Pond (Beaverton’s student store) or posting content on the school’s social media.
His home life is very average; Eli lives with his Mom, Dad, and brother Zach. His mom is a third-grade teacher at Fir Grove Elementary school, and his brother is a freshman at Mountainside High School. The border change caused a lot of chaos in the Serrao household; they didn’t know where Zach was going to end up.
Something that people don’t know about Eli is he is an avid snowboarder. Eli goes up to the mountain at least once a week with his family and friends. He loves riding down the mountain because of how peaceful and stress-free it is.
Next year, Eli plans to attend the University of Oregon. He’s not sure what he wants to study but has an interest in economics and business. Eli hopes to find his passions in college as well as the optimal career for him. What he’s most excited about college is playing intramural basketball with his friends.

Bucky’s Family: Jacob Hunt

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Jacob Hunt!


Jacob Hunt, a junior at Beaverton High, is much better known by his nickname Gnar Gnar.

“I was at the skate park one day and I did a trick and some kid jokingly yelled GNAR GNAR, but it stuck. Everyone calls me Gnar, even some of my teachers.” Jacob is a very sociable person with a passion for music and art. His bedroom walls are plastered with posters of metal bands and artwork.


Jacob has been playing guitar since the 3rd grade, and enjoys playing either metal or rock music. At one point, Jacob even started a band. “Me and a few buddies started playing together in 7th or 8th grade. We’d go over to my friends house and just jam out. He had a drum set that supposedly cost him about 10 grand, and some absolutely massive speakers. We’d play Metallica, Iron Maiden, Misfit, just kinda anything metal.” He now plays bass as well as guitar.


Gnar Gnar has been a member of the Beaverton Snowboard Alliance since his freshman year. He had been snowboarding a few times before that, but got heavily involved once he joined the club. “There’s nothing better than being up on the mountain on a clear spring day. I remember my first time being up there and looking out at the view, and being able to see all the way to Multnomah.” Jacob is known for being an incredibly talented snowboarder, but says he loves easy days where he can cruise down the mountain. The first time Jacob went snowboarding, he broke his wrist, but wasn’t deterred by that. In fact, Jacob has broken 16 bones while skating or snowboarding.


“Jacob has been skating since the second he could walk,” joked his close friend’s dad. Gnar is well known around the local skating scene, and has participated in several competitions, in which a few he has ranked top 3. He has fond memories of competing in Racine, Wisconsin, where his mother lives. “It was a pretty fun little park, with wooden ramps and rough cement. It wasn’t anything big, but I love it.” Jacob tends to skate everyday, but has to take a hiatus during the unfortunately frequent rainy seasons of Oregon.


When Jacob is out of college, he aspires to work at Mt. Hood Meadows. “I’d love to work on the Snow Cats, and getting paid to be up on the mountain would be awesome. Plus snowboarding would be free. I’d be getting paid to do what I love.” As for now, Jacob is really enjoying his time at Beaverton. He says that the teachers there genuinely want to help their students thrive, and the atmosphere is extremely welcoming. His favorite teacher was Ms. Helmke, who unfortunately moved to teach at Aloha High. “She was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, followed by Mrs. Yost and everyone else who runs DAM Magazine.” Gnar is also involved in the magazine himself, and is both an advertiser and an editor. He spoke with a lot of passion about his work, crediting the students of BHS for being immensely talented. “Before I joined, I wouldn’t have expected it, but the kids here have crazy talent. I think everyone’s literature and art is amazing.” Jacob is thrilled about the success of the magazine, especially in its first year. The magazine’s reach has gone global, and Powell’s bookstore has even showed interest in carrying it in stores. Gnar encourages everyone to submit content to the DAM Magazine and is excited for more issues releasing soon.

Bucky’s Family: Hussein Alazzawi

Meet Bucky’s Family member Hussein Alazzawi!
Hussein is a 16-year-old junior at Beaverton who loves photography and nature. Hussein moved to the United States from Iraq only two years ago and he says that he loves that he is safe here and that the people are so friendly in Oregon. Hussein misses his home in Iraq because of the family he had to leave and his best friend. He says he still keeps in touch with everyone there and hopes to see them again soon.
Hussein is interested in learning to play soccer and right now he is learning to piano and guitar which he loves so far. Hussein says Ms. Hasan is his favorite teacher because she is very kind and knowledgeable. Right now, Hussein is taking AGS2 for math and says it is his favorite subject because even if it is hard, it is always interesting to him! Although he is not sure where yet, Hussein hopes to go to college after high school and further his education. We are so lucky to have Hussein in our family!

Bucky’s Family: Sley Vega

Meet Bucky’s Family member Sley Vega!


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Sley Vega is a senior at Beaverton High School who was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon. Sley lives with her mom and her younger sister Camila, who is currently an 8th grader at Meadow Park and will be attending Beaverton next year. She also has an older brother Michael, who graduated from BHS with the Class of 2014 and goes to school in Arizona.

Sley is highly involved in different activities at BHS. She is a part of LINK Crew, National Honor Society, Welcome to the Dam, and Social Media Team. A big part of her time at BHS has been being a part of the Marketing Pathway. Through the classes she has taken, she has found that she is interested in pursuing some sort of business degree in college. She has loved being able to create meaningful memories with her fellow social media team members, and the opportunity to network and learn how to improve our schools social platforms through the trips she has been lucky to go on.

Sley and Jen

Outside of school Sley works two jobs. She is a nanny for an 8-year-old girl Monday-Wednesday and has been working at Sunset Lanes for the past two years as a birthday host and game room attendant on the weekends! When she has the time, she also volunteers at Play.Fit.Fun, an after school program where she helps kids stay active while playing games with them and teaches them the roles of leadership.

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One of the coolest things Sley has done in her life was when she traveled to Cancun, Mexico with her siblings to visit her dad and they went swimming with a whale shark. Although it was scary in the moment to think she was swimming with a shark, it’s an awesome feeling to be able to say that she swam with the world’s largest species of fish.

Sley is looking forward to graduation and her top two schools right now are University of Oregon and Portland State. As much as she is looking forward to leaving BHS behind, she is also soaking up every last minute of what she will miss most which is the spirit at sporting events, her marketing classes, her teachers, and her awesome Beaver Lodge class. Some advice Sley would give to underclassmen is to make sure to always stay on top of things, step out of your comfort zone, and get involved! You will enjoy your time in high school so much more if you are able to find a club or activity you feel best fits you and create long lasting memories within these clubs.

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Bucky’s Family: Nilufar Ahmedova

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Nilufar Ahmedova!
Nilufar Ahmedova is 17 years old and a junior at BHS. She has two brothers, Ilham and Ali. Nilufar lives with her grandmother. Most people don’t know that Nilufar was born in Azerbaijan. Nilufar has wanted to come to America for quite a while and overcome that big obstacle and now she is here in America and she loves it. She has lived in Azerbaijan until 2 years ago when she moved here. Nilufar wants to go to college, but she isn’t choosing a school yet. She really loves PCC and PSU! She wants to study nursing in college.
Nilufar says three words to describe herself are funny, friendly, and caring. Nilufar’s favorite classes at BHS are ELD and Lit and Comp because she only understands Ms. Hurtley and Mr. Turner, her favorite teachers. Her favorite part of BHS is all the teachers because the teachers are so nice and were so welcoming when she moved here.
Nilufar loves to listen to music and she loves all animals. Although Nilufar doesn’t have any pets, she really wants to buy a little dog. Nilufar says she doesn’t have a role model, but she really looks up to Selena Gomez. Nilufar’s favorite movie genre is comedy and she says she doesn’t have a favorite book because she “doesn’t like books”. She says the best way to start the day is with a smile! The most interesting place Nilufar has ever been was Russia. One of the many things on Nilufar’s bucket list is to be a children’s teacher. The most amazing adventure Nilufar would want to go on would be to go to Paris. Her favorite drink is juice, and her favorite food is BBQ, and if she won the lottery she would want to go on tons of fun vacations. She says the best thing about getting older is just experiencing life, and the worst thing is aging.