Bucky’s Family: Josh Davies

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Josh Davies!

Josh is a senior here at Beaverton High who grew up in a Christian family. Josh and his family of his mother, father, and older brother have lived and continue to live in a house around 10 blocks south of Beaverton High. He went to Hilltop Christian School for kindergarten and then to Pilgrim Lutheran for first grade through eighth grade. Being so close to these schools, Josh has come become very familiar with Beaverton. In fact, Josh has lived in this house all of his life!

Josh with Family

Something many people don’t know about Josh is that he often thinks of possible explanations for God. These ideologies often involve higher dimensions. Josh added almost sarcastically, “These explanations would probably melt the minds of anyone who hasn’t taken AP Physics.”

Josh Posing with LEGO

Josh also loves video games and anime! Josh plays video games such as Warframe and Paladins on his PC. He plays video games because he enjoys how much strategy is involved. Josh loves anime just as much, if not more! When asked about how he feels about anime, he responds, “It’s a guilty pleasure that I don’t feel guilty about.” Josh watches anime such as Samurai Flamenco, Durarara, Parasyte: The Maxim, and Steins Gate. Josh appreciates any anime in the Shounen genre. This genre of anime focuses on adventure, action, and fighting.  In addition, Josh also loves LEGO and listening to music.

Josh with Anime and Music

When asked about his biggest obstacle, Josh spoke of Celiac disease. Josh was diagnosed with Celiac disease in fifth grade. Josh’s parents were aware that something may be wrong because Josh hadn’t gained a single pound for a year. Josh came to the realization that gluten was raising his intestines and would basically destroy his ability to digest nutrition. Essentially, Josh was starving to death no matter how much he ate. After being on a diet given by his doctor for about a week, Josh had a night where he stayed up all night crying due to growing pains. Now, whenever Josh eats gluten he feels queasy, or if the queasiness isn’t enough to make him throw away the cookies, the gluten present in the cookies is the equivalent to almost one and a half mea’s worth. Josh Davies makes a great addition to Bucky’s Family.


Bucky’s Family: Isaac Rosenthal

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Isaac Rosenthal!
Isaac Rosenthal is currently a junior at Beaverton High. He is on the varsity tennis and basketball team and loves every minute of playing with his teammates. He spends the rest of hanging with his friends and studying to maintain his 4.0 GPA.
Isaac playing Basketbal
Along with the success come with a lot of obstacles and that Isaac had to face. The greatest obstacle that Isaac had to face was moving from a very small middle school to BHS, which is a big school. Isaac didn’t know a lot of people when he came here and the big environment was new to him. Luckily, Isaac quickly adapted to Beaverton and loves the community here.
One thing that you might not know about Isaac is his work in the community. He loves volunteering and giving back. He currently volunteers and helps with the Special Olympics. He says he loves spending time with the kids. Even though Isaac is a 4.0 student, one thing that he has never learned is the order of the months. To this day, Isaac  doesn’t know which month comes after which.
The Rosenthal household is a loving family. Isaac lives with his parents and his brother Noam who is 13 and currently attending the Portland Jewish Academy. Isaac said that his family raised him well and taught him strong morals from a young age. Anyone who spends time with Isaac can see these morals glowing through him.
Isaac and his brother
In the next five years, Isaac has some very ambitious goals. He either wants to own his own business or be in grad school.

Bucky’s Family: Ryan Oldham

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ryan Oldham!

Ryan Oldham is a junior at Beaverton High School who is involved in many technology oriented classes and clubs. In school, he spends his time in classes such as Engineering and Drafting and Design. Outside of school, he goes to Robotics Club every day after school, during build season. He is the build lead for the team, which is the build captain’s go to when he needs help. During the winter season, he goes up to the mountain every Wednesday with the Ski Team.



In order to lend a helping hand to the school, Ryan volunteers his time as the technology manager for the football team. Here he manages the headsets whenever they aren’t working, which is said to be often, and also the scoreboard if there is an error that can’t be fixed right away. At home, he runs his own small business called RGO Prints. Here he uses his 3D printer to bring in customers.


What most people don’t know about Ryan is that he collects old computers. By “old”, he means any model made before the year 2000. He collects these computers from Goodwill, eBay, or even from friends willing to donate them to him. Once collected, he enjoys taking his time to fix up the computers to working condition again. Additionally, he uses these computers to do a majority of his school work on. By now, he has collected around 8 computers, 3 of which he currently uses.

Bucky’s Family: Molly Pryor

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Molly Pryor!


Molly Pryor is a very athletic, kind, and hardworking junior at Beaverton. She was born in Oregon and has lived here her whole life. She has four older siblings; the second-youngest sibling is in college, and the rest of them are pursuing careers after college. Her family is very strong9minded, they are all involved in health careers, and she chose to follow in their path as well.

Image 1

Molly loves to read and play sports. She does swimming, water polo, and track and field. She is very open about her life and says that she always likes to keep busy so she doesn’t have much free time. Because she is pursuing the Health Careers Pathway, her favorite class is Physiology.


Due to the fact that Molly does so many sports and other activities, her biggest obstacle she believes that she faces is being able to overcome making mistakes. With all the activities she is involved in she needs to be able to accept that mistakes will happen which she is learning to realize and overcome that obstacle.


Molly loves having her morning practice for her sports, even though it’s really early. She loves the goofy times and amazing memories that come with them. Her family is also a big part of of her life and the memories she makes with them. Her family and her team will always be there for her no matter what which is why she has so much fun in life and loves to be with them.

Bucky’s Family: Blake McKizzie

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Blake McKizzie!
Blake Edward Mckizzie is currently a senior at Beaverton High School. He has a variety of hobbies, but his greatest hobby is to entertain. He also really enjoys drawing, watching Youtube videos, and playing video games. Blake was born in Wheat Ridge Colorado and moved to Kansas and Texas before finally coming to Oregon. Blake was originally raised in an abusive foster care home, this led him to be adopted by his aunt and uncle who he now considers his real parents. He lives with them along with his brother Robert and his grandparents.
Blake Family Picture
At school, Blake’s favorite class is Creative Writing. He likes this because he can write what he wants to write about rather than following a strict curriculum. Blake is also part of the theater program at Beaverton and has been in several different shows. With all of the talent that Blake has, you would think he would be an extremely outgoing individual. Well, this is not the case; Blake is very shy and lonely but Blake is one of the nicest, funniest, and most outgoing kids on campus.
After high school, Blake plans to be joining the Marine Corps. He said he joined the Marine to challenge himself because he heard this was the toughest branch of the military. He also joined because they pay for your college to help you create a better future. Blake and his impeccable work ethic he will do an incredible job serving our country.
Blake Marine Corps

Bucky’s Family: Riley White

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Riley White!


IMG_0144 (1)

Riley White is a senior at Beaverton High School. Riley was born in Portland, Oregon, and has two older siblings who both went to Beaverton. One of his siblings was in the Class of 2014, and the other was in the Class of 2016. His mom is from Michigan, and his dad grew up in eastern Oregon but was originally from California.

Riley is really into music. He says that anyone who knows him knows that he absolutely loves music. He plays all kinds of instruments and tries to grow his knowledge of different instruments as well as different styles of music. He constantly pushes himself to learn as much as he can about music because it’s something he wants to do for the rest of his life. Riley says when he grows up he somehow wants to be involved in music, whether he is a band teacher or a musician.


Inside of school, Riley is involved in band and jazz band. He tries to take as many music classes as he can to help improve his skills. He has done marching band and winter percussion for the last four years and says, “They both have changed my life.”

Outside of school, he practices music a lot and spends a lot of time on computers playing video games and watching videos. His favorite teachers are Ms. Bengal the band director and Mr. Hottmann. Ms. Bengel is one of his favorite teachers because she really helped him get his start in the music world and is kind and accepting. Riley likes Mr. Hottmann because he makes the classes fun and the topics interesting.

In the future, Riley wants to be a band director because he loves teaching and being able to watch people grow. He thinks it is a really rewarding feeling. He says that it would be great for him to be a high school band director of his own someday and help grow a program.

Bucky’s Family: Alice Welch

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Alice Welch!


Junior Alice Olivia Welch was born in Portland, Oregon to a family with European ancestors. She has one older brother who is attending college right now, as she attends Beaverton High School, living with her mother and father.

Alice was living a pretty normal life up until fourth grade, before her family got a call from her father’s, Derek’s, doctor. The doctor had found a tumor in Derek’s brain. At the time, Alice was terrified because she did not know what that meant for her and her family. Their life had been put upside down. After the surgery, her mother, brother and herself were put in a hard position because they had to change their daily life in order to help Derek. In times where it feels like nothing good can be taken out of these devastating situations, Alice and her brother had decided that they were going to further their education in the medical field. Two weeks ago, he had another surgery causing him a lot of pain, but he stays strong and fighting.

Staying strong, just like her father, Alice participated in water polo freshman year because her brother played. Water Polo was not one of her favorite sports because she had a hard time doing it, but ended up trying goalie and really enjoyed it. A time she felt really proud of herself was when her team was playing against Sunset High School. Defending her side, Alice charged after her opponent, who had the ball, and ended up taking the ball from them. This was a memorable moment for Alice that will stick with her forever.


One sport that stayed with Alice forever is track & field. She started in the third grade and fell in love with the running. Speeding her way through the finish line, Alice competes in the 100m and 200m race. On the field, she uses all her strength in javelin. Even though she is not the best, Alice still is passionate for it and keeps trying to make her team proud.

Her parents were in love with skiing, so eventually they felt the need to share this experience with their two amazing children that they love. Alice started skiing when she was three. Ever since then, they try to go up every year to Mt. Hood Meadows.


The most memorable experience Alice will always cherish is the time her family and her took on Oahu, Hawaii. Before sophomore year, Alice and her family decided that Hawaii would be a beautiful place to make memories. During their time spent in Oahu, Alice fell in love with the marine life. Her family was taken out on a boat to a gorgeous spot where there were a ton of fish and turtles swimming around. Their experience snorkeling was nothing like she would have ever been able to imagine. It was so breathtaking and calming. Although the weather was more hot than what she would have preferred, Alice is so grateful to have experienced this time with her family.


Alice is not only a sports person, but has a huge passion for art. She is currently taking printmaking at Beaverton. She loves lino-cuts because she gets to carve out the design and print it multiple times. Through art she gets to express herself and share her ideas.

Worst songs roasting on an open fire

Via Beaverton Hummer online: https://beavertonhummer.wordpress.com.

Beaverton Hummer

By Patrick Evans & Brady Rogers

As the winter holiday season officially begins, we begin spending two months shoving our earholes with the same songs over and over again. Needless to say, some are better than others, but to make this list the song has to absolutely suck. Here are the ones that destroy our Christmas spirit:

“The Chipmunk Song” — Alvin and the Chipmunks

Nothing hurts your ears more than the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas songs, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. We apologize in advance to any young kids who read this, but the chipmunks are unbearable to listen to. Listening to the pitch at which they not only talk, but sing, shouldn’t be legal. It should come with a warning in advance, like medicine commercials that list every side effect possible. Warning: eardrums may explode.

“Where Are You Christmas?” — Faith Hill

“Where Are You…

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Bucky’s Family: Olivia Hopes

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Olivia Hopes!
Olivia Hopes is a junior at BHS. She’s 16 year old and has attended Sexton Mountain, Highland Park, and is now currently at BHS. Oliva has a younger sister as well as a younger brother, she describes them both as erratic and crazy.
One thing that people may not know about Olivia is that she has a learning disability. As a kid, she struggled reading, writing, and with math. In elementary school, she focused a lot of attention on reading and writing and those things continue to influence her life today. Olivia says that outside of school, she spends most of her time reading and riding fiction stories. She finds a great deal of passion in arts. She just recently joined wood-turning club and also enjoys sewing blankets in her free time.
Olivia says that the biggest obstacle in her life is the AP classes she’s currently taking. This is her first year taking them and she finds them really hard, both with the content as well as the amounts of homework required. Olivia says that in her free time, you’ll likely find her doing homework if she’s not reading or writing stories.
Hard work has been a constant theme in Olivia’s life. The learning disability has forced her to work harder than her peers and now she’s being forced to work even harder with the introduction of AP classes. Olivia represents BHS very well through her outside of the box thinking and hard work. We can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish and are proud to have her be part of Bucky’s Family.

Bucky’s Family: Dylan Garcia

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Dylan Garcia!
Dylan, a junior at Beaverton High School, has recently found his calling in the community of BHS. Starting this year, he joined yearbook, DAM Magazine, and Leadership, letting him experiment with his passion for poetry and photography. His favorite class is American Lit where he finds it easy to share his hard work without judgment and where it’s a safe space to be acknowledged and supported. 
Dylan Garcia (After 1st Paragraph)
Growing up, Dylan’s connection with his family was very strong. Now that his whole extended family lives in Oregon, too, he finds that their bond only grows. Dylan’s favorite meal his mother makes is sopa, a concoction of noodles, ground beef, and veggies. Recently, however, Dylan has started going vegan and is struggling with the notion that he can’t eat meat, but he plans to stay vegan for as long as he can.
Dylan Garcia (After 2nd Paragraph)
Being in Leadership this year was a big step out of Dylan’s comfort zone. However, he now finds that the class allows him to express himself and be more confident. Anyone who knows him knows how kind and genuine Dylan is, and he wants everyone to remember, “Don’t judge people, be happy, and spread kindness”.