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Mr. Webb was born in and raised all the way in Illinois! Although he grew up in Illinois, he took a leap of faith and moved to California for college. Afterwards, he continued his California lifestyle and taught for three years!

Following those three years, he moved to the Portland Area and landed right here at BHS! Within the school, Mr. Webb teaches Animation, Drafting Design 1 & 2, Programming 1 & 2, Engineering 1 & 2 and Web Design. He not only teaches Animation, but one activity he enjoys is watching animated movies!

One goal he has for this year is to try something new. Not going to spill it all but he is planning on investing on certain aspects within classes and seeing the growth they endure throughout the year. One thing he would like to say to the student body is to get involved. Getting involved in productions, clubs, activities, sports etc. will create and better community and a more united school!

If you see Mr. Webb in the hallways, make sure to say, “Hi!”👋😁

Beaverton Underground: Episode 10


This week’s episode has two talented guests, Romie Avivi Stuhl and Siyanne Abraham, who talk about the upcoming BHS play, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” Also Spencer, Shane, and Nikko discuss this week’s holidays.

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Ryan is a senior here at BHS. Ryan is one of five siblings, two of which attended BHS. He lived in California for seven years, but likes Oregon better because of its climate, forestry, and overall natural beauty.

Outside of school, Ryan takes care of his nice, Keliani, watches crime and drama movies, and pursues his passion for photography, which has been his hobby for seven years now. He enjoys taking all kinds of photos, whether it be nature, portraits, or city landscapes.

After high school, he plans on majoring in photography at PCC. Ryan loves Beaverton High School because he feels that you can interact with people no matter what kind of person you are. You can always find someone to interact with. His favorite class so far is Photography 2; he likes that it expands the horizons and opens up talents and interests you didn’t know you had. Ryan is most looking forward to graduating and experiencing the future and opportunities it holds. When you pass Ryan in the halls, make sure to give him a fist bump! #ourBHSstory


Alumna SpotlightNatalie graduated from Beaverton High School in 2017! During her time at Beaverton, Kathryn Robinson and Emily Ramberg made the largest impact on her with “their sometimes strict yet helpful teaching styles.”

Her favorite memories were all the football games and the water balloon fight on the last day of her senior year. Natalie is currently attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ, majoring in Justice Studies and minoring in Psychology. She is currently a part-time barista at her school, as well as working with Maricopa County Superior court Guardianship program.

Natalie’s goals for the future include attending law school or finding a career within the Guardianship Program. During Natalie’s free time, she says that she “enjoys relaxing because college is hard, and adventuring AZ when I have time.”

When asked for advice to all BHS students, Natalie says, “Sounds cheesy but work hard for good grades because that means more money scholarships-wise, which means less debt!”


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Meet Health Careers teacher, Mrs. Jacobs! Mrs. Jacobs was raised in Hillsboro and Michigan, but she was actually born in Japan! She got her masters in teaching at Oregon State University, and majored in public health.

Mrs. Jacobs’ favorite parts of teaching at BHS are the students, and how supportive her department and fellow staff members are. Mrs. Jacobs used to split her time teaching health careers between Beaverton and Westview High School, but these past four years we have had her all to ourselves!

Outside of school, she is a full-time club soccer mom for her two daughters and loves to do home renovations! While in college, Mrs. Jacobs traveled abroad in Australia, and it has been on her bucket list to visit again with her family ever since. Another fun fact about Mrs. Jacobs is that she LOVES the Game of Thrones and her pet lab, Tobi! #ExperienceBHS

Beaverton Underground: Episode 9


Back at it with an outstanding episode, featuring Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici! Our U.S. Representative visited our podcast studio before our Thanksgiving Break to chat about education, debt-free secondary education, climate change, the current state of American politics, and MORE…

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Hey Beavers, meet freshman Briseyda! Briseyda attendant Cedar Park Middle School. So far, her favorite class at BHS is social studies because she “loves how they explain how things work like politics and keep us updated on current events”. Briseyda is not currently in any clubs or sports right now but she’s thinking about joining one. Briseyda has a younger brother who is an 8th grader at Cedar Park Middle School and will attend Beaverton High School next year.

A fun fact about Briseyda is that she loves music! After high school, she wants to attend a 4-year university and possibly art school. Briseyda is most looking forward to passing all of her classes! If you see Briseyda in the halls, make sure to say, “Hi!’ #ExperienceBHS #ourBHSstory



This is Karver, a handcrafted sandwich bar that uses premium fresh ingredients. It opened last April and has been delivering delicious sandwiches made by locals ever since. Karver is great for a quick bite or to sit down with your family or friends. Karver is open 7 AM – 11 PM, Tuesday through Friday, and it is now open on the weekend from 9 AM – 7 PM. The busiest times a day are from 1 PM to 2 PM.


Find out more about Karver at Karver is located near last week’s Community Spotlight at 4725 SW Lombard Ave #106 , Beaverton, Oregon.

Photos courtesy of: Karver Sandwich Bar



Meet Ms. Gonzalez! Ms. Gonzalez was born and grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon. She attended Hillsboro High School, then went to Oregon State University and Portland State University to earn a Masters in education and a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish. Her favorite part about teaching at BHS is working with the students and realizing what each individual student can uniquely bring to the classroom.

Before Ms. Gonzalez started teaching at Beaverton, she taught at a private non-profit alternative high school in the Metro area. Since then, she’s been at Beaverton for 14 years! During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her three-year-old niece and knitting with the skills she taught herself from watching YouTube tutorials! One thing that she hopes to cross off her bucket list in the future is to travel to Columbia. Something that she has already crossed off is SKYDIVING! #ourBHSstory


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Hey Beavs, meet Freshman Mar Ubiergo. Mar is an only child; however, she lives next door to her best friend that she considers a sibling because they have known each other since they were one year old. She says she loves the community here at BHS. She came from a very tight-knit middle school of just 40 students. But she says coming to the bigger campus at Beaverton, she hasn’t lost that sense of community. Mar also loves the enthusiasm in the school. “People always seem to be happy and excited to be on school grounds.”

Mar’s favorite class this year is Social Studies with Mr. Running. She says that he has made learning about politics very fun and interesting. After high school, she is considering Health Sciences such as being a neurosurgeon or possibly dermatology.

Outside of school, Mar plays competitive soccer and loves traveling around the world and seeing new places. She says her dad is from Spain, so they love to visit his side of the family at least once a year. And lastly, Mar says that she is looking forward to, “Making the most of my four years in high school!”