Senior Top 5: Gabi Peoples

Being able to have been a part of Beaverton High School has been a bitter sweet journey for me. I’ve made so many incredible, unforgettable memories since the first time I stepped on campus. I thought that transferring as a senior, and coming back to the place that I only knew as a little girl was going to be difficult for me, but I can truly say that even though I have only had the honor of being Beaverton Beaver for a year… it’s felt  like I’ve been walking through those doors since I was a little awkward freshman.

When I was younger I used to always walk over to BHS and watch the football games with with my pal Celia Boyer when we were tiny elementary school kids. And looking over at that rowdy, supportive, crazy big student section I knew that Beaverton was the place for me when I got older. Now being able to have been in that sea of loud spirited kids has been a highlight of my high school career. The love and support that we all have for our fellow classmates really shines through in that vast expanse of orange and black bleachers.


Finishing my senior volleyball season here at BHS was truly amazing. Regardless of the outcome of the season, I had never been on a team with such great people. People who chose to lift one another up and fight through the rough spots as a whole, we never gave up. It was always so much fun having dance parties in the team room before home games, laughing and making memories. I can honestly say that I have made friends for life just by spending one season with those crazy, wacky, hilarious girls.


Spending my senior homecoming here was so much fun, I don’t think I have ever danced so hard in my entire life. Screaming and jumping up and down in a hot, humid circle of teenagers couldn’t have been more enjoyable! I wish I could go back to that night and press pause. Those are the moments that high school is all about. Sharing smiles and laughs with those who you will never forget. Being with the people you’ve spent each and every day of your high school journey walking the halls of Beaverton five days a week for the past four years of your life.


One of my biggest moments within my high school career is being able to sign to play Division I college volleyball at San Diego State University. Being able to share that moment with all my fellow classmates and my family and friends was truly and honor. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support that Beaverton and the community has given me. And it was unforgettable to be able to celebrate this accomplishment with all of you and I am so thankful I get to carry on my athletic career and continue to get an incredible education for these next four years.


Beaverton has provided me with so many friendships and experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Being here has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve grown into the person I am today and I am forever grateful to this community of incredible people who have stood behind me through this journey. Thank you, Beaverton, for all you have done for me and for all the beautiful moments and remarkable people who I have had that privilege to meet.





Taking Learning Outside of the Classroom

By Cameron Monfared, sophomore


Like most people know, these are words that you hear all around the school at almost anytime. They are repeated in our announcements, they are all over our school clothing gear, they are plastered somewhere in every building. I know what you must be thinking, so what? Aren’t these just some words?

I can tell you that coming from an option school (ISB) to Beaverton two years ago, without knowing anybody was difficult — really difficult. I had heard all these words, and I thought just like anyone else, who cares about these things? Two years later, I can tell you someone who really cares about that value of “learning transforms us”, me. I’m not here to tell you how amazing everything is at BHS or how it’s the best school out there (which it is), I’m here to tell you my own experience, why I truly love BHS and all of the opportunities that it gives me as a student.

At Beaverton High School, thanks to some of our amazing programs, we are no longer confined by the four walls of a classroom. We no longer sit down with some textbooks and learn about certain topics. We break through our walls with innovation, creativity, and passion. In February, we got to travel to Social Media Week in New York City where we were able to learn from industry leaders and trendsetters about how the industry truly runs. This is an experience that would be unthinkable to many school. However, that is why I say that BHS is so different.

While I’m only a sophomore, and have two years left at BHS, I know how much the school has done for me. When I walked in as an unknown freshman, I didn’t really have much passion. I was just like everyone else. I went to my core classes every day, and went home right after school. I would have lots of conversations with my teachers about what I want to do in life. I wanted to do something during my high school years that would make me remember high school, but I did not know what to do. That is, until I started becoming involved. I joined Key Club, attended some after school community service, and from there I knew that whatever I did to make high school memorable, would be done through serving my community. That led me to seek a position that I now hold where I’m able to represent all of the students of BHS on the Beaverton Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, and with that came the opportunity to represent all of the youth of the city at the National League of Cities conference in DC this year, and with that has come being one of, if not the youngest contributor to the Huffington Post, and with that came meeting the President of the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union), and our Oregon Senator Merkley,


and with  that are more exciting opportunities that I will be able to enjoy next year. This ALL started when I got involve with my school to see what it could offer me.

That’s why I say to anybody who will be attending BHS or is in some way apart of our community, you are incredibly lucky. You are incredibly lucky to have a place that will let you explore your interests, exceed expectations, and truly shoot for the stars.

An Ode to Learning

By Karley Hecht, senior & Anna Lorati, junior


Roses are red.

School buses are yellow.

Teachers at BHS tend to be mellow.


When you think of school,

You think of cool.

Right next to senior lot, there’s a pool.


If underclassmen park in the senior lot,

They’re gonna hear a lot

From the ones who take up the spots.


Everyone knows,

But BSD closes when it snows.

That’s okay,

It’s only 10 days;

We’ll make up for it anyways.


Beaver Lodge is the best class you can take.

So don’t be late or hesitate;

See your teachers,

And don’t think about skipping.

Because Dave, Lydia, and Brad will catch you ditching.


Sporting events are the best.

Show up to the games being the best dressed.

And, make sure to scream loud for the Beavers.

While standing behind the cheerleaders.

Don’t forget to cheer on our Bs

Cause they’re the bees’ knees.


Our thespians put on the best shows.

And everybody knows!

So show up, and give the cast members a rose.


Our band rocks the house.

We’ve got tubas, trumpets, and drums galore.

We can’t forget about the clarinets and flutes.

But, don’t you worry, there’s a lot more.

The pathways we have

Are one of a kind.

If you’re ever on rotations,

You’ll be wearing purple scrubs

And when you’re at school,

People will think you’re cool.


Now the Marketing Pathway,

It may be the best.

But we don’t want to be biased

Because that’ll rock the nest.

You get to go on fun trips

To LA, New York, and more.

Along with completing fun projects

So you’ll never get bored.


If you forget your lunch,

Don’t let your knickers get twisted up in a bunch.

Go up to The Pond and get something to munch.


In case you didn’t already know,

Our four core values will make you go “hellllooooo!”

Learning transforms us.

Tradition unites us.

Community connects us.

Excellence inspires us.

And that’s all there is to discuss


Overall, we just wanted to say,

That BHS is the best,

And we’re here to stay.


So take this last note into consideration,

And be the best Beav you can be to carry on our tradition!

Back to the Beav

By Dylan Cadonau, sophomore


“We’re back to the Beav!” My dad would mockingly say this to embarrass me when telling family about my decision to transfer back into Beaverton School District. I had attended BSD schools my entire life: Montclair Elementary, then the International School of Beaverton for middle school, but in the summer of 8th grade, I decided to switch to Woodrow Wilson High School. I had found an interest in Computer Programming, and I felt that I wanted to pursue my passion. Wilson High has a very well-known technology program so I applied for a transfer and was accepted. Coming into my first day of freshman year, I didn’t know a single person in my grade but I wasn’t concerned about that. I quickly made friends and settled down into place. The year was going by quite smoothly, but around the end of the semester, I began to notice a sudden change: my peers started skipping class, blowing off sports, and getting involved with drugs. I felt overwhelmed. When I finalized my transfer to Wilson, I hadn’t heard much about the students I would soon be in class with. Unfortunately, it seemed I had stumbled into what faculty unanimously named, “the worst class in Wilson history.”


I soon knew that I wanted out. I had lost many friends because I refused to ditch class and smoke. I was deemed uncool because I put schoolwork before anything else. This wasn’t anything like the environment I had hoped for. During the last several months of my freshman year, I decided to transfer yet again; I was going back to Beaverton School District. Luckily, I knew plenty of kids from Junior High and Elementary school, but I was still concerned. Would I get bullied for focusing on my education? Would I be thrown into another school run by stoners? Would I be able to receive the education I had expected from Wilson? The answers to those amazed me. From the first day of school, I felt like I had been here for years. Students were quick to introduce themselves, many offering to show me around or tell me all the hangout spots. I was amazed by the kindness that everyone showed to a complete stranger. Students held doors for me, invited me to sit with them in class or at lunch, and offered many essential tips on how to survive BHS.


Seven months later, and I still couldn’t feel anymore at home. When I left Wilson, I was convinced that high school truly was like it is in the movies, the BAD side of the movies. However, Beaverton changed my perspective. At Beaverton, it is always education first. When I declined party invites to do homework during my Wilson days, the response was always laughter. Here, you’re weird if you blow off homework for hanging out with friends. The overall strive for the best education possible still amazes me.


The sense of community that is ingrained into the students here is mind-boggling. Everybody wants their fellow students to succeed and will do anything in their power to help them achieve their goals. It is clear that we are one big family, and all constantly look out for each other. Principal Erwin has done an incredible job of stressing the importance of community, and her hard work has definitely made a visible impact on this school’s society. At no other school do I see the amount of support and care for the students than what occurs at Beaverton. And not just from other students, but from the teachers and staff as well. The faculty takes the time to know their students, inside and outside of school.


The point of this blog isn’t to compare Beaverton to nor to talk poorly of other schools, but to say thank you to my peers and teachers. You all have created an incredible experience for me that most others would take for granted but I appreciate more than anything in the world. Thank you for accepting me and immediately including me into your community. Thank you for your continuous selflessness, always putting my needs before your own. Thank you for giving me these amazing educational opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Transferring to Beaverton High was by far the greatest decision I have ever made in my life, and that decision has set me on a path to success that I was worried I could never be able to achieve. A school is only as good as the students inside it, and because of that, I can undoubtedly say that I go to the greatest school in the world. Thank you, BHS; I am proud to call myself a Beaver.

In the Blink of an Eye

By Nick Uchida, senior

I cannot believe how it is half way through March. Senior Projects are “due” on March 21st, Prom Night April 22nd, then finally graduation on June 10th. It’s crazy to think that all of this is happening. I remember last year listening to all the seniors talk about how it goes by super fast and how you wish you can relive certain moments. I would listen to them, and in my head, I’d be like, “Yeah, yeah, I bet.” No more Friday night football games; no more screaming your lungs out at basketball games. Just typing this and thinking about how I’m never going to relive and get back those moments, and be part of that student section is sad and bittersweet at the same time.

Blog 1

Senior year you realize what’s important. You realize that having a few best friends is better than having a lot of casual friends. You realize that you have to cherish every moment good or bad. Lastly, you realize that doing what you enjoy and not caring about what others think about you will truly bring out the best you.

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A Season of Learning

By Nate Johnnie, senior

Here at Beaverton High School, learning transforms us. As one of our four core values, it is instilled in the hearts and the blood of the students here. One of our greatest attributes is learning from our mistakes. We learn from from when we mess up, fix it, and perform at our fullest potential.

One example of this is our very own Beaverton High School basketball team. One of the best examples of this was our varsity team playing the Southridge basketball team, our rivals. The first time we lined up against them we played at SRHS. It was a good game but Southridge came out on top.

This loss really hit deep with our boys and lit a fire under them. The second time both teams took the court, it was at BHS for our Jam The Dam game. With all the hype and excitement around the event and the amount of enthusiasm, our boys came out on top.


Beaverton and Southridge lined up for a third time in the first round of playoffs. The boys rallied around each other with a 68-37 win over the hawks. They simply learned from their mistakes the first few times they played them so they could perform at the highest level possible.


This is a great example, but it doesn’t just happen in sports. Our students work even harder in the classroom. Learning truly does transform us here at Beaverton High School.


Photo Creds: Vince Radostitz & Joe Johnson

Hats Off to Cheer!

By Lacey Hedeen, senior

It’s well-known that here at Beaverton High School, we strive for excellence. Our cheer team is one of the many athletic programs that displays this at our school. They do an outstanding job every game, cheering our team on and hyping up our student section. Anyone who has been to a BHS basketball game knows the energy and spirit that the students and cheerleaders have. Every game, they are out there performing amazing stunts and back-flipping their way across the floor.

Blog 2

Last month, our very own cheer team took third in state at the OSAA state competition. They showed us that hard work and dedication really does pay off. It was a perfect way for our seniors Kylee Rench, Clara Gulsvig, and Nate Purves to end their experience here at BHS.

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This last weekend at the OSAA Men’s Basketball state tournament was the last time that our cheerleaders and students will support this year’s wonderful boys’ basketball team. Hats off to both teams and all they have accomplished over the years.

Basketball = FAMILY

By Marley Mackin, senior

This year, I have had the opportunity to be a Team Manager for the Beaverton High School Men’s Basketball Team. Going into it, I assumed it would be simply taking their stats and handing them water. As the season comes to a close, I’ve realized it’s much, much more. Sitting on the bench, you see what makes up the family that is this varsity team really is.


No matter the score, each player contributes an extreme amount of encouragement to one another, never letting anyone get down on themselves. Not only can you see how much they love the game, but how much they truly love each other.


Being a senior and getting to watch my classmates and friends leave everything they have on that court every week is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There’s a drive in this particular team that I’ve never seen in my four years. Overall, this season has let me be a part of something truly special. And no matter how this season ends, I will definitely always be proud to be a Beaver and to be a part of this family.



By Nick Uchida, senior

Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Excellence is everywhere around us at Beaverton High School. For me, I found excellence through my peers and the supportive community we have at BHS.

When it comes to Beaverton, excellence comes as no surprise. Take our boys’ basketball team, for example. Not only have they had an incredible season, but they are also Metro League champions for the second year in a row.


These twelve boys put in the hard work and dedication every practice and game that helps them be the amazing athletes they are. They eat, breathe, and sleep basketball. From going to high school practices, to extra help at The Hoop, Shoot 360, their commitment and time put in is paying off. When they go out onto the court every week, the improvement they make is obvious and the heart they have for the sport.


Being able to feel the energy go back and forth from the court to the stands, is a wonderful feeling as we watch how supportive the school is towards this team. Fans stand out, go out of their way to attend each and every game while they stand by the boys sides and watch them bring home a win every week.


Can YOU Feel the Excitement?

The basketball gym is filled to the brim with excited students and the Beaverton community. The exuberance and anticipation for the game leads everyone to stand on the edge of their seats.


While the students wait in line for the highly anticipated start of Jam the Dam, be sure to visit the Dutch Bros Coffee Truck that will be right outside of BHS. Inside the venue, when you want something sweet and cool to drink, Dutch Bros. will be there making delicious flavored Rebels.


Jam the Dam is an amazing event and without the participation of Dutch Bros., a  part of the atmosphere would be missing. Dutch Bros. had worked with us for years, and we are so lucky to have their personable staff on-site.

Jam the Dam is TOMORROW,  and the first game will be starting at 4:00 PM. That day will be a jam-packed day of fun. The Dutch Bros. Drive Thru Day and the last day you can turn in your Dutch Bros. cup for the Cup Contest is also tomorrow.

Thank you to Dutch for the amazing partnership! We love their company and want to give a special shout out to Tina! Thank you for all that you do to help us at Beaverton.