Senior Blog: Kenzie Moore

When applying for college, I was asked to do a community service project in order to get accepted into my majors program. With my senior Prom coming up, I thought why not throw a district-wide Buddy Prom. I have worked with the BHS students all four years of high school; this particular group of students I hold very near and dear to my heart.

Prom is something every high school student looks forward toom and all kids should be able to go, so why not give them the night they deserve? I was super excited to make this a Beaverton School District Prom because I have worked in the at many high schools in the district, and getting them all together would be a wonderful night.

Leading up to the dance was a fun and stressful time. I had a lot of help from staff and other students. On the day of Buddy Prom, set-up went smoothly, and I was so anxious for it to start. Every student who showed up was dressed up and they all looked beautiful. The kids were able to dance, go to a photo booth, play in the sensory corner, or watch a movie in a classroom. Buddy Prom was a success, and everyone had a great time. I am so happy I was able to put on this special night for some extraordinary kids.



Senior Blog: So, You Finish Early… Then What?

The last day for the Class of 2018 is June 6. Must be nice. But, odds are you will find a point when you will be bored. Here is our list of five fun things to do in the Beaverton/Portland area.


The Farmers Market is a great place to see some cool things and enjoy good food. The farmers market is located on Hall and 2nd and goes on from 8:00-1:30 starting in May.


Nike offers bikes available to ride around the heart of downtown Portland. Starting at $2.50 per trip. These bikes are a great way to get some fresh air, see some sights, ride to your favorite spot and take some awesome photos. Some of the most popular rides are the Waterfront Park Trail, Eastbank Esplanade and Tilikum Crossing.

bike town


The Portland Rose Garden is a beautiful place located on Kingston avenue. It is a great place to take pictures and enjoy the scenery of Rose City.



The food carts are a new addition to Beaverton. They are located in downtown Beaverton on Rose Biggi Ave. There are over 20 vendors that all have different things to offer. The food carts are an awesome way to hangout with friends, enjoy the sunshine and have some fantastic food.


The Wilson Pool is a outdoor pool located in portland open from 12:30-8:20 everyday. The Wilson Pool is a great way to cool off or relax with friends. NW 23rd 23rd avenue in Portland has it all. Walk up and down 23rd and find so many different places to eat or shop, relax and take photos. 23rd is known for the famous and delicious Salt and Straw. A great place to go on a warm day!

Break Out the Brooms!

To some people’s surprise, the Portland Trail Blazers just got swept out of the NBA Playoffs by the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans were just built to beat the Blazers, they were outmatched in almost every position. The Pelicans have one of the best defensive guards in the league in Jrue Holiday and Rajon Rondo, and they did a great job of shutting down CJ and Dame. The Pelicans also have a top 5 player in the league in Anthony Davis. It just seemed like the Pelicans wanted it more.

Blog Photo 1

“Now what should the Blazers do in the off-season?” you might ask. I personally believe that the Blazers should blow up their whole team. They have been mediocre for almost a decade now. Dame and CJ aren’t going to carry the Blazers to the Finals anytime soon. I say trade them for draft picks, and draft the next Lebron. But the Blazers are also known for screwing up in the draft in the past, passing up Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant just to name a few.

Blog Photo 2

A few moves the Blazers absolutely need to make as soon as possible is get rid of Evan Turner and Meyers Leonard. Evan Turner is eating up nearly $40 million over the next two years and Leonard is taking up about $22 million over the next two years as well. That’s a lot of money that the Blazers can give to someone who actually deserves it and are better players.

Blog Photo 3

COMMUNITY: Cleanin’ It Up

The Beaverton Community is more than just a group of kids. Here at Beaverton, we are a family, and that family includes more than a few students and teachers, it includes parents and siblings and more.

Blog 1

A great way to get the community together is through community cleanups hosted at BHS. These cleanups bring many different groups of kids together and help them connect through community service.

Blog 2

Community Cleanups are held on Saturdays from the morning into the afternoon. They are student managed, and a whole lot of fun. It is so important to keep our school clean and show kids all the hard work that they can accomplish if they work together. Beaverton is committed to creating strong relationships and through service like this, we can make that happen.

Blog 3

Personally, I love attending these cleanups because it is a great way to get community service hours, and I get introduced to students that I have never met. Attending one of these cleanups is worth it. You will be making a change. No matter how small the change is, it is important. Community is all around us and that is because here at BHS, we work hard to create a family that includes all.


At Beaverton, one of our core values is “Excellence Inspires Us.” Every day at BHS students, staff, and members of our community demonstrate excellence. On some days, members of our community demonstrate overwhelming excellence benefiting the greater Beaverton Community. One example of this is the BHS Holiday food drive. Every year students, staff, and community members collect food to feed over 100 families in need of holiday meals. Families come to BHS and are given a food bag to help them make meals during the holiday time. Everyone knows what it is like to have a meal with family or friends during the holiday’s and the food bags make this time of the year much less stressful for those families in need of a little help.

Another special example of excellence in our community is the annual Week of Wishes fundraiser. Sports and Event Marketing students spend six months preparing for this week and it is a week of wonder when all said and done. The students set up a silent auction, raise sponsorship funds, etc. Every year, BHS donates $10,000 or more to the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the end of this week! At the end of Week of Wishes, the community comes together for a fun double-header basketball game where most of the people involved including that years wish kid attend the event. It is a fantastic example of how EXCELLENT the BHS COMMUNITY is.

Blog photo 2

A third example of the excellence at BHS is how hard students and staff work each and every day. Teachers spend their days and nights hard at work making the best possible lessons for students. Students show up each day and work hard in classes to make themselves better students. Each nigh,t people go to sports or extracurricular activities, and then go home and repeat the process over and over again. These are all every-day examples of how excellence exists in the BHS community.

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Hoopin’ It Up @ BHS

By Zack Danner, senior

At Beaverton High School, basketball is a big deal!

Our basketball programs have just finished the post season and both teams did great. Senior Star Jake Estep (Metro League Player of the Year) was honored to get the opportunity to play in the Northwest Shootout game. In this game the best high school players from both Oregon and Washington team up in a high intensity game against each other. The winner takes home the trophy for the year. This year Oregon took the game over Washington and Jake along with Kyle Greely (West Salem High) co-won the MVP award.

Blog Photo 1

BHS Girls Basketball had a great season! The team lost only five games under the direction of Head Coach Kathy Adelman Naro. All season long this team out played other teams, and in games were the opposing team was more likely to win, the girls varsity team didn’t go down without a fight. After a long season, the team won two playoff games at home sending them to the Chiles Center to play in the state tournament. The team took home the fifth place trophy and enjoyed playing at the tourney. It was a great opportunity for the student section to travel to the games and watch our girls ball against the top teams in the state.

Blog Photo 2

Around the school, students walk around talking about the Portland Trail Blazers and their first round matchup; the New Orleans Pelicans. In the first game, the Blazers (3 seed) lost by 2 points to the Pelicans (6 Seed). In a game where the teams stars Dame and CJ only scored a combined 37 points on 40 percent shooting, the team was unable to surpass the Pelican team that played well together. Students, staff, and families alike are talking about the Blazers and the playoff run that could come assuming the blazers play better. Gameday is a big deal in Rip City and at The Beaverton High School.

Blog Photo 3

COMMUNITY: BSD Track & Field

By Sley Vega, Senior

One of my favorite events that takes place here at Beaverton High School is the BSD Track and Field event that occurs every May. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to help out with because there are so many great things that happen. From giving kids temporary tattoos, to handing them their medal at the end of their race, the big smile on their face once you hand them their medal is indescribable.

Blog #1

The BSD Track and Field event has been hosted at BHS for as long as I can remember. There are more than 200 student and staff volunteers from throughout the district that help make this special day happen for the kids. With over 20 stations for the kids to go through, we have around 4-5 volunteers at every station to make sure the kids that go through get a sticker on their card. It’s always exciting to see how that one sticker can help brighten the day for the child.

Blog Pic #2

I’ve spent the last two years volunteering at this event with my friends and it’s truly an eye opening experience. Spending time with kids and helping them go through the stations is so much fun because every kid is so different in their own way. You are able to interact with the most cheerful, happy and energetic kids of all ages ranging from elementary to high schoolers from all around the district. I’m looking forward to this years event and all the familiar and new faces I’ll be able to interact with! If you are looking for a fun and rewarding way to spend your morning look into helping out, because you definitely won’t regret it.

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TRADITION: The Fight Song & Our Student

By Zack Danner, senoir

Being over 100 years old, tradition is something that is built into Beaverton High School. It is something mentioned in almost every assembly and is showcased in many, many forms, the first being the famous “Fight” song. This is something that has been around for awhile and is part of every student’s experience at BHS. After each football game, whether we win or lose, students gather around the football team to sing this tradition-filled song. This is something that makes Beaverton so special in my opinion, as all other high schools simply empty out of the bleachers and go home. But Beaverton is different, they show their heritage and tradition by gathering around to unite as a whole, the team is not just made up of the football players, but rather the students as well.

Blog Photo #1

Another example of tradition that makes Beaverton so special falls not with the actual school, but rather the students that come with it. Going to Highland Park, a middle school that is split with Southridge and Beaverton students, has allowed me to see how Beaverton is viewed in the eyes of other schools, or in this case, our rivals. Talking to former and present basketball players on the Southridge team, they described the Beaverton environment as a very hostile place which makes it very hard to play well. During my time here at Beaverton, I can only count a handful of times we’ve lost a home basketball game which is astonishing if you really think about it. It all starts with the seniors, who train the freshman to cheer and chant so that when those freshmen are seniors, they’re ready to do the training. This has become a tradition that the students here at Beaverton feel very proud about and are always trying to maintain.

Blog Photo #2

Tradition has been something many schools attempt to create, but very few can actually produce on. Tradition is not something you can create, but is rather produced as time progresses. Being such an old school, Beaverton High School has naturally created an amazing feeling of tradition that only grows as the years move on.


By Sley Vega, senior

For eight consecutive years, TEDxPortland has been spreading ideas, sharing knowledge, and building community. On April 21st, they are coming back with a diverse array of speakers sharing their insight on the future of Portland as a unique and cherished city. The most intriguing part? The introduction of the Idea Booth. TED is giving the community a chance to share their ideas however big they may be to the world, and upon revision from the TEDxPortland Curation Team, one lucky person will be chosen to speak at the event.

Blog Pic #2

As a student myself, I find these conferences to be extremely insightful. I find myself watching popular Ted Talks on youtube and getting inspired to think big. If watching people speak on a tiny screen is influential, I can’t imagine how powerful it would be to hear them speak in person! TED is partly why I think it’s so important for students to venture outside the classroom and into seminars like these where people come together and look at the bigger picture. All too often high schoolers get caught up in the complexities of education, and we forget that there is a whole world of information outside the school boundaries.

I’m so grateful organizations like these exist and are so accessible for people of all ages. Sometimes I forget that there are intelligent, kind people in the world when I’m constantly reminded of all the bad people living around us. However, TED is an institution of people I respect, and I’m glad they put the spotlight on amazing and creative minds in a world so focused on grief and despair.

TRADITION: A BHS History Lesson

By Cameron Monfared, junior

We all love our school and home turf, but how much do you know about the hundred-year history of Beaverton High School? My guess would be just like me, not much. So let’s run through the history of the school we all call home.

The BHS schoolhouse was originally opened in 1875 under the name “Beaverton Public School” between Canyon RD and Broadway. It was not until 1902, when Beaverton Public School added a freshman class that it became a centerpiece of the city. Then in 1910, a sophomore class was added, followed by a junior class in 1915. However, this was simply not enough and the Beaverton School Board wanted more. So at that time in 1915, the Beaverton School Board went out and asked voters for a $21,000 bond measure, which was eventually voted for and granted. This money was to be used for developing a 21 room high school on Second Street between Stott Street and Erickson.


After construction coming up slightly under budget at $20,778, the City of Beaverton officially dedicated the brand new Beaverton High School, the same Beaverton High School that we all attend today. This makes Beaverton High the oldest public school in the state of Oregon.


Fast forward to 1938 when a new school by the name of “Beaverton Grade School” was built right next to BHS to serve as a primary education school. After years of using the building and carefully deciding the next steps for the primary school, Beaverton Grade School was renamed to “Merle Davies School” in 1948 in order to honor a long time, and much admired teacher and principal. After serving as the Merle Davies School for nearly 40 years, the Merle Davies School was annexed by Beaverton High School in 1983 for additional classroom space, before it was closed down in 2006 and reopened in 2010 for remodeling.


This is the story of the one – and only – Beaverton High School.