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Meet future Beaverton Beaver, Henry Harris! Henry is currently a student at West TV Elementary. He has a sister named Hailey Harris who currently attends BHS. Henry’s favorite thing about school is reading and seeing his friends. He also loves to play basketball and plans on playing basketball at BHS. Basketball and seeing his friends at school are the two things he is most excited for when he comes to BHS. When Henry grows up he would like to be a basketball or an engineer. We can’t wait for you to join the Beaver nation, Henry! #THEBeavertonHighSchool



The history of Alpenrose Dairy dates back to the 1891 when Florian Cadonau began delivering milk around the Portland area by a horse-drawn wagon. This soon became a family business and 100 years years later, it remains this way. Alpenrose provides the community with fresh and the finest dairy products. It is Portland’s oldest, locally owned dairy farm, and it is known around the community because it supports a great portion of businesses and organizations around town! The farm not only produces great dairy products, but it puts on some really amazing events throughout the year. Many are familiar with the Little League Softball World Series they host or the holiday events that go on throughout different seasons. It is an amazing place to spend time and remains a community treasure! If you want to learn more about Alpenrose Dairy, visit the Alpenrose website.



Located on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, Qdoba is a walk-in (STUDENT FAVORITE!) “Mexican eats” restaurant that began in 1995 in Denver, Colorado. Since then, Qdoba has expanded to many locations, Beaverton being one of them as just a short distance from BHS. At Qdoba, you will see many students and alumni from Beaverton who both work and eat there regularly. Qdoba is also involved in our community. Last year, Qdoba sponsored Jam the Dam, provided food for school functions, and donated meals to BHS students and families. Let’s show Qdoba even more support, and check it out soon!



Kennedy is a 5th grader at Ridgewood Elementary School. Kennedy has 2 siblings and no pets but she would love to own a kitten. During her free time, Kennedy plays soccer and she also loves to paint; in her paintings, she uses lots of colors and loves to incorporate quotes! Kennedy’s favorite part of school is her homeroom class because she gets to be with all of her friends and her favorite teacher Mr.Gretz. After high school, Kennedy wants to earn a degree in business and become a retail salesperson! We can’t wait for you to become part of Beaverton High School, Kennedy!


Located on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, The Human Bean is a drive-thru espresso franchise that started 20 years ago in Ashland, Oregon. They have since expanded to locations such as Colorado, Ohio, and of course, our very own Beaverton. Stop in our local Human Bean and you will probably find a Beaverton High student working there! Many students seeking employment have ended up in this drive-thru, and we currently have several peers behind that counter.


The Human Bean is also very charitable, holding fundraisers such as Coffee for a Cure, food & toy drives, and Mochas for Men. Make sure that you bring any friends or family members during their November 11th promotion for veterans and active military members. Thank you for everything you do for our community!



Sophie is an 8th grader at Whitford Middle School! She loves to play basketball and soccer, and she also runs track! She is planning on continuing these sports into high school. Her favorite subject is math because she has awesome teachers to help her out with it. She is really looking forward to high school because she loves the Beaverton community and is super excited to meet new people. She is also very interested in the Health Careers pathway because she wants to be a nurse when she grows up! We can’t wait to have you here at BHS, Sophie! #THEBeavertonHighSchool

Senior Blog: Kenzie Moore

When applying for college, I was asked to do a community service project in order to get accepted into my majors program. With my senior Prom coming up, I thought why not throw a district-wide Buddy Prom. I have worked with the BHS students all four years of high school; this particular group of students I hold very near and dear to my heart.

Prom is something every high school student looks forward toom and all kids should be able to go, so why not give them the night they deserve? I was super excited to make this a Beaverton School District Prom because I have worked in the at many high schools in the district, and getting them all together would be a wonderful night.

Leading up to the dance was a fun and stressful time. I had a lot of help from staff and other students. On the day of Buddy Prom, set-up went smoothly, and I was so anxious for it to start. Every student who showed up was dressed up and they all looked beautiful. The kids were able to dance, go to a photo booth, play in the sensory corner, or watch a movie in a classroom. Buddy Prom was a success, and everyone had a great time. I am so happy I was able to put on this special night for some extraordinary kids.


Senior Blog: So, You Finish Early… Then What?

The last day for the Class of 2018 is June 6. Must be nice. But, odds are you will find a point when you will be bored. Here is our list of five fun things to do in the Beaverton/Portland area.


The Farmers Market is a great place to see some cool things and enjoy good food. The farmers market is located on Hall and 2nd and goes on from 8:00-1:30 starting in May.


Nike offers bikes available to ride around the heart of downtown Portland. Starting at $2.50 per trip. These bikes are a great way to get some fresh air, see some sights, ride to your favorite spot and take some awesome photos. Some of the most popular rides are the Waterfront Park Trail, Eastbank Esplanade and Tilikum Crossing.

bike town


The Portland Rose Garden is a beautiful place located on Kingston avenue. It is a great place to take pictures and enjoy the scenery of Rose City.



The food carts are a new addition to Beaverton. They are located in downtown Beaverton on Rose Biggi Ave. There are over 20 vendors that all have different things to offer. The food carts are an awesome way to hangout with friends, enjoy the sunshine and have some fantastic food.


The Wilson Pool is a outdoor pool located in portland open from 12:30-8:20 everyday. The Wilson Pool is a great way to cool off or relax with friends. NW 23rd 23rd avenue in Portland has it all. Walk up and down 23rd and find so many different places to eat or shop, relax and take photos. 23rd is known for the famous and delicious Salt and Straw. A great place to go on a warm day!

Break Out the Brooms!

To some people’s surprise, the Portland Trail Blazers just got swept out of the NBA Playoffs by the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans were just built to beat the Blazers, they were outmatched in almost every position. The Pelicans have one of the best defensive guards in the league in Jrue Holiday and Rajon Rondo, and they did a great job of shutting down CJ and Dame. The Pelicans also have a top 5 player in the league in Anthony Davis. It just seemed like the Pelicans wanted it more.

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“Now what should the Blazers do in the off-season?” you might ask. I personally believe that the Blazers should blow up their whole team. They have been mediocre for almost a decade now. Dame and CJ aren’t going to carry the Blazers to the Finals anytime soon. I say trade them for draft picks, and draft the next Lebron. But the Blazers are also known for screwing up in the draft in the past, passing up Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant just to name a few.

Blog Photo 2

A few moves the Blazers absolutely need to make as soon as possible is get rid of Evan Turner and Meyers Leonard. Evan Turner is eating up nearly $40 million over the next two years and Leonard is taking up about $22 million over the next two years as well. That’s a lot of money that the Blazers can give to someone who actually deserves it and are better players.

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COMMUNITY: Cleanin’ It Up

The Beaverton Community is more than just a group of kids. Here at Beaverton, we are a family, and that family includes more than a few students and teachers, it includes parents and siblings and more.

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A great way to get the community together is through community cleanups hosted at BHS. These cleanups bring many different groups of kids together and help them connect through community service.

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Community Cleanups are held on Saturdays from the morning into the afternoon. They are student managed, and a whole lot of fun. It is so important to keep our school clean and show kids all the hard work that they can accomplish if they work together. Beaverton is committed to creating strong relationships and through service like this, we can make that happen.

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Personally, I love attending these cleanups because it is a great way to get community service hours, and I get introduced to students that I have never met. Attending one of these cleanups is worth it. You will be making a change. No matter how small the change is, it is important. Community is all around us and that is because here at BHS, we work hard to create a family that includes all.