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Impire is a clothing brand that was established by Beaverton Senior Sam Mendoza. Impire is a small clothing brand that sells a variety of clothing items such as jackets, hoodies, and T-shirts along with other accessories. Sam releases his clothes as ‘drops’ every couple of months, and his latest release was three weeks ago. Sam hopes he can grow his brand and eventually expand from what he is currently doing to make Impire a profit-making business. Sam has also involved his friends in his endeavor to create a successful brand by having them model and wear his clothes to market them. Sam is currently a full-time student but he hopes to turn Impire into a successful brand that not only works as a sustainable job but is a well-known brand from Oregon. For more information visits the official Impire Instagram page @impireofficial.




Meet Ella Girasa, a 5th grader at Ridgewood Elementary. Ella has 2 sisters, one in 2nd grade and one in 7th grade. She also has 2 cats, Mya and Lulu, but her favorite animals are llamas. Ella loves to read, and her favorite book is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children!


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Lulu’s Scrunchies is a small company started in October 2018 by sophomores Olivia Buist-Thuilier and Lucy Ray. Currently, they sell scrunchies of different colors and fabrics. Olivia and Lucy are looking to expand their business into selling upcycled hand-embroidered clothing and other accessories like bracelets and necklaces. Their goal is to create sustainable and eco-friendly clothing that’s affordable for high school students. They currently have 9 long-term scrunchie options to choose from, and they also release limited edition scrunchies; they are also working with the Oregon Zoo Teens to make limited edition animal print scrunchies. In the future, they are looking to continue expanding while maintaining the goal of being eco-friendly. For more information, visit their Instagram page @scrunchies.lulu.

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Beaverton Farmers Market


Looking for something to do this Saturday? Go check out the Beaverton Farmers Market on Hall Blvd across from the Beaverton City Library. The Beaverton Farmers Market is open every Saturday morning within the months of February-April. The market is also open on Saturdays through the summer. They have over 50 vendors who open up stands every week. They have plants, produce, jewelers, live music, and so much more! If you can’t figure out what to do with your Saturday mornings, go visit the Beaverton Farmers Market from 10 am-1:30 pm.


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Luis is currently a 5th grader at William Walker Elementary School. His favorite color is green as it resembles Oregon’s beautiful nature. Luis does not have a favorite subject in school; however, he knows he will discover it as time goes by.

If there’s one thing Luis wants people to know, is that he’s an easy person to talk to. Besides learning, Luis enjoys the social aspect of school when he gets to meet new people from different cultures. What he looks forward to about Beaverton High is playing football just like his brother who is currently a sophomore. Glad to have you in the community!


Future Beaver Spotlight

Jesselyn is a 5th grader at Raleigh Park Elementary School! She is very passionate about being thoughtful and thinking outside of the box. Her favorite place to go to is a beach with her younger brother in Oregon that recently got shut down. Jesselyn plans to play soccer during Spring Break and currently does gymnastics! Her favorite color is turquoise and favorite cartoon character is Shaggy from Scooby Doo. She also enjoys watching the show Nailed It! and eating over easy eggs. Her favorite subject is math because she likes to fix her mistakes and perform better than last time. Some of Jesselyn’s hobbies include reading, going on the computer, and getting things done when she has the time. She looks up to her teachers, and her uncle and mother are her role models. Jesselyn hopes to be a dentist when she grows up, regardless of how long it may take to finish school. We can’t wait to have you at BHS, Jesselyn!



The Vault is located off of Farmington Road in the heart of Beaverton. Their specialty is high-end vintage women’s clothing. As well as clothing, The Vault also has a collection of jewelry, hats, and other accessories. Visiting the Vault is a great experience! If you are cleaning out your closet and have vintage clothing you are looking to donate, The Vault buys from individuals. Also, in light of the upcoming prom season, The Vault has an array of occasion dresses that are all one of a kind! If you are interested, give them a visit! For more information, go to


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This is Evey Timonen; she goes to McKay Elementary School and is in the 3rd grade. Evey has a younger sister named Claire, and one of her pet peeves is when she loses her stuff. Evey has an abundance of pets! She has a dog named Shy-Shy and 3 cats named Scoot, Cheeno, and Bailey. She loves to play softball and participate in the Oregon Battle of the Books. In her future, Evey would love to learn the violin and wants to be a mom when she grows up. It may be a while, but we are so excited to see you at Beaverton, Evey!


Community Spotlight

Located at 9220 SW Nimbus Ave, Bella Furnishings was started in 1998 by two Beaverton High graduates. Bella Furnishings sells custom furniture at lower-than-retail prices, offers fabulous customer service, and consulting/design services for your home. Bella Furnishings was laos kind enough to be a sponsor of Jam the Dam this year, helping us raise money for Make-A-Wish.

If you are in need of new furniture, make sure to check out Bella Furnishings:



Luke Harvey is an 8th-grade student from Whitford Middle School. Luke’s biggest passion is lacrosse, and he has been playing this sport for quite some time now. His biggest role model is a lacrosse player, Tucker Dordevic. Luke looks up to him because he has worked his entire life to play division one lacrosse at Syracuse University. Luke’s favorite color is green, and his favorite subject in school is science. He enjoys science because he has a great teacher who makes the class fun and interesting to learn about. His favorite food is steak, and when Luke spends time with his family, his favorite activity is to go on hikes around Oregon. Can’t wait to have you here at BHS next year, Luke!