Beaverton Underground checks out Big’s Chicken this week, a local student-favorite!

(And, no, Shane definitely did NOT ride in the trunk.)

Big’s Chicken was a Week of Wishes partner and is an awesome addition to our downtown Beaverton community. Make sure to check it out, and come hungry.

If you have restaurant suggestions, DM them on Instagram at @beavertonhigh.beavertonunderground. See ya next week!


community spotlight

Hey Beavers, have you ever tried Veggie Grill? Located conveniently on Cedar Hills Boulevard, Veggie Grill is a restaurant that serves delicious plant-based food for a fair price. They use fresh foods in order to provide a colorful, flavorful, tasty dish that everyone is sure to love! Everything at Veggie grill is also gluten-free which is a big plus! Make sure to head down to Veggie Grill to get a tasty, healthy meal that is sure to fuel you for the rest of the day.


beaverton 2x

Whole Bowl is a new and popular eatery to the Beaverton area. If you are looking for a healthy meal with vegan and gluten-free options, make sure to check out Whole Bowl. Whole Bowl began as a mobile pushcart created by a Portland native, Tali Ovadia. She decided to quit her job in the software world to follow her dream of owning her own company.

Since the start in 2001, Whole Bowl has expanded to multiple storefronts and food carts in the metro area in Oregon, all the way to Arizona, Ohio, and most recently Brooklyn. The classic Whole Bowl consists of black and red beans, avocado, Tillamook cheddar cheese, olives, sour cream, cilantro, salsa, on brown rice, the her signature golden garlic sauce. Each bowl is available in two different sizes that are 12oz and 16oz sizes. Whole Bowl has partnered with the companies Caviar and Portland Pedal Power to offer full catering to any location you request. Whole Bowl has received countless comments of approval from the Portland people. They have received many awards such as being voted “Best lunch carts in Portland” by Willamette Weekly Journal, Recognition for New York Times, and many other publishers.


Picture Credits: @eatthewholebowl


Hayden_s WishMeet our 2018 BHS Make A Wish Kid, Hayden! At the time, Hayden was 10 years old and her wish was to go to Aulani – A Disney Resort. Hayden had always wanted to swim with dolphins and was so excited to meet Disney characters, so Aulani was the perfect wish. Hayden and her family enjoyed many days in the Hawaiian sunshine on the beautiful island of Oahu. We thank you for making Hayden’s wish come true.

19_08-26 (1094)

This year we want to introduce you to Elise. Elise’s wish is to go to Sesame Place, let’s make her wish come true! Come out tonight to support Make A Wish at Jam the Dam, doors open at 5! Text BHS2020 to 44-321 to donate to Make A Wish.


Gordon_s Wish

Hey Beavs! Meet one of our past Make-A-Wish kids Gordon. At the time, when the BHS community granted his wish, he was 14 years old and was suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. Gordon is from Happy Valley, Oregon, and he loves playing Madden NFL and playing Flag Football. If you didn’t notice, Gordon loves football! The BHS community was able to grant Gordon’s wish to go to Seatle and meet his favorite football team the Seatle Seahawks as well as his favorite quarterback, Russell Wilson. Gordon and his family got to spend an entire day in Seatle with Russell Wilson at Centurylink field along with other players from the Seahawks. We thank you for making Gordon’s wish come true!

19_08-26 (1113)

And this year we want to introduce to you, Elise. Elise is three years old currently and is AWESOME! Elise’s wish was to go to Sesame Place. Help us make her wish come true!

Wish Kid Spotlight: Elise

Meet this year’s Wish Kid Elise! Elise is a spunky 3-year-old who wished to go to Sesame Place.IMG_5655

Elise joined Sports Marketing last week to celebrate her wish with a Sesame Street party, complete with a coloring contest, donuts, singing, presents, and – of course – a dance party! Join us tonight at Swishes & Wishes and Friday night at Jam the Dam to make more wishes come true.


Wish Kid Spotlight: Lyla

Beaverton High School_Lyla_FY19

Beaverton High School got the amazing opportunity in 2019 to grant 10 year old, Lyla’s wish at Jam the Dam.🏀💫 Lyla has the biggest heart and most amazing smile one could come across. Lyla is a lover of the Seattle Seahawks, Ariana Grande, chocolate, and so much more. Community truely connected us as donations and sponsors enabled Lyla to live her dream to go to Disneyworld! Beaverton High School will forever be grateful to get the chance to see Lyla’s most beauitful smile as her wish was granted!💝


This year’s Wish Kid is Elise, whose wish was to go to Sesame Place. WISH GRANTED! Join us on Wednesday for our annual Swishes and Wishes game to help raise funds to grant more wishes for amazing kids like Lyla and Elise!

Wish Kid Spotlight: Chrystalyn

Make A Wish Kid Spotlight 2018

In 2019, a 13-year-old girl dreamed of dolphins🦈, becoming a veterinarian, and wished to go to Atlantis resort. Beaverton High School was able to make Chrystalyn’s wish come true through the generous support and donations of the BHS family and community members. At Atlantis resort, Chrystaln was able to swim with dolphins and spend all day under the sun🌞and in the water🌊.

Make A Wish Kid Spotlight 2020

This year, we are more than excited to introduce our 2020 Wish Kid, Elise, a sweet and cheerful😁 three-year-old who dreams of going to Sesame Street. With the help of our BHS community, we will be able to grant Elise’s wish!

Join us at Swishes and Wishes on Wednesday, January 29, to raise funds to support Elise’s wish. It will be a fun night with family, students, staff, and a great basketball game!



Crumbl Cookies is a shop delivering warm, fresh, and delicious cookies to Crumblrs everywhere. The first crumb store opened in Logan, UT in 2017 by a Utah University student. Since then, the franchise has expanded to over 50 locations in 11 states. The Beaverton location continues to deliver a rotating menu of delicious cookies. Although you may not be able to get there, that’s not a problem because Crumbl delivers!



Community Spotlight

Jan’s Paperbacks is an independently owned bookstore located in downtown Beaverton. They specialize in the selling and trading of paperback books. The creator of Jan’s Paperbacks, Jan C., had a major passion for books hence opening the first store that consisted of wooden bookcases and index cards to keep track of customer credits. The store opened in March of 1981. Since then, the store had been sold Debbie who has upgraded various parts of the store and added computerized record systems for the store. Now 37 years later, the store is owned by a woman by the name of Lori and is located in downtown Beaverton.

If you are interested in trading in some of your books, you will receive a 25% store credit for every book you turn into Jan’s Paperbacks. If you are looking for new books, they have a wide selection of used books in great condition for 50% off the original cover price, unless otherwise marked. If you love to read, make sure to check them out!