Hey Beavs, have you heard of the new waffle sandwich restaurant Batter Up!? It’s located on 4725 SW Lombard Ave, just down the street from BHS.


The journey started when the owners decided to start their own stand at a few of the seasonal farmers markets which later turned into the opening of their very own food cart in October of 2016. They were located Aloha, Oregon in the first food cart pod in Washington County. They happened to also be the first Waffle Cart on the west side of Portland.


Two years later, they have finally opened the Batter Up brick and mortar location located in the Lascala Apartment Building in downtown Beaverton. Batter Up has a variety of choices on their menu ranging from sweet Waffel Chescake to a Pulled-Pork and Swiss Cheese Cubano. If you love great breakfast food, make sure to stop on my Batter Up and see what you think for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

Photos courtesy of: Batter Up!


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Have you been to Family Cafe? If not, you should!

The owner and manager of Family Cafe, Talib, moved to the Beaverton area six years ago with a dream to open his own Turkish-style bistro that reminded him of home. About a year ago, he came across a small building for lease and saw it as the perfect opportunity to make his dream come true.

Talib wants to make Family Cafe feel welcoming to anyone who comes in, and with his unique and comfortable decor, guests instantly feel invited to sit down, relax, and enjoy some delicious food and drinks. Some of the specialty hot drinks include Turkish coffee and Iraqi Tea-chai. Family Cafe has been open for almost six months so go show some love to this local gem located on Broadway street in Downtown Beaverton.


Community Spotlight

A student favorite, read more for a quick Q&A with 2 year Dutch Bros barista Kristi!

Q: What are the busiest times of the day?

A: During the week days it’s busiest from 7-9 AM, and on the weekends the rush goes from 10 AM to mid-day.

Q: What’s the craziest moment you’ve experienced working here?

A: Every day is crazy, and it’s the new people and personalities we meet that makes the job 10 times more interesting!

Q: What kind of characteristics do you need to work here?

A: Friendliness is the most important quality. Dutch Bros training will take care of the rest!

Q: What is your opinion on the new straw policy?

A: I think that it’s a good policy. At first it was hard to get used to and remember to ask because of old habit, but it’s cool to see how the customers are adapting, and some are even bringing their own straws now!

Q: What is your favorite drink to make?

A: I would have to say any coffee drinks, and it’s because of the teamwork behind it! I love how the steam team and the shots team work together to create a drink.

If anyone is in the mood for a drink that’s warm, cold, sweet, tangy, or even a muffin, make sure to check out Dutch Bros on Hall!🥤


Community spotlight

This “sweet” little shop in downtown Beaverton was founded by Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz in 1997. When asked to make a cake for family and friends, they decided to do something different. They made small cakes for everyone to have and when they were told they were so delicious and unlike anything they have ever had they quickly realized that it could turn into something bigger. Now they have grown nationwide so people all around the country can enjoy the best little bundt cake available! Nicely located on 11629 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy., come by and try the best little bundt cake around!


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Carina’s Bakery is quickly becoming a favorite of BHS staff and students. Run by 26-year-old dreamer Carina Comer, the path to starting a business was harder for her than most. Being affected by a brain tumor at a young age that caused her to lose half of her vision didn’t hold her back from doing what she loved. Carina started the bakery in order to prolong the memories of a Swedish store her grandfather built and founded her family on. Every product that Carina makes is completely vegan, and she has all sorts of options for everyone to enjoy. Located conveniently on SW Lombard Avenue, stop by Carina’s Bakery today, and enjoy a delicious treat!

Beaverton Underground: Episode 1

Welcome to Beaverton Underground, the official podcast of BHS hosted by a rag tag group of aspiring student influencers. Please enjoy the next 13 minutes, and check back regularly for weekly episodes.


Student business_

Two Beaverton high school students, Tyler Baltus and Steven Sloop, have opened their own business! Tyler and Steven created Shoe Society PDX back in March 2017. Both Tyler and Steven wanted to make some extra money during this time and had a lot of clothing and shoes they wanted to sell to make that extra money. They decided to create a website to sell their items on and told all their friends about it. Little did they know that it would turn into a small business that makes good profit.

Today, Tyler and Steven are growing their inventory and selling the newest and coolest items. They make sure to know when the newest releases of a popular shoe or piece of clothing comes out so they can buy it for their customers that ask for certain exclusive items.

In the future, they hope to consistently grow their profits and make their brand known to more than just the Portland area and start to produce their own clothing. Eventually, they hope to open their very own brick and mortar store! Go support your fellow Beaverton classmates and buy some cool items at


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Impire is a clothing brand that was established by Beaverton Senior Sam Mendoza. Impire is a small clothing brand that sells a variety of clothing items such as jackets, hoodies, and T-shirts along with other accessories. Sam releases his clothes as ‘drops’ every couple of months, and his latest release was three weeks ago. Sam hopes he can grow his brand and eventually expand from what he is currently doing to make Impire a profit-making business. Sam has also involved his friends in his endeavor to create a successful brand by having them model and wear his clothes to market them. Sam is currently a full-time student but he hopes to turn Impire into a successful brand that not only works as a sustainable job but is a well-known brand from Oregon. For more information visits the official Impire Instagram page @impireofficial.


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Lulu’s Scrunchies is a small company started in October 2018 by sophomores Olivia Buist-Thuilier and Lucy Ray. Currently, they sell scrunchies of different colors and fabrics. Olivia and Lucy are looking to expand their business into selling upcycled hand-embroidered clothing and other accessories like bracelets and necklaces. Their goal is to create sustainable and eco-friendly clothing that’s affordable for high school students. They currently have 9 long-term scrunchie options to choose from, and they also release limited edition scrunchies; they are also working with the Oregon Zoo Teens to make limited edition animal print scrunchies. In the future, they are looking to continue expanding while maintaining the goal of being eco-friendly. For more information, visit their Instagram page @scrunchies.lulu.