Wouldn’t you love to B a Rhythm B?

Via BeavertonHummer.com
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Beaverton Hummer

By Natalie Foote

The last two weeks have been hectic for students and staff as school has closed, athletics has been canceled and fears have risen. But in times like this, it’s important to remember what makes BHS unique and how Tradition Unites Us. An example of this core value is the Rhythm B’s, a small group of dedicated students working to bring a perfect end to every assembly. 

Every student looks forward to this talented group at the end of a long assembly, appreciating the hard work they put into making their performances stand out and upholding the values of the BHS community. Junior London Kirschner mentioned that “It’s the longest standing tradition. We perform at assemblies and games, and I like to think people think it’s entertaining.” 

The team is always looking for more people to join the fun, and there’s much more to the team than people…

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