BREAKING NEWS: Humans turning into robots!

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Beaverton Hummer

By Noe Lambert

Get off your phones. It’s that simple. No matter where I go, no matter where I look, everyone around me has their eyes glued to their screen. I can go out to dinner and observe that nearly everyone seated at the tables around me is staring blankly at their devices. Even when living, breathing human beings are seated around them, they still choose social media and brainless video games over their human companions.

Quite frankly, it’s rude. When did communicating through smartphones become more important than interacting with real people? We are losing our true human connections and bonds with people because of artificial relationships.

Nothing infuriates me more than when I’m talking to someone and they decide to whip out their phone and start doing something pointless with it. Did you do it because you’re bored? Did you do it because you are incapable of human…

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High school stress should be measured by a Richter scale

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Beaverton Hummer

By Rocio Avalos

At the age of fourteen, teens are more stressed than an adult in their thirties. The school is the main reason why teens get stressed out, having to deal with many tests and homework at once. Learning new habits on how to manage time is difficult for teens, as well as Junior year being the hardest and most stressful year of high school. In Junior year students are required to take many tests that could really determine their future and teachers are not aware of that. Most students have an AP course, but teachers don’t notice the workload they are adding to a student when they add big projects weekly or monthly. Some teachers consistently add big projects all at once and for a student who needs to work to help his/her family financially, or to save money for college it is hard to manage a good GPA…

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Beaver hacks

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Beaverton Hummer

By Jono Vincent

 Public high schools (like Beaverton High) may not charge tuition, but they are by no means free. Athletics fees, overpriced lunches, sporting event admissions, and now even technology insurance all add up, and over the course of the four years that any one student is enrolled here, they will almost pay enough in fees to go to Jesuit for a year.

 However, there are ways of mitigating or even altogether sidestepping the amount of money that you might have to pay over the course of your stay at Beaverton High School. Over the last four years, “deals” have emerged: Classes offering certain privileges, earlybird discounts, and others of the like, are exactly what I would like to share with you today.

 1. The ‘Early Bird’ discounts

 Here are the two big ones: Yearbook and Grad Party. These are the things that buying them well in advance can…

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Senior Top 5: Celia Boyer

Throughout my four years at Beaverton High I have had some of the best (and the worst) memories. Hands down, my #1 memory has been football season.

IMG_1614 (1)

My dad being the football coach, I have been growing up going to the games since I was born…literally. This spirit our school has brought every year is the best part about the games. Watching the boys win on the field, and lose, and singing the fight song will never disappear in my memory.


I think my #2 memory was Prom. It was everything I had hoped it would be. The most amazing part of the night was at the last song we all stood there in a circle holding hands and sang “Don’t Stop Believing”, looking around at everyone in the circle it hit me that it was coming to an end.

My #3 memory was being on Prom and Homecoming Court. The week of Prom and Homecoming (freshman year) was the most stressful, but most exciting time.


My #4 memory of high school was putting up our stars on National College Decision Day. It was so bittersweet being able to put our stars up with our school (GO DUCKS!), and watch all our friends put theirs up. It was something I had watched everyone in grades ahead do, so being able to actually put the star up there was such a crazy feeling.

My #5 memory was when Damian Lillard came to speak here at BHS. We wanted him here to speak about bullying and after 6 months of hard work, he finally could come.

The list of memories could go on and on, I will never forget BHS!

Senior Top 5: Paola Hidalgo Cruz

Throughout high school I’ve gone through many challenges, experiences, met different people and enjoyed every moment. Before starting high school, I was afraid I wouldn’t graduate. I was also afraid of not making any friend and being lonely for the next 4 years. Luckily, I am on track to graduate, and I’ve met many different people and made friends. I also got to participate in different sports such as swimming, track and field, and rugby.

  1. One of my favorite memories in my four years of high school would be joining Rugby. It’s one of the last sport I imagined myself joining because it’s an aggressive sport and due to my size I was afraid to play. This will be my favorite memory because I tried something that was completely out of my comfort zone. I remember saying that I would join Rugby but I didn’t think I was saying it seriously. It wasn’t until I showed up to practice that I thought to myself “wow, I’m actually going through with this.”


  2. I also enjoyed being part of the swimming team. It was my first competitive sport I  joined my freshman year and I was super excited because I always wanted to be part of a swim team. I remember waking up at 5 in the morning to go to my first practice, although it was super early I was excited. I enjoyed getting to meet my team members and watching everyone compete. I only did swimming for two years because I didn’t like getting on the blocks to dive. It freaked me out and gave me anxiety. Although it was my least favorite part of swimming I always felt proud that I would face my fear. That’s when I realized that facing your fear is probably one of the most terrifying and liberating feelings in the world.

    Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.58.49 AM

  3. Another sport I participated was Track and Field. It’s one of the sports I most enjoyed being part of because it’s pretty exciting to watch everyone race. I liked to see everyone working hard to beat their own PR and each other. What I enjoyed the most was when the weather would get nice because it meant not running in the cold rain with only a tank top and small shorts.

    FullSizeRender (2)

  4. Going to prom was probably the most exciting events I have attended in high school. In all of my four years at BHS, I never attend any of the dances because I thought it was too much work to look for a dress, do the makeup, find the perfect shoes and jewelry. I was simply too lazy to go through the hustle so I never attempt to join. Since prom was such a big deal I decided that I would go. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and my prom date.

    FullSizeRender (1)

  5. Beaver Nation Migration was also another activity to wait for my senior year. I didn’t purposely wait until senior year to participate I simply wasn’t interested in doing this activity because my friends didn’t do it. It wasn’t until senior year that they decided to join and so did I. Participating in this event was pretty fun. I liked walking and spending time with my friends.5A93E2A2-AB3E-4563-A729-CAFCF3A5C698

PSA: The real cost of college (and it’s not pretty)

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Beaverton Hummer

By Allison Van Horn

Listen up, kids. If there were ever a time for you to put those reading skills to use, it’s now. If you want to go to college, you’ve got to get one thing straight: it’s expensive. Like, forfeit-that-house-you- planned-on-purchasing-in-your- early-thirties expensive. And even those of you out there, who are doomed to believe you can afford the price of a four-year post-high school education simply because your parents have been saving since your birth, even you have reason to fret. So listen up, and listen good, because I’m about to let you all in on some insider intel, and you’re gonna want to remember it.

If you’re a pretty hard-working kid who seems predestined for some academic scholarships or a superstar athlete with a killer 50 freestyle time, then you may have been lead to believe that all of that college scholarship money is already within…

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Steel Magnolias: a review

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Beaverton Hummer

By Jono Vincent

A musical with a cast of thirty-five is hard to put together, but easy to perform. Alternatively, a drama with a cast of only six is easy to put together, but much harder to perform. The former is a showcase of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the rehearsal process, whereas it is often onstage on opening night that these bodily fluids are evoked from the latter.

No matter the size of the show, however, the Beaverton High theater has always made sure that the final product is consistent and enjoyable. In my opinion, Steel Magnolias was no exception.

The show, which opened on Wednesday the 12th and ran through to Saturday the 15th, circled around six women in a beauty salon in the South. Through witty humor and disturbing character dissonance, several societal elements like religion, illness, and childbirth were thrown into the spotlight…

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Beaverton Hummer

By Milcah Tefera

The countdown to prom is finally over, placing the Toy Story themed bash just this last Saturday. Whether you waited for this moment for years, or couldn’t have cared less, the BHS “#prom2k17” inevitably happened. Before the event took place and prince and princesses of prom court were elected, excitement grew for some while prom aspects pressed the hearts of others.

Many seniors awaited this moment since the beginning of high school, some have even looked forward to prom since as far back as middle school. Some seniors, however, were unbothered by the whole event altogether. One of these seniors was Jono Vincent, who did not attend prom this year. Jono stated that “[he] could do something a lot more effective with the amount of money that it costs.”

Other seniors, like Cam Tobin, agreed with Jono’s attitudes towards prom as well. When asked if he felt the…

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Prom voting 2017: recount verifies tied election for Intellect and Renaissance positions

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Beaverton Hummer

By Ben Sherer

Due to the remarkable circumstance surrounding Prom and the students elected to category of Intellect and Renaissance, the validity of whether or not the voting was fair, was called into question. At the Hummer, an investigation was conducted and the results were proven to be accurate for the categories; for the princes of Intellect the votes were tied at 43 each and for Renaissance the votes were tied at 34, with each princess placing within the top four in votes of several other categories. Each prince and princess won their respective category fairly and truthfully. The results were not only verified by a member of the Hummer staff, but by Anna Ricci, ASB President, and Logan Holt, VP of Student Activities. As a staff, the Hummer would like to say that the veracity surrounding the categories of Intellect and Renaissance is false and that the results for…

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Beavers Takedown Opponents, Continue to State

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Beaverton Hummer

By Noe Lambert

Beaverton boys wrestling came to dominate this year at districts on February 17 and 18, at Liberty High School. They ended the tournament with a combined 214.5 points, an impressive score compared to last year’s meager 141 points and last place title. The Beavers placed fourth as a team behind Aloha, Century, and Westview High School.

The team was very confident in their abilities this year due to a high number of talented wrestlers, including seniors Josh Poppleton and Andre Curtiss, junior Evan Kepner, sophomore Daniel Smith, and freshman Sandrey Mitberg. This confidence is what pushed the wrestlers this year to compete at their highest abilities. Mitberg explained, “Just having confidence and being able to snap down really well and low ankle picks really helped us”.

Nineteen of Beaverton’s wrestlers made it to the quarterfinals, but only nine fought their way to the semifinals. Smith, Poppleton, and…

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