Club sports and high school sports: the real rivalry

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By Cooper Graham

Sports have been a big part in the lives of athletes and those close to them, whether it be micro soccer or professional soccer, pee wee football or college ball at a D1 school. Sports and other activities have the potential to change people’s lives, and they have for years.

Sports teach skills that can be used as the athlete gets older, and it is done in a way that allows them to have fun in the process of it. They can even be a potential money maker or saver as athletes enter the next stage in their life.

There are tons of sports out there to participate in, and no two are exactly the same. For teenage athletes, there are two main categories; high school sports and club sports. The differences between the two include the level of competitiveness, the importance of education and connections to college…

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Cracking down on distracted driving will save lives

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By Connor Patrick

With the advent of smartphones, distracted driving has become a glaring problem around the world. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, 1330 injuries and 14 deaths directly resulted from cell-phone related distracted driving crashes from 2011-15. These numbers are just from the state of Oregon.

The state has addressed its feeble cell phone laws and is cracking down on distracted driving. Effective October 1st, Oregon will put into effect a new, strict distracted driving policy.

Previously, the law discouraged cell phone use but had many loopholes and was basically only enforced for drivers that were obviously texting or talking on the phone. Texting or calling (without a hands-free device) while driving held a $160 fine. When the new law is implemented, the presumptive fine will be $260, with a rapidly increasing cost for repeat offenders. A third time offender could face a misdemeanor charge with jail time…

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Jesuit hands off QB Alex Brown to Beaverton

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By Noe Lambert

Beaverton High School has welcomed senior, Alex Brown, not only to the school this fall, but the varsity football team. Brown was a student at Jesuit his first three years of high school, one of Beaverton’s biggest competitors. However, Brown was prompted to become a Beaver his last year of high school because he felt Beaverton’s football program was a better fit for him. The 6’5” senior snagged the role as starting quarterback this season, contributing to the Beavers’ two victories over West Linn and Battleground.

Entering a new high school and securing a role on the starting lineup may seem intimidating, especially if you’re a senior. However, Brown has felt completely accepted by his new teammates. From the minute he was introduced to the Beaverton Football Program, Brown felt as though he had been there a lifetime. The quarterback stated, “Even though I have only known…

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Meet Senior Makenna Blix

Hello, Beaverton High School! My name is Makenna Blix and I’m your senior representative. I still can’t get over the fact of how fast high school has flown by. It seems like just yesterday we were introduced to our LINK Leaders and getting lost over and over again in the BHS hallways, not to mention almost getting tossed over the stadium bleachers during football games due to the compactness of the student section. One of my fears as a freshmen, as many of the freshmen this year face is nerves. I was nervous I wasn’t going to make any friends, have terrible grades, and the thought of having everyone older than me was the scariest idea that I couldn’t wrap my head around. We were at the bottom of the pile and everyone above us looked so scary. I thought, how am I going to make it? What I came to realize however if how accepting and caring this high school truly is. I made tons of friends my freshmen year that I still consider my closest friends to this day. You begin to come close with your class and get to know many different individuals. Trust me, freshmen year might seem scary, but this whole high school experience will go by way too fast, so make the most of every moment with your best friends by your side.

One program I was lucky to be apart of at Beaverton High School, was the soccer program. I’ve been playing soccer since I was about four and the idea of being on varsity soccer in high school was not what I was expecting to be apart of my freshmen year. However, I was chosen to play at the varsity level. In all my years of playing soccer, I’ve made some of the closest friends I’ve ever made. The team was all so accepting and some of my favorite memories from high school have come from soccer. Family dinners, GA’s, lazer tag, and team sleepovers are truly the best spent when you’re with your best friends.

Throughout the last three years, I’ve had older kids to look up to. The most exciting thing about this year is WE, the seniors are what the underclassmen are looking up to. Going all out at sports games with my best friends by my side is what I look forward to most. Caring about what I Iook like, or what people will think of me will be the last thing in the back of my mind. This year I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, talking to people I don’t usually talk to, and having the most fun I can possibly have in this last year of being a Beaverton High School Beaver. Class of 2018, let’s make the most out of this year to come!!

Meet Freshman Keaton Klym

Hello! My name is Keaton Klym. I am going to be a freshman at BHS this year and I couldn’t be more excited. My position in leadership is Freshman President. I love working with other people and solving problems in groups so I think that choosing leadership was a great decision. Overall I am a pretty calm kid. However if you ever come to any JV2-Black soccer games this year you will most likely hear me screaming my head off from defense or midfield. My brother also goes to high school here and I love to constantly remind him that he will have to deal with me for two years before he graduates.

Outside of school I play soccer for GPS and ODP. I also enjoy going on hikes, hanging out with friends and eating. 🙂 This year I am looking forward to getting to know lots of new people. When I say that I’m not only talking about students. I will have loads of new teachers and coaches in my first year of high school so it will be important to get to know them.

Keaton 1.png

The only thing that I am nervous about is balancing my schoolwork and my sports. Even though that may be difficult at times, I think that I will be able to keep up. Leadership is a program that I am looking forward to because I get to meet knew people. It also gives me a chance to show who I am and how I can help make our school a better place. I plan on making a difference by encouraging people to try new things even if it is out of their comfort zone. I am a very positive person and I love to motivate people.

Let’s make this year a great one!!!

Meet Junior Chloe Shankland

Hello, my name is Chloe, and I am a junior. This year is going to be my second year as a diversity rep and I excited to be one of the first diversity reps under the new ASB of Diversity position. Last year, we spent a lot of time perfecting the position and I’m ready to see where it goes and help to expand leadership’s role in the diverse populations at beaverton. Personally I plan to help support the LGBTQ+ community by expanding the GSA program and offering other LGBTQ+ centered events to help the member of that community inside of BHS find a home.

Chloe 1

Inside of BHS I am also a part of the theatre department. This department is a family that I have had since freshmen year. Inside of the theatre department I am a second year council member and I spend around 20 hours a week working on shows and the department in general. Although I don’t currently do anything outside of the school I used to be on a dance team and this year I want to push for a more casual dance team type situation at BHS so that I can continue dancing in some capacity.

Chloe 2

Overall I’m kind of terrified of Junior year so there isn’t really a specific fear or anxiety except maybe having Pre-Calc, AP Bio, AP Lang, and Spanish 3 on the same day, which would be a horrible experience. I am really looking forward to directing my own show this year and spending one last amazing year with all of my friends.

Chloe 3


BREAKING NEWS: Humans turning into robots!

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By Noe Lambert

Get off your phones. It’s that simple. No matter where I go, no matter where I look, everyone around me has their eyes glued to their screen. I can go out to dinner and observe that nearly everyone seated at the tables around me is staring blankly at their devices. Even when living, breathing human beings are seated around them, they still choose social media and brainless video games over their human companions.

Quite frankly, it’s rude. When did communicating through smartphones become more important than interacting with real people? We are losing our true human connections and bonds with people because of artificial relationships.

Nothing infuriates me more than when I’m talking to someone and they decide to whip out their phone and start doing something pointless with it. Did you do it because you’re bored? Did you do it because you are incapable of human…

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High school stress should be measured by a Richter scale

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By Rocio Avalos

At the age of fourteen, teens are more stressed than an adult in their thirties. The school is the main reason why teens get stressed out, having to deal with many tests and homework at once. Learning new habits on how to manage time is difficult for teens, as well as Junior year being the hardest and most stressful year of high school. In Junior year students are required to take many tests that could really determine their future and teachers are not aware of that. Most students have an AP course, but teachers don’t notice the workload they are adding to a student when they add big projects weekly or monthly. Some teachers consistently add big projects all at once and for a student who needs to work to help his/her family financially, or to save money for college it is hard to manage a good GPA…

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Beaver hacks

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By Jono Vincent

 Public high schools (like Beaverton High) may not charge tuition, but they are by no means free. Athletics fees, overpriced lunches, sporting event admissions, and now even technology insurance all add up, and over the course of the four years that any one student is enrolled here, they will almost pay enough in fees to go to Jesuit for a year.

 However, there are ways of mitigating or even altogether sidestepping the amount of money that you might have to pay over the course of your stay at Beaverton High School. Over the last four years, “deals” have emerged: Classes offering certain privileges, earlybird discounts, and others of the like, are exactly what I would like to share with you today.

 1. The ‘Early Bird’ discounts

 Here are the two big ones: Yearbook and Grad Party. These are the things that buying them well in advance can…

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Senior Top 5: Celia Boyer

Throughout my four years at Beaverton High I have had some of the best (and the worst) memories. Hands down, my #1 memory has been football season.

IMG_1614 (1)

My dad being the football coach, I have been growing up going to the games since I was born…literally. This spirit our school has brought every year is the best part about the games. Watching the boys win on the field, and lose, and singing the fight song will never disappear in my memory.


I think my #2 memory was Prom. It was everything I had hoped it would be. The most amazing part of the night was at the last song we all stood there in a circle holding hands and sang “Don’t Stop Believing”, looking around at everyone in the circle it hit me that it was coming to an end.

My #3 memory was being on Prom and Homecoming Court. The week of Prom and Homecoming (freshman year) was the most stressful, but most exciting time.


My #4 memory of high school was putting up our stars on National College Decision Day. It was so bittersweet being able to put our stars up with our school (GO DUCKS!), and watch all our friends put theirs up. It was something I had watched everyone in grades ahead do, so being able to actually put the star up there was such a crazy feeling.

My #5 memory was when Damian Lillard came to speak here at BHS. We wanted him here to speak about bullying and after 6 months of hard work, he finally could come.

The list of memories could go on and on, I will never forget BHS!