Beavers battle against first in state, rival school Southridge

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

By Noe Lambert noe.png

Beaverton girls basketball faced their fiercest competitors this Tuesday at home during a varsity doubleheader against Southridge High School. Southridge was ranked first in the state and Beaverton was ranked third, so this particular game has been the most awaited match throughout the whole season. In past seasons, our girls team hasn’t been considered much of an opponent in the eyes of the talented Skyhawks, after losing to them all four games in the past two seasons.

However, this year our team gained a few crucial players and a new coach, Kathy Naro, that have turned the program around. The girls were determined to beat Southridge and freshman Alexa Borter said, “We watched a lot of film on them and practiced making sure we knew how to defend their plays and knew what we should run against them.”

It was one of the most intense games of…

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