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Maia (left) is currently a senior at BHS who is well-spirited. This year, she participated in cross country, swimming, and now track! Maia’s favorite part about our community is the school spirit and the genuine supporting environment. Last year, Maia’s favorite class was Sports Marketing because of the hands-on experience with Week of Wishes and Jam the Dam. Maia will be completing the Marketing Pathway.

Something that Maia looks forward to is attending University of Oregon this upcoming fall. She is very excited to be decorating her dorm this summer in preparation for college. Outside of school, she enjoys eating out at fancy restaurants with friends. Maia has two younger twin brothers who are currently freshmen. The advice Maia has for underclassmen is to do something that scares you or challenge you as it helps you become a better person. She also encourages the idea of getting involved in extracurricular activities!




Lily is a sophomore here at Beaverton, and absolutely loves it! Her favorite class is AP Environmental Science because she loves the topic and the class is fun! After high school, Lily plans on to attend college and focus on the medical field, to eventually work as an ER Nurse. Lily has one sister, Hazel, who is her best friend. At Beaverton, Lily runs track and plays varsity volleyball; she also plays club volleyball in the spring and winter. What Lily has liked most about high school in her time is meeting a ton of new people! She has taken classes that she never would have thought she would take. What Lily likes most about Beaverton is the community, and the student section, especially at basketball games.

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Dillon and Alli Schrader

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Dillon and Alli both graduated from Beaverton High in 2008 and are now married. Alli played basketball and ran track but her fondest memory came from her time on the soccer team when they made the state semifinals. She now teaches in the Beaverton School District. Dillon was in marching band, jazz band, and wind ensemble. He loved how passionate the student section was (and still is!) at football and basketball games. He currently manages a gym in Sherwood. Their advice for high school students is to make smart choices, be kind to your friends, and eat a healthy lunch.


Student Spotlight

Meet freshman Audrey Johnson! Audrey previously attended Raleigh Hills Elementary School and Whitford Middle School. Her favorite subject in school is math, and her favorite teacher is Mr. Zaworski. Audrey is a part of BHS Girls’ Soccer, and she plans on joining the BHS Snowboarding Team and BHS Track & Field Team later this year! Outside of school, she enjoys hiking and biking with her family, and she also loves to binge watch Marvel movies. In her future at BHS, she is most excited about playing soccer and the AP classes the school provides. Her favorite things that makes BHS unique are the accepting community, along with helpful teachers and students. We are so happy to have you here, Audrey! #ExperienceBHS



Sophie is an 8th grader at Whitford Middle School! She loves to play basketball and soccer, and she also runs track! She is planning on continuing these sports into high school. Her favorite subject is math because she has awesome teachers to help her out with it. She is really looking forward to high school because she loves the Beaverton community and is super excited to meet new people. She is also very interested in the Health Careers pathway because she wants to be a nurse when she grows up! We can’t wait to have you here at BHS, Sophie! #THEBeavertonHighSchool


Meet senior Garrett Taylor!


Garrett is the LINK Crew Coordinator at BHS and he is heavily involved in Student Leadership. He is planning on starting a Ping Pong Club this winter before continuing as a varsity track athlete in the spring. After high school, he intends to major in biomedical engineering at a school in California or another sunny state! Garrett’s piece of advice for underclassmen is to cheer as much as they can at football games.

COMMUNITY: BSD Track & Field

By Sley Vega, Senior

One of my favorite events that takes place here at Beaverton High School is the BSD Track and Field event that occurs every May. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to help out with because there are so many great things that happen. From giving kids temporary tattoos, to handing them their medal at the end of their race, the big smile on their face once you hand them their medal is indescribable.

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The BSD Track and Field event has been hosted at BHS for as long as I can remember. There are more than 200 student and staff volunteers from throughout the district that help make this special day happen for the kids. With over 20 stations for the kids to go through, we have around 4-5 volunteers at every station to make sure the kids that go through get a sticker on their card. It’s always exciting to see how that one sticker can help brighten the day for the child.

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I’ve spent the last two years volunteering at this event with my friends and it’s truly an eye opening experience. Spending time with kids and helping them go through the stations is so much fun because every kid is so different in their own way. You are able to interact with the most cheerful, happy and energetic kids of all ages ranging from elementary to high schoolers from all around the district. I’m looking forward to this years event and all the familiar and new faces I’ll be able to interact with! If you are looking for a fun and rewarding way to spend your morning look into helping out, because you definitely won’t regret it.

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EXCELLENCE: Track & Field

By Hunter Franklin, junior

Excellence is a huge part of Beaverton High. It is what we strive for, what we expect, and what we wish upon others. With the start of the second semester and spring sports season, there have been many cases of pure excellence. After two track meets, your Beaverton Beavers have wiped the competition. A big start to the season with a marginal win over Liberty in both girls and boys events, with stars rising such as Ryan Turner, Nathan Reed, and Maia Elliott. With an extreme effort and constant drive to get better, these athletes have begun to taste a sense of excellence. After week two, more stars have risen.

After working throughout Spring Break, athletes such as Ben MacKinnon made great strides during the meet against Mountainside at Beaverton on Wednesday of last week. Ben competed in the 400 meter race, the 4 by 4 relay, and the 300-meter hurdles. His first event of the day, the 400-meter race, was a tough one for Ben. Ben is currently ranked top ten in the Metro league for his 400 meters. He ended coming in second. Ben was not done anytime soon. He then had the 300-meter hurdles where he truly shined. Starting in lane three, Ben was off to the races. After around 250 meters, Ben turned it up. With a Mountainside runner right next to him on his right side, Ben realized there were three hurdles left and that he had to go. While keeping composure, Ben soared over the last three hurdles. The Mountainside hurdler was stumbling and tripping over the hurdles, but Ben was of pure composure, and ended up taking the win.

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At this point, it has been a long day for Ben MacKinnon, but he is not done yet. He is still competing in the last event of the meet, the 4 by 4. With teammates, Terrell Lawson, Ramiro Espindola, and Tre Hamilton, Ben was warmed up and ready to go. Ben was the third leg. After Tre and Ramiro’s laps, it was Ben’s turn to run the lap. He finished the lap with speed and precision. Terrell took it home for the first place finish in the fourth leg. (Insert Picture #3) Beaverton High’s Track and Field meet against Mountainside truly showed Ben MacKinnon’s character. In competing at a high level, Ben found excellence. This is why Ben is a great example of excellence at THE Beaverton High School.

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Bucky’s Family: Nick Boss

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Nick Boss!



Meet Nick Boss, a very unique and awesome individual! Nick is a senior at BHS, and he lives with both his parents and his dog. On the weekends, Nick occasionally hangs out with friends and loves to watch TV series and play video games.

Nick is a pole vaulter for Beaverton High School’s Track and Field team. He aspires to be on varsity this year and is very confident that he will make it. He also loves to play the accordion and piano. After watching musicians play, he always wanted to play the accordion. Watch out for Nick in this year’s Diversity Assembly when he blows everyone out of the stands!

When asked what his biggest obstacle that he has overcome he said coming to BHS and making friends. Something most people do not know about Nick is that he was home schooled for six years. Through track and field and the amazing BHS community, he has made many friends and feels very welcomed into Bucky’s Family.

Bucky’s Family: Evan Hunter

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Evan Hunter!
Before high school, he attended SUMMA at Whitford. He said SUMMA helped open up some doors for him and helped him start to realize his current passion, which is learning in general. He said there are topics he is interested in learning about more than others, which includes philosophy and history… history because it helps define how the human race has gotten where it is now and philosophy because it allows him to explore unanswered and overlooked problems.
His toughest challenge thus far was the transition to high school. Taking Spanish 4 and Pre-calculus as a freshman require a lot of work and are classes rarely taken by a freshman. Taking those classes on top of the rest of his schedule was a much greater difference than his schedules in his previous school years.
Outside of school, Evan is involved in high school sports which include track and cross country. He enjoyed how he could always train to improve his race times by race and how it helped him find new friends within the sport. Another way he is involved through the school is being part of the National Honors Society board. This year, Evan helped run and set up the induction for this year’s NHS class, and he has been co-captain on the Speech and Debate Team for two straight years and also helped found “The Dam” magazine.