Most of us would love to be in a sunny place for our Spring Break, but not all of us can make the trip. Whatever the reason for staying home, you can still have a great vacation…or, should we say, “STAYCATION.” Here are some ideas to make your time in Northwest Oregon one to remember.

While most of us would love to be in California tanning on the beach, not all of us can make that happen. Luckily, Seaside, Newport, and other beaches to the west are close enough for a day trip.

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One of the best parts about traveling is trying the different foods of the area. One way to try a variety of food in little time is heading down to food cart pods. Within walking distance of Beaverton High School you can head down to BG’s Food Cartel.

Sadly, traveling to the eastern hemisphere during our week off is out of reach for most, but we might have an alternative where you can see Japanese culture. The Portland Japanese Garden is one of the prettiest places in Oregon and is only a short drive.

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When most people think of Spring Break, they think of somewhere warm and sunny. This next idea might not fit into that stereotype. An hour-and-a-half drive can get you to one of the prettiest places in Oregon: Mt. Hood. Whether you want to spread the slopes or just relax in the lodge, the mountain is a great place to be on your week off.

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Although it is almost a five-hour drive, this might be the most worthwhile staycation idea. Crater Lake is the only National Park in Oregon, and from first-hand experience, it was the most stunning things I have ever seen. Pictures don’t do it justice, and I suggest spending one of your days off explore the deepest lake in the United States.

Crater Lake Oregon

For whatever reason you’re staying home during Spring Break, we all deserve a little get away!


Senior Top 5: Alexis Smith

One of my top 5 memories of high school was Nationals in Orlando, Florida with the Southridge dance team my freshman year. The best part of this trip was having the opportunity to dance in front of so many schools and see so many different talents being showcased. It was also a fun experience to explore around the ESPN complex. I also enjoyed meeting kids from all the US and learning what their school experience is like. Overall, this was one of my favorite trips in high school.


Being a transfer student from Southridge my freshman year to sophomorw year, I joined the volleyball team and made it on varsity. Trying out for the team was a good idea because I didn’t really know anyone at Beaverton. Being on the team introduced me to many girls I’m friends with now. Playing volleyball helped me achieve one of my high school goals of getting a varsity letter. Also, playing showed me that volleyball was a passion of mine. That following summer I played beach volleyball and continued to play the sport I love.


Football games is one of the best times of the year. If you’ll miss anything from high school it’ll be the loud screaming and chanting at the Friday night lights. It’s the best way to kick off the weekend and when Monday rolls around it gives you something to look forward to. But know your place. For the freshman your spots are in the back back of the stands. Sophomores your right below the freshmen, in the middle with the juniors. Then, of course, the seniors finally made it to the front of the bleachers. We lead our student section with chants and other activities based on the theme of the game.


One of the top 2 favorite moments of my senior year would be Spring Break. For my Spring Break, I went to Palm Springs in California. I went with my best friend’s family, and they drove the 16 hour drive down but since I didn’t sleep the night before I slept the whole drive down. Once we arrived we stayed in house. The best thing about that house was that there was a nice big pool. After the long boring drive that pool was the best thing ever in the 80 degree heat. I spend 6 days, 5 nights down there. That week was filled with swimming, tanning, walking on the strip and eating at new places. It was definitely worth going and taking my mind off school.


Another one of my favorite senior moments would be Prom. It’s one of the most fun dances but the most stressful. Shopping for your dress is a big part of the stress factor. You’re constantly looking for something better or near perfect. Not only do you have to find the perfect dress you have to find the perfect dress that no has yet. After you get your dress you gotta find the perfect pair of shoes to match. The best thing to do is get your dress and shoes before everyone else. Not only is it stressful but expensive. (Beauty isn’t cheap.) Then comes the anxiety of Prom day because on that day, you stress about getting your makeup done, looking perfect in your dress, being ready on time. The bittersweet part is that you go through all that stress just to take off all that make up and throw your dress in the back of your closet. But it is most definitely all worth it in the end. Prom was one of the most fun and memorable nights of senior year. Also, make sure you get yourself a rocking date!


Spring Break-ation

By Anaya Sergeant, junior


Spring Break causes students and staff to all be beyond excited to escape the cold, boring school buildings out into the sun all week. While some of us take the chance to sleep in all day and keep up with social media posts about other people’s adventures, there are tons of people who explore new places and new people. Making the most of a week off of school seems ideal, and I asked some students about the best Spring Breaks they’ve ever had. With various answers, it’s obvious how differently people take advantage of their long-awaited vacation.

Madigan Warner, a sophomore at BHS told me about her Spring Break last year. She went on a trip to Seattle and saw the famous gum of wall. Seattle may seem like a cold and gloomy place, but at this time of the year it’s definitely a warm site to see.

Milan Ivkovic is a junior at BHS, and he told me about a laid-back break he took during his freshman year. He says that he spent as much time as possible with as many of his friends as he could, whether that be going on smaller road trips or on morning walks or just hanging out by the pool. It just goes to show that you don’t always have to go somewhere far and tropical or new to experience a fun spring break.


And I couldn’t resist talking about my family’s trip to Disneyland last Spring Break. I’m a five-year-old at heart, and spending the week screaming on rides and soaking up the sun was the perfect getaway.

So who cares if you’re hanging out with friends, or traveling, or doing nothing all week? The whole point of a break is to relax and get away from everyday stresses, so it’s up to you on how you want to do that.

A Cure for the Spring Break Blues

By Celia Boyer, junior


Hey Beavers, don’t have any Spring Break plans yet? Here are some of the places everyone is going to next week.

Of course there is fun yet slightly cliche Palm Springs ( Even though everyone makes a point to go here, it’s beautiful place if you’re in the mood for sun and a relaxing spring break.

If you want to go somewhere closer, just a three-hour drive away is Bend ( The mountains are beautiful and filled with exciting, fun people just like you. Also, I can honestly say downtown Bend is beautiful and the locals are great.

If you need any other travel help last-minute, travel mega-sites such as Kayak (, Expedia (, and Travelocity ( offer a bunch of information for easy comparison of airfares, car rentals, cruises, hotels and last-minute bargains – all organized to make travel-planning simple and convenient. Each site also offers apps for all mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows), available for free download. I have personally used most of these sites and love them!

So, if you’re like me and always wait last minute to pick the perfect vacation, check out these locations or website, and I’m sure you’ll have a great break!