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Corinne graduated in 2013. She was involved in LINK, DECA, and Speech and Debate. As well as the clubs she participated in, Corinne played a few sports at Beaverton, such as racquetball, cross country, soccer, and track. She did the Marketing Pathway as well as one year of Health Careers. Her favorite memories while at Beaverton was the trip she took to Saint Louis for racquetball nationals, cheering on her brother’s lacrosse team, and planning for Jam the Dam. Her favorite quality about Beaverton was how welcoming the community is to everyone.

After high school, Corrine went to Gonzaga where she majored international marketing and minored in German. She also ran track and cross country! Corinne is now the RFP/Proposal Manager at Moovel, a tech company that makes urban mobility apps.

In the future, Corinne plans to work abroad possibly in the Moovel offices in Germany. Her advice: Don’t be afraid to explore different hobbies and interests. High school is a great time to take risks to figure out what your future might look like. You might figure out you hate something you thought you liked or you might develop a new passion!

Bucky’s Family: Evan Hunter

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Evan Hunter!
Before high school, he attended SUMMA at Whitford. He said SUMMA helped open up some doors for him and helped him start to realize his current passion, which is learning in general. He said there are topics he is interested in learning about more than others, which includes philosophy and history… history because it helps define how the human race has gotten where it is now and philosophy because it allows him to explore unanswered and overlooked problems.
His toughest challenge thus far was the transition to high school. Taking Spanish 4 and Pre-calculus as a freshman require a lot of work and are classes rarely taken by a freshman. Taking those classes on top of the rest of his schedule was a much greater difference than his schedules in his previous school years.
Outside of school, Evan is involved in high school sports which include track and cross country. He enjoyed how he could always train to improve his race times by race and how it helped him find new friends within the sport. Another way he is involved through the school is being part of the National Honors Society board. This year, Evan helped run and set up the induction for this year’s NHS class, and he has been co-captain on the Speech and Debate Team for two straight years and also helped found “The Dam” magazine.