A Season of Learning

By Nate Johnnie, senior

Here at Beaverton High School, learning transforms us. As one of our four core values, it is instilled in the hearts and the blood of the students here. One of our greatest attributes is learning from our mistakes. We learn from from when we mess up, fix it, and perform at our fullest potential.

One example of this is our very own Beaverton High School basketball team. One of the best examples of this was our varsity team playing the Southridge basketball team, our rivals. The first time we lined up against them we played at SRHS. It was a good game but Southridge came out on top.

This loss really hit deep with our boys and lit a fire under them. The second time both teams took the court, it was at BHS for our Jam The Dam game. With all the hype and excitement around the event and the amount of enthusiasm, our boys came out on top.


Beaverton and Southridge lined up for a third time in the first round of playoffs. The boys rallied around each other with a 68-37 win over the hawks. They simply learned from their mistakes the first few times they played them so they could perform at the highest level possible.


This is a great example, but it doesn’t just happen in sports. Our students work even harder in the classroom. Learning truly does transform us here at Beaverton High School.


Photo Creds: Vince Radostitz & Joe Johnson


BSAC: It’s Not Just Boundaries!

By Jennifer Caplan, junior


In the spring, when I was selected to be on Leadership as a School Board Representative, I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but I knew there was a great opportunity ahead of me. This year, I have been lucky enough to have to the opportunity of being on the BSAC (Beaverton Schools Advisory Committee).


The BSAC is a group of 15 students who represent all of the High Schools in the BSD (Beaverton, Aloha, Westview, Sunset, Southridge, HS2, ACMA, ISB, Merlo, and Early College. Kylee Rench and I serve as the two Beaverton High School representatives.  We get together twice a month at the Beaverton School District office, with our supervisor Mike Chamberlain and the rest of the Committee,  to discuss a variety of topics that vary including community outreach, safety, boundary changes, and the design of the new high school. It has given me the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse group of teens who all want to make a difference in our community.

At our second meeting earlier this month,  we came up with two concrete goals: Community Outreach and District Unity. For the first goal, Community Outreach, we are going to focus on school safety and awareness of the BSAC. Last year, the group made some awareness videos that were amazing but the outreach was not very successful. We are also hoping to create a bigger presence for the BSAC so we can be the connection between students and adults linked to the district. For District Unity, our goal is to make the transitions for the current freshmen and incoming freshmen easier.

One of the reasons that I really love being on the committee is that it gives me the chance, as  a student, to have a voice and input on many of the bigger issues and topics impacting our community. It gives me the knowledge to be able to bring back information and share it with my peers at Beaverton.  Hopefully from this, I will be able to be part of something will facilitate improvements for the district for our school.

I’m looking forward to the coming months and year on this committee, working with the teens and Mike and seeing what we’re able to accomplish and how we are going to be able to make a difference in our district, community and our schools. So how are you going to make a difference in your community?