Here Comes Senior Year

By Jennifer Caplan, BHS Class of 2017

As my Junior year comes to an end, I’m starting to get excited about Senior Year and everything it has to offer. Here is my Top 5 list of things that will occur during my Senior Year!

Football Season: During your Freshman year,  you stand in the back, dressed awkwardly, and can barely cheer because you can’t see anything happening.  As the years have gone on, I’ve waited to take part in the tradition of Senior girls standing in the front on the rail and get all dressed up, while screaming at the top of their lungs.



Leadership Retreats: Being apart of Leadership at BHS has been one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences in my life. I’m looking forward to 1st and 2nd semester retreats because it gives me a chance to get to know and work with people who, like me, want to better our school and community.

Marketing Trips: One of the best parts about being part of the Marketing program is all the out-of-classroom opportunities that we get to experience. From touring Wieden & Kennedy, Nike and Intel to traveling to NY and attending a variety of workshops and hearing from speakers, the marketing program has given me a lot of real world opportunities and experiences. I could not be more excited to see what next year has in store.

17022123_1246239755496389_4660842305173834251_nProm: Prom is the most awaited event at BHS. It’s said to be one of the best nights of High School. I can not wait to see all my classmates dressed up and to take pictures with them on this magical night.

14729360_1102107553242944_175710988988266928_nGraduation: I think I’ve had senioritis since sophomore year. I can not wait for the day of graduation. Although it will be hard to leave my friends, family and the only town that I’ve called home, the future excites me I can not wait to see all that it has to offer.

Junior year was amazing but so incredibly hard and busy. I know first semester of senior year will be equally as busy with applying to colleges, but I can’t wait to embrace all that they year has to offer and all of the exciting events of my Senior year. I have been looking forward to Senior year for the last 3 years, and it’s finally here….




Senior Top 5: Oliver Brown


1-Prom: I thought I would get the cliché answer out of the way first. If you have read any other of these senior blogs I am sure you have heard the evolution of Prom night: from picking up your date and exchanging boutonniere and corsages, to the endless number of pictures taken at Anna Ricci’s, dinner and then the dance. The sum of these events is fun. But the reason Prom is in my top 5 is because when I took a minute to stand still in all the commotion, I saw the people I had grown up with for the past 4, 7 or 13 years differently than I had seen them before. What did I see that was so revolutionary….? Well turns out, we are getting old. At Anna’s, it was seeing all of us dressed in a suit and tie. A suit makes 18-year old’s look surprisingly old. At dinner, it was humorously watching my friends attempted to use a knife and fork proficiently in front of their dates. And then when it came time to dance, it was seeing all my buddies find their dates, take them by the hand and dance. Slow dancing at prom may not seem crazy to you all but watching Lucas Radostitz (and the rest of the guys) endure 3 minutes of slow dancing is similar to watching a baby takes its first step. Once they take those steps a new chapter opens in a parent’s life, witnessing Lucas slow dance marks a new chapter in my life.


2-Westview vs. Beaverton Football: I’m not going to beat around the bush about this one…. I don’t remember a whole lot from this game. You may ask “How is it one of your top memories at BHS if you don’t remember?”… Well, first let me give some back story and then I will get to the memorable part. Beaverton had a very good football team this year, so did Westview. At Beaverton, we have a quite focal student section at games, at Westview they also had a very focal student sectionl. Well, for those of you who don’t know the High School Football Excitement For Friday Nights Game algorithm it goes like this: Good Opponent + Strong Opposing Student Section = Very Rowdy Game. So yes, as a senior class we were extremely excited for the game against Westview. The game got off to a slow start. With Beaverton down by 4 points, time becoming scarce, and with the ball in Westviews possession we were all getting a tad bit nervous. Okay, enough with the back story. The reason it was so memorable was because my friend Mataio Talalemotu. Mataio and I have known each other since Kindergarten at Raleigh Park Elementary. I have grown up with him the last 13 years and have got to know the kid rather well. Turns out that not only is he a good friend but is also quite the football player. Losing by 4 or so and the clock winding down Mataio made a play I may never forget. As the Westview quarterback takes the snap and drops back to throw, Mataio made some sort of smart football read. To be honest, I don’t really understand what that was but in the end he intercepted the ball and took it the end zone to score and put our team on top to win the game. However, the result was not the most memorable part. Rather it was seeing one of my childhood friend’s hard work and dedication pay off and therefore being able to bring a stadium full of Beaverton community members a smile and good memory. Thanks for the memory, Mataio.


3-Westview vs Beaverton Basketball Chiles Center: The last two memories were long so I will keep this one sort… We made it to the Chiles Center for basketball. We played our arch rivals Westview the first game there. Close to 400 Beaverton students made the 40-minute commute to the game. We got the arena rocking. Boys went out there and won the game. We all went home with smiles on our faces. A PIECE OF ADVICE FROM ME TO YOU: Go to a Beaverton Basketball game. You will enjoy it.


4-Social Media Trips: I had the pleasure to attended two Social Media Team trips over the past four years. My first one was in the fall of my junior year. Myself and nine girls from Social Media Team flew to Chicago and enjoyed Social Media Week Chicago. This trip was truly eye opening as a junior. I networked with some of the top proffesionals in their field and grew an understanding for how to get there. A CEO I met, Jason Peterson, continues to be a mentor and role model of mine to this day. Secondly, I had to fortune of attending New York Social Media Week this last winter. Once again, I met and established connections with people I would never have thought possible. I continued to learn industry trends and where it may be when I enter the workplace in 2021. Social Media Team and these conferences have given me a path and direction I am excited to explore as a career.


5-The Vrodies: The Vrodies are my friends. The guys I have grown to call family here at BHS. I love my Vrodies with all my heart. These are the guys that I have made all my silly high school memories with. Those guys and all the people at BHS are the reason it is so special. If there wasn’t copy right in this world I would petition very hard to make BHS’ catchline, “The happiest place on earth” (besides pre-calc tests… those are not very happy).

Shout out Walt Disney, Mrs. Erwin and the Vrodies. Love you all and thank you for reading my horribly informal senior blog.

Senior Top 5: Paola Hidalgo Cruz

Throughout high school I’ve gone through many challenges, experiences, met different people and enjoyed every moment. Before starting high school, I was afraid I wouldn’t graduate. I was also afraid of not making any friend and being lonely for the next 4 years. Luckily, I am on track to graduate, and I’ve met many different people and made friends. I also got to participate in different sports such as swimming, track and field, and rugby.

  1. One of my favorite memories in my four years of high school would be joining Rugby. It’s one of the last sport I imagined myself joining because it’s an aggressive sport and due to my size I was afraid to play. This will be my favorite memory because I tried something that was completely out of my comfort zone. I remember saying that I would join Rugby but I didn’t think I was saying it seriously. It wasn’t until I showed up to practice that I thought to myself “wow, I’m actually going through with this.”


  2. I also enjoyed being part of the swimming team. It was my first competitive sport I  joined my freshman year and I was super excited because I always wanted to be part of a swim team. I remember waking up at 5 in the morning to go to my first practice, although it was super early I was excited. I enjoyed getting to meet my team members and watching everyone compete. I only did swimming for two years because I didn’t like getting on the blocks to dive. It freaked me out and gave me anxiety. Although it was my least favorite part of swimming I always felt proud that I would face my fear. That’s when I realized that facing your fear is probably one of the most terrifying and liberating feelings in the world.

    Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.58.49 AM

  3. Another sport I participated was Track and Field. It’s one of the sports I most enjoyed being part of because it’s pretty exciting to watch everyone race. I liked to see everyone working hard to beat their own PR and each other. What I enjoyed the most was when the weather would get nice because it meant not running in the cold rain with only a tank top and small shorts.

    FullSizeRender (2)

  4. Going to prom was probably the most exciting events I have attended in high school. In all of my four years at BHS, I never attend any of the dances because I thought it was too much work to look for a dress, do the makeup, find the perfect shoes and jewelry. I was simply too lazy to go through the hustle so I never attempt to join. Since prom was such a big deal I decided that I would go. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and my prom date.

    FullSizeRender (1)

  5. Beaver Nation Migration was also another activity to wait for my senior year. I didn’t purposely wait until senior year to participate I simply wasn’t interested in doing this activity because my friends didn’t do it. It wasn’t until senior year that they decided to join and so did I. Participating in this event was pretty fun. I liked walking and spending time with my friends.5A93E2A2-AB3E-4563-A729-CAFCF3A5C698

Senior Top 5: Gabi Peoples

Being able to have been a part of Beaverton High School has been a bitter sweet journey for me. I’ve made so many incredible, unforgettable memories since the first time I stepped on campus. I thought that transferring as a senior, and coming back to the place that I only knew as a little girl was going to be difficult for me, but I can truly say that even though I have only had the honor of being Beaverton Beaver for a year… it’s felt  like I’ve been walking through those doors since I was a little awkward freshman.

When I was younger I used to always walk over to BHS and watch the football games with with my pal Celia Boyer when we were tiny elementary school kids. And looking over at that rowdy, supportive, crazy big student section I knew that Beaverton was the place for me when I got older. Now being able to have been in that sea of loud spirited kids has been a highlight of my high school career. The love and support that we all have for our fellow classmates really shines through in that vast expanse of orange and black bleachers.


Finishing my senior volleyball season here at BHS was truly amazing. Regardless of the outcome of the season, I had never been on a team with such great people. People who chose to lift one another up and fight through the rough spots as a whole, we never gave up. It was always so much fun having dance parties in the team room before home games, laughing and making memories. I can honestly say that I have made friends for life just by spending one season with those crazy, wacky, hilarious girls.


Spending my senior homecoming here was so much fun, I don’t think I have ever danced so hard in my entire life. Screaming and jumping up and down in a hot, humid circle of teenagers couldn’t have been more enjoyable! I wish I could go back to that night and press pause. Those are the moments that high school is all about. Sharing smiles and laughs with those who you will never forget. Being with the people you’ve spent each and every day of your high school journey walking the halls of Beaverton five days a week for the past four years of your life.


One of my biggest moments within my high school career is being able to sign to play Division I college volleyball at San Diego State University. Being able to share that moment with all my fellow classmates and my family and friends was truly and honor. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support that Beaverton and the community has given me. And it was unforgettable to be able to celebrate this accomplishment with all of you and I am so thankful I get to carry on my athletic career and continue to get an incredible education for these next four years.


Beaverton has provided me with so many friendships and experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Being here has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve grown into the person I am today and I am forever grateful to this community of incredible people who have stood behind me through this journey. Thank you, Beaverton, for all you have done for me and for all the beautiful moments and remarkable people who I have had that privilege to meet.




Senior Top 5: Rianna Ayoub

Senioritis- a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

Yeah, you could say we’ve all reached this point. As I write this, there are 35 days until my last day of school, and 38 days until graduation. I know everyone says “time goes by fast”, but I never believed it until it happened. It’s like I blinked and we’re all adults.

I could be sappy and act like I’m “so sad to leave”, but I’m actually really happy to move on with my life. So instead of telling you how scared I am to go on to college, here are 5 of the best memories I’ve had at THE Beaverton High School.

  1. Football Games.

Who doesn’t love school spirit? Fans cheering until we lose our voices, fun themes to dress up to with friends, and most importantly, one amazing team. And we’re all there for one purpose- to support no matter what. I cheered varsity sophomore year which was fun and all, but I wanted to go to football and basketball games with friends. Let me tell you it was a good decision to quit, because watching football games was my favorite part about Friday nights in the fall. Win or lose, we would always sing the fight song with the team. Beaverton’s sense of community is really something else. Whether it be sports, clubs, or anything in between, we are always there for each other.

camo outcheerfootball gameProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

2. Diversity Assemblies

We’ve always had the best assemblies of all time; I will miss them a lot. But my favorite one in particular is the diversity assembly. This assembly shows who we truly are. We start out the beginning with students carrying flags, where people from specific countries carry theirs. (I carried the Lebanon flag this year). Afterwards, multiple performances are put on by students of all different races and cultures- from hispanic partner dancing, to polynesian hula dancing, to accordion playing, this assembly reveals our true colors and brings us together as one. It shows us that no matter what race or culture you are apart of, you are you, and you are special in your own way. And that is what makes us Beaverton High School.

diversity assembly 1diversity assembly 2diversity assembly 3

3. Social Media Team/marketing

The social media team has been a fun, educational experience that has completely changed my outlook on school. When I joined digital marketing my junior year, I realized how many different job opportunities there are when it comes to marketing. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was older, but this class opened doors and made me want more. I continued with digital marketing this year to be on Social Media Team, which is where we create all of the school’s social media content. I also took marketing 2 and marketing management this year, which have taught me a lot about general marketing, advertising, and what it takes to run a business. Marketing classes have brought me a lot of impressive experiences such as going to New York for social media week, visiting different advertising agencies, going to the Nike Lab, and more. Not to mention I have met many amazing people and have learned a lot of incredible stories from getting to reach out and interview people for social media team. I am excited to continue my education and major in marketing at Portland State University next year, and if it weren’t for these marketing classes and Social Media Team, I would have no idea where I am headed in the future.

SMT selfie

4. New York City- Social Media Week

As I said above, the students on social media team got the amazing opportunity of going to New York City this year. We went for 5 days to attend “Social Media Week”, which is a worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world. It was extremely fascinating to learn new ideas, because we were then able to talk as group with Mrs. Erwin when we got back to see how we could apply them to our school content. This was one of my favorite trips in my life so far, because not only did I learn more than I ever have in a week, but we did so many fun things! We had plenty of extra time to go off in groups and see the empire state building, go to central park, the 9/11 memorial, rockefeller center, and more. If you are ever offered an opportunity to go on a school trip, take it, because you will never get that same kind of experience out of a normal vacation.

social media week 4social media week 3social media week 2social media week 1

5. Prom!!

Of course prom had to be on here, right? It’s prom! Homecoming and sadies are fun and all, but prom is definitely the icing on the cake. Long dresses, getting your hair and makeup done, months of talking about it, the assembly, the prom court. It’s almost overwhelming at one point. Don’t get me wrong though, it is the perfect dance to end high school. The date of our prom, April 22nd, happened to be the date of my best friend Kendall’s 18th birthday. All of her friends were either out of town, busy with sports, or at their prom, so I thought what would be more fun than if she joined me? Kendall spent her birthday at prom with me and it was so much fun. Girls- DON’T think you need a date to have a good time at prom. I promise you, if you’re with a fun group you will have a great night either way. Don’t get super fixated on if you’re getting asked or not, because in the end it’s what you make it.

prom 4prom 3prom 2prom 1

Want advice? Have fun. Make friends, but not fake ones. Be yourself and don’t try so hard to fit in, because after 4 short years you won’t have to see most of these people again, unless you want to.

So make the best of it, and have fun at BHS! You’ve got this.

Senior Top 5: Carla Martinez

It was in between finding out my first high school schedule and attending my last high school dance that some of the best moments flew by without me noticing. I became so caught up in the moment to realize that some of the most memorable years of my life were flying by. To be honest though, I would not want it any other way. I enjoy living in the moment and not worrying about what was next to come. Some of my favorite memories happened with my friends, others with my classmates and others with my teachers.
The first time I realized I had just had attended one of my favorite and last events was when myself and my Sports and Event classmates organized Jam the Dam working with Week of Wishes. It was everything from the 8’ft Chewbacca to our Wish kid handing out stickers to our big win against Southridge High. Jam the Dam is one of my favorite events because it is not only  students attending a basketball game, it is so much bigger than that. It is a community full of love working together to raise money to help a Wish Kids’ dream come true. Although attending every Jam the Dam game was amazing, actually planning it and being further involved was an extraordinary feeling.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.35.58 AM
Another one of my favorite memories from my high school year was attending Prom with all my friends. Being on Prom Court pushed to be closer with people I would have most likely not gotten close to otherwise. Dress up days were so much fun because it made you step your creativeness up a notch. Prom itself was a night of joy and endless laughs. Watching my graduating class all come together to celebrate one of our mile stone marks was an overwhelming feeling of gleefulness, realization, success and every other good feeling you could experience around those you care for.
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
I remember trying to get my permission slips turned in the last second and waiting outside the bookkeepers window after Beaver Lodge just to get my tickets for Beaver Nation Migration. I do not know if it is because we all dress in pink or because everyone comes together to make a stand in another territory that makes it so much fun but it is by far one of my most awaited times of the year for me. There is something about watching every grade from the freshmen to seniors walk the streets and having cars honk at us as an action of support that sets you up for an even better time at the football game.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.35.46 AM
I have never felt a bond stronger between my classmates and my teachers than when our marketing class took a trip to Anaheim, California. It was the conversations that happened while waiting for flights, the laughs we shared during so many Disney rides and the questions that were brought up through our Disney Youth Education and Hurley Headquarters tour that made this trip one of the most magical times of my High School Experience. I can not put into words my gratitude for both my marketing teachers that made this trip possible. Being able to have gone to Anaheim with Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Ramberg was perfect because of how much trust they had in their students and how much knowledge they had on the setting we were in. My favorite part was watching both my friends and my teachers have fun together.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.36.13 AM
If I had to give advice to underclassmen it would be to be as involved with your school as you can and explore new friends out of your friend circle. Also I would recommend to do everything to the best of your abilities and enjoy the moment; don’t worry about the outcome because the stress from events that haven’t happened could affect the proficiency in your present work.

Senior Top 5: Carmen Shiflett

Hello fellow students and members at Beaverton High School! My name is Carmen Shifflett, and I am a senior finishing high school this next month in the class of 2017. These past 4 years at Beaverton have flew by faster than I would’ve ever imagined, but I am looking forward to concluding this phase in my life to pursue other things. I have learned and loved many things within my high school experience here at Beaverton High School.


My advice to younger generations going into their last years of free education is to take advantage of all the resources and fun extracurricular activities that are offered at the edge of your fingertips. Some of my favorite high school experiences came from activities I did out of school such as attending football and basketball games. Beaverton has proven itself to be one of the best student sections in all of Metro, so showing up to sporting events to show spirit is a fun and productive way to get involved. Especially when there is special sporting events that only occur once in the year, such as Jam The Dam or senior nights, it should be some kind of priority to go because you may regret it if you don’t! Not only should you be active in going to other students sporting events, if you’re interested in doing any sports yourself, high school is the perfect opportunity to do so. My first two years as a freshman and sophomore I decided to switch over from playing softball to playing lacrosse to try something new. High School is the time to learn more about yourself and what you’re interested in. I learned how much I enjoyed playing in a team environment and how to dedicate myself to doing something new.


Senior year has created many of the long-lasting memories that I will have the rest of my life. Although it can be stressful because everything is beginning to end, that’s what makes it fun. You now are starting to experience some of the responsibilities of being an adult by managing money and choosing what school you would like to attend in the future. All during that time, you’re also getting prepared to say goodbye to many things you may be leaving behind after high school, which can be scary. To make this phase a little less intimidating, Beaverton adds many fun activities to unite the senior community such as senior nights, assemblies and Prom. Prom was one of the best experiences I had throughout high school because it was spent with all my fellow classmates and friends nearing the end of the school year. One of the biggest things I will miss is getting ready with friends for school dances then going to take pictures with the rest of my class. Whether it’s a small Sadies dance or prom, take the opportunity to go because it makes memories for every year you attend!


Lastly one thing that motivated me to do well is the classes that I chose to take. Unfortunately, I was late into joining the marketing pathway, but I found myself highly enjoying the marketing classes I took junior and senior year. We even were able to go on a few field trips such as to Pumpkin Ridge and TopGolf to learn about innovation and decision making.


These types of fun experiences added into my high school days made them all the more enjoyable. Overall I won’t forget the lasting memories I made in showing spirit to sporting events, being involved in sports, attending the small and big school dances, and finding new things I’m interested in.

Senior Top 5: Gordon House

Senior Top 5: Nick Uchida

A few days ago, we had our graduation meeting during the second half of Beaver Lodge, which meant you couldn’t leave… not that anyone does, I mean. In this meeting, we went over what the requirements were to graduate, the mandatory graduation walk throughs, senior breakfast, senior talent show etc. It’s crazy to think that there’s only a few days left in our senior year but it feel like this year just got started. Looking back on my four years here at Beaverton High, there are a lot of memories that I have made but I’ve shrunk the list to 5.

1. My first favorite memory at BHS isn’t quite a memory but just the relationships and friendships I have made in these 4 years. I’m thankful for the people that I have surrounded myself with because they are the reason why I’m the person I am today. It’s crazy to think that my first year here the majority of my friends didn’t know each other but we knew of each other. In these rollercoaster like years we’ve all grown so fond of each other and we are like one big family. I just love my friends and I can’t be thankful enough for all of the unforgettable moments and laughs they have brought. The fact that senior year is so close to coming to an end, it makes me want to cherish every moment and every conversation with them even more.


2. Basketball season… oh boy! This year if you didn’t know already, the boys’ basketball team had a very successful season. We made it all the way to the Chiles Center to compete in the state tournament, which was awesome! Being in the student section at Beaverton is unique. You will constantly hear other metro students talk about how they want our student body and fan base. We take a lot of pride in that. My favorite moment from the basketball season this year was Jam the Dam. This basketball game is very special because Make-A-Wish partners with us to grant a kids wish and also it’s just a way for the community to get together. As a seniorm it is a tradition for the senior boys to channel their inner Rhythm B. We got to wear tank tops with skirts and fishnets, it couldn’t be a funnier experience. We would come after school to learn from the current Rhythm B’s and we would practice and practice our routine. During halftime, after we would walk out and march in front of the whole gym with hundreds of people there and do our routine. You never know how many people are in the actual gym until you’re in the middle.


3. With this next one there are so many great unforgettable moments: BASEBALL. I have been playing baseball since I was a little kid. This sport has taught me so many lessons on life and the attitude that is necessary to be a succeed in the future. Everything about my high school days of playing baseball has brought me its fair share of obstacles but ultimately it has brought me so many laughs. Just spending time with my teammates whether that is during practice or in the dugout during games. One other thing is that everyone on this team has been playing with or against each other growing up. This creates great team chemistry because we know each other so well. I appreciate every person on this team for always pushing each other and making each other better as well.


4. Football games!!! Friday night lights. I love football games and being apart of the student section. Nothing beats being in the student section your senior year because one, you get to be in the front and second you have the responsibilities of starting the chants. Since the school year is just getting started it’s a great time. Every week you have something to look forward too which is awesome. Just like baseball, football games have brought me so many smiles. It’s always a fun time just screaming loud with all your friends to cheer on your boyz. My favorite moment was when a few of my friends and I painted our chest to spell out “GO BEAVERS!” It was against the rules to do that so before the game we would paint ourselves and try to dry the paint before we went in. We would put shirts on to cover ourselves but right as when the first play started, you bet that the shirts came off. It was a constant struggle to avoid admin because they were on our heads about the whole thing but I don’t regret it at all. Last time I checked a Beaverton student section hasn’t done that before so it was a whole lot of fun!


5. My last memory that I’ll be sharing is PROM! Yes I know, very cliche but it’s true. Prom was the best night in my whole four year at BHS. It topped all other dances I’ve been to. That whole day is full of fun festivities. You gather up with your class at someone’s house to take pictures… Shout out to the Riccis! After taking pictures with your friends, the majority of the people either in a big or small group go out to dinner before the big dance. After the stomachs are full it’s time for the dance. The dance was at the World Trade Center in downtown Portland. I just remember everyone being happy! Everyone was up having a great time with their dates and friends! My favorite part about Prom was the last dance they played was Don’t Stop Believin’! When this song started everyone at the dance made a huge circle and we swayed side to side singing it until the beat dropped and we all rushed in the middle for one last time to dance the night away.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I’m so lucky to have spent the last four years at this school. Thank you to all of the amazing staff members that have helped me to get to where I am and constantly pushing me to be better! These memories couldn’t have been made without you guys! Thank you for making my time at BHS so amazing!

Senior Top 5: Jamie Sweatman

My high school experience has been a series of ups and downs but, overall, I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I got the amazing opportunity to play basketball with friends I will have for the rest of my life; I had amazing teachers who were very supportive and helped throughout my four years; and I met tons of new people that I will stay in contact with after my senior year is over. If I were to make a top five high school moments, it would include these things.


1-3. Without basketball, I would not be in school. It has kept me motivated and has given me a drive to be focused academically. Being a Beaverton basketball player is being part of something bigger than yourself. Basketball is my passion. I can always go to it to calm me down in times where I feel overwhelmed. I was very blessed to have Andrew Vancil, my basketball coach, come into my life and help me during all four years. He helped me stay positive in times where things weren’t looking so well. He is someone I see as a second father. After hours and hours of hard work, we became back to back Metro League CHAMPIONS and took fifth place in state. Winning the Metro League my junior and senior year and making it to the Chiles Center are three out of my five things.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.33.21 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.33.03 PMIMG_0066

4. Next was the football games. Being on the basketball team, this was my only real time to be in the best crowd in the state of Oregon. Beaverton’s crowd can be described as electric, ruthless, and dedicated. Being at those games were some of the most fun I’ve had in high school. I learned more and more throughout high school that the entire experience becomes so much better as you become more involved with the school and partake in activities. I would kill to be able to be in Beaverton’s football crowd just one more time.


5. Lastly, the dances. Seeing everyone dressed up and looking their best is a cool experience. I’ve been to other school dances and I can confidently say that there aren’t any other better dances than Beaverton’s dances. Instead of a bunch of different groups, everyone is all in one big group and interacting with each other. It’s very special that everyone can act themselves in an uncommon environment and not have to worry about being judged.


Being part of Beaverton High School is special. It’s way more than just a high school, it’s a family. Waking up at six in the morning is never fun for anyone. But waking up at six to reunite with your Beaverton family makes it a lot more easier. I have enjoyed my time at Beaverton, and it is very bittersweet to flip to the next page in my life. But I know I can always come back and be greeted with smiles from teachers and keep my close relationships with my fellow peers. This is a very special community, and I was very lucky to be able to be part of it for four years of my life.