STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Ms. Malindi Zimmer

Zimmer staff spotlight

This is one of our two new Vice Principals, Malindi Zimmer! Before coming to BHS, she was most recently at Elmonica Elementary. Her favorite part about Beaverton so far is the community here!

Ms. Zimmer is from a “small town in the woods”, and went to school at Mills College, University of California at Santa Barbara, and PSU. She got a Masters in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Political, Legal, and Economic Analysis and Women’s Studies.

Outside of work, Ms. Zimmer enjoys gardening, lifting weights, and spending time with her kids. At home, she has a sixth grader and a fourth grader. One experience on her bucket list includes flying in a hot air balloon! Everyone make sure to give Ms. Zimmer a warm welcome to BHS when you see her in the hallways!

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Mr. Tyler Running


This is Mr. Tyler Running; he is in the social studies department here at Beaverton High School. Mr. Running was born and raised in Portland and graduated from BHS in the Class of 2001.

After high school, Mr. Running went to the University of Arizona where he majored in regional development. Then returned to Portland for his master’s degree at Portland State. His favorite part of Beaverton is being able to work with wonderful students.

When Mr. Running is not at school, he hikes and skis mostly in the Mount Hood wilderness. He is married to his spouse Nicholas and has a Boston Terrier. Finally, an activity on his bucket list is to travel to Australia to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef before it is gone.


alumni spotlight

Paul Durant is a Beaverton High alumnus and currently runs his family’s farming operation in Yamhill County, which specializes in wine grapes and olive oil. After graduating from Beaverton, Paul attended Portland State and UT-Austin. He received his undergraduate degree from Portland State and his master’s degree from UT-Austin, both in mechanical engineering. His favorite classes were English and Physics, and his favorite teachers were Teresa Brandon and Mr. Madison. When asked to describe them, he said, “Brandon was the most caustic adult I had met who also appreciated hard work”. He also said, “Mr. Madison inspired my interest in science and later in engineering”. Nowadays, Paul enjoys pursuing his passion for farming and living in the country as well as skiing and trail running.


Alumna Spotlight

Linda Rains graduated Beaverton High School with the Class of 1966. Since then, she has attended three class reunions! After high school, she attended Portland State University to earn a Bachelor’s Of Science and then attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham to earn a Master’s Of Arts and Education.

Alumna Spotlight2

Currently, she is an Administrative Assistant for the Grant Department for the City of Portland and retired as well. She has three other siblings who also graduated from Beaverton High School as well as three children who are all girls and one grandson. Linda’s favorite part of Beaverton was English classes because she loved and found reading and writing very fulfilling and easy. She was ALSO part of the Tennis team and Y-teens! She really enjoyed her group of friends and loved her teachers at BHS. One thing Linda is passionate about is her children. Thanks for being part of our amazing community, Linda! COMMUNITY CONNECTS US.



Staff Spotlight .JPG

Mr. Running is a new addition to BHS this year, and he teaches Social Studies 9 and Economics. He enjoys going on hikes, skiing, golfing, and reading when he can find the time. Most of all, he loves spending time with his niece Juniper and nephew Everett. Mr Running graduated from BHS in 2001 and continued his studies at the University of Arizona. He later came back to Oregon to study at Portland State University. What he really likes about BHS is that everyone is super friendly and it made his transition to Beaverton easier. Welcome back to BHS, Mr. Running!

The Next Big Step

By Cortlandt Nelsen, senior

A couple of days ago, Beaverton High School seniors had their 2016 “Star Day”.  This was a very exciting time for many seniors because they got to write their name and what college they were going to attend for the next four years on a star.

Senior Blog 3

Star Day is unique because it shows all the hard work that was put in by the seniors in the class of 2016 and they get to “show off” their very own success.  Anyone in the school can come by the College Career Center and look at the board full of stars.  It’s awesome to see where the majority of BHS students are attending college.

When I was observing the board it seemed that most of the 2016 class is staying in state and attending either OSU, UofO, PSU, or PCC.  There were also a few outliers heading to out of state colleges/universities, this including myself.

These four years at Beaverton High School have been quite an experience and I think that the class of 2016 is excited and nervous to move on to the next chapter in our life which happens to be college/work.

Senior Blog 4

It’s been a great run and while we only have a few weeks left, we need to buckle down and finish strong.  Some of us may have a case of senioritis but that can’t stop us from turning in homework assignments and doing well on tests.  We want to see everyone at graduation getting their diplomas. Keep up the great work BHS! Go Beavers!