Bryan graduated in the Class of 1980 and loved his time here at Beaverton! After graduating from Beaverton, he attended Oregon State University and majored in Business. He now works for a money management firm and loves his job. He used to play basketball a lot, coached for his kids, and now he is involved in the community through work and through volunteering. What he remembers most about Beaverton are the students. He still talks to many of his former classmates through social media, as they are spread across the country and world. What he still sees at Beaverton is the atmosphere is still very accepting of everyone, and he thinks that is super cool that the atmosphere is very similar to when he attended Beaverton.


Staff Spotlight

Mr. Bayha has been teaching here at THE Beaverton High School for 17 years now, not to mention a water polo and swimming coach here as well for 15 years. To the left of him is Elsie Windes, a two-time Olympian of whom he had coached (State Champs in 2002). Mr. Bayha has spent a majority of his life in Bend as he is an alumni of Sheldon High. After high school, he attended Pepperdine University and Oregon State University. Mr. Bayha is currently a Health Careers teacher. What he loves most about the community is the student body’s willingness and acceptance of being unique by being involved in school spirit and as well as activities. The advice he’d give to current high schoolers is to make the most out of your experiences, be willing to take risks, and always try something new.


Jessica is currently an 8th grader at Highland Park Middle School. What she looks most forward to about THE Beaverton High School is the band. Jessica plans on being part of the Marching Band. She plays the alto saxophone. In terms of core classes, Jessica is well prepared for Math and Writing as those are her favorites. The extra curricular intrigues her as well. After High School, Jessica hopes to go to college at OSU and become a teacher. She feels that her understanding of kids in elementary and middle school will prepare her. The best advice given to her was to simply surround yourself with a good group of people considering they have a big effect on you as an individual.


By Gabi Peoples, senior


If you didn’t know, Beaverton High School loves to rally around and support their athletic programs, whether it may be volleyball, lacrosse, football, tennis, water polo and many more. And, as a community, we stand by our athletes and watch them climb the ladder of success and for some individuals, we have the opportunity to watch them carry on their athletic career past Beaverton High School.


Student-athletes who have worked hard to continue on in their careers at the college level do not go unnoticed here at BHS. Knowing this first-hand due to the fact that I have the privilege to play Division 1 college volleyball at San Diego State University, the community at Beaverton has been so kind and supportive and expressed how proud they are of me, yet this is my first AND last year at this school. At the volleyball games here, the student section would cheer me on and they had a nickname for me that they would chant every time I would go back and serve, “D1”. It’s an indescribable feeling to know that your fellow classmates, teachers, and staff are all behind our in your journey to success as a student-athlete.


Nate Johnnie is a lacrosse commit to York College in Pennsylvania, and he has played varsity all four years he has attended Beaverton High School. Nate describes his path leading to college athletics through BHS as “the craziest, most amazing experience of his life. Beaverton has given me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have the full on high school sports adventure. So many people came out to support the team, myself, and our success and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the loyalty of my beaverton community. Playing in college is such an honor and I am thankful for the BHS student body for all the love they have given me.” Nate shared his memory from his very first high school varsity game and all of the emotions and feelings rushing through his body as he stepped the turf field here at BHS, and he said he had those same emotions when he made the choice to commit to York College three years later. He is privileged to have been a Beaverton Beaver athlete.

In honor of all the athletes that will be carrying on into college athletics, Beaverton celebrates their accomplishments by holding a Signing Day here at the high school’s cafeteria where the community of their family and friends comes and supports them as they take pictures and sign their letters of intent for their college. As of right now the seniors that will be signing in the spring consist of Nate Johnnie (York College, lacrosse), Hunter Sweet (Concordia University, basketball), Emma Brockmann (Northern Colorado, softball), Kevin Watson (Oregon State, baseball), and myself, Gabi Peoples (San Diego State University, volleyball). Being an athlete at BHS is amazing, and we all are forever grateful for to our school and our community for helping us achieve our prosperity within our sports and the help to continue to do what we love at the collegiate level.  


The Next Big Step

By Cortlandt Nelsen, senior

A couple of days ago, Beaverton High School seniors had their 2016 “Star Day”.  This was a very exciting time for many seniors because they got to write their name and what college they were going to attend for the next four years on a star.

Senior Blog 3

Star Day is unique because it shows all the hard work that was put in by the seniors in the class of 2016 and they get to “show off” their very own success.  Anyone in the school can come by the College Career Center and look at the board full of stars.  It’s awesome to see where the majority of BHS students are attending college.

When I was observing the board it seemed that most of the 2016 class is staying in state and attending either OSU, UofO, PSU, or PCC.  There were also a few outliers heading to out of state colleges/universities, this including myself.

These four years at Beaverton High School have been quite an experience and I think that the class of 2016 is excited and nervous to move on to the next chapter in our life which happens to be college/work.

Senior Blog 4

It’s been a great run and while we only have a few weeks left, we need to buckle down and finish strong.  Some of us may have a case of senioritis but that can’t stop us from turning in homework assignments and doing well on tests.  We want to see everyone at graduation getting their diplomas. Keep up the great work BHS! Go Beavers!