Senior Blog: Jack LaPerle

Jack LaPerle: The People Person

Seniors have experienced many challenges over the past four years when it comes to certain classes and certain units. In this blog, the focus is senior Jack LaPerle. Jack is a hard working senior who is in classes such as FST, Marketing Seminar, Marketing Seminar, AP Human Geography, AP English Language, and AP Biology. Jack is a hard working senior who is going to University of Oregon next year.

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When asked what class he’s fallen behind in and struggles with, Jack exclaimed AP Biology. He’s struggling with the hard concepts, and as he put it, a lack of effort. “I don’t try anymore”. Senioritis hit Jack, and he seems to be well aware.

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Jack feels he’s better at Marketing. This is his interest, and he likes the ways of marketing. Jack went through the entire Marketing program with teachers Mrs. Ramberg and Mrs. Robinson. He is now about to graduate, and he can’t wait! With a loaded class schedule, Jack is working hard, in most of his classes, to wrap up the year. Jack is a prime example of a senior. Thank you, Jack.

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Bucky’s Family: Eli Serrao

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Eli Serrao!


Eli Serrao is a senior at Beaverton High School. He has attended BHS for all four years and enjoys every minute of it. He’s part of the Marketing Pathway, National Honors Society, and LINK Crew. At school, you can catch Eli working the Pond (Beaverton’s student store) or posting content on the school’s social media.
His home life is very average; Eli lives with his Mom, Dad, and brother Zach. His mom is a third-grade teacher at Fir Grove Elementary school, and his brother is a freshman at Mountainside High School. The border change caused a lot of chaos in the Serrao household; they didn’t know where Zach was going to end up.
Something that people don’t know about Eli is he is an avid snowboarder. Eli goes up to the mountain at least once a week with his family and friends. He loves riding down the mountain because of how peaceful and stress-free it is.
Next year, Eli plans to attend the University of Oregon. He’s not sure what he wants to study but has an interest in economics and business. Eli hopes to find his passions in college as well as the optimal career for him. What he’s most excited about college is playing intramural basketball with his friends.

Bucky’s Family: Sley Vega

Meet Bucky’s Family member Sley Vega!


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Sley Vega is a senior at Beaverton High School who was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon. Sley lives with her mom and her younger sister Camila, who is currently an 8th grader at Meadow Park and will be attending Beaverton next year. She also has an older brother Michael, who graduated from BHS with the Class of 2014 and goes to school in Arizona.

Sley is highly involved in different activities at BHS. She is a part of LINK Crew, National Honor Society, Welcome to the Dam, and Social Media Team. A big part of her time at BHS has been being a part of the Marketing Pathway. Through the classes she has taken, she has found that she is interested in pursuing some sort of business degree in college. She has loved being able to create meaningful memories with her fellow social media team members, and the opportunity to network and learn how to improve our schools social platforms through the trips she has been lucky to go on.

Sley and Jen

Outside of school Sley works two jobs. She is a nanny for an 8-year-old girl Monday-Wednesday and has been working at Sunset Lanes for the past two years as a birthday host and game room attendant on the weekends! When she has the time, she also volunteers at Play.Fit.Fun, an after school program where she helps kids stay active while playing games with them and teaches them the roles of leadership.

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One of the coolest things Sley has done in her life was when she traveled to Cancun, Mexico with her siblings to visit her dad and they went swimming with a whale shark. Although it was scary in the moment to think she was swimming with a shark, it’s an awesome feeling to be able to say that she swam with the world’s largest species of fish.

Sley is looking forward to graduation and her top two schools right now are University of Oregon and Portland State. As much as she is looking forward to leaving BHS behind, she is also soaking up every last minute of what she will miss most which is the spirit at sporting events, her marketing classes, her teachers, and her awesome Beaver Lodge class. Some advice Sley would give to underclassmen is to make sure to always stay on top of things, step out of your comfort zone, and get involved! You will enjoy your time in high school so much more if you are able to find a club or activity you feel best fits you and create long lasting memories within these clubs.

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Senior Top 5: Anaya Sergeant

At Beaverton High School, I’ve learned so much about myself and who I want to be. Throughout these past four years I’ve met so many different types of people and learned so many new things, and I know I’ll always look back on my high school years fondly.


As a freshman, I remember trying out for the Cheerleading team and being so nervous my stomach was in knots. Learning the routines and getting better at stunts and tumbling was so rewarding, and competitions always made the team feel that all our hard work had paid off. Cheerleading was the first thing that got me involved in BHS and made me see how connected everyone is and how strongly we want each other to succeed.



Whether it be football or basketball or baseball or soccer, I always love huddling on the bleachers with my classmates and watching athletes work their hardest. The way BHS students come together and show their love for our teams is unforgettable, and the players all appreciate the support.

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Once I had gone through some marketing classes and learned how interested in business I am, I was eager to be a part of the Social Media Team. I had seen the class of seniors ahead of me on the team be enthusiastic and involved, and I admired how well they all worked together to make the content. Now that I am on the team and a group leader, I’ve made by far the best memories at business and marketing conferences in Los Angeles and New York City. We were able to listen to so many experienced speakers, and we also got to explore the cities. Every time I look back on photos from these trips, I can’t help missing them.

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As a senior, I know that all of these four years of high school have been preparing me for the “real world.” Like most people, I had no real idea of what I would do after I graduated and what my future would look like. However, now that I’ve grown and have gained more experiences I was able to apply to colleges that seemed like a good fit for me. I applied to Arizona State University, University of Oregon, and Portland State University. After being accepted to all three, (and having my mini celebrations in my head) I toured them all and decided that PSU was the home for me.



This was the night that everyone looks forward to from such a young age, and it definitely did not disappoint. The planning and preparation was stressful, such as the dress, dinner reservations, the perfect location for pictures, and the plans for the night after. But all of the planning and frantics to try and set a plan led to a night I’ll never forget. Dancing the night away with the people I’m grateful to end high school with was irreplaceable.


Senior Top 5: Natalie Oleson

I can’t believe it’s coming to an end….. Thinking back to freshman year to now when we are almost graduating! It’s crazy! So many stressful and emotional yet amazing memories were made throughout my time at BHS. Selecting a few of my favorite moments is extremely difficult, but I’d love to share a student’s inside experience of high school.

One of my favorite experiences over the past four years is getting dressed up for football games. While it can be stressful trying to figure out the “perfect” outfit for the theme of the game it’s also a fun time doing it with friends. From buying the tutu’s and leggings to taking fun picture with our boys after the game, these are all moments I will ever forget.

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Another memory is going through the Marketing Pathway with amazing teachers and peers. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my passions since I started this pathway my sophomore year. Traveling to places such as; Chicago, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Orlando, New York all while learning important aspects of marketing. These lessons have lead me to choose my major for my years to come at Grand Canyon University.

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Throughout the four years another magical time during high school was the dances. I loooooved getting dressed up all fancy with my friends. Whether you had a date or not 😉  they are always a blast. Personally, my favorite part is the before part of the dances because although I remember each dance clearly the pictures are what I continue to look at til this day.

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Specifically a dance to remember is Prom. This dance is different than any homecoming or sadies. It’s special. I am incredibly happy I saved Prom for my senior year because it is an experience I will never forget. Each step was perfect, and the World Trade Center has an amazing, wide open area for all of us to be together and dance the night away. Great way to finish off my collection of high school dances.

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Saving the best for last, even though this event hasn’t happened yet, I can tell graduation is going to be special. We have all made it this far together and now we are all going our separate ways. Although this moment is supposed to be celebrating us making it this far it is going to be hard leaving the people who have been side by side with for the past four years. So many amazing memories made with these people have been made, so while it may be an emotional roller coaster we need to smile and not say good-bye but see you later! (sounds cheesy but true)

Senior Top 5: Angelica Bautista

My top 5 memories from BHS are…

I attended the annual Cesar E. Leadership Conference two years in a row and I truly loved it. 70 high schools in Oregon are invited to attend it to learn about Cesar. E Chavez and his impact in the agriculture fields and his Chicano influence. Almost 2,000 students and staff attended to this event to learn leadership skills and to motivate latino students to continue their education and Cesar E. Chavez legacy.

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The Cinco de Mayo Dance my freshman year was definitely a memory to remember. It is a celebration where we celebrate that the Mexican Army defeated the french force of Napoleon III in May 5, 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. It made me so happy that a lot of people attended the dance to celebrate because I was born in the State of Puebla in Mexico. It is a memory to remember because this was my first high school dance.

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The trip to California with my Marketing class, was my first time traveling out of state. I appreciate Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Ramberg for taking us to Anaheim.  This was also my first time visiting Disneyland, Hollywood, and Universal Studios! The Youth Educational Series workshop helped me gain more knowledge on how to improve my leadership skills. It also taught me to persuade my dreams when the odds come against me. I got to learn more about the history and struggles of Walt Disney to become a cartoonist. Something I took home from the trip was to always brainstorm to be more successful in a project.

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As a Junior I participated in the Diversity Assembly. At the beginning of practices, latino club had its own dancing group but we were later informed that another group was doing similar dances as us so we decided to join them as one. It was a decision taken at the last minute but my group manage to learn the dance in five days. We all work and motivated each other to to do a great performance. It was a pleasure to perform at the 2016 diversity assembly and represent my culture to the BHS students and staff.


Prom is one of the most desired dance to attend as a senior. Is more than just a dance, is a celebration of your accomplishments and a fun time to spend with your generation classmates. Before Prom, we were all late to the schedule we pre-arranged but we still managed to take pictures and eat out. I did not want the night to end because every time I closed my eyes, my whole life would flash back to the first time I learned to spell my name and solve my multiplications.

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Senior Top 5: Lacey Hedeen

As I have planned for college and prepared for graduation all senior year, I really never had a “wow moment”, like, “This is it.” I knew it was coming, I knew I was graduating this year but it seemed so distant that it really didn’t feel real. Then we had our sSenior Assembly. They told us we had 22 days of school left. Graduation was no longer something in the distant future that I thought about but never actually saw myself walking across the stage. Now, it’s less than a month away and I finally had that moment, when my heart drop and I realized: this is really it, I won’t be in high school anymore. It’s hard not to get nostalgic when looking back over my four years here at BHS. These are my personal top 5 memories of my high school career.

1. Freshman year snow days. Right before Sadies weekend my freshman year, there was a huge snow storm that canceled school for a few days. A few of my friends that were all going to Sadie’s together spent all the snow days at my friend Mady’s house, hot tubing and sledding.

IMG_99632. Getting my puppy Sydney Sophomore year. Girls best friend doesn’t even start to explain this dog. It took days of begging to finally convince my dad to buy me a little 6 week old Mini Australian Shepherd in Oregon city. Needless to say the begging worked and I know have a two and a half year old dog that means everything to me.

IMG_76633. YoungLife Camp going into Junior year. I spent a week with all my best friends at the Washington Family Ranch YoungLife camp. I spent the week getting tan with by the pool and meeting people who have become some of the most important people in my life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Senior basketball season. This year, our basketball boys went farther in state than any other year in my four years of high school. Jam the Dam is a whole different experience when you are standing front row of the student section and crushing our rivals: Southridge High School. Not to mention being first in Metro.

5. Trip to Anaheim Senior year. Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Anaheim, California with our school’s marketing program. We spend the week learning about Walt Disney and his philosophy. And of course time in the Disney and Universal parks with some of my best friends.


Senior Top 5: Stefan Franke

From my first day walking through the doors at Beaverton High School to my last few weeks walking the halls as a senior, there has never been a dull moment. Playing sports, attending other sporting events, making new friends, and going on field trips and class activities have been some of the highlights of my 4 years here. Each year has been filled with more memories and more new friends than the year before. The following are some of my “Top 5” memories from my years as a BHS Student.

#1: My first baseball game playing for BHS

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For years I have played for Beaverton JBO, which is a junior baseball program in Beaverton. I was always so excited to play my first actual game as a BHS student, and it was just as awesome as I always hoped it would be. I made a ton of new friends while playing baseball, along with many amazing memories. Our freshmen team ended up going 20-0, and had an incredible season that I will never forget.

#2: Making a ceramic elephant in Ceramics 1

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For our final project in Ceramics 1, we had a choice to make a design of our choosing, so I decided to make an elephant because my dad had made a ceramic elephant when he was in school. Ceramics was an awesome class, and I enjoyed how hands on and interesting it was, and how we were able to get creative and let our ideas come to life.

#3: Starting in my first varsity baseball game

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Much like my first baseball game as a BHS student, I have always looked forward to starting in my first varsity game at BHS! It was during a weekend tournament at Tigard High School, and we ended up winning, which was the perfect end to the game I had always been looking forward to.

#4: Marketing trip to Orlando

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Marketing is something that I never really knew I had an interest for, until I started going to school here at BHS. I have taken most of the classes in the Marketing Pathway, and they have all be amazing. It was so fun getting to work on the Jam the Dam event, and of course going on this field trip to Orlando, where we learned about things from management, to leadership, and even improvisation.

#5: Senior prom


Last but certainly not least is, of course, Senior Prom. Personally, I think the most fun part of the whole night was getting to get all dressed up and take pictures with all of my friends before going downtown. The night was awesome, and the whole time felt like a mini celebration of high school, kind of like “Hey, you did it!”.

Overall, my time at Beaverton High School has been amazing, and I will never forget it. I have many so many new friends, learned so many things in class and about myself as a person. I am very much looking forward to college and seeing what the next chapter in my life holds, but I will always remember that I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for BHS.


An Ode to Learning

By Karley Hecht, senior & Anna Lorati, junior


Roses are red.

School buses are yellow.

Teachers at BHS tend to be mellow.


When you think of school,

You think of cool.

Right next to senior lot, there’s a pool.


If underclassmen park in the senior lot,

They’re gonna hear a lot

From the ones who take up the spots.


Everyone knows,

But BSD closes when it snows.

That’s okay,

It’s only 10 days;

We’ll make up for it anyways.


Beaver Lodge is the best class you can take.

So don’t be late or hesitate;

See your teachers,

And don’t think about skipping.

Because Dave, Lydia, and Brad will catch you ditching.


Sporting events are the best.

Show up to the games being the best dressed.

And, make sure to scream loud for the Beavers.

While standing behind the cheerleaders.

Don’t forget to cheer on our Bs

Cause they’re the bees’ knees.


Our thespians put on the best shows.

And everybody knows!

So show up, and give the cast members a rose.


Our band rocks the house.

We’ve got tubas, trumpets, and drums galore.

We can’t forget about the clarinets and flutes.

But, don’t you worry, there’s a lot more.

The pathways we have

Are one of a kind.

If you’re ever on rotations,

You’ll be wearing purple scrubs

And when you’re at school,

People will think you’re cool.


Now the Marketing Pathway,

It may be the best.

But we don’t want to be biased

Because that’ll rock the nest.

You get to go on fun trips

To LA, New York, and more.

Along with completing fun projects

So you’ll never get bored.


If you forget your lunch,

Don’t let your knickers get twisted up in a bunch.

Go up to The Pond and get something to munch.


In case you didn’t already know,

Our four core values will make you go “hellllooooo!”

Learning transforms us.

Tradition unites us.

Community connects us.

Excellence inspires us.

And that’s all there is to discuss


Overall, we just wanted to say,

That BHS is the best,

And we’re here to stay.


So take this last note into consideration,

And be the best Beav you can be to carry on our tradition!