Meet Mr. Theriot! Mr. Theriot is a teacher in the Language arts department here at BHS and teaches classes such as American Lit and Lit and Comp 10. He is also the Building Representative for the Beaverton Education Association, which is the teachers’ union. Before coming to BHS, Mr.Theriot taught at Aloha High School from 2001-2003, and before that, he worked for a child care organization called Vermont Hills Family Life Center.


Outside of BHS, Mr. Theriot enjoys going on many different adventures with his wife and his two sons. They love to hike, backpack, camp, and travel. He also really loves biking! When it’s nice out he likes to commute to school on his mountain bike and in the fall he competes in cyclocross. He also really enjoys reading, sports, art, music, and television.


When asked what he loves about the BHS community he said “I love how diverse this community has become over the years.  With that brings some challenges, but I think we are the type of community that has the capability and attitude to have courageous conversations and actions.  I say “we”, because not only am I a part of the staff here, but I live in the BHS boundary and my boys will soon be Beavers!” Thank you, Mr. Theriot, for being so involved in the BHS community!



Ms. Blanton is an English teacher here at Beaverton High School. She started working here in 2009 after working at Westview for six years. When asked what she liked most about Beaverton High, she responded with the kids. One thing that she thinks is unique about Beaverton High School is the diversity and the sense of tradition. She added that there is a strong legacy surrounding Beaverton and that we are completely unique to that.

Ms. Blanton attended Simsbury High School in Connecticut and Dunlap High School in Illinois. Ms. Blanton grew up in Connecticut until she was 15 years old, and then in Illinois until she was 22. Ms. Blanton comes from a large family and is very lucky to have the support system she has.

When asked about what her biggest pet peeve ia, Ms. Blanton responded with, “Students who have not yet figured out how lucky they are to attend school and get an education.” She also added that gum chewing is one of her pet peeves as she thinks it is disgusting. When asked if she could travel anywhere in the world, Ms. Blanton replied with “I’m not picky when it comes to travel. I’ll go anywhere and experience anything. Learning and exploring are what makes this human experience worthwhile.” One thing that Ms. Blanton is interested in that most people are not is her fascination for maps. Ms. Blanton also added she loves the snow. “The more, the better.”