Bucky’s Family: Malia Roll

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Malia Roll!


Malia is a very active senior at Beaverton who is involved with Key Club, Lacrosse, Band and Health Careers. Malia is a stellar student who aspires to be a nurse one day and says that Health Careers is helping her on her path to nursing school. Malia lives with her mom, dad and brother and describes her upbringing as loving, saying that her parents have raised them to be ready for an independent future.


One thing people might not know about Malia is that she has been to Hawaii 14 times! She says she loves it for the weather and scenery. Malia has lived in Oregon her whole life and says she couldn’t imagine her childhood anywhere else. Outside of school, Malia loves to spend time with her family and friends. Malia is graduating this spring and will miss the community feel that BHS provides.


Bucky’s Family: Sydney Khiev

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Sydney Khiev!
Senior Sydney Khiev has been living in Portland, Oregon all her life. Currently, she is living with her younger sister, Hannah, her mother, Annamarie, and her father, Sina.
At school, she participates in lacrosse with many of her close friends. She enjoys the competition as well as the strong bond she shares with her teammates. Also, Sydney is a leader in a club at Beaverton High School called Rebels. In this club, they talk about the harms of tobacco usage.
Outside of school, Sydney likes to hang out and make memories with her friends. Making memories with her family is really important to her as well. She loves spending time with them and playing with her dog. Sydney is really caring and loving towards others. At her grandmother’s memory care facility, she goes and volunteers. Her grandma is struggling with dementia and is one of the closest people in Sydney’s life.
People go through hard times, but most the time it happens for a good reason. When Sydney’s parents got divorced it struck her really hard because she did not understand what was happening and why it was. As she grew older, she started to realize that her parents were happier and that it was for the best. Eventually, she found a good balance between the two of them and loves her parents dearly.

Meet Senior Mike Distifeno

Hi everyone my name is Michael Distifeno and I’ll be the Senior Secretary this year!  This will be my senior year and I’m excited to be part of leadership.  I think Beaverton is a great school that is made even better by those who are active parts of the community. Throughout my past years here I’ve made many great friends and memories. Beaverton is not just a school, it’s a community with amazing people and I hope everyone will enjoy this year as much as I will. Instagram Page

Mike 2.png

This is my first year in leadership but my sister Megahn was senior secretary two years before me and was the one who encouraged me to join.  I hope to start Spikeball club this year and have it continue after I leave.  I love going to football games with my friends during the fall and basketball games in the winter.  Spring is when LaCrosse starts so it’s my favorite time of the year.  I’ve been playing Lax since fourth grade and was on varsity my freshman year.  I helped us win the state championship against Jesuit in 2016.  The championship game is one of my favorite memories ever.

Mike 1

Outside of school I enjoy playing basketball and video games with my friends.  I’m also learning Italian and Programming in my free time.   This year I’m looking forward to some great sports seasons and assemblies.   I’m ready to help lead the senior class and all students at Beaverton.  Good luck to everyone this year!

Senior Top 5: Nate Johnnie

During the last 4 years, I have spent here at Beaverton High School, a few memories have stuck out in my mind. My number 1 memory here is winning the state championship last year. Not only is lacrosse one of my favorite things to do, but it was hosted here at Beaverton, which made it that much more special.


My second favorite memory at Beaverton High School was Senior Prom. I attended Prom as junior, but it truly isn’t the same as going with a group of kids you have known and become so close to. Easy the best school dance I have attended.


Up next in my list of memories at BHS would have to be joining the lacrosse program. Being apart of a program bigger than myself is something truly amazing and has taught me so many life skills that I couldn’t learn anywhere else. A huge part of this learning process was taught to me by my coach, Bidnam. Not only do I look up to him as a leader and a mentor, but he is an extremely good and successful coach. My freshman year, our record was 5-8. My Junior season we won the state championship.


My 4th favorite memory at BHS will have to be all of the sporting events. Every event is so special and all of the students that attend have an amazing time. My two favorite of all time would have to be football and basketball.


My last, but not least favorite part of BHS would have to be the assemblies. Sarm does a tremendous job along with Student Council.

Peace out, BHS! It’s been a great four years here!

Battling Through Adversity

By Gabi Peoples, senior

This year’s Beaverton Boys’ Lacrosse team has done an amazing job embracing adversity. They started off this season coming off taking first in Metro and winning a state championship in their 2016 season with 11 returning seniors. But, unfortunately, five of them are injured, leaving the underclassman and junior varsity players to step up to help make the team the best they can be.


As of right now, the boys are 2-3 in preseason, getting ready and amped up to take on Metro League. The boys are very excited to compete and hopefully find their mojo to take another league title.


Nate Johnnie, a returning senior and varsity captain who also happened to tear his ACL and meniscus shared that, “The boys are grinding every day and getting better. We are hoping to have another amazing season and finish strong. It’s been a struggle starting off the season injured but I’ve been working hard and am already ahead of the game on my recovery. Hopefully I will get to play a few games at the end of the season with my boys and get ready to carry on my lacrosse career at York in the fall.”

The BHS student body very excited to watch, support and be a part of the lacrosse journey this season. They inspire us every day to embrace adversity and keep pushing and to be better every day! Keep up the hard work, boys!

Senior Top 5: Carter Olsen

By Carter Olsen, BHS Class of 2016

High school is full of memories for most people. Me, I’m having a hard time remembering any special events from high school except for lacrosse memories, so excuse me for talking too much about lacrosse.

One memory that stands out to me and happened fairly recently was beating West Linn in lacrosse this year. They had been the state champions for the past two years, so going into the game, it was pretty intimidating. I remember after we won, it was the first time I had ever heard my coach say the “F” word. He said it in a good way, congratulating us on the win, but I think that is what made this memory stand out so much in my head.

Carter 2

My second favorite memory also happened this year. It is something that I will probably remember for a long time. Becoming the first ever Metro League champions from Beaverton High school in boys’ lacrosse. This season is something I will never forget, as it has been very successful and is not quite over yet.

My third memory would have to be Sadie Hawkins my junior year when I was elected prince. This is a fond memory because I had a great time with all the other princes and it was a great experience in all.

My fourth favorite memory was beating Central Catholic in the playoffs for lacrosse my freshman year. This memory made my top five because I played really well that game and I vividly remember the fans rushing the field after the win.

My fifth favorite memory would be Prom this year. It was so fun and way better than any other school sponsored dance. The venue was great, the music was perfect and everyone had a blast.

Carter 1

There are still memories to be made at BHS with less than a month left in school, like graduation, the senior talent show, and the senior camping trip. This chapter in my life is abruptly coming to an end and I’m excited but also sad because I know that I will miss many of the friends that I made here and will no longer see past high school.

Senior Top 5: Evan Barnard

By Evan Barnard, BHS Class of 2016


During the last four years that I have spent at Beaverton, I have made a lot of great memories, but my top 5 would have to be: football games, playing lacrosse, Prom, making it to the “Final Four” freshman year, and being ranked #1 in state for lacrosse. Not necessarily in that order, but those are definitely my top five memories.
Football season was always a highlight for me because that meant that we could start tailgating again. It was always a ton of fun to get dressed up in that week’s theme and go hangout for hours with all of my friends. I remember this one game that I went to with my friend Cortlandt Nelsen and the theme was “pink out”, so we decided to twin. We looked so good.
I have been playing lacrosse since  5th grade and it was always a lot of fun, but when I made the transition to high school lacrosse, it was so different. Everyone on the team was so close, and we all wanted to win every game, and everyone is playing lax because the love the game… not because there parents are making them.
My freshman year, I made the varsity lacrosse team and that year, we were the best team in Beaverton history. We weren’t the most talented team out there, but everyone on the team loved the game and they weren’t playing for themselves; they were playing for the team. We all wanted make it to the state championship but we fell a little short and ended up losing in the semis. It really sucked to lose, but that was the most fun season of lacrosse ever.
This year, I am the defensive captain for the lacrosse team, and we have a lot of talent. At the beginning of the season everyone said that Beaverton is the team to beat and honestly, they were right. The first game of the season, we beat the two-time defending champions, West Linn! After that we went on to beat all of the top 8 teams in state, and we swept Metro, earning us the #1 seed in state.

I haven’t always loved going to dances, and this year, I knew I was going to have to go because it was my senior Prom. I knew I couldn’t miss it. I really wasn’t looking forward to it, but when the night of prom came around, I was pleasantly surprised. It was so much fun. It was great getting dressed up and hanging out with everyone all night. I wish I could do it all over again.

LAX Goal: Champions

By Evan Barnard, senior & Lacrosse team member


Three years ago the Beaverton Boys’ Lacrosse team had the best season they have ever had since the program has started. They made it all the way to the final four, where they ended up losing to the eventual state champs, Lakeridge. Even though the all of the players were upset that they had lost the game, they still had smiles on their faces because they knew that they had proven to the entire state that Beaverton Lacrosse was no longer a joke.


Sadly, that same season, we graduated 18 Seniors, so we knew that these next couple of seasons were going to be rebuilding years. Luckily for us the classes of 2016 and 2017 were both very strong, and there were three freshman (Nate O, Carter O, and Evan B) on the team in 2013 who were more than ready to step up and take over their previous teammates responsibilities as leaders of the team.

The seasons of 2014 & 2015 weren’t as successful as the 2013 season, but still, they were much better than any of Beaverton’s seasons in years past. And if we are being completely honest everyone kinda new that those weren’t going to be the best seasons. But everyone was kinda okay with it because they knew that the 2016 season would be something to remember.


This year, the varsity team consists of 18 seniors, 8 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 1 freshman. Also most of the senior class has been playing lacrosse together since the fifth grade. Most of us grew up together and were a force to be reckoned with. Then when high school came around the team split up because some of us quiet and some went on to other schools. This year most of the kids who left or quit are back. With seniors Nate Oekerman, Carter Olsen, and Evan Barnard leading the team, everyone in the state better have their eyes out for this Beaverton team because they are coming for a state championship and we aren’t messing around.