Community Spotlight #1

Beaverton Florists has been bringing smiles to communities throughout the Portland Metro area since 1943. The company has been central to the Beaverton community and has provided for many different events around town.

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Beaverton Florist partners with local growers so all the flowers are fresh and beautiful when customers buy them. Since the school year has begun, dances are always popping up, and Beavertons Florist has a great selection for boutonnieres and corsages. The company has a tradition of putting people’s names on their cute billboard, and if your name is featured, you can go in for a free rose!

Community Spotlight #3

Beaverton Florist has been a great community partner and we are happy to support their great business!


Senior Blog: Lana Jabeeti

My top 5 memories are:

Homecoming- Every start of the year, I get super excited for homecoming. It’s a great chance for all my friends and I to get dressed up, take cute pictures, and spend our night together dancing and having fun with everybody at our school. I have an amazing time every year and homecoming is a memory I love looking back at and also revisiting my pictures with all my close friends!

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Friday Night Lights: There’s nothing I love more than going to football games every year. It’s so exciting to dress up for a certain theme and get to spend our night cheering on the football team. My friends and I always lose our voices by the end of the night and this is one way that really shows how amazing our student section is! I love seeing how much we support our team and how crazy loud we can get as well. One of my favorite nights was scoring a touchdown against Jesuit and how loud and hyped up we were after it. Cheering on our team was an amazing experience I’ll never forget.

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Health Careers: My junior year of high school, I was accepted in to the health careers program and it’s been amazing ever since. I’ve done so many amazing things through this program such as volunteering with the community, shadowing doctors and nurses at hospitals and just spending time with the amazing teachers who help us get ready for our future. One of my absolute favorite memory from health careers was visiting St. Vincent’s and shadowing a post surgery nurse because this opportunity helped me decide what I wanted my future to look like.

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Spending Time with my Class: Our school is so amazing at involving the entire community and I’m very thankful for that. One of my top favorite memory was junior year, going to Frenchman’s Bar with almost my entire junior class. We went during the last day of school and it was so great to see that we could all come together and have lots of fun outside of school. My favorite part was playing volleyball with all of my friends and also just spending time and relaxing with my class!

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Putting up our Stars: Senior year finally arrived and it went by super quick. It was finally time for us to put up our stars and this moment was honestly so amazing for me and is one I’ll remember for a long time. This moment made me realize how quick we’ve come to finally graduating and I couldn’t be more excited. I put my star up with all of my close friends and I am so excited to see how our future will look like. Although I’ll miss everybody so much, this moment is one I’ll always remember and it showed me how close we are to our final step of high school.

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Senior Blog: Regan Mott

One of the best memories I’ve had from BHS was when I got captured to be a Homecoming Princess my sophomore year. It lasted the whole night and into the next morning. I became friends with girls from all grades and I got scared the heck out of. We had to constantly sing and dance in the car for hours on end.


There were supposed to be four princesses in each car, one from each grade, and I remember we’d stop at every house and not a single princess would join me. I was in the car along for probably an hour and a half before another princess joined me. That was the scariest moment of my life.


The next morning, the previous royalty put lipstick all over our faces and we had to go to school like that. We each had mismatching shoes, mine was a heel and a slide, and a crown. This was such a crazy, amazing night I’ll never forget.


Senior Top 5: Alyssa Grimes

A girl can never forget her very first high school Homecoming. It’s all we thought about for the first few months of freshman year. Spending all night wondering what dress to wear, who to get ready with, and where to take pictures at rather than focusing on the actual dance itself. As plans started to fall into place and the hair started to curl, it feels like we were living in a fairy tale. All we could think about was it being the very first dance of high school, and it’s about to be amazing.


The second memory I enjoyed from Beaverton High School was getting the experience of planning Jam the Dam. I got the chance to communicate with potential sponsors for the joined event with the Make-A-Wish® Foundation. We got to spend months as a class planning how to raise money for the event, cause, and what would go on throughout the Week of Wishes.


The game we all thought would never approach, the last Friday night football game. We had been growing up watching these boys play youth ball, and now to their very last game as high school students. Cheering from the stands and chanting the Beaverton High School Fight Song would no longer continue for this group of 2017 boys. This was the game where we knew there was no other school we would have rather been at in the Beaverton School District, BHS was the place we were all meant to be.


Prom. The night we all hoped for since we were little kids. The night we were told would be the best night of our lives. The one night we would remember and tell our kids when we reminisce high school. Throughout the four years of multiples dances I attended, prom was the night I will never forget. Watching the class of 2017 get together for a final hurrah in celebration was a night that I will cherish forever because of the people I got to spend it with.

And finally, Star Day. It was time to commit and let everyone know where the future will take up. As we all stared at the wall, full of different schools all around the country, the emotions started kicking in. The people we have grown up with and gotten to know the past four years are splitting away from us. But we have to hold our heads strong and high and make the best out of it because it is time to finally move on.


Senior Top 5: Celia Boyer

Throughout my four years at Beaverton High I have had some of the best (and the worst) memories. Hands down, my #1 memory has been football season.

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My dad being the football coach, I have been growing up going to the games since I was born…literally. This spirit our school has brought every year is the best part about the games. Watching the boys win on the field, and lose, and singing the fight song will never disappear in my memory.


I think my #2 memory was Prom. It was everything I had hoped it would be. The most amazing part of the night was at the last song we all stood there in a circle holding hands and sang “Don’t Stop Believing”, looking around at everyone in the circle it hit me that it was coming to an end.

My #3 memory was being on Prom and Homecoming Court. The week of Prom and Homecoming (freshman year) was the most stressful, but most exciting time.


My #4 memory of high school was putting up our stars on National College Decision Day. It was so bittersweet being able to put our stars up with our school (GO DUCKS!), and watch all our friends put theirs up. It was something I had watched everyone in grades ahead do, so being able to actually put the star up there was such a crazy feeling.

My #5 memory was when Damian Lillard came to speak here at BHS. We wanted him here to speak about bullying and after 6 months of hard work, he finally could come.

The list of memories could go on and on, I will never forget BHS!

Senior Top 5: Gabi Peoples

Being able to have been a part of Beaverton High School has been a bitter sweet journey for me. I’ve made so many incredible, unforgettable memories since the first time I stepped on campus. I thought that transferring as a senior, and coming back to the place that I only knew as a little girl was going to be difficult for me, but I can truly say that even though I have only had the honor of being Beaverton Beaver for a year… it’s felt  like I’ve been walking through those doors since I was a little awkward freshman.

When I was younger I used to always walk over to BHS and watch the football games with with my pal Celia Boyer when we were tiny elementary school kids. And looking over at that rowdy, supportive, crazy big student section I knew that Beaverton was the place for me when I got older. Now being able to have been in that sea of loud spirited kids has been a highlight of my high school career. The love and support that we all have for our fellow classmates really shines through in that vast expanse of orange and black bleachers.


Finishing my senior volleyball season here at BHS was truly amazing. Regardless of the outcome of the season, I had never been on a team with such great people. People who chose to lift one another up and fight through the rough spots as a whole, we never gave up. It was always so much fun having dance parties in the team room before home games, laughing and making memories. I can honestly say that I have made friends for life just by spending one season with those crazy, wacky, hilarious girls.


Spending my senior homecoming here was so much fun, I don’t think I have ever danced so hard in my entire life. Screaming and jumping up and down in a hot, humid circle of teenagers couldn’t have been more enjoyable! I wish I could go back to that night and press pause. Those are the moments that high school is all about. Sharing smiles and laughs with those who you will never forget. Being with the people you’ve spent each and every day of your high school journey walking the halls of Beaverton five days a week for the past four years of your life.


One of my biggest moments within my high school career is being able to sign to play Division I college volleyball at San Diego State University. Being able to share that moment with all my fellow classmates and my family and friends was truly and honor. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support that Beaverton and the community has given me. And it was unforgettable to be able to celebrate this accomplishment with all of you and I am so thankful I get to carry on my athletic career and continue to get an incredible education for these next four years.


Beaverton has provided me with so many friendships and experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Being here has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve grown into the person I am today and I am forever grateful to this community of incredible people who have stood behind me through this journey. Thank you, Beaverton, for all you have done for me and for all the beautiful moments and remarkable people who I have had that privilege to meet.




I Am Thankful for BHS.

By Celia Boyer, senior

During my time here at BHS there are many things to be thankful for, sports, my dad as a teacher, social media team, and the whole staff. The thing I am most thankful for is Student Leadership. Sarmiento welcomed me in after being very persistent on wanting me to run my freshman year. Thankfully, I won, and got in the class.
We do things from planning events like Homecoming and Prom, to Adopt-A-Family, Respect Week, and we also make sure everyone’s voices are heard. I’ve had an amazing opportunity to meet people with all different kinds of ideas, stories, and thoughts. In my position this year, ASB President, I have been lucky enough to be able to let those ideas happen.

I have also had chances to meet amazing people in our community, such as Houston Kraft, and Damian Lillard. All in all, I am very thankful for this community. Leadership is an tremendous way to be involved and to learn a lot about who you are surrounded by every single day.  

Once Upon a Time…

By Alyssa Grimes, senior


Beaverton High School goes by four core values; excellence inspires us, learning transforms us, community connects us, and tradition unites us. One way that we show how our traditions unite us, is our traditions during each football game. During halftime, as we all watch the clock tick down until there is two minutes left, the seniors take
lead in the tradition of singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and the entire Beaverton High School student section joins in. After every single game, whether it’s a win or a loss, we always join the football team’s huddle and sing our Beaver Fight Song to show just how much love and support we have for the team. This school has the best traditions in all of the school district.

Not only do we have simple traditions we continue for every football game, but even more for special event games. Each year, the night before the homecoming dance, calls for a celebration towards all of the elected princesses of each class. This year, on this special
night, our opponent is Westview High School. During halftime of the game, after our Beaverton boys play a great first half, we honor all 12 princesses, the three from each grade.

They arrive and are chauffeured around the field on the track in six sports cars while we cheer and show them all of our high school pride that we have in them. As each beautiful princess makes her way out of her assigned vehicle, they are greeted by their handsome fathers to escort them out to the center of the football field, where the Homecoming queen will get revealed in front of all the Beaverton High School fans.


After all princesses are lined up stretched down the center of the field, they bring out the past year’s Homecoming queen in a car just like the other princesses, and let her do the revealing. With her having the only knowledge to who the students of BHS voted for, she gets to slowly walk back and forth carrying the crown over each princess’s head, building up the suspense that everyone feels while we wait for the big announcement. Once eager seconds go by with the crowd screaming out names, she finally drops to crown over the new queen’s head, and we all go wild. After the queen is acknowledged and honored
and the girls all take pictures with Dana McKenna, all princesses get escorted back towards the vehicles and ride back to the entrance as the student and parent sections get crazy with excitement. The new queen and previous Homecoming queen follow the princesses back as they get showered with joy.
Once the field is all cleared, the football boys bring it on once again and join together to put their hearts into the second half of the game. These traditions have been going on for years, and will continue to be spread throughout the many decades that this school
remains.  We are proud to call ourselves Beaverton High School, and will continue to show how tradition unites us. Is your high school this united?

Princesses + Luxury Cars + Football Game = Homecoming!

By Sley Vega-Guerra, junior


Growing up around Beaverton High School and coming to the Homecoming game was always one of my favorite things to do. Once I started high school, I was actually able to experience it as a high schooler, and it was a blast! Everything that leads up to the football game excites the student body. From starting the week off with Spirit Week and seeing everyone dress up according to the theme, especially the princesses who always go all out, to ending the week with the amazing Homecoming assembly our student leadership puts on Friday morning. You notice the excitement in the students while everyone is cheering on as the princesses are escorted out by whoever they chose to do so. Then comes the Friday night football game. It’s not just any other home football game, it’s OUR Homecoming game and everyone is dressed head to toe in whatever the theme for the game is.


Throughout the game, the tension is high as the student body waits for halftime to reveal this year’s Homecoming Queen. The thing I love best about Beaverton is the tradition of having the Homecoming princesses come out in luxury sports cars. It’s something so unique that Beaverton High School does because no other school in Metro does that for their homecoming games. The clock hits zero and everyone begins to cheer loud and proud as our Homecoming princesses begin to slowly ride out in incredibly nice looking cars.

img_3282 Watching as my friends got to the middle of the track all dolled up in their long and beautiful dresses and were escorted onto the field by either their dad or mom was a priceless moments. It made me feel good that the princesses looked more cheerful and happy than ever. Another awesome tradition from the Homecoming game that BHS does is that we have the Homecoming queen from last year come out to the game and crown the new queen. I think it’s an awesome way for them to stay involved be able to experience the feeling and excitement of crowning the new queen.


We then all waited anxiously as the crowning ceremony began. The students continued to cheer as she moved the crown over the princess’s head and after about a minute crowned the new queen. Cheers of excitement burst through the student section when we found out who our new queen was. It’s an overall amazing experience and always a fun game to attend. Not only are the students involved in the game and crowning of the princesses but the parents are always cheering and applauding as loud as the student section is. It’s an incredible environment, and I encourage everyone to come out and experience one of these games. Does any other school do homecoming games like Beaverton High School does? I don’t think so.


Key Words: Beaverton High School, Football game, Homecoming, Princesses

By Joe Johnson, senior


Once a year every fall, Beaverton High School has a Homecoming Dance. For most people, it’s one of the most stressful but fun weeks of the year. Boys are expected to ask girls, which some do. Girls are always worried about what to wear and how they look. The Homecoming Dance is on Saturday the 22nd, but the week before at Beaverton is a “Spirit Week,” during which three princesses from each grade level are chosen by students voting. Once they are all selected, they have to dress up to a different theme everyday during the week of homecoming. As for the other students, there are different themes to dress as that aren’t as embarrassing. Having these themes really connects our community and brings us together.


The Friday night football game is the best one that happens during Football Season. This year was against Westview High School. There is also a theme for the student section at the football game. This year was BLACK OUT. It is set up to be a very fun and exciting game. At halftime of the game, all of the princesses were escorted to the field on Corvettes and sports cars. They all lined up and waited for one of them to be crowned Homecoming Queen.


The day of Homecoming is a very long day. Most of the boys I know get there there Amazon package of their tie the day of the dance. As for the girls, they have had multiple dresses already delivered and just need to pick their favorite. Before the dance, people get together to hangout and take pictures. This is the girls favorite part because all they like to do is take pictures. Once all that is done, people carpool to the dance. The dance itself is very fun and exciting. There is a DJ and everybody dances and enjoys the night. The theme for the dance was Cinderella, and everything was decorated.


Personally, I love Homecoming. The week of Homecoming was awesome, and the game was thrilling. I enjoyed seeing everyone all dressed up together and capturing moments with my friends. As it being senior year, it was my last High School Homecoming so I’m glad I made it the best one yet.