Senior Blog: Reed Migaki

What I really loved about BHS is the community and friendships that I made through my 4 years. The thing I will miss most is the Friday night football games. Coming out and playing in front of the Beaverton community is something that I’ll never forget. I will also miss the brotherhoods that sports have given me. My favorite teachers that I will miss will be Ms. Ped and Mr. Kenis. Some advice I will give to the incoming freshmen next year is to not be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Also, don’t be afraid to be the most spirited student at events. Some Prom advice I would give to next year’s seniors is to go all out and just have fun; you normally only have one opportunity to go. One of the best experiences I had at Beaverton would be our win against sunset to clinch a playoff spot. I played football all 4 years and baseball for 3. My final year I switched to lacrosse during the spring. I plan on going to PCC in the fall, and I’m planning on doing the EMT program and hopefully become a firefighter.


Senior Blog: Sonny Bonillas

Football has always been my favorite sport. I love to watch, I love to analyze, and I absolutely love to play. One of my dreams that I’ve had ever since I was a kid was to play college football. I knew that that did not come easy, but I was willing to put in the work to fulfill my lifelong dream. My junior and senior seasons were spent in the weight room and on the field trying to get stronger and faster to increase my chances to play at the next level.

Blog 1

When the season started everything was going good and I was succeeding but then half way through the season I suffered from a season ending leg injury. In my mind I thought that I was done, I thought I would never play another down of football again, but, my teammates and coaches wouldn’t let me feel sorry for myself. Every single person on my team helped me keep my head high and focus on coaching the younger players.

Blog 2

After the season had ended and the all league awards were released I was surprised to see my name pop up not once, but twice winning 2nd-Team All-Metro Offensive Lineman and 3rd Team All-Metro Punter. A couple weeks after that a JUCO in Northern California named the College of the Siskiyous happened to like what they saw and told me that I would be a great addition to their defense. It is crazy for me to think that my childhood dream is about to come true but it definitely isn’t a surprise that this is happening, I put in the work, and it payed off.

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Senior Blog: Grant Kirby

My senior Top 5 are…

Baseball: Being a part of the baseball program has been an amazing experience. The BHS baseball program has been very successful over the course of its existence, and I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of great teams, including last year’s team that made it to the state semi final game. My favorite part of baseball is that I got to play alongside one of my best friends, Manny Castineira. We’ve been on the same team since freshman year and we’ve created many great memories on the diamond together.

Get-togethers outside of school: Here and there, mostly in the summer, members of the Class of 2018 have organized events outside of school. These are very fun to be a part of, and they’re a great bonding experience. One of my favorite events has been the Perkins Badminton Invitational, hosted by Natalie Perkins. Last year Matt Eppler and I suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the championship game, but the loss was overrode by the memory of having fun and competed against my fellow classmates. This year I am very much looking forward to the senior camping trip. I know I’ll have an absolute blast with my class in the wilderness. Blog Pic 1

Football: Playing football was one of the defining parts of my high school experience. Nearly all of my closest friends played football, and I’ll never forget playing alongside them on Friday nights. It was a great experience to be able to play in front of our home crowd. My favorite football memory was beating Sunset in very dramatic fashion on our Homecoming game. Also shoutout to Munch for coming back and playing with us for our senior year.

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Dances: Although I don’t love dancing, I did enjoy our school dances. Getting dressed up and taking pictures with everybody is always a great time. And the dances themselves were always a great time. My best dance experience overall was definitely prom. I think that everybody does a great job of coming together on prom and making it a night to remember. My favorite dance moment was Homecoming 2016 when I was able to crowd surf for a glorious 15 seconds.

Blog pic 3

Lunch Time: Lunch is always a nice escape from reality. It is a time for catching up with friends, gossiping, roasting Matthew’s outfit choices, hanging out at the Pond, doing last minute studying, and turning unsuspecting kids’ backpacks inside out. I love lunch time and will miss it dearly.

Senior Blog: Beth Lauer

My name is Beth Lauer, and I am currently a senior, getting ready to graduate very soon! I have been very active in the Beaverton community throughout my four years here and I am excited to continue my journey in education at the University of Portland (Go Pilots!). From football games to school dances, I have had a lot of great experiences during my high school career. Here are some of my favorite memories:

All Leadership Retreats: I joined leadership my sophomore year and befriended many upperclassmen, which is something I will cherish for a very long time. I have been on Leadership ever since sophomore year working as the Site council representative (sophomore year), Historian (junior year), ASB Secretary (1st semester, senior year), and ASB President (2nd semester, senior year). One thing that really stands out to me when I think about Leadership is the class retreats. We spend one weekend away from home to bond and discuss upcoming school events. I have made so many friends and learned a lot about myself through Leadership. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to be in Student Leadership.

School Dances: Beaverton’s school dances have been some highlights of my years in high school. Especially prom. I loved getting to see my class come together for one last big event at Beaverton and tear up the dance floor with all of my friends.


Football games: I have loved attending football games throughout my high school years. I got to do the Beaver Nation Migration my junior year which is a very cool tradition that Beaverton holds. Senior year was especially fun during football season. I attended every game and carried the spirit flag to represent Beaverton. I love having a fun Friday nights with friends, all while cheering for and supporting the players on the field

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Health Careers: Health Careers has been a huge part of my high school career. Because of Health Careers, I have had the chance to take Human Anatomy & Physiology (with the goat Dr. Romanick) which is easily my favorite class I’ve taken at Beaverton. Health Careers 1 taught me a lot about different careers and allowed me to get certified in CPR and Basic Life Support. For my senior year, I decided to pursue my dream of being a nurse and join the Certified Nursing Program instead of Advanced Health Careers. Because of this program, I have had the opportunity to learn many skills and to gain hands-on experience caring for the elderly at Maryville Care Home. I am planning on becoming certified to be a CNA at the end of the school year to work as a CNA throughout my college years.

Soccer: I have been involved in the girl’s soccer program at Beaverton throughout my 4 years here. I played for my first three years but due to an injury, I couldn’t play my senior year. So I decided to make the most of my senior year and become the varsity Team Manager. One of the highlights of my time as manager was Senior Night. After all of the seniors were honored (including myself), our match against Southridge begun and we were up 1-0 in the first 12 seconds of the game. The final score was 3-0. I’m so glad I had the chance to be a part of such an amazing team of girls.

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Bucky’s Family: Sley Vega

Meet Bucky’s Family member Sley Vega!


 Senior pic.jpg

Sley Vega is a senior at Beaverton High School who was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon. Sley lives with her mom and her younger sister Camila, who is currently an 8th grader at Meadow Park and will be attending Beaverton next year. She also has an older brother Michael, who graduated from BHS with the Class of 2014 and goes to school in Arizona.

Sley is highly involved in different activities at BHS. She is a part of LINK Crew, National Honor Society, Welcome to the Dam, and Social Media Team. A big part of her time at BHS has been being a part of the Marketing Pathway. Through the classes she has taken, she has found that she is interested in pursuing some sort of business degree in college. She has loved being able to create meaningful memories with her fellow social media team members, and the opportunity to network and learn how to improve our schools social platforms through the trips she has been lucky to go on.

Sley and Jen

Outside of school Sley works two jobs. She is a nanny for an 8-year-old girl Monday-Wednesday and has been working at Sunset Lanes for the past two years as a birthday host and game room attendant on the weekends! When she has the time, she also volunteers at Play.Fit.Fun, an after school program where she helps kids stay active while playing games with them and teaches them the roles of leadership.

Pic with kids (

One of the coolest things Sley has done in her life was when she traveled to Cancun, Mexico with her siblings to visit her dad and they went swimming with a whale shark. Although it was scary in the moment to think she was swimming with a shark, it’s an awesome feeling to be able to say that she swam with the world’s largest species of fish.

Sley is looking forward to graduation and her top two schools right now are University of Oregon and Portland State. As much as she is looking forward to leaving BHS behind, she is also soaking up every last minute of what she will miss most which is the spirit at sporting events, her marketing classes, her teachers, and her awesome Beaver Lodge class. Some advice Sley would give to underclassmen is to make sure to always stay on top of things, step out of your comfort zone, and get involved! You will enjoy your time in high school so much more if you are able to find a club or activity you feel best fits you and create long lasting memories within these clubs.

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Bucky’s Family: Cody Davidson

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Cody Davidson!


Cody Davidson is 15 years old and a sophomore at Beaverton High School. Cody went to Sexton Mountain Elementary School and Highland Park Middle School. He also has a brother (Jake Davidson) who graduated from BHS in the class of 2017. Cody is an athletic, humorous, and intelligent person who loves to play sports. Cody says his favorite thing about BHS is, “How the whole community comes out and supports our athletics,:  He also really enjoys Social Studies and Marketing. When he is in college, Cody says he wants to study business management or interior design. Then after college, he wants to be an agent for professional athletes or an interior designer.

cody football picture.jpg

Along with his love for learning, Cody also enjoys playing football and basketball at BHS; he is currently on the varsity basketball team! Outside of school, Cody enjoys going boating with his family and friends, water skiing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. He says his favorite memory of boating is when he went to Lake Shasta for a week with his family and friends.

Cody wakeboarding picture

Cody loves his family and he credits them with making him the person he is today. He says, “They taught me how to be kind to all, chase my dreams and work hard.” He loves spending time with his family, and he says his favorite family tradition is on Christmas morning when they open all their presents while watching basketball.

Cody family picture

Bucky’s Family: Miguel Hernandez

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Miguel Hernandez!

Miguel is a junior at Beaverton High. Miguel grew up with his sister and five brothers in Hillsboro. When younger, Miguel attended Quatama Elementary School, and then Evergreen Middle School.  At age 14, Miguel moved to Beaverton where he now lives with his mother, sister, and five brothers.  Miguel is currently attending Beaverton High with his little sister and brother; they are both freshmen!

Miguel with Family

At Beaverton High School, Miguel says his favorite classes are Ms. Osman’s English class and weight training.  He likes Ms. Osman’s English class because he gets to be around his friends Daniel Bernal and Adrian Hernandez! Miguel enjoys weight training because he likes to be in shape for sports.  He also credits his appreciation for the class to the fun and cool environment that Mr. Boyer has made prevalent in the class!

Miguel Playing Football

Miguel has many hobbies and skills that have formed him into the hard-working young man he is today. These interests include cooking, hanging out with friends and family, playing sports, and most importantly, singing. Miguel has loved singing ever since he was a young child. In fact, Miguel is currently doing concert choir! He has received a letter in concert choir as well. Miguel, being the multifaceted man that he is, also plays football for Beaverton High. Miguel loves football due to the fact that he gets to be around his friends while competing and having fun. Miguel doesn’t just play football, we’re talking about a hard working Beaver here. He also does wrestling, track and field, and Beaverton High’s concert choir. Miguel is all about getting better both individually, and in team-based sports or competitions, he’s about making his team better in any way he can. Miguel mentions he spends all of his free time trying to better himself, at a practice working hard, or at home focusing on school. Miguel’s hard work and constant drive to be better truly make him a great addition to Bucky’s Family.
Miguel with Adrian and Daniel

Meet Sophomore Logan McRae

Logan McRae, Class of 2020, Sophomore Class President, at Beaverton, I am involved in a few things, such as Football and Baseball, along with the Leadership class. Being involved in these activities at Beaverton really help me build my character into who and what I want to be.

Logan 1.png

Being in the Leadership program, I’ve learned an incredible amount of new leadership qualities I wouldn’t of ever learned. Being involved in the school dances, events and activities also really teaches me a lot about the community at BHS and what they demand, and my goal is to fill that demand with what the community wants.

Logan 2

This year will be much different than this last year. We just lost an incredibly talented class, in both academics and athletics. But, I am most excited to see what we are capable of without them. I am most excited to see what the BHS community will do without this last class. Also, I’m pretty excited to meet the new kids from Sunset, and introduce them to all the better Beaverton ways.

Meet Senior Beth Lauer

My name is Beth Lauer. I am now a senior at Beaverton High School. I am currently the ASB Secretary in Student Leadership.

At Beaverton, I am involved with many different programs. I am in the BSD Health Careers Program and currently enrolled in a Certified Nursing Assistant Program. I am involved with Student Leadership which is how I have the ASB Secretary title. I have been part of the Beaverton Women’s Soccer program since my freshman year and for my senior year I decided to be the manager of the women’s Varsity team. I am a part of the National Honors Society at Beaverton and LINK Crew which helps incoming freshmen get adjusted to high school life. Besides the clubs and activities I do in school, I also really enjoy attending events at Beaverton like sports games (football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and track and field) and dances (Homecoming and Sadie Hawkins). Some of my favorite memories in high school have to do with these events. They are a very good way to get involved and have fun.

This link is to a video I made last year for a #1 Student Section contest.:

Outside of Beaverton, I am involved in a program called TOPSoccer where I get to play soccer with kids who have mental and physical disabilities. This program is so much fun and I have learned a lot about myself and others because of it. Last year, I started a fundraiser for a Cancer camp called Camp Ukandu. I went to this camp for the first time in 2012 and have been going every year since. This camp allows kids (and a sibling) who are fighting cancer to get away from the scary hospitals and stress of battling an illness. I am raising money to send kids to camp for free. My fundraiser is called Change for Ukandu and I have raised almost four thousand dollars. I sent 2 kids to camp this past June free of cost.

I am very excited for my final year at Beaverton even though I will also be very sad to leave. High school has gone by very quickly and I would go back and do it all over again if I could. I’m excited to be a senior this year and to be a role model for all the students at Beaverton. I’m very excited to finally get to do some of the things that seniors do every year that I have been waiting three years for. I’ve met so many people at Beaverton who have impacted my life and made me who I am. Throughout my three years in high school so far, I have fallen in love with the community, the teachers, and the tradition that Beaverton has. It has been an incredible experience and I’m honored to have been able to attend Beaverton High School.


Here Comes Senior Year

By Jennifer Caplan, BHS Class of 2017

As my Junior year comes to an end, I’m starting to get excited about Senior Year and everything it has to offer. Here is my Top 5 list of things that will occur during my Senior Year!

Football Season: During your Freshman year,  you stand in the back, dressed awkwardly, and can barely cheer because you can’t see anything happening.  As the years have gone on, I’ve waited to take part in the tradition of Senior girls standing in the front on the rail and get all dressed up, while screaming at the top of their lungs.



Leadership Retreats: Being apart of Leadership at BHS has been one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences in my life. I’m looking forward to 1st and 2nd semester retreats because it gives me a chance to get to know and work with people who, like me, want to better our school and community.

Marketing Trips: One of the best parts about being part of the Marketing program is all the out-of-classroom opportunities that we get to experience. From touring Wieden & Kennedy, Nike and Intel to traveling to NY and attending a variety of workshops and hearing from speakers, the marketing program has given me a lot of real world opportunities and experiences. I could not be more excited to see what next year has in store.

17022123_1246239755496389_4660842305173834251_nProm: Prom is the most awaited event at BHS. It’s said to be one of the best nights of High School. I can not wait to see all my classmates dressed up and to take pictures with them on this magical night.

14729360_1102107553242944_175710988988266928_nGraduation: I think I’ve had senioritis since sophomore year. I can not wait for the day of graduation. Although it will be hard to leave my friends, family and the only town that I’ve called home, the future excites me I can not wait to see all that it has to offer.

Junior year was amazing but so incredibly hard and busy. I know first semester of senior year will be equally as busy with applying to colleges, but I can’t wait to embrace all that they year has to offer and all of the exciting events of my Senior year. I have been looking forward to Senior year for the last 3 years, and it’s finally here….