At Beaverton, one of our core values is “Excellence Inspires Us.” Every day at BHS students, staff, and members of our community demonstrate excellence. On some days, members of our community demonstrate overwhelming excellence benefiting the greater Beaverton Community. One example of this is the BHS Holiday food drive. Every year students, staff, and community members collect food to feed over 100 families in need of holiday meals. Families come to BHS and are given a food bag to help them make meals during the holiday time. Everyone knows what it is like to have a meal with family or friends during the holiday’s and the food bags make this time of the year much less stressful for those families in need of a little help.

Another special example of excellence in our community is the annual Week of Wishes fundraiser. Sports and Event Marketing students spend six months preparing for this week and it is a week of wonder when all said and done. The students set up a silent auction, raise sponsorship funds, etc. Every year, BHS donates $10,000 or more to the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the end of this week! At the end of Week of Wishes, the community comes together for a fun double-header basketball game where most of the people involved including that years wish kid attend the event. It is a fantastic example of how EXCELLENT the BHS COMMUNITY is.

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A third example of the excellence at BHS is how hard students and staff work each and every day. Teachers spend their days and nights hard at work making the best possible lessons for students. Students show up each day and work hard in classes to make themselves better students. Each nigh,t people go to sports or extracurricular activities, and then go home and repeat the process over and over again. These are all every-day examples of how excellence exists in the BHS community.

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EXCELLENCE: Snowboarding to State

Colby Mills is a junior here at Beaverton High School, he’s also on the snowboard team. Colby has always loved snowboarding, he says it gives him a thrill and specifically loves boarding in the park and catching “mad” air. Since joining the Snowboard team Colby says his park skills have dramatically improved. He says the coaches know what they’re doing and also know how to explain it to the kids. Snowboarding is a unique sport in that the best way to succeed is to envision the jump or trick. He says you must picture yourself pulling the jump in order to do it. In addition, snowboarders must be willing to fail. In order to master a new trick, snowboarders fail many, many times.

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One of the hardest parts of being a snowboarder is failing. It’s hard to keep practicing and wanting to learn when you’re stuck on a trick. “It’s a mental game,” says Colby, “You have to block out the negative voices in your head.” Colby also says that it’s hard to get motivated when trying a new trick because you know you’re going to fall and experience pain.

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Being a Snowboarder living in Portland is not an easy task. Beaverton athletes make the long trek up to Mt. Hood every Wednesday after school and don’t return until 10:00 PM. Colby and his friends take turns driving up Saturdays and Sundays. Normally snowboarders can only practice 3 days a week so every run counts.

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Colby says that Snowboard team is one of his favorite things he’s been a part of. He has met many new friends and enjoys spending time with them on the mountain. Snowboard team welcomes all levels of boarders and would love to see new faces next year.

EXCELLENCE: Beaverton Burritos

Excellence is a core value at Beaverton High. Our education, our athletics, and our community outreach programs support this theme. However, smaller things within the community are often overlooked, such as the fuel that feeds the students achieving such excellence. This fuel, of course, stems from the burrito stand in the lower cafeteria. Every day, a line is formed, usually about 30 students long, for the burritos handcrafted by our very own Mrs. Hama.

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Students who stand in line for a burrito get the choice of beef or chicken as their base. After Mrs. Hama finishes preparing the burrito, students can then bring it over to the salad bar filled with a variety of toppings such as cheese, sour cream, peppers, cilantro, and many more, to construct their very own perfect burrito. Unfortunately, rice is not offered as a topping for our burritos. Personally, I think that in order to achieve maximum satisfaction from the student body, rice should definitely be included in everyone’s burrito-making options.

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We went to the burrito stand and talked to Mrs. Hama, who gave us some interesting feedback. Personally, she says she “loves the burritos”, and even eats them herself occasionally. When she makes her own, she uses the ground beef instead of the chicken because the seasoning used on it is super flavorful. One thing that students might realize, if they went to Beaverton High last year, is that she no longer folds the burritos once she puts the meat and bean contents in. She states that the reason for this was to solve the line problem, and try to speed up the process so that students can sit down and eat faster. Additionally, almost none of the students currently at BHS would know this, but there used to be two burrito stands, instead of just one, but no one really knows why it vanished. In the end, I highly recommend trying one of Beaverton High’s very own burritos handcrafted by Mrs. Hama if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.

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EXCELLENCE: Jam the Dam 2018

Excellence can be found all around Beaverton High School. From sports to academics, anywhere you look, you will find excellence; in the bodies of students, staff and our community. One example of excellence is Jam the Dam.

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Jam the Dam is a double header basketball event. Beaverton High School pairs with Make-A-Wish Oregon to create Week of Wishes. Week of Wishes is the build up week to the final event. BHS and Make-A-Wish Oregon have been paired together for this event for 13 years. BHS has raised over $205,000 and granted 30+ wishes.

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This year’s Jam the Dam event was huge success. Varsity Boys and Girls and JV Girls won their games against Aloha. The Sports and Event Marketing class led by Kathryn Robinson, raised over $15,000 dollars from sponsors, donations, and silent auction baskets. As soon as the last bell rang, students immediately started to line up at the door in hopes of getting a free t-shirt. The first 500 students would receive a free t-shirt with a rockin’ logo on it. Free ice-cream, free t-shirts, a photo booth and much more made students, fans and parents very happy.

EXCELLENCE: The Pond Remodel

By Sley Vega, senior

About two months ago students in the Marketing Management class decided it was time to give The Pond, the student store ran by the students in this class, a makeover. After much time deciding on colors, aesthetic, and product placement we spent hours going on multiple trips to Home Depot and Michael’s to buy the wood and decorations we would need. Our lovely teacher Ms. Ramberg took the time to stain all of the wood and bring it back to school for us to start the project.

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A huge part of the remodel was able to get done thanks to our Pond Manager, Ayden Hanks who spent the time figuring out the placement of the stained wood and sticking it onto the wall in The Pond. “I feel that this remodel was worth all the effort and time because now the student store looks a lot more welcoming and it is a fun environment to work in… Working on this also helped me realize that I am interested in pursuing some sort of interior design degree in college,” said Ayden after asking her why this remodel was worth her time.

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With the new crates hung up on the wall, the students were able to display their product in a way that is easier for their customers to see and for the product not to get overlooked. There were also fake plants added and small signs hung up to make the store feel more like a cafe and attract more customers.

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This remodel will help the following classes to come, because they will have this wonderful, modern workspace that will make them feel better about where they are working. After talking to Mrs. Ramberg about the remodel she said “Students are more successful with learning in environments more appealing. It inspires them to work hard while providing that real life experience.” Thank you Managment students and Mrs.Ramberg for all your hard work to make this happen!

Excellence Is Not a Skill. It Is an Attitude.

By Paola Hidalgo Cruz, senior

While searching through Pinterest for inspiration to write this blog, I came across this quote that says “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” This quote made me think of Track and Field and the athletes who compete.

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During the meets, I watch both JV and varsity compete against their competition. I watch all the athletes in their events try their best to reach to their finish.  I’ve seen some exciting races where two people from opposing teams are racing each other hand in hand close to the end of the race.  I like to see how hard they try to beat each other to the finish line and the students and the crowd gets excited and cheers them on, encouraging the competing athletes to push themselves even farther. That’s probably one of my favorite part of the meets, the teammates cheering on the sidelines encouraging their teammates through a hard race.

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Even on rainy days, when the air is cold and you feel wet and gross, that doesn’t stop the athlete from pushing themselves to their best. When I read, “Excellence is not skill. It is an attitude,” it reminded of all the hard working athletes who work hard everyday to compete and beat their PR and who compete hard even when the weather is awful.

By Joe Johnson, senior

EXCELLENCE INSPIRES US at Beaverton High School. Through sports, education, and community, Beaverton strives for excellence. A place in which excellence can be found is through our Track and Tield team. Beaverton Track and Tield is a place where – even though it is an individual sport – you have teammates who will help you and give you advice. Before track practice, all students participating in track warm up as a big team in the Wrestling Room.

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As someone who used to do track, I can confidently say that warming up together and having team like meetings brought us all closer and set us up for a successful practice. Not only do we strive in excellence when it comes to being great teammates to one another we also strive in our events. At practice, the event coaches have workouts for us leading up to the meet, and cooling down after the meet. This helps us prepare for the meet and strive for excellence, as well as take care of our bodies.

During the meets, everybody prepared, watched, and encouraged others about their events. This set us up for excellence and pushed us to give all our effort for the team. Everything we do is set up for us to be as successful as we can and strive for excellence.


Take Your Mark; Get Set; GO!

By Paola Hidalgo Cruz, senior

Track season has started at Beaverton High School, and the athletes at Beaverton are ready to compete!

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Before each practice starts, Coach Boyer starts with a motivational speech on how we must strive to be the best athlete we can be out in the field. He encourages us to push ourselves to our best of our ability and expects us to be there for every practice no matter how rainy the weather can be in Beaverton. This kind of encouragements motivates athletes in Track and Field throughout the season to push hard and strive for excellence.

Through practice, you will see the hard working athletes pushing themselves to reach excellence during their practices. Not only are the students at Beaverton High School working hard to compete for their upcoming meets but coaches are encouraging their athletes to do their best.

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Good luck this season, Beavers!

Ready or Not, Here Comes Track Season

By Sley Vega, junior

With spring comes track season!

“Excellence Inspires Us” is one of our four core values here at Beaverton High School. As a student, we see excellence everywhere ranging from the classroom to after school clubs and our athletic programs.

With spring sports three weeks into their season, the Track and Field team has been working extremely hard through long practices on the track, field, and weight room to beat personal records and place high in Metro League.


A perfect example of how students here at Beaverton High school show excellence inside and outside of the classroom is junior Natalie Perkins who is an outstanding competitor on the track while also having excellent grades and working hard in school.


After asking Natalie how she manages between Track, school, and her outside soccer team while still being one of the top ranked runners in the state, she answered with, “It’s all about time management and planning ahead of time for the work I know is coming– Taking advantage of every opportunity helps me be successful academically and athletically.”

As the season goes on, we are excited to watch as determined athletes like Natalie who broke the school record for the 400 meter last year break her own record again and excel to place 1st at the OSAA State Track Meet. “My goal is to win state in the 400 and I plan on doing this by working hard at every practice and pushing myself to get better every day with the help of my coaches and teammates.”


This season, Natalie plans on branching out of her comfort zone and competing in the 300 meter hurdles, which she has never done before. I encourage everyone to come out this season and try to watch a Track and Field meet. It is an awesome experience with so many different events going on, and what’s a better way to be involved with our community than sitting on the bleachers cheering on your friends as they break PRs with the sun gleaming in the sky?!