What is AVID?

By Angelica Bautista, senior

The Advancement Via Individual Determination program, also known as AVID is a National Program known in 7 countries and 44 states in the US and started. The program has been around for 35 years, and it is for students of first generation and or students of family with low income. The program’s goal is to prepare students for college and success in global society.


AVID is new to Beaverton High School, in which qualified students of the class of 2018 are the first ones in the school to start the program. Ms. Fregoso in MD02 is the AVID Coordinator at school and among other teacher like Mrs. Armstrong and Mr. Wichser; they are helping sophomores and freshmen succeed.


In AVID, students not only prepare them for college but teachers also help them pass their current core classes by checking that they are constantly writing Cornell Notes and have their binders organized. Students also use Tutorial Request Forms also known as TRFs. During tutorial days, the whole class gets split in four to five groups and share their TRF. During TRF sessions, classmates discuss the point of confusion of another classmate and what they know about it. The group tries to help them solve it by asking questions so they can find the answer. Afterwards, they write step by steps and their ¨Aha!¨ moment where they finally understood how to solve their point of confusion.


Ana Bautista is a junior at the school who is part of the 2018 AVID class. Before AVID, Ana did not know what a GPA was nor was organized with her binder. AVID helped her raise up her GPA, write Cornell Notes to understand her core classes and use Tutorial Sessions every time she can. ¨I am so happy Mrs. Elarth recommended to the AVID program and encourage me to join it. If it wasn’t for the AVID program, I don’t know where my GPA would be. I wouldn’t know how to stay organized, but most importantly I wouldn’t know how to prepare for college. What I love about my AVID class is that my classmates and I became family and we all support and encourage each other to succeed.” -Ana Bautista