Sophie graduated from Beaverton High as part of the Class of 2018. Currently, she is a music and psychology double major at Willamette University. Sophie has an older sister, Maddy Gourlay, who also went to Beaverton! She graduated in 2014 and now helps out in the drama and choir departments at BHS. Her favorite part of Beaverton was the friends she made and the unique experiences she had.

Alumni Spotlight 2

At Beaverton, Maddie was part of the theatre department, concert choir, and was one of the founding members of the acapella group Castoro (now DeSeptAVE). Also, she spent one year on the Rhythm B’s! Sophie is passionate about music and performing, and hopes to one day turn that passion into a career. She would like to thank her high school teachers who encouraged her to follow her dreams and pursue happiness, and who were understanding and supportive even during difficult times. Sophie would also like to shout out her best friend, Chloe Shankland, who is an incredible, outstanding, wonderful person and without her, she would not be as happy and successful as she is today!

Senior Blog: Ayaka Takeuchi

Coming to Beaverton as a freshman, it was hard for me to make friends. I had just moved to this country and was still learning English. Four years passed and I am surrounded by amazing friends and I am so glad I stuck around instead of giving up and moving back to Japan. My favorite memory here at BHS was my junior year, when I was kidnapped to be a Homecoming Princess. I remember I was tying up my last paragraph for an essay which was due in 10 minutes when screaming teenagers rushed into my room. It was such an memorable night and a week and I am so honored I got to be a part of the tradition.

Another great memory at BHS was Student Leadership. This class brought so many great memories and friends to me and joining this class was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made throughout my high school careers. We have retreats where students get to bond somewhere far from the school and I won’t even call this an exaggeration, it is the best weekend of your life. Okay maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but it’s still a phenomenal weekend. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to work with my classmates to better the school and those helped me grow into the individual I am today.

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Following up to one of the best decisions being made throughout the four years, I would like to mention my decision of joining the drama department my junior year. Without a doubt I can say that performing is my passion. I have been a fan of theatre for as long as I can remember, but I was hesitant to be a part of a production here since I was not confident with my language skills yet. Last year, I auditioned for the musical “Catch me if you can”, and even though 6 weeks of rehearsals was sometimes painful, the adrenaline rush I get being on stage, I had to do more shows! This years I was Eulalie Shinn for the musical “The Music Man” and Ms. Fleming for the musical “Heathers”. I met people that I can call my other family here in the department and I’m going to miss sharing the stage with such talented geniuses.

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Following up to performing arts, concert choir also brought great challenges and joy to me. I love music and sometimes learning songs can be a pain. But there’s this moment when everything comes together and our voices sound indescribable and it makes it all worth it. I was a piano accompanist for the last two years and it gave me an opportunity to perform in different settings.

Final great memory at BHS has to be Prom. Seeing my friends all dressed up made me realize that the last big event of senior year is now only graduation and it made me feel nostalgic. We danced the night away… like literally. The night consisted of great and odd memories and I will cherish them for so long!

Thanks, Beaverton High School, for all the memories!!

Bucky’s Family: Miguel Hernandez

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Miguel Hernandez!

Miguel is a junior at Beaverton High. Miguel grew up with his sister and five brothers in Hillsboro. When younger, Miguel attended Quatama Elementary School, and then Evergreen Middle School.  At age 14, Miguel moved to Beaverton where he now lives with his mother, sister, and five brothers.  Miguel is currently attending Beaverton High with his little sister and brother; they are both freshmen!

Miguel with Family

At Beaverton High School, Miguel says his favorite classes are Ms. Osman’s English class and weight training.  He likes Ms. Osman’s English class because he gets to be around his friends Daniel Bernal and Adrian Hernandez! Miguel enjoys weight training because he likes to be in shape for sports.  He also credits his appreciation for the class to the fun and cool environment that Mr. Boyer has made prevalent in the class!

Miguel Playing Football

Miguel has many hobbies and skills that have formed him into the hard-working young man he is today. These interests include cooking, hanging out with friends and family, playing sports, and most importantly, singing. Miguel has loved singing ever since he was a young child. In fact, Miguel is currently doing concert choir! He has received a letter in concert choir as well. Miguel, being the multifaceted man that he is, also plays football for Beaverton High. Miguel loves football due to the fact that he gets to be around his friends while competing and having fun. Miguel doesn’t just play football, we’re talking about a hard working Beaver here. He also does wrestling, track and field, and Beaverton High’s concert choir. Miguel is all about getting better both individually, and in team-based sports or competitions, he’s about making his team better in any way he can. Miguel mentions he spends all of his free time trying to better himself, at a practice working hard, or at home focusing on school. Miguel’s hard work and constant drive to be better truly make him a great addition to Bucky’s Family.
Miguel with Adrian and Daniel