Meet Freshman Katey Rench

Hi! My name is Katey Rench and I will be a Freshman this year! I can’t even believe that I’m in high school. It feels like just yesterday I was starting middle school but now it’s here. I was super excited to get onto leadership as the freshman cite council representative! I wanted to be apart of the school  in some way and this is my chance to! My sister was apart of student leadership and she really loved being part of it! One of the things that i’m looking forward to do since I made it into leadership is helping with setting up and creating the assemblies. Since Kylee helped with assemblies my parents would always let me come and watch, they were always so amazing and you could tell that people worked hard to set them up. It made me want to join leadership even more so that I could be one of those people who helped with creating them.


I am part of the JV Beaverton Cheer team! I have done cheer for Beaverton youth cheer for 2 years and It has been so much fun. I am so happy that I made the team this year! I always enjoyed watching the cheerleaders when they would perform at games or at assemblies because I always wanted to be out there doing it too. When I started cheering, I would go to the Little Beavers Camp that the cheerleading team would do and I would always wanna be just like the older girls because they were all so nice and good at what they did. Having had 2 older siblings going to Beaverton, I always enjoyed coming to football games and basketball games and watching how all the students would be so spirited. The people would cheer along and it would get super loud and it always made me super excited to be a high schooler myself!

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Outside of school I read a lot! I always love finding a good series so I can just keep getting book after book after book! My favorite library to go to is by Beaverton High School because I can walk there and  they have so many books and there’s so many different genres that you can choose from. It’s really nice to have a library close enough to walk to because then you can get a book and get your exercising done for the day. One of my favorite series is by Kiera Cass and it’’s called The Selection Series! I could not put those books down they were so great! When I’m not reading, I love watching shows with my family! One of our favorite shows that we have been watching since we were little kids is America’s got talent! It is a something we looked forward to when it comes out during summer time. I also hang out with friends a lot. Something me and my friends enjoy doing is going to the pool and the mall. We always buy Panda Express or Sushi when we go to the mall because it is kinda like a tradition. I am ready to create new friendships when I join Beaverton High this year and join traditions that have been happening for years.

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Meet Sophomore Anna Holt

Now that I have the house to myself, I have to figure things out on my own going into sophomore year. I can’t text my brother to ask his friends about which teacher actually grades homework, or cares about having phones out during class. At least I don’t have to pass him in the halls and get called his little sister or teachers won’t ask me if I‘m anything like him (because I’m not). But don’t tell him, I might actually miss having him and his friends around.

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Favorite thing about freshman year was Friday night football games, forsure. Now that I am going to cheer at them, I will definitely miss the stands but I will love leading the crowd. Wearing spirit gear on Fridays is one of the many things I love about being a student because even though us cheerleaders are supposed to wear our gear, I love seeing how many other people come together and do it too.

Anna 2

When other students ask me about Student Leadership I love sharing with them all that we do, including assemblies, dances and other school events. Creating and experiencing the behind the scenes of assemblies and events at the school is truly something I love to do. I never would have thought that students themselves were working that hard and being so independent. One thing about student leadership that is really refreshing is that we get new students every semester with new opinions that they are really excited to share. This gives us a little boost of energy going into second semester and we could use all that we can get.

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Senior Top 5: Anaya Sergeant

At Beaverton High School, I’ve learned so much about myself and who I want to be. Throughout these past four years I’ve met so many different types of people and learned so many new things, and I know I’ll always look back on my high school years fondly.


As a freshman, I remember trying out for the Cheerleading team and being so nervous my stomach was in knots. Learning the routines and getting better at stunts and tumbling was so rewarding, and competitions always made the team feel that all our hard work had paid off. Cheerleading was the first thing that got me involved in BHS and made me see how connected everyone is and how strongly we want each other to succeed.



Whether it be football or basketball or baseball or soccer, I always love huddling on the bleachers with my classmates and watching athletes work their hardest. The way BHS students come together and show their love for our teams is unforgettable, and the players all appreciate the support.

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Once I had gone through some marketing classes and learned how interested in business I am, I was eager to be a part of the Social Media Team. I had seen the class of seniors ahead of me on the team be enthusiastic and involved, and I admired how well they all worked together to make the content. Now that I am on the team and a group leader, I’ve made by far the best memories at business and marketing conferences in Los Angeles and New York City. We were able to listen to so many experienced speakers, and we also got to explore the cities. Every time I look back on photos from these trips, I can’t help missing them.

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As a senior, I know that all of these four years of high school have been preparing me for the “real world.” Like most people, I had no real idea of what I would do after I graduated and what my future would look like. However, now that I’ve grown and have gained more experiences I was able to apply to colleges that seemed like a good fit for me. I applied to Arizona State University, University of Oregon, and Portland State University. After being accepted to all three, (and having my mini celebrations in my head) I toured them all and decided that PSU was the home for me.



This was the night that everyone looks forward to from such a young age, and it definitely did not disappoint. The planning and preparation was stressful, such as the dress, dinner reservations, the perfect location for pictures, and the plans for the night after. But all of the planning and frantics to try and set a plan led to a night I’ll never forget. Dancing the night away with the people I’m grateful to end high school with was irreplaceable.


Hats Off to Cheer!

By Lacey Hedeen, senior

It’s well-known that here at Beaverton High School, we strive for excellence. Our cheer team is one of the many athletic programs that displays this at our school. They do an outstanding job every game, cheering our team on and hyping up our student section. Anyone who has been to a BHS basketball game knows the energy and spirit that the students and cheerleaders have. Every game, they are out there performing amazing stunts and back-flipping their way across the floor.

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Last month, our very own cheer team took third in state at the OSAA state competition. They showed us that hard work and dedication really does pay off. It was a perfect way for our seniors Kylee Rench, Clara Gulsvig, and Nate Purves to end their experience here at BHS.

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This last weekend at the OSAA Men’s Basketball state tournament was the last time that our cheerleaders and students will support this year’s wonderful boys’ basketball team. Hats off to both teams and all they have accomplished over the years.

Cheer Is (NOT) Easy.

By Kylee Rench, senior


Cheerleading has been a huge joy in my life. I started cheer freshmen year, and I was a JV member/ Varsity alternate. Since sophomore year, I have been on the varsity team and now, I have the pleasure of being a leader in our program.


I am excited to be a senior this year and am looking forward to what we will accomplish as a team. As a freshmen, I was so scared to try out for cheerleading because in the movies, cheerleaders are depicted as rude and exclusive. Since being on the team, I have found that cheerleaders are as nice as they come and they have to work just as hard as other sports. Cheerleading has two very different sides to it. There is the sideline cheer aspect and also the competitive cheer aspect. Sideline cheer is difficult because you have to remember dozens of cheers, motions, and stunts however, it is a rewarding and fun experience. Sideline Cheer is the aspect of cheerleading that often leads people to believe that “Cheer is easy”.


Competition cheer on the other hand is intense, and requires dedication, hard work and months of practice to come out on top. Competition cheer is the hardest part of being a  cheerleader. Overall, cheer has taught me to be confident in who you are and has been my favorite part of high school. Performing in front of your peers, and helping cheer on and increase the spirit for BHS sports is so much fun and I wouldn’t trade the experience of being a cheerleader for anything.