Senior Top 5: Logan Holt

High school is a special time in our lives, and all we can do is make the most of it cherish the little time we have. Though high school you change in many ways, and now that I’m a senior I absolutely love looking at old pictures and sparking old memories. Time flies like you wouldn’t believe it, no matter what anyone tells you, you will still look back and wonder where the days went. Now I am going to share with you my top 5 memories from my time here at BHS.

5. The Student Leadership retreat this year. This retreat was a ton of fun, I got to work and spend time with the kids in leadership, and we just had a blast. We went to Waldport beach, and getting to be away with the incredible group of kids in that class, especially the great group seniors, made for a fun and very memorable time.


4. Tennis. From playing tennis with my good friend Peter Vos freshman year, to being team captain this year, it has been one of the best parts of my high school career. Our tennis team might not win state every year, but we definitely are the cutest team. The community around Beaverton tennis is incredible, we BBQ at home matches and our team camaraderie is unbeatable. Shoutout to Hottmann for being the best coach of all time.

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3. Beaver Nation Migration. Making the trip to Southridge, cheering as loud as possible, and beating Southridge, was a day to remember. Beaverton High School this year has has one of the best students sections in state in both football and basketball, and getting to be a senior for that has been a ton of fun. Beaver Nation Migration was one of my favorite games because it always feels good beating southridge, I got to stand by the legendary Joe Johnson, and our student section was remarkably loud and came decked out in orange.


2. Prom. Prom was so much fun, it is just as incredible as people say it is. Getting to dress up all nice and getting to share that special night with my date and my senior class was great. From getting ready with my buddies, to pictures with my class, to dinner, and to the dance, made for a night that I will never forget. The most memorable part of prom has to be the last song. Don’t Stop Believin’ came on and at first I just looked around and took in that special moment with my class. But then I, along with everyone else, start belting out the words and dancing our hearts out through the entire song. It was an incredible night that I will never forget.


1. Rhythm Boys. Rhythm Boys was the best. Learning the dance over the course of 3 weeks, and going to practice with the boys was a lot of fun. Practice was goofy and fun because I got to be with my senior guys and we were attempting to learn a dance that was pretty hard. Then we got to dress up in our fish-nets, skirts, and cut up shirts and go perform our dance in front of our huge Jam the Dam student section and crowd, and got to see our basketball team beat Southridge.




Senior Top 5: Carla Martinez

It was in between finding out my first high school schedule and attending my last high school dance that some of the best moments flew by without me noticing. I became so caught up in the moment to realize that some of the most memorable years of my life were flying by. To be honest though, I would not want it any other way. I enjoy living in the moment and not worrying about what was next to come. Some of my favorite memories happened with my friends, others with my classmates and others with my teachers.
The first time I realized I had just had attended one of my favorite and last events was when myself and my Sports and Event classmates organized Jam the Dam working with Week of Wishes. It was everything from the 8’ft Chewbacca to our Wish kid handing out stickers to our big win against Southridge High. Jam the Dam is one of my favorite events because it is not only  students attending a basketball game, it is so much bigger than that. It is a community full of love working together to raise money to help a Wish Kids’ dream come true. Although attending every Jam the Dam game was amazing, actually planning it and being further involved was an extraordinary feeling.
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Another one of my favorite memories from my high school year was attending Prom with all my friends. Being on Prom Court pushed to be closer with people I would have most likely not gotten close to otherwise. Dress up days were so much fun because it made you step your creativeness up a notch. Prom itself was a night of joy and endless laughs. Watching my graduating class all come together to celebrate one of our mile stone marks was an overwhelming feeling of gleefulness, realization, success and every other good feeling you could experience around those you care for.
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I remember trying to get my permission slips turned in the last second and waiting outside the bookkeepers window after Beaver Lodge just to get my tickets for Beaver Nation Migration. I do not know if it is because we all dress in pink or because everyone comes together to make a stand in another territory that makes it so much fun but it is by far one of my most awaited times of the year for me. There is something about watching every grade from the freshmen to seniors walk the streets and having cars honk at us as an action of support that sets you up for an even better time at the football game.
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I have never felt a bond stronger between my classmates and my teachers than when our marketing class took a trip to Anaheim, California. It was the conversations that happened while waiting for flights, the laughs we shared during so many Disney rides and the questions that were brought up through our Disney Youth Education and Hurley Headquarters tour that made this trip one of the most magical times of my High School Experience. I can not put into words my gratitude for both my marketing teachers that made this trip possible. Being able to have gone to Anaheim with Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Ramberg was perfect because of how much trust they had in their students and how much knowledge they had on the setting we were in. My favorite part was watching both my friends and my teachers have fun together.
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If I had to give advice to underclassmen it would be to be as involved with your school as you can and explore new friends out of your friend circle. Also I would recommend to do everything to the best of your abilities and enjoy the moment; don’t worry about the outcome because the stress from events that haven’t happened could affect the proficiency in your present work.

Dear Senior Year, Please Slow Down.

By Angelica Bautista Coleote, senior & first-generation high school graduate


As senior from first generation that will be graduating, I feel excited about what the future holds for me. My family and I we are all new to all these systems: filling out FAFSA, college applications, etc., and I am truly thankful to my school for helping us with all these process. They give us multiple choices of opportunities to get through the whole process.

If there is anything I could change about my time at BHS it would be to have been more involved. My senior year was my first attending Beaver Nation Migration, and I really liked it. I wish I could of done it since my freshman year. Also, I have been attending some football games. It is important to be involved at school.


This year, I have made new friends that I wish I could have meet them at  an earlier time. Don’t be afraid to break the stereotypes from keeping you away from being involved. Enjoy a club, a sport, participate in school activities. Be involved the most possible you can because at the end of your senior year, you can say. “I did that” and ,“I did that, too!”


I never thought my last year of high school was going to be too soon.  I still don’t how I feel that next year all my friends are going to be in different paths. Most of them have been my friends since elementary all the way through to now. I am making memories with them while it last because it will bee too soon where we all be crossing stage and receiving our desired DIPLOMA. After 13 years of my life of hard work and dedication, I will finally be graduating!

Senior year can be stressful – GPA, FAFSA, senior dues, scholarships, applications, deadlines, responsibilities – but don’t let it get in your way plan ahead and be organized to be able to accomplish your tasks. Now that I am senior I am doing my best to be involved in what I can. Senior year is going by fast and when I least feel it I will already be crossing the stage. I am super excited for Prom and all of the senior traditions but everything is just happening too soon and too fast. Time needs to slow down because I really want to enjoy every moment that I can at BHS.


Some advice I have for incoming freshmen is to get out of their shells and to build friendships.  Go out there and be part of BHS community; be involved, and enjoy every moment at high school because will fly by fast. Also, don’t save everything for your last year; start during your freshman year, and you will have an amazing experience at high school.


Who’s Crazy? Oh, We Are.

By Karley Hecht, senior


The sky is blue, and the students are decked out in extreme orange as 500+ students meet at BHS. Nothing beats the noise of our first “Beaver *clap* *clap* Power” chant, and with that, all the crazy students begin their march to our rival high school. Once the beaver folk arrive at Southridge, you can hear a roaring chant of “This is our house!” which absolutely silences the home crowd. As both teams battle for 48 minutes total, the Beavers come out on top with a 42-27 win.

Here at Beaverton, excellence inspires us every day. Whether it be students, staff, sport teams, classes, or clubs, you can always find people doing big things here. The Beaver Nation Migration walk to Southridge last Friday was a perfect example of how special BHS really is.



Not only did the football boys do AMAZING against Southridge, but the amount of students and faculty that showed up to continue the tradition of walking to the game was so awesome!

The community at this school and the excellence that is shown every day is one of the best parts of Beaverton High School!