Bucky’s Family: Ochora Okullu

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ochora (Moses) Okullu!


Ochora Okullu, a 17-year-old senior at Beaverton is experiencing his first year at Beaverton and prefers to go by Moses. Moses moved here from Kent, Washington and lives with his parents and four of his eight siblings. He has four brothers and four sisters. Moses is the oldest.

At an early age, Moses learned from his parents to work hard at whatever he does and to keep on doing what he does best. This helped him overcome many obstacles including moving homes and schools. At one point in high school his GPA was 2.3 but through hard work, he raised to a 3.3. Moses’ favorite class at Beaverton is Marketing.
Moses also enjoys the Beaverton community. He plays varsity basketball and continues to work hard on the court. Volunteering at the YMCA and helping younger kids learn basketball is one of his favorite ways to pass time as well as spending time with family.
Something Moses wants more people to know about him is that while seems quiet and reserved from a far, he’s actually open to making new friends and is an incredibly nice guy.
Welcome to Bucky’s Family, Moses!

Bucky’s Family: Sydney & Laura Erikstrup

Meet Bucky’s Family members, Sydney and Laura Erikstrup!
Sydney and Laura, sophomore twins, would describe themselves as outgoing, kind, athletic, and energetic. Sydney and Laura were born in Oregon and have been raised in Lake Oswego by their mom Carrie and dad Flemming. They also have one younger brother, Dane. Dane is currently a freshman here at BHS. This is their first year at BHS but they are already loving it. They said their favorite part so far is the welcoming community and the amazing school spirit. They both want to get involved with BHS outside of sports and plan on joining Key Club in the future.
Sydney and Laura expressed that being a twin isn’t always funm and they cannot read each other’s minds, but they do seem to compliment each other on the court. Basketball is their passion and they are so excited for this season at BHS. They have been playing basketball since kindergarten and it takes up almost all of their free time. Other than basketball their favorite thing to do is travel, which they love doing with their club team over the summer. They both said they don’t really have a favorite class but if they had to choose they are really enjoying marketing. They both plan to continue to play basketball after high school. Along the way, they tried many other sports and activities such as ballet, but they both got kicked out for being too loud, with that being said Laura says Sydney always gets them into trouble while she always manages to get them out.
Sydney’s biggest role model is her basketball club coach because he always believes in her and pushes her to do her best. Laura’s biggest role model is her dad because he supports her in everything she does. Something most people wouldn’t know about them is they are fluent in Danish and travel to Europe every summer. Laura says although it can be annoying to have a twin, it’s fun when you’re on vacations and you have someone your own age to hang out with. The biggest obstacle the twins have overcome is having to move schools, it has been a hard transition for them this year and they miss their friends from LOHS but are so thankful for all the kind people at BHS who made them feel at home right away.

Bucky’s Family: Cody Davidson

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Cody Davidson!


Cody Davidson is 15 years old and a sophomore at Beaverton High School. Cody went to Sexton Mountain Elementary School and Highland Park Middle School. He also has a brother (Jake Davidson) who graduated from BHS in the class of 2017. Cody is an athletic, humorous, and intelligent person who loves to play sports. Cody says his favorite thing about BHS is, “How the whole community comes out and supports our athletics,:  He also really enjoys Social Studies and Marketing. When he is in college, Cody says he wants to study business management or interior design. Then after college, he wants to be an agent for professional athletes or an interior designer.

cody football picture.jpg

Along with his love for learning, Cody also enjoys playing football and basketball at BHS; he is currently on the varsity basketball team! Outside of school, Cody enjoys going boating with his family and friends, water skiing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. He says his favorite memory of boating is when he went to Lake Shasta for a week with his family and friends.

Cody wakeboarding picture

Cody loves his family and he credits them with making him the person he is today. He says, “They taught me how to be kind to all, chase my dreams and work hard.” He loves spending time with his family, and he says his favorite family tradition is on Christmas morning when they open all their presents while watching basketball.

Cody family picture

Bucky’s Family: Taylor Harbuck

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Taylor Harbuck!


Taylor is a 17-year-old senior at BHS. He was born at Saint Vincent’s hospital and has lived in Beaverton his whole life. He lives with his younger sister Sierra, his mom Stacey, and his grandma Jackie. He went to McKay Elementary and Whitford Middle School before coming to BHS. He loves BHS and the community. Both his mom and uncle are BHS graduates. He has been a manager for the football team since his sophomore year and enjoys helping others and making new friends.


Taylor loves basketball. He plays recreation basketball with friends in the winter and likes to shoot hoops in his driveway in his free time. His favorite video game is 2K(basketball) and he likes playing against is friends and showing off his competitive spirit.


To Taylor, family is everything. He enjoys spending time with his whole family and the holidays are his favorite time of the year. His favorite family tradition is going to his cousin’s house for Thanksgiving. He likes to spend time with his cousins and on Black Friday, during which they go to see the lighting of Portland’s Christmas tree downtown in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Taylor considers everyone at BHS to be a part of his family and he treats everyone he meets like it.

Taylor 2


Bucky’s Family: Isaac Rosenthal

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Isaac Rosenthal!
Isaac Rosenthal is currently a junior at Beaverton High. He is on the varsity tennis and basketball team and loves every minute of playing with his teammates. He spends the rest of hanging with his friends and studying to maintain his 4.0 GPA.
Isaac playing Basketbal
Along with the success come with a lot of obstacles and that Isaac had to face. The greatest obstacle that Isaac had to face was moving from a very small middle school to BHS, which is a big school. Isaac didn’t know a lot of people when he came here and the big environment was new to him. Luckily, Isaac quickly adapted to Beaverton and loves the community here.
One thing that you might not know about Isaac is his work in the community. He loves volunteering and giving back. He currently volunteers and helps with the Special Olympics. He says he loves spending time with the kids. Even though Isaac is a 4.0 student, one thing that he has never learned is the order of the months. To this day, Isaac  doesn’t know which month comes after which.
The Rosenthal household is a loving family. Isaac lives with his parents and his brother Noam who is 13 and currently attending the Portland Jewish Academy. Isaac said that his family raised him well and taught him strong morals from a young age. Anyone who spends time with Isaac can see these morals glowing through him.
Isaac and his brother
In the next five years, Isaac has some very ambitious goals. He either wants to own his own business or be in grad school.

Senior Top 5: Nate Johnnie

During the last 4 years, I have spent here at Beaverton High School, a few memories have stuck out in my mind. My number 1 memory here is winning the state championship last year. Not only is lacrosse one of my favorite things to do, but it was hosted here at Beaverton, which made it that much more special.


My second favorite memory at Beaverton High School was Senior Prom. I attended Prom as junior, but it truly isn’t the same as going with a group of kids you have known and become so close to. Easy the best school dance I have attended.


Up next in my list of memories at BHS would have to be joining the lacrosse program. Being apart of a program bigger than myself is something truly amazing and has taught me so many life skills that I couldn’t learn anywhere else. A huge part of this learning process was taught to me by my coach, Bidnam. Not only do I look up to him as a leader and a mentor, but he is an extremely good and successful coach. My freshman year, our record was 5-8. My Junior season we won the state championship.


My 4th favorite memory at BHS will have to be all of the sporting events. Every event is so special and all of the students that attend have an amazing time. My two favorite of all time would have to be football and basketball.


My last, but not least favorite part of BHS would have to be the assemblies. Sarm does a tremendous job along with Student Council.

Peace out, BHS! It’s been a great four years here!

Senior Top 5: Joe Johnson

Throughout my high school career, I experienced and learned a lot at Beaverton High School. Being able to see myself and the people around me grow up made me realize how fast the four years went by. I remember Freshman year when I was walking around with my schedule trying to figure out where to go and now I’m getting ready for graduation. Within all that time, I’ve built relationships that can’t be forgotten and connected myself with Beaverton’s community that has guided me through the years. There have been many memorable moments from these past four years at Beaverton, but five of them stand out to me.

Being a Sadie’s Prince was a very fun experience. Having to dress up, do activities, and be in the assembly with all the other princes was a very memorable week of my high school career.


My next memorable moment was going to state for track. It was a fun season of track with a lot of good moments and being invited to go to state ended the season perfectly. Although I did not compete, being able to experience the track meet and watch my teammates perform was very exciting.


Another memorable moment was being in Sports and Event marketing and working with Week of Wishes. We raised money for the Make-A-Wish foundation and granted kids wishes. Working Jam the Dam and doing everything for a good cause is something I will never forget from High school.


Another memorable moment was being in the student section at state watching our boy’s varsity basketball. We had the biggest student section there and being a part of it was very enjoyable. Watching those games were the most memorable, but being in the student section at Beaverton for any sports is always fun.


My last memorable moment was going to prom. Taking pictures, going to dinner, and the dance made the night special and it was a good way to end my last high school dance.


Overall, I made a lot of amazing memories at Beaverton High School, but those were my top five memories.

Senior Top 5: Jamie Sweatman

My high school experience has been a series of ups and downs but, overall, I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I got the amazing opportunity to play basketball with friends I will have for the rest of my life; I had amazing teachers who were very supportive and helped throughout my four years; and I met tons of new people that I will stay in contact with after my senior year is over. If I were to make a top five high school moments, it would include these things.


1-3. Without basketball, I would not be in school. It has kept me motivated and has given me a drive to be focused academically. Being a Beaverton basketball player is being part of something bigger than yourself. Basketball is my passion. I can always go to it to calm me down in times where I feel overwhelmed. I was very blessed to have Andrew Vancil, my basketball coach, come into my life and help me during all four years. He helped me stay positive in times where things weren’t looking so well. He is someone I see as a second father. After hours and hours of hard work, we became back to back Metro League CHAMPIONS and took fifth place in state. Winning the Metro League my junior and senior year and making it to the Chiles Center are three out of my five things.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.33.21 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.33.03 PMIMG_0066

4. Next was the football games. Being on the basketball team, this was my only real time to be in the best crowd in the state of Oregon. Beaverton’s crowd can be described as electric, ruthless, and dedicated. Being at those games were some of the most fun I’ve had in high school. I learned more and more throughout high school that the entire experience becomes so much better as you become more involved with the school and partake in activities. I would kill to be able to be in Beaverton’s football crowd just one more time.


5. Lastly, the dances. Seeing everyone dressed up and looking their best is a cool experience. I’ve been to other school dances and I can confidently say that there aren’t any other better dances than Beaverton’s dances. Instead of a bunch of different groups, everyone is all in one big group and interacting with each other. It’s very special that everyone can act themselves in an uncommon environment and not have to worry about being judged.


Being part of Beaverton High School is special. It’s way more than just a high school, it’s a family. Waking up at six in the morning is never fun for anyone. But waking up at six to reunite with your Beaverton family makes it a lot more easier. I have enjoyed my time at Beaverton, and it is very bittersweet to flip to the next page in my life. But I know I can always come back and be greeted with smiles from teachers and keep my close relationships with my fellow peers. This is a very special community, and I was very lucky to be able to be part of it for four years of my life.

In the Blink of an Eye

By Nick Uchida, senior

I cannot believe how it is half way through March. Senior Projects are “due” on March 21st, Prom Night April 22nd, then finally graduation on June 10th. It’s crazy to think that all of this is happening. I remember last year listening to all the seniors talk about how it goes by super fast and how you wish you can relive certain moments. I would listen to them, and in my head, I’d be like, “Yeah, yeah, I bet.” No more Friday night football games; no more screaming your lungs out at basketball games. Just typing this and thinking about how I’m never going to relive and get back those moments, and be part of that student section is sad and bittersweet at the same time.

Blog 1

Senior year you realize what’s important. You realize that having a few best friends is better than having a lot of casual friends. You realize that you have to cherish every moment good or bad. Lastly, you realize that doing what you enjoy and not caring about what others think about you will truly bring out the best you.

Blog 2

My Life, as Defined by Basketball

By Hunter Sweet, senior


After three going on four years of high school varsity basketball, you learn many things, not only life lessons but about who you are. There are many things you can utilize from playing basketball and put it to use in your everyday life, including that many times you learn through failure. Failure is not always a horrible thing; for the ones who are dedicated, it is a stepping stone to improve.

The first lesson I learned is to embrace failure and to use it as motivation to improve. During my junior year, I was playing in the annual Les Schwab Invitational,  an elite tournament held in Oregon featuring teams from all over the nation.Over 1,000 live spectators watched the nail-biting 4th quarter of our first game, and with less than a minute left, I found myself the free throw line to hopefully take the lead. In front of everyone, I missed both free throws. Not only did I miss but I missed by a large margin, the ball barely hit the rim. Our opponent Central Catholic then went ahead to win the game due to my failure to make free throws. For the next two weeks, I  shot 200 free throws every day, either before or after practice. About a month and a half later, we played Westview at home, and in the 4th quarter, I sank two crucial free throws that maintained our slim lead.


I have learned to cherish the relationships through our teams battle over adversity; the friendships I have built over my years of high school basketball are almost unbreakable. Seniors I knew my freshman year still text and call me just to check up on how I’m doing. In my opinion, some of the best friendships I have developed so far was the ones on the 2015-16 season. Not only were we a team but we were also one giant group of friends that hang out outside the gym.


The last but definitely not least important lesson I learned is to set goals and always check my list of goals as often as possible. On our first practice of the year, Coach Vancil began to explain some things that we could achieve. The first was win a varsity game which wasn’t hard or unthinkable at all. The second goal was to have a season that is over 500 (win over half our games) this was set because of our previous seasons. The third and final goal was win the league title. From that point forward, Coach would recite our goals back to us everyday before practice. Sure enough, I found myself in the league title game playing Jesuit. After we won the game and cut down the nets, Coach went into the locker room and checked off “LEAGUE TITLE” from our list.


Basketball is not just something you can do to have fun or do if you want to get in shape. Basketball teaches you life lessons and techniques for you to apply in your everyday life. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for basketball.