Senior Blog: Zack Danner

Today is the last full day of school for the Class of 2018. Many of us have mixed emotions as we have our yearbooks signed, turn in our final high school essays, and complete our final presentations and tests at BHS. As a class we celebrate our accomplishments, reflect on what our legacy at BHS will be, and throw papers in the air to celebrate the completion of what for many of us has been the greatest four years of our lives. Today, I reflect on all the great moments of the past four years.

My top three favorite moments at BHS are taking home the 5th-place trophy at State last year with the boys’ basketball team. It was an amazing run to win the Metro League title and then to go beat Westview for the fourth time in the same season before taking home the 5th place trophy.

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Another of my favorite memories was traveling to New York City with the Social Media Team. Putting the stuff you learn in the classroom into real world perspective is a great experience and I had a lot of fun learning outside of the classroom environment.

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Senior Prom is a night to remember. For most it is a one time experience, so enjoy it. For me this was a senior memory for the books. You can ask a girl and go with them or you can go with friends, but you only get one Senior Prom, so enjoy it. Enjoy being with your high school friends for one last school dance.

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I’ll conclude this blog with a piece of advice for every Beaverton student; current or incoming. Enjoy the time you have at Beaverton. Being a Beaver is a special thing, and the time goes by so fast. Join a club or a team and find a way to be involved. Go to dances because you can. Enjoy this time while it lasts, cause believe it or not, it doesn’t last long.


Hoopin’ It Up @ BHS

By Zack Danner, senior

At Beaverton High School, basketball is a big deal!

Our basketball programs have just finished the post season and both teams did great. Senior Star Jake Estep (Metro League Player of the Year) was honored to get the opportunity to play in the Northwest Shootout game. In this game the best high school players from both Oregon and Washington team up in a high intensity game against each other. The winner takes home the trophy for the year. This year Oregon took the game over Washington and Jake along with Kyle Greely (West Salem High) co-won the MVP award.

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BHS Girls Basketball had a great season! The team lost only five games under the direction of Head Coach Kathy Adelman Naro. All season long this team out played other teams, and in games were the opposing team was more likely to win, the girls varsity team didn’t go down without a fight. After a long season, the team won two playoff games at home sending them to the Chiles Center to play in the state tournament. The team took home the fifth place trophy and enjoyed playing at the tourney. It was a great opportunity for the student section to travel to the games and watch our girls ball against the top teams in the state.

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Around the school, students walk around talking about the Portland Trail Blazers and their first round matchup; the New Orleans Pelicans. In the first game, the Blazers (3 seed) lost by 2 points to the Pelicans (6 Seed). In a game where the teams stars Dame and CJ only scored a combined 37 points on 40 percent shooting, the team was unable to surpass the Pelican team that played well together. Students, staff, and families alike are talking about the Blazers and the playoff run that could come assuming the blazers play better. Gameday is a big deal in Rip City and at The Beaverton High School.

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NBA Draft 2018

By Gus Woolfrey, junior

As the 2018 NBA draft approaches us in June this summer, there has been a lot of talk about the top 10 projected picks. Currently, the number one pick in the draft is seven foot center DeAndre Ayton out of the University of Arizona. DeAndre Ayton is currently projected to be selected to the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Falling behind him is the star center from Duke University, Marvin Bagley III who is projected to be drafted by the Phoenix Suns.

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I personally saw Marvin Bagley play at the annual Les Schwab tournament at Liberty High and he was very exciting to watch. After Marvin is the forward from Missouri, Michael Porter. Michael Porter is projected to the Atlanta Hawks. With the fourth pick, Jaren Jackson Jr. out of Michigan State is projected to the Orlando Magic. With the fifth pick, Mohamed Bamba, the 7 foot center out of Texas, is projected to go to the Sacramento Kings. With every draft in sports, there appears to be sleepers. One of the 2017 sleepers was point guard Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz. He was drafted 13th overall and he is currently leading rookies in points and assists.

My sleeper pick for this years draft is Kendall Stephens from University of Nevada. He played exceptionally well throughout the season averaging more than 10 points. Another possible sleeper in this years draft is Gary Trent Jr. from Duke University. Gary is a six foot, six inch shooting guard and has good shooting as well as his ability to drive to the hole. Gary has averaged 15 plus points a game as well as almost 5 rebounds.

Overall, I do believe there are some flaws with this draft. My big concern is why freshman Troy Brown from Oregon is in the draft. I do understand that he has perfect height, but in his first year at Oregon, he only averaged 11 points and 6 rebounds.

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If I were Troy Brown, I would make the smart decision to stay at Oregon due to the very good prospects coming to the U of O. One of those prospects is Center Bol Bol. If Troy Brown stay, he will be accompanied by Bol, and the duo can create chaos in college basketball. Another one of my thoughts on the draft is that I personally believe that Grayson Allen of Duke is at a too high of a draft pick. I personally believe Grayson Allen plays dirty, and has no class in his game. I do not think he is deserving of a number 25 spot in the draft.

TRADITION: Senior Nights

A common staple of high school sports are Senior Nights. These games are usually the last home game, match, meet, etc. of a team’s schedule and are meant to honor the graduating seniors and their time as a varsity athlete. Beaverton High School makes these games a tradition by promoting these games hard to the students in hopes of a large crowd. The seniors at Beaverton are called up before the crowd by the announcer. The announcer usually introduces the athlete by giving their name, position, favorite memories, and plans for after highs school. The senior athlete walks out onto the court or field with their family to shake Mrs. Erwin, Mr. Blok, and their coaches’ hands and then takes a picture with the group. This provides a positive way to start a competition and close a regular season.

This basketball season, the girls’ team only had one senior, Cierra Speck. Speck played Beaverton basketball for all four years of high school. Even after her freshman season, when many talented seniors and a familiar coach left, Speck stuck with the program. And again, even after relatively unsuccessful seasons her sophomore and junior year, Cierra didn’t quit. This season, the Beavers finished second in Metro and are ranked third heading into the state playoffs. Speck continues to contribute greatly to the team both on the court and off, as a mentor to the underclassmen. Cierra’s Senior Night (dubbed Cierra Night) was held against Century on February 13th. The team celebrated Cierra Night by beating Century 63-27.


The Beaverton Wrestling team had an unconventional Senior Night this season. During the week of January 25th, Beaverton was having some technical difficulties in their gym. As a result, all events to be held in the gym were cancelled. That meant Beaverton’s single home wrestling meet was cancelled and that was supposed to be Senior Night. Thanks to the hospitality to Beaverton’s otherwise bitter rival Southridge, Beaverton was able to host their meet at Southridge. Thanks to word of mouth, the team attracted a sizeable crowd and rallied for the 57-21 win over Liberty.

Wrestling Senior Night January 25, 2018 - 9Wrestling Senior Night January 25, 2018 - 11

Back to the Chiles Center!

By Curtis Posner, junior

#HatsOff to our boys’ and girls’ basketball for making the playoffs this year. It’s the first time that your Beaverton girls’ team have made the playoffs since 2015! Last week, our boys team had to venture down to Grants Pass, Oregon while our girls team earned a spot a home for their first two playoff games. I have ran the scoreboard for both teams at all of the home games, and I have really learned a lot about the coaches, players, and fans. What I have noticed first and foremost is that both coaches, Andrew Vancil and Kathy Adelman Naro, are fantastic coaches with they way they compose themselves and read each situation presented to them. Their expertise on the sidelines is backed up by their season record.

This year, the OSAA Basketball State tournament is held at the Chiles Center, located at the University of Portland campus. The girls quarterfinals will be held there on Wednesday, March 7th, and the boys quarterfinals will be held the following day on Thursday, March 8th.

Our boys’ team finished the regular season with a 14-10, earning a ranking of 17th in the state of Oregon. In league play, we finished 13-7. An added bonus to that 14-win season is that we beat the 8th rated team, Jesuit Crusaders, 68-49!

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Unfortunately, in the first round in the playoffs, our boys team lost to Grants Pass High School by 8 points. The score was 76-69, but that score did not represent how the team played. After three quarters, our boys brought the deficit down to two points, but the Cavemen fought hard to defend their lead. Even though the boys played down in Grants Pass, our devoted fans listened to the game over the radio and were able to watch the intense action live Tablerock Sports Network.

Both of the Beaverton basketball teams fought hard and represented our school very well, and it showed because our girls’ basketball team finished with a 20-3 record earning them 3rd place in the state of Oregon. In league play, we finished 18-2 beating the Jesuit Crusaders both of the times we played them!

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I have a sister that plays for the girls’ varsity basketball team, and it’s exciting to see her play and get to hear the conversations the coach is having with her and her teammates. Last Tuesday, in the girls first playoff game, they played Cleveland High School and conquered the Warriors 55-36. This was also a very intense game because Cleveland’s point guard closed the gap by knocking down three 3 pointers in a row. Our girls continued to battle through, and ended up winning by 19 points. Last Friday, the girls faced the 20th ranked, Sherwood Bowmen, which was the last game of playoffs before teams earned a spot to play at the Chiles Center.

I asked Nicole Posner, my sister, what was the best part about this season and she said, “I really liked meeting the new people on the team and I am glad that I have made new friends. I also liked having a winning season which was due to the long, hard practices that made us so much better.”

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Congratulations to both the boys’ and the girls’ basketball teams for making the playoffs! It’s awesome to see the teams make it this far and to see the great support that our school shows. It all links back to one of our common core values, which is that community connects us.

One Step at a Time

By Mason Stewart-Carothers, junior guard

With the basketball season coming to an end and playoffs in full swing, teams all over the state are prepared and ready to go. For fans, it might seem like just another game, but that’s not the case. Your Beavers are putting in extra hours of work to reach our goal of making it to the Chiles Center at the University of Portland to compete against the top teams in the state. In order to do so, we must win two playoff games to advance. That’s not an easy task to complete.

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My name is Mason, I’m a member of this year’s basketball team, let me take you behind the scenes on how my teammates and I are preparing. This week, while some teams were still finishing up the season, we had the week off from games. The great thing about this year’s team is we are all on the same page and share the same goals. At this point in the season, it’s win or go home, and your Beavers aren’t going home without a fight. We continue to get in the gym and continue to compete against each other to prepare for the challenges we are going to face.

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This late in the season, everyone is tired and worn out, but the goal of making it to the Chiles Center is what is keeping us going. The playoffs create a different mindset for our team. We think of it as a different season than the one that just came to an end. We take it one step at a time and think of each game as a one-game long season of its own. As of now, we are locked in on the one game season we have ahead of us and are doing what we can to prepare for the game on Wednesday, the 28th. We are ready to give it our all.

BASKETBALL: The Season So Far

Both the Boys and Girls basketball teams have had great seasons are both are going to finish in the top 3 in the Metro League. The boys team is ranked 15th in the state the with an overall record of 14-9, and a record of 9-5 in league. The girls team is ranked 3rd in the state with an overall record of 20-2, and a record of 13-1 in league. Both teams are going to make it into the playoffs, and both are looking to make some noise as two of the younger teams coming out of the Metro League.

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Boys basketball has had a great season so far but they aren’t done yet. The boy’s team is looking to get at least one home game in this years playoff run, or if they get lucky, will get to host two games on the way to the Chiles Center. After last season, when the Beavers made it all the way to the Chiles Center and placed 5th in state, we graduated 7 seniors from the basketball team. Coming into this season we only had one returning player with any varsity playing experience, 1st-Team All-Metro player Jake Estep. It was a very different team this year compared to last year, but despite not having as much experience our boy’s team still managed to be in the top 3 in league this year, only behind Jesuit and Southridge who are two senior led teams.

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Girls basketball also had a very different season from the year before. Last season the Beavers finished with an overall record of 3-20, and a league record of 3-12. It was definitely a down year for the girls basketball team, but this season has been a huge turnaround, with help from a new coaching staff and a new group of players that came into the program. This season the girls have had an amazing season with only two losses. They are looking to keep this winning trend ongoing into this year’s playoffs. The entire basketball program has been a success this season, but the season isn’t over and both teams will be looking to make a deep playoff run.

Bucky’s Family: Ochora Okullu

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ochora (Moses) Okullu!


Ochora Okullu, a 17-year-old senior at Beaverton is experiencing his first year at Beaverton and prefers to go by Moses. Moses moved here from Kent, Washington and lives with his parents and four of his eight siblings. He has four brothers and four sisters. Moses is the oldest.

At an early age, Moses learned from his parents to work hard at whatever he does and to keep on doing what he does best. This helped him overcome many obstacles including moving homes and schools. At one point in high school his GPA was 2.3 but through hard work, he raised to a 3.3. Moses’ favorite class at Beaverton is Marketing.
Moses also enjoys the Beaverton community. He plays varsity basketball and continues to work hard on the court. Volunteering at the YMCA and helping younger kids learn basketball is one of his favorite ways to pass time as well as spending time with family.
Something Moses wants more people to know about him is that while seems quiet and reserved from a far, he’s actually open to making new friends and is an incredibly nice guy.
Welcome to Bucky’s Family, Moses!

Bucky’s Family: Sydney & Laura Erikstrup

Meet Bucky’s Family members, Sydney and Laura Erikstrup!
Sydney and Laura, sophomore twins, would describe themselves as outgoing, kind, athletic, and energetic. Sydney and Laura were born in Oregon and have been raised in Lake Oswego by their mom Carrie and dad Flemming. They also have one younger brother, Dane. Dane is currently a freshman here at BHS. This is their first year at BHS but they are already loving it. They said their favorite part so far is the welcoming community and the amazing school spirit. They both want to get involved with BHS outside of sports and plan on joining Key Club in the future.
Sydney and Laura expressed that being a twin isn’t always funm and they cannot read each other’s minds, but they do seem to compliment each other on the court. Basketball is their passion and they are so excited for this season at BHS. They have been playing basketball since kindergarten and it takes up almost all of their free time. Other than basketball their favorite thing to do is travel, which they love doing with their club team over the summer. They both said they don’t really have a favorite class but if they had to choose they are really enjoying marketing. They both plan to continue to play basketball after high school. Along the way, they tried many other sports and activities such as ballet, but they both got kicked out for being too loud, with that being said Laura says Sydney always gets them into trouble while she always manages to get them out.
Sydney’s biggest role model is her basketball club coach because he always believes in her and pushes her to do her best. Laura’s biggest role model is her dad because he supports her in everything she does. Something most people wouldn’t know about them is they are fluent in Danish and travel to Europe every summer. Laura says although it can be annoying to have a twin, it’s fun when you’re on vacations and you have someone your own age to hang out with. The biggest obstacle the twins have overcome is having to move schools, it has been a hard transition for them this year and they miss their friends from LOHS but are so thankful for all the kind people at BHS who made them feel at home right away.

Bucky’s Family: Cody Davidson

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Cody Davidson!


Cody Davidson is 15 years old and a sophomore at Beaverton High School. Cody went to Sexton Mountain Elementary School and Highland Park Middle School. He also has a brother (Jake Davidson) who graduated from BHS in the class of 2017. Cody is an athletic, humorous, and intelligent person who loves to play sports. Cody says his favorite thing about BHS is, “How the whole community comes out and supports our athletics,:  He also really enjoys Social Studies and Marketing. When he is in college, Cody says he wants to study business management or interior design. Then after college, he wants to be an agent for professional athletes or an interior designer.

cody football picture.jpg

Along with his love for learning, Cody also enjoys playing football and basketball at BHS; he is currently on the varsity basketball team! Outside of school, Cody enjoys going boating with his family and friends, water skiing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. He says his favorite memory of boating is when he went to Lake Shasta for a week with his family and friends.

Cody wakeboarding picture

Cody loves his family and he credits them with making him the person he is today. He says, “They taught me how to be kind to all, chase my dreams and work hard.” He loves spending time with his family, and he says his favorite family tradition is on Christmas morning when they open all their presents while watching basketball.

Cody family picture