Senior Blog: Jose Rodriguez

During my time at Beaverton, I can recall countless memories that have made my high school experience unforgettable. From watching the amazing student section at football games to enjoying the well-thought variety of assemblies our school offers, I will certainly never forget Beaverton High School. The one suggestion I have to incoming freshman is to be involved in the school. I was lucky enough to be a 3-year varsity soccer player and that is something that I’ll never forget. I met the majority of my friends through soccer at Beaverton and made bonds that will last a lifetime. Soccer not only made me a better player, but it made me a better person as well. It taught me how to overcome adversity and importantly how to be a good loser.

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My favorite memory at Beaverton was in the 2015 OSAA state playoffs. We had just won a play-in game and found ourselves barely making the playoffs. We were matched up against David Douglas, who was ranked #8 while we were ranked the lowest possible at #25. We knew it would be a tough game but we also knew we had the passion and desire to pull off an upset. We battled for the whole 90 minutes and eventually pulled off the upset. It was an amazing feeling because we came together as a team and showed that rankings mean nothing. This was a memory that I’ll never forget.

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Beaverton High School has taught me so much. I can’t even begin to think about who I’d be if it weren’t for the staff and students here. They do so much for not only me but for the entirety of the school in making sure students are prepared for whatever path they decide to take on. My favorite part of BHS is the tradition it holds. The tradition is trickled in through almost every aspect of the school and attending a high school like this one has made me so grateful as I step into a new chapter of my life.

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Dear Seniors… With Love, Mr. Leyden

Seniors– the next chapter in your life is about to begin. Yes! Be willing to change your flight plan mid-course. I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up” as I headed off to college, but it took me two years to reach the realization that a career in medicine wasn’t in the cards. Fortunately I had pretty wide-ranging interests, and social studies topics were always fascinating to me. I didn’t feel like I was going with a Plan B, but rather a second Plan A when I changed majors and eventually put myself on a path to teaching. Be grateful for your special station of life as young adults. The weight of the world’s responsibilities is not on your shoulders just yet, even though at times it may feel that way, so branch out, take risks, and do some exploring. Harness the unique potential energy you have to utilize your gifts—and yes, you do all have at least one—to improve the lives of others & the world around you, and have fun doing it. And for those among you who may not be so academically inclined, you don’t have to let school get in the way of your education! There’s no shortage of life lessons to be had outside the classroom. Be kind to others, be in the moment (put away your device!) and be a good listener, smile & nurture a genuine curiosity about the world around you, and doors will open up for you as you make your way. I’m excited for your future! Good luck, & take care— LEYDEN

Senior Blog: Noelani Lambert

Top 5 Favorite Memories at Beaverton
By Noelani Lambert

My favorite memory here at BHS was my junior year when my softball team took the 5th place title in state. It was a great memory because it was my favorite group of girls and we had so much fun that year. We had been working so hard all season to make a statement and play our hardest and we did that by leaving everything on the field.

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Another great memory I have was Jam the Dam my junior year because it was the only year I was able to attend. It was a great game and a great way to experience our community!

Another one of my favorite experiences was my freshman year, traveling to Portland State with my Beaver Lodge class. We are really good friends, and that day was the beginning of our friendship. We got to spend the day together and explore the campus. Another memory I have at Beaverton that I will never forget is the sleepovers that I would have with my softball team last year and the year before. We were a really tight knit group and were really bonded. We spent lots of time together and created friendships that will last forever!

My last favorite memory at Beaverton was College Commitment Day, because it was a perfect opportunity to reflect on my high school experiences and accomplishments. I never would have expected that high school would fly by so fast and I would be headed off to college soon. It was strange to thinking back and contemplate the last 18 years of my life.

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Senior Blog: Jack LaPerle

Jack LaPerle: The People Person

Seniors have experienced many challenges over the past four years when it comes to certain classes and certain units. In this blog, the focus is senior Jack LaPerle. Jack is a hard working senior who is in classes such as FST, Marketing Seminar, Marketing Seminar, AP Human Geography, AP English Language, and AP Biology. Jack is a hard working senior who is going to University of Oregon next year.

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When asked what class he’s fallen behind in and struggles with, Jack exclaimed AP Biology. He’s struggling with the hard concepts, and as he put it, a lack of effort. “I don’t try anymore”. Senioritis hit Jack, and he seems to be well aware.

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Jack feels he’s better at Marketing. This is his interest, and he likes the ways of marketing. Jack went through the entire Marketing program with teachers Mrs. Ramberg and Mrs. Robinson. He is now about to graduate, and he can’t wait! With a loaded class schedule, Jack is working hard, in most of his classes, to wrap up the year. Jack is a prime example of a senior. Thank you, Jack.

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Senior Blog: Kamaia Gassner

By: Kimaia Gassner
For as long as I could remember, softball has been a big part of my life. As my senior
season came to an end, I only then realized that I had been playing the sport for the past 13 years. From playing t­-ball with my kindergarten friends, to Little League World Series, to playing alongside my high school friends for the past four years,­­ it’s been a long and memorable ride.
My freshman year, I could remember being super nervous for tryouts. I knew that if I
was able to showcase my best abilities, there was a chance that I would be able to make the varsity team. Sure enough, I landed a spot on the varsity team alongside my sister who was a senior that year. Aside from my personal goals to be part of the team, my sister played a large significance as to why I wanted to be on varsity my freshman year. For only one season, my sister and I would be able to play together. That experience that I shared with her is one of my fondest memories of my high school career.
Over the past four years, I’ve learned a lot about myself, gained a sense of perseverance, and an even greater sense of what it means to be a team and a family. Of course, in high school softball, you aren’t able to choose who you get to play with. There will be people that you don’t get along with, tough games, and injuries that set you back, but all in all, it’s part of the game. I think that can be translated well into life. Despite the upsets and
downfalls that you face, that’s the way things are and the only way to get past them is to move forward.
Playing varsity softball for my entire high school career has been a great experience.
There have been seasons where we haven’t necessarily been successful, and others where we made more impact than people expected. High school softball has been my stress relief from school, and has kept me busy, I’m thankful for that. It’s been a good ride, and I’m grateful I tried ­out of the softball team my freshman year.
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Senior Blog: Malia Roll

My last four years playing lacrosse for Beaverton have been a very memorable experience. Every year brings a new set of faces and a new team. As a senior, I am able to help lead the team and get to know all of the girls better. It is a very rewarding and fun as well. I get to see the team grow and mature throughout the season, all while becoming stronger and closer together. I am sad to be leaving the team, however, I will always cherish the memories that I made with them.

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My favorite lacrosse experience is when our lacrosse team went on our team retreat. Every year, we begin the season at Twin Rocks Friends Camp. During the trip, we stay at the beach in cabins with our future teammates. It is my favorite part of the season because it is a good bonding experience and we can get to know each other. It is also enjoyable because we play a lot of games and activities.

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My favorite activity was a stick building competition; we had to make a functional lacrosse stick out of miscellaneous items. It was challenging, but it helped us work to together and show our creative side. After that, we walked along the beach, which was a welcome break from the cabins. The trip is always a refreshing escape from school and an exciting thing to look forward to.

Senior Blog: Grant Kirby

My senior Top 5 are…

Baseball: Being a part of the baseball program has been an amazing experience. The BHS baseball program has been very successful over the course of its existence, and I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of great teams, including last year’s team that made it to the state semi final game. My favorite part of baseball is that I got to play alongside one of my best friends, Manny Castineira. We’ve been on the same team since freshman year and we’ve created many great memories on the diamond together.

Get-togethers outside of school: Here and there, mostly in the summer, members of the Class of 2018 have organized events outside of school. These are very fun to be a part of, and they’re a great bonding experience. One of my favorite events has been the Perkins Badminton Invitational, hosted by Natalie Perkins. Last year Matt Eppler and I suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the championship game, but the loss was overrode by the memory of having fun and competed against my fellow classmates. This year I am very much looking forward to the senior camping trip. I know I’ll have an absolute blast with my class in the wilderness. Blog Pic 1

Football: Playing football was one of the defining parts of my high school experience. Nearly all of my closest friends played football, and I’ll never forget playing alongside them on Friday nights. It was a great experience to be able to play in front of our home crowd. My favorite football memory was beating Sunset in very dramatic fashion on our Homecoming game. Also shoutout to Munch for coming back and playing with us for our senior year.

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Dances: Although I don’t love dancing, I did enjoy our school dances. Getting dressed up and taking pictures with everybody is always a great time. And the dances themselves were always a great time. My best dance experience overall was definitely prom. I think that everybody does a great job of coming together on prom and making it a night to remember. My favorite dance moment was Homecoming 2016 when I was able to crowd surf for a glorious 15 seconds.

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Lunch Time: Lunch is always a nice escape from reality. It is a time for catching up with friends, gossiping, roasting Matthew’s outfit choices, hanging out at the Pond, doing last minute studying, and turning unsuspecting kids’ backpacks inside out. I love lunch time and will miss it dearly.

Senior Blog: College… for Free?

Here at Beaverton, we have some very talented seniors that are off to take on their next challenge: college. Many of these 2018 graduates have received some amazing scholarships to some very honorable schools. From dedicated athletes to intelligent students, these seniors – among others – are off to do great things.

A perfect example is Sam Regali who got awarded the Chick Evans Scholarship which offered her a full ride to the University of Washington. Her dedication to caddying at the Portland Golf Club throughout high school helped her get to where she is today.

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Another amazing example is Naomi Ezra who received a full ride to University of San Francisco. She is involved with the Black Student Union at BHS and has done so much to build up the club and make a difference in this school.

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Jake Estep is a perfect example of an ambitious athlete. He worked super hard throughout high school and his basketball career to get him to where he is now. Congrats to these soon-to-be grads!

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Beaverton is filled with kids who are the epitome of excellence. They are now being rewarded for their hard work, and we know they are going to do great things. Best of luck to these seniors in their new endeavors!

Senior Blog: Lexi Hetrick

Lexi Hetrick is a senior here at Beaverton High School and is graduating this spring. Her favorite thing about BHS was the school spirit, especially the Friday night football games.

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Her favorite teachers were Mr. Rein and Mr. Sandri because they were very helpful throughout her four years of high school. She also loved how many good vibes they gave off to her and the other students. When asked, she said “high school really flew by and I don’t know where all the time went.”

“I was involved in the Beaverton Lacrosse program on the Girls Varsity Team for three years. Along with that I coach for the 3rd and 4th grade cheerleaders at Mountainside. My friends would describe me as a very energetic, funny, outgoing, caring person. I love all of the support from my friends and family that helped me get through high school.”

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If she could give incoming freshmen advice for high school, she would tell them to study hard and focus on school; go to all of the Friday night football games to support the football team; and keep the people that you trust close.

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Senior Blog: Regan Mott

One of the best memories I’ve had from BHS was when I got captured to be a Homecoming Princess my sophomore year. It lasted the whole night and into the next morning. I became friends with girls from all grades and I got scared the heck out of. We had to constantly sing and dance in the car for hours on end.


There were supposed to be four princesses in each car, one from each grade, and I remember we’d stop at every house and not a single princess would join me. I was in the car along for probably an hour and a half before another princess joined me. That was the scariest moment of my life.


The next morning, the previous royalty put lipstick all over our faces and we had to go to school like that. We each had mismatching shoes, mine was a heel and a slide, and a crown. This was such a crazy, amazing night I’ll never forget.