Meet Freshman Katey Rench

Hi! My name is Katey Rench and I will be a Freshman this year! I can’t even believe that I’m in high school. It feels like just yesterday I was starting middle school but now it’s here. I was super excited to get onto leadership as the freshman cite council representative! I wanted to be apart of the school  in some way and this is my chance to! My sister was apart of student leadership and she really loved being part of it! One of the things that i’m looking forward to do since I made it into leadership is helping with setting up and creating the assemblies. Since Kylee helped with assemblies my parents would always let me come and watch, they were always so amazing and you could tell that people worked hard to set them up. It made me want to join leadership even more so that I could be one of those people who helped with creating them.


I am part of the JV Beaverton Cheer team! I have done cheer for Beaverton youth cheer for 2 years and It has been so much fun. I am so happy that I made the team this year! I always enjoyed watching the cheerleaders when they would perform at games or at assemblies because I always wanted to be out there doing it too. When I started cheering, I would go to the Little Beavers Camp that the cheerleading team would do and I would always wanna be just like the older girls because they were all so nice and good at what they did. Having had 2 older siblings going to Beaverton, I always enjoyed coming to football games and basketball games and watching how all the students would be so spirited. The people would cheer along and it would get super loud and it always made me super excited to be a high schooler myself!

Katey 2

Outside of school I read a lot! I always love finding a good series so I can just keep getting book after book after book! My favorite library to go to is by Beaverton High School because I can walk there and  they have so many books and there’s so many different genres that you can choose from. It’s really nice to have a library close enough to walk to because then you can get a book and get your exercising done for the day. One of my favorite series is by Kiera Cass and it’’s called The Selection Series! I could not put those books down they were so great! When I’m not reading, I love watching shows with my family! One of our favorite shows that we have been watching since we were little kids is America’s got talent! It is a something we looked forward to when it comes out during summer time. I also hang out with friends a lot. Something me and my friends enjoy doing is going to the pool and the mall. We always buy Panda Express or Sushi when we go to the mall because it is kinda like a tradition. I am ready to create new friendships when I join Beaverton High this year and join traditions that have been happening for years.

Katey 3


Meet Senior Sawyer Mitchell

Hello! I’m Sawyer Mitchell, a Senior at Beaverton High School. I’m in an At Large position in leadership this fall at school, and I’m excited to help represent the band program! I’ve been heavily involved with music since I was 4 years old, and BHS has drastically helped me mature and grow in my musical ability! I play in many different bands at the school, including Marching Band, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, and Beaver Band.

Sawyer 1

Outside of school, I love to play kendama (A Japanese skill toy) and I am obsessed with photography! This is an awesome hobby for me, as it entails many late night trips to the middle of nowhere to capture the Milky Way’s wonders.

Sawyer 2.png

In student leadership this fall, I plan to get the band program more intermixed with the rest of the school so everyone feels welcome and a part of a large community! Band has so many attributes that can be used by the BHS student body, and the student body has so many attributes that can be used by the band!

Sawyer 3

Next year, I look forward to leading the percussion as the Section Leader in marching band, and I’m so excited to perform in Wind Ensemble and compete in Jazz Band in Reno, NV! This year is full of opportunity, and I’m so excited to see where that goes. However, I’m also a little bit nervous to figure out what I’m doing after high school, because it all seems so uncertain.


Meet Senior Megan Harrington

My name is Megan Harrington, and I am a senior at Beaverton High School. This year, I get to be the ASB (All Student Body) President of the best school ever. The first football game I went to as a freshman, I was hooked! I loved everything about the environment and supportive community that Beaverton High School surrounds itself with. Every event and activity I went to after that increased my love for the school, and this is why I decided originally to get involved in the leadership program. Not only did I want to be behind creating the things all the students enjoy, but because I also wanted to make a difference in the things they don’t. My first day as the Junior Class President last year was exciting and I couldn’t wait to make my mark on the school! I loved how I felt, being involved was so much fun! I decided to run for ASB President because I want to be a bigger part of the classroom and the school and what better way to be involved than to run the whole system?

Megan H 2

Being part of leadership is only one of the few things I do at Beaverton. I play soccer, it is pretty much my entire life, I play both club and high school and am looking forward to playing in college too! I’ve been apart of the Varsity Women’s Soccer Team since my freshman year, but I have played soccer for at least 10 years now. I also started running track my freshman year, and really enjoyed going to state for the 4×100 team! High school sports have been really fun and I am so happy I got involved with both the soccer team and the track team. I have met so many new people and my friendships have grown very strong! I am apart of the National Honors Society, which allows me to log my volunteer hours and continue to keep my grades up. I also work in the LINK Crew, which is a mentor program to welcome the incoming freshman and make them feel comfortable in the new school. It is a great way to meet new people in different grades while also supporting students in their first year of high school.

Megan H 3

There are many things that make me extremely excited for this year! Dressing up, standing at the front of the stands and cheering on my friends during football games is going to be one of the top! I love getting ready with my friends and then, rain or shine, cheering on the football team! I am also excited for the soccer season, and a pre-game ritual we call “Stomp, Megan H 1Clap.” It gets us excited and pumped for our game. And of course, I am excited for leadership and all the classes I get to take! It will be a super fun and memorable senior year. I can’t wait to experience this year at Beaverton High School!


Meet Sophomore Sophie Wollmuth

My name is Sophie Wollmuth and I am a sophomore here at Beaverton. Beaverton High School has been a part of the Wollmuth family for three generations. My Grandpa, my dad and his siblings, and most recently my brother have all graduated from BHS, each involved in different ways. At Beaverton I stay involved in by being a part of the Student Leadership organization and this semester I will be a sophomore at large. Outside of school I have been a part of New Vision Dance Center for the past twelve years and on their competition team for two years. I also have been going to Multnomah Presbyterian’s youth group and recently went with them to Skagway, Alaska to run a vacation bible school and a youth group. I really enjoy being a part of these places because I get to do what I love to do with people that are great to spend time with and share the same interests as I do.

Sophie 1.png

I hope that through Student Leadership I can help shine a light on students who, like me, aren’t involved in with sports or well known clubs at BHS. I want to make sure that all students are highlighted at Beaverton. I believe it is important to showcase everyone at Beaverton because we have great students who deserve to be known.

Sophie 2

In this next school year I am looking forward to getting to know some of the new students coming to BHS. I am excited to see what they are like and to show them Beaverton the way you can only see it if you come to our school. However with new people comes some nerves. Many of my friends that I had in beaver lodge and in different classes last year are going to new schools so I will often be meeting new people with no one I know by my side, which can be nerve racking. Though it might be scary I can’t wait to see who I’ll be going to school with for the next three years.

Meet Sophomore Logan McRae

Logan McRae, Class of 2020, Sophomore Class President, at Beaverton, I am involved in a few things, such as Football and Baseball, along with the Leadership class. Being involved in these activities at Beaverton really help me build my character into who and what I want to be.

Logan 1.png

Being in the Leadership program, I’ve learned an incredible amount of new leadership qualities I wouldn’t of ever learned. Being involved in the school dances, events and activities also really teaches me a lot about the community at BHS and what they demand, and my goal is to fill that demand with what the community wants.

Logan 2

This year will be much different than this last year. We just lost an incredibly talented class, in both academics and athletics. But, I am most excited to see what we are capable of without them. I am most excited to see what the BHS community will do without this last class. Also, I’m pretty excited to meet the new kids from Sunset, and introduce them to all the better Beaverton ways.

Meet Senior Claire Arnold

I’m Claire Arnold and I’m a senior at Beaverton High. I serve on ASB as VP of Community Relations, aka the Shadow Coordinator. I run the shadow program at school, where future Beavs are paired up with a student and get to experience the daily life at the school. I love this position because it gives me a chance to really play with some aspects of the program and show what a welcoming community we have at BHS. I hope to make a difference this year by continuing to expand the Shadow program and making the boundary transitions easier for the next few years by welcoming incoming families into our community.

Claire 1

This will be my third year on Leadership and I’m really grateful for the experience. It’s helped me get involved in a lot of other programs within the school such as drama and PACE (Principal’s Advisory Council on Equity). I am also the student president of Beaverton’s GSA, and just started dragon boat this last year. Outside of school I work at Garden Home library and hang out with my family and many cats.

Claire 2

I’m most looking forward to doing an independent study at the farm where I took field bio, where I’ll get a chance to work on projects and learn more about applied biology. I’m both nervous and excited to apply to colleges and graduate. I’m ready for college and excited to see where I end up, but it’s kind of a mystery right now where everybody will be going. I hope to make the most out of my senior year and go off to college and have a ton of new experiences.

Claire 3

Meet Senior Taylor Robin

Hi hello hey!

My name is Taylor Robin, and I am a senior at Beaverton High School. I have the role of historian. I’ve played tennis on and off throughout my whole life. I am originally from Utah. I lived there for 14 years and moved here due to my dad’s job.

Since my transfer to Beaverton High School in 2014 in the middle of my freshman year, I have been on 3 times. This will be my fourth semester. It’s always a pleasure. Last year, I was captain of the Beaverton Tennis Team. One thing I have noticed throughout my high school years is, Beaverton has a special way of bringing people together. With teamwork we can accomplish the impossible.

Taylor 3.png

Outside of school, you’ll probably find me working or hanging out with friends. This summer I set out to find a new job, and I found myself Dutch. It’s actually a blast with my coworkers. We are always having a good time and meeting amazing people at the window. It’s finally starting to hit me that it’s senior year and I only have a year left with all my friends together, so I usually spend my free time with them. Usually getting food;)

Taylor 2

Throughout the years, I have been able to watch the leadership organization grow. With my role as historian, I hope to show the rest of the school what leadership is all about! I want to influence underclassmen to join leadership and hopefully bring in some new faces after I graduate. When you join leadership, not only are you doing amazing things for the school, but it’s doing amazing things for you. I wouldn’t be myself if it weren’t for those I’ve met through this organization.

Taylor 1

What am I most excited for this year? Hmm.. That’s a hard one. I am super hyped for all the events. This will be my last football season, homecoming, sadies, and of course.. My one and only prom! I am pumped to make this year the best it can be!

What am I most nervous for? PLANNING FOR COLLEGE. When the seniors last year stressed to me that it would be a difficult process, they weren’t kidding. I’ve just barely started (BARELY! I’M SO BEHIND), and I’m already stressed out. But it’s important to make sure I don’t let this get in the way of senior year fun!

Meet Senior Beth Lauer

My name is Beth Lauer. I am now a senior at Beaverton High School. I am currently the ASB Secretary in Student Leadership.

At Beaverton, I am involved with many different programs. I am in the BSD Health Careers Program and currently enrolled in a Certified Nursing Assistant Program. I am involved with Student Leadership which is how I have the ASB Secretary title. I have been part of the Beaverton Women’s Soccer program since my freshman year and for my senior year I decided to be the manager of the women’s Varsity team. I am a part of the National Honors Society at Beaverton and LINK Crew which helps incoming freshmen get adjusted to high school life. Besides the clubs and activities I do in school, I also really enjoy attending events at Beaverton like sports games (football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and track and field) and dances (Homecoming and Sadie Hawkins). Some of my favorite memories in high school have to do with these events. They are a very good way to get involved and have fun.

This link is to a video I made last year for a #1 Student Section contest.:

Outside of Beaverton, I am involved in a program called TOPSoccer where I get to play soccer with kids who have mental and physical disabilities. This program is so much fun and I have learned a lot about myself and others because of it. Last year, I started a fundraiser for a Cancer camp called Camp Ukandu. I went to this camp for the first time in 2012 and have been going every year since. This camp allows kids (and a sibling) who are fighting cancer to get away from the scary hospitals and stress of battling an illness. I am raising money to send kids to camp for free. My fundraiser is called Change for Ukandu and I have raised almost four thousand dollars. I sent 2 kids to camp this past June free of cost.

I am very excited for my final year at Beaverton even though I will also be very sad to leave. High school has gone by very quickly and I would go back and do it all over again if I could. I’m excited to be a senior this year and to be a role model for all the students at Beaverton. I’m very excited to finally get to do some of the things that seniors do every year that I have been waiting three years for. I’ve met so many people at Beaverton who have impacted my life and made me who I am. Throughout my three years in high school so far, I have fallen in love with the community, the teachers, and the tradition that Beaverton has. It has been an incredible experience and I’m honored to have been able to attend Beaverton High School.


Meet Senior Ayaka Takeuchi

Hi everyone! My name is Ayaka Takeuchi, and I am a senior at Beaverton High School. I am involved with student leadership here at BHS as a diversity representative and my job is to coordinate the foreign exchange student program and work with the ELL (English- Language Learners) department. I moved to Oregon in August 2013 and was enrolled in ELL program up till April 2015. When I was a freshman, school was one of my least favorite things. Not being fluent in English was a great setback in my academic and social life. Can you imagine yourself going to a high school in a new country where everyone speaking the language you barely understand? Trust me, it gets pretty stressful. Few of the things I remember, I was so scared to go up to lunch tables and just ask “Can I sit here?” I got nervous whenever people asked “How are you?” because I was afraid they were going to make fun of my accent I had back then or laugh at my incorrect English.


Starting with BHS, my goal is to help people with language barriers adjust to the life of being a Beaver and make the environment a better place.

Ayaka 2

Other than being on Student Leadership, I am on beaverton water polo and swim team. I joined the swim team my freshman year and this year, I decided to join beaverton water polo team. Swimming is what I enjoy a lot and getting to meet people every season is something I look forward to every year.  In addition, I am heavily involved with the performing arts department. Music has been a part of me ever since I started playing the piano back in 2003. I joined BHS concert choir freshman year and have been playing the piano for the choir at concerts and BHS graduation. Last year, I got an opportunity to be in a school musical; and without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions I made junior year. I got to spend almost 7 weeks with absolutely talented people who have the same passion towards performing arts as me and I loved every single  moment of it. I am hoping I will get another opportunity to be in a school play/musical this year.

Ayaka 3

I have mixed emotions as I go into my last year of high school. As of today (Sept 1st), we only have 282 days till graduation and less than that till we apply for colleges. Just typing that sentence made me really nervous about this year..

Ayaka 4

Senior year contains many “lasts”. Last leadership retreat, last homecoming, last choir retreat, last Friday night lights, last Jam the dam, last prom.. and many many more. Class of 2018, we waited 3 years for this year to come. Let’s make it a memorable one..!

Meet Sophomore Anna Holt

Now that I have the house to myself, I have to figure things out on my own going into sophomore year. I can’t text my brother to ask his friends about which teacher actually grades homework, or cares about having phones out during class. At least I don’t have to pass him in the halls and get called his little sister or teachers won’t ask me if I‘m anything like him (because I’m not). But don’t tell him, I might actually miss having him and his friends around.

Anna 3

Favorite thing about freshman year was Friday night football games, forsure. Now that I am going to cheer at them, I will definitely miss the stands but I will love leading the crowd. Wearing spirit gear on Fridays is one of the many things I love about being a student because even though us cheerleaders are supposed to wear our gear, I love seeing how many other people come together and do it too.

Anna 2

When other students ask me about Student Leadership I love sharing with them all that we do, including assemblies, dances and other school events. Creating and experiencing the behind the scenes of assemblies and events at the school is truly something I love to do. I never would have thought that students themselves were working that hard and being so independent. One thing about student leadership that is really refreshing is that we get new students every semester with new opinions that they are really excited to share. This gives us a little boost of energy going into second semester and we could use all that we can get.

Anna 1