The future is ours to decide

#ExperienceBHS #ourBHSstory

Beaverton Hummer

By Melody Cosgrove

Never before has there been a time like this. The world has come together virtually out of a shared longing for social connection. We are the first to experience a global pandemic and resulting quarantine such as this and still be able to communicate so rapidly with anyone we wish. And because we are the first, the world is figuring out how to work.

As is the case with being first, a lot of questions are being raised about what happens when this is over. What’ll happen? Will we be adept in the world of digital learning? Will everything go back to normal? What about the economy? Are there going to be parties thrown every March and April in honor of a time when we couldn’t go to parties? Will there be memes about this in the future? (There will definitely be memes).

No one knows the…

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