Have free time? Enter the New York Times Student Editorial Contest

Via BeavertonHummer.com
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Beaverton Hummer

By Melody Cosgrove

Online school is just around the corner, and students are scrambling to remember what they last learned in class. Some things are easier than others to relearn, but for English classes, writing is something to practice and work at. As such, students may be finding that their writing skills are rusty and don’t know how to hone their skills. The New York Times has them covered.

2020 marks the seventh year in a row that The New York Times has hosted a student editorial contest. Students enrolled in middle or high school—ages 10 through 19—can submit their own editorial for judging. The judges score each piece with their contest rubric and select several winners. Winning articles will be published in The New York Times.

Even selected non-winners have a chance to be represented in lists of runners-up—whose articles are posted in a single document—and honorable mentions—whose names…

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