This is the best superpower

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Beaverton Hummer

By Melody Cosgrove

Since the dawn of time, there has been a question that transcends generations.  A question we ask children from the moment they’re able to talk. This question is of the utmost importance in a child’s development, and without it, a child cannot progress into a self-sufficient adult. I seek to answer the mighty question: what’s the best superpower?

It will be difficult to determine, as all of humanity’s best and brightest minds have yet to achieve an answer in hundreds of thousands of years, but with great effort, I pledge to reach a conclusion.

Common answers from children regarding this question include superstrength, invisibility, flying, super speed, and a myriad of other lame and stereotypical powers. While in theory, these answers adequately answer The Question, there is a better way to answer.

A power rises above the rest, that is so profound, so magnanimous, that no…

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