Work ethic is more important than regurgitating a textbook

#ExperienceBHS #ourBHSstory

Beaverton Hummer

By Natalie Foote and Anouk Clendenning

Every day, students compare grades on assignments and tests. More often than not, those who often earn high scores are labeled “smart” and told by their peers that because of this intelligence, they are immune to failure. While intelligence plays a part, there are many other factors involved. The claim that brains guarantee success could not be further from the truth, and it is a flaw that runs deep in the school system. 

The change needs to happen in our perspective of the purpose of school. There is mounting evidence that education tends to lead to a bright future, but is that education quantifiable by grades? In the United States, student motives are disregarded in a system that emphasizes high scores instead of self-directed learning and important skills such as work ethic, leadership, and responsibility. 

The main indicator of this problem lies in students’…

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