It’s time for students and staff to reconnect

#ExperienceBHS #ourBHSstory

Beaverton Hummer

By: Melody Cosgrove

Recently, students and faculty at Beaverton High have expressed concerns that our school administrators are out of touch with the student body. Given the constant stream of advisories and assemblies during Beaver Lodge, it’s not surprising.

We’ve all had that moment where we walk into Beaver Lodge, ready to either slack off or get things done, only to find out we’re having an advisory. Most people zone out while the teacher drones about something they’ll forget the second they walk out the door. But for those who planned to get work done or meet with a teacher, this can be frustrating. And when students ask teachers why they need to learn the advisory lessons or who came up with them, they get the same response: “It’s not my choice. The administrators give us these lessons.”

Students then direct their criticism toward the “big bad administrators.” Got a…

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