I can consistently and accurately identify why the proficiency grading system fails students

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Beaverton Hummer

By: Natalie Foote

Grading day. After a week of exhausting finals, grades pour in, and students start to wonder: “What did I get on that math test? How will it affect my grade? How will my teacher grade my work and average the scores?” All of these questions and more run through students’ minds on days like these, and to a lesser extent, throughout the school year. Of course, this is exhausting and degrading to students’ self-esteem, and you might be wondering what’s causing all the stress. 

It’s the BSD grading system. 

The current grading system is a proficiency-based scale of 1-4. With only four categories for students to fall into, this system is lacking. It only gives students a score of either 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. Four possible scores…that’s it. 

Grades are important, sure, but when high schoolers put so much effort into cramming their work into the…

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