STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Mrs. Marsha Nakatani


Meet Language Arts teacher Mrs. Nakatani! She was born in Tuscon, Arizona, but mainly grew up in California. Mrs. Nakatani attended San Pedro High School in Southern California; she says, “It was pretty large when I attended there, nearly 4,000 students of only three grades, since freshmen attended “Junior High.””.

Mrs. Nakatani has been married for 41 years, and has two children and three grandchildren. Her son is a Major in the Air Force; she says, “He is literally a rocket scientist”, and her daughter is a Software Engineer for an online company called Slick Deals.

This is Mrs. Nakatani’s 18th year at Beaverton! She has taught for a long time and she says this community is by far the most welcoming and friendly of all the schools where she’s worked.  Also, she says as the oldest school in the district, we have TRADITION!  Mrs. Nakatani says that it is exciting to be part of that tradition and to share what that means with the freshmen that she teaches each year.  Something that she’s most proud of is to work at a place that welcomes everyone, absolutely everyone. Mrs. Nakatani’s favorite part about BHS is our students!  She says, “Their diversity and acceptance, their willingness to collaborate, their friendliness–yes, I think our students are the best ever!”

Outside of school, Mrs. Nakatani loves to read; she enjoys watching movies with her husband; and she likes playing video games. The Legend of Zelda and Ocarina of Time are her all time favorite games. Mrs. Nakatani and her husband love to ride their tandem bicycle. Together, they always try to have a good time. They stop at fun places or challenge themselves to go faster than ever.  So far, their land-speed record is 32 mph, which may not sound like much for a car, but Mrs. Nakatani says that it feels crazy fast on a bike! She also likes to sew; this summer, she made two dolls for her grandchildren.

A piece of advice Mrs. Nakatani has for students at Beaverton is to take opportunities when they are presented to you. Try new things, taste new foods, experience everything you can, have fun, and give it all your best!