This is Doug Johanson; he graduated from Beaverton in 1986. Doug participated in student leadership, debate, golf, and a variety of recreational sports such as basketball and soccer. In high school, Doug earned his money by managing a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store. His favorite moments were doing the Rhythm Boys with his friends because it was hilarious and being part of a golf team that won state his junior year and came in third my senior year. His favorite quality of Beaverton is a sense of community.

After high school, he majored in Finance at the University of Oregon. That let him to be the CEO of Vista Capital Partners, an investment advisory firm him and his business partner started 18 years ago. The advice he passes to students is, “Think big. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

Doug plans to have fun, work hard, make a difference, give back, get outdoors, try new things and spend as much time with his family and friends as possible.

BHS welcomes new Hall of Achievement Inductees

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Beaverton Hummer

by Connor Patrick

Last week the Beaverton High School Hall of Achievement inducted seven new members in a small ceremony in the library. These seven individuals join the 34 members from the inaugural induction in 2016. In the press release for the event, BHS declared, “The goal of the HOA is to recognize their contributions and to foster pride within the current generation of students to inspire them to achieve greatness in their own lives.”

Gene Biggi (‘46) was the first new inductee. Biggi had a prolific athletic career at BHS and University of Portland and an even more impressive career operating his family’s company, Beaverton Foods, where he created the first ever honey mustard. “Beaverton Foods and Beaverton High School, that’s my two loves,” Biggi said, fondly reminiscing of his time at BHS.

Next up was Scott Burns (‘65), a highly respected scientist and educator. He described some of…

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Ms. Gwyn is a Spanish teacher at BHS; she teaches Spanish 1-4. She grew up in Perrysburg, Ohio and went to Perrysburg High School. She went to Kent State for her undergrad and to Bowling Green for her Masters Degree. She also went to Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Spain. Along with studying Spanish in Spain, she also studied in Costa Rica and Mexico.

After college, Ms. Gwyn was a Middle School Teacher in North Carolina, and then she moved to Portland and taught at Bonny Slope Elementary School for three years, then she moved to BHS.

Outside of school, she is interested in many different activities such as crabbing with her boyfriend Greg and his daughters, kayaking, hiking, gardening, traveling, and cooking especially with home-grown ingredients. Her favorite food is artichokes cooked with butter, and her favorite movie is “The Burbs.”

When asked about what she likes about BHS, she said, “ Definitely the students.  We have a diverse group of students, and with teaching no two days are alike.  Each day is new and exciting because of the dynamic with the students. I also like the traditions.  I think the Rhythm B’s are so cool, and I always look forward to seeing their performances at the assemblies.” Her advice to students is to always try their best and ask questions when they are unsure. Thank you Ms. Gwyn!

Take the “Old Town Road” into new music

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Beaverton Hummer

by Brady Rogers

The recent arrival of new music came with a surprising twist, as hip hop and country saw a combination of genres to create the current number one song, Old Town road. Not only did it top the charts, it broke a record for having a song in two separate genres leaderboards.

However, Billboard charts reviewed the song and disqualified it from the country billboards, claiming it’s not country enough. Billboard released an official statement, explaining, “[Old Town Road] is not embracing enough elements of today’s country music in its current version.”

The unprecedented decision that faced the company was met with backlash, and rightfully so. The song had a strong feeling of country, with a beat that mimicked rap and country, and flow that infused both genres.

The artist, known as Lil Nas X, found a solution when Billy Ray Cyrus decided to stand by his side…

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Lacrosse season has arrived!

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Beaverton Hummer

by Nani Lambert

Lacrosse season has finally begun and everyone is eager to see what the season will look like for our teams this year.

Both boys and girls lacrosse are very excited to have finally kicked off their season, and are getting ready for many intense games to come in the future. Third year varsity player, junior, Logan Lusk mentioned she is super pumped to play Southridge High School as well as Mountainside High School because each of those teams has “Many of our old players from before the boundary change.” Also adding in how “It’s fun to be able to see as well as play old friends and see how much they have improved.”

Junior Ben Mungai also stated how he is “Most excited to play the last game of the season” because he would be interested in seeing how much they have improved from the first game…

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AP Testing: The College Tuition Loophole

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Beaverton Hummer

by Natalie Marssdorf

It’s finally the time of year when seniors begin to commit to the colleges of their choice and face the fruition of their month-long battle with college applications. On top of this, they must all recognize the monumental price of college, which according to College Board, has nearly tripled since 1989. But hidden amongst all of the fines and fees, there’s the saving grace of AP credits. By taking AP tests in high school, you can essentially earn college credits, those of which will help you bypass lower-level college courses, all in all saving you money. AP testing is limited though, with many colleges only accepting scores of 4 and 5. To ace your tests this year and save the cost of that class to buy half of a textbook, The Hummer has compiled a list of tip and tricks.

How to get ready for the big…

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community spotlight.png

Impire is a clothing brand that was established by Beaverton Senior Sam Mendoza. Impire is a small clothing brand that sells a variety of clothing items such as jackets, hoodies, and T-shirts along with other accessories. Sam releases his clothes as ‘drops’ every couple of months, and his latest release was three weeks ago. Sam hopes he can grow his brand and eventually expand from what he is currently doing to make Impire a profit-making business. Sam has also involved his friends in his endeavor to create a successful brand by having them model and wear his clothes to market them. Sam is currently a full-time student but he hopes to turn Impire into a successful brand that not only works as a sustainable job but is a well-known brand from Oregon. For more information visits the official Impire Instagram page @impireofficial.



Bryan graduated in the Class of 1980 and loved his time here at Beaverton! After graduating from Beaverton, he attended Oregon State University and majored in Business. He now works for a money management firm and loves his job. He used to play basketball a lot, coached for his kids, and now he is involved in the community through work and through volunteering. What he remembers most about Beaverton are the students. He still talks to many of his former classmates through social media, as they are spread across the country and world. What he still sees at Beaverton is the atmosphere is still very accepting of everyone, and he thinks that is super cool that the atmosphere is very similar to when he attended Beaverton.



Meet Mr. Theriot! Mr. Theriot is a teacher in the Language arts department here at BHS and teaches classes such as American Lit and Lit and Comp 10. He is also the Building Representative for the Beaverton Education Association, which is the teachers’ union. Before coming to BHS, Mr.Theriot taught at Aloha High School from 2001-2003, and before that, he worked for a child care organization called Vermont Hills Family Life Center.


Outside of BHS, Mr. Theriot enjoys going on many different adventures with his wife and his two sons. They love to hike, backpack, camp, and travel. He also really loves biking! When it’s nice out he likes to commute to school on his mountain bike and in the fall he competes in cyclocross. He also really enjoys reading, sports, art, music, and television.


When asked what he loves about the BHS community he said “I love how diverse this community has become over the years.  With that brings some challenges, but I think we are the type of community that has the capability and attitude to have courageous conversations and actions.  I say “we”, because not only am I a part of the staff here, but I live in the BHS boundary and my boys will soon be Beavers!” Thank you, Mr. Theriot, for being so involved in the BHS community!