Sophie graduated from Beaverton High as part of the Class of 2018. Currently, she is a music and psychology double major at Willamette University. Sophie has an older sister, Maddy Gourlay, who also went to Beaverton! She graduated in 2014 and now helps out in the drama and choir departments at BHS. Her favorite part of Beaverton was the friends she made and the unique experiences she had.

Alumni Spotlight 2

At Beaverton, Maddie was part of the theatre department, concert choir, and was one of the founding members of the acapella group Castoro (now DeSeptAVE). Also, she spent one year on the Rhythm B’s! Sophie is passionate about music and performing, and hopes to one day turn that passion into a career. She would like to thank her high school teachers who encouraged her to follow her dreams and pursue happiness, and who were understanding and supportive even during difficult times. Sophie would also like to shout out her best friend, Chloe Shankland, who is an incredible, outstanding, wonderful person and without her, she would not be as happy and successful as she is today!

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