Sophie graduated from Beaverton High as part of the Class of 2018. Currently, she is a music and psychology double major at Willamette University. Sophie has an older sister, Maddy Gourlay, who also went to Beaverton! She graduated in 2014 and now helps out in the drama and choir departments at BHS. Her favorite part of Beaverton was the friends she made and the unique experiences she had.

Alumni Spotlight 2

At Beaverton, Maddie was part of the theatre department, concert choir, and was one of the founding members of the acapella group Castoro (now DeSeptAVE). Also, she spent one year on the Rhythm B’s! Sophie is passionate about music and performing, and hopes to one day turn that passion into a career. She would like to thank her high school teachers who encouraged her to follow her dreams and pursue happiness, and who were understanding and supportive even during difficult times. Sophie would also like to shout out her best friend, Chloe Shankland, who is an incredible, outstanding, wonderful person and without her, she would not be as happy and successful as she is today!



Andres will be a freshman at Beaverton High School this upcoming year. He is excited to start freshman year and get to know the high school experience. Andres likes to play basketball. He looks up to his brother, Hector, a junior at Beaverton. Andres looks up to Hector because of his character and that he plays football! Can’t wait to see you here next year, Andres!!


Ms. Davidson has been at Beaverton for 21 years, and she’s loved every year here. Ms. Davidson’s official title at Beaverton High is a World Language Teacher, but more specifically, she teaches the French course. When asked what she enjoys most about BHS, she answered, “The students have become so diverse since I started working here.”

Ms. Davidson believes the different cultures and languages that are represented at BHS are what make it such an unique school. Before working at Beaverton, Ms. Davidson worked at different middle schools teaching both French and Spanish. Ms.Davidson grew up in Oregon and she loves to travel and read outside of school. She is also an experienced equestrian as she has ridden horses all her life.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jose Rivera Espindola

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Meet Jose Rivera Espindola! When asked about who his family members are, Jose’s family includes his mom and dad, his older sister, older brother, and his younger brother. When asked about what his favorite class was, Jose responded with his physics class because he believes his teacher (Emch) is a cool and interesting person that involves the students.

Jose is involved with Multicultural Soccer and also plays for Beaverton High School’s soccer team. Jose’s favorite food to eat is pepperoni pizza and, in his free time, Jose enjoys to catch up on sleep. One place Jose would love to travel to is Hawaii because he has heard that it is a beautiful place for vacation.

When asked about who he looks up to, Jose said his Mom, because she is a very hard worker and has been through a lot. Some advice Jose would give to incoming freshmen next year is to not slack off first semester, and to GET YOUR WORK DONE.


alumni spotlight

Alvin Bautista is a former Beaverton High School student. He graduated in 2005 and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Physiology at the University of Oregon. While studying at U of O, Dr. Bautista took Complementary and Alternative Medicine class where it opened up the door to alternative medicine, especially chiropractic. The class explored various subjects from yoga, meditation, acupuncture, naturopathy, traditional Chinese Medicine all the way to Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy. After he graduated from U of O, he attended the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon to study chiropractic medicine.

At Beaverton, he played football in the fall, swam in the winter, played rugby as well dragon boat paddling in the spring and summer. With his interest in sports medicine, neurology, and functional movement, Dr. Bautista finished his Doctorate in Chiropractic along with a Masters Degree in Exercise Sports Science in December of 2014.


Future Beaver Spotlight

Jesselyn is a 5th grader at Raleigh Park Elementary School! She is very passionate about being thoughtful and thinking outside of the box. Her favorite place to go to is a beach with her younger brother in Oregon that recently got shut down. Jesselyn plans to play soccer during Spring Break and currently does gymnastics! Her favorite color is turquoise and favorite cartoon character is Shaggy from Scooby Doo. She also enjoys watching the show Nailed It! and eating over easy eggs. Her favorite subject is math because she likes to fix her mistakes and perform better than last time. Some of Jesselyn’s hobbies include reading, going on the computer, and getting things done when she has the time. She looks up to her teachers, and her uncle and mother are her role models. Jesselyn hopes to be a dentist when she grows up, regardless of how long it may take to finish school. We can’t wait to have you at BHS, Jesselyn!


Student Spotlight m.e

Maia (left) is currently a senior at BHS who is well-spirited. This year, she participated in cross country, swimming, and now track! Maia’s favorite part about our community is the school spirit and the genuine supporting environment. Last year, Maia’s favorite class was Sports Marketing because of the hands-on experience with Week of Wishes and Jam the Dam. Maia will be completing the Marketing Pathway.

Something that Maia looks forward to is attending University of Oregon this upcoming fall. She is very excited to be decorating her dorm this summer in preparation for college. Outside of school, she enjoys eating out at fancy restaurants with friends. Maia has two younger twin brothers who are currently freshmen. The advice Maia has for underclassmen is to do something that scares you or challenge you as it helps you become a better person. She also encourages the idea of getting involved in extracurricular activities!

BHS Band wows at Winter Concert

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

by Katie Burris

Beaverton High School’s band program is a longstanding tradition that, over the years, has placed a love of music in generations of students hearts. Today, Beaverton’s band program is small but mighty, suffering losses of students to the boundary changes. However, students still work hard to perfect their songs and showcase them to their families and peers.

On February 21st, the band program put one of their annual concerts to showcase the music they are working to perfect for the upcoming festival season. As always, the jazz band opened the concert, playing fun selections to warm up the audience.

Concert Band followed with the piece they’ve been working on, entitled “Carolina Legend” by James Swearingen. This is a joyful, peppy song that is more of an impressive feat considering that Concert Band is missing sections of their ensemble. Even without the low brass instruments, they were able…

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The Vault is located off of Farmington Road in the heart of Beaverton. Their specialty is high-end vintage women’s clothing. As well as clothing, The Vault also has a collection of jewelry, hats, and other accessories. Visiting the Vault is a great experience! If you are cleaning out your closet and have vintage clothing you are looking to donate, The Vault buys from individuals. Also, in light of the upcoming prom season, The Vault has an array of occasion dresses that are all one of a kind! If you are interested, give them a visit! For more information, go to

Hummer 101: Tips on common forecasting mistakes, and what to do to prevent them

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

by Quaye Dydasco

It’s forecasting season! Even if you’re reading this in March, April, May…September of next year! It’s still forecasting season because, until two weeks after the beginning of the 2019 fall semester, your schedule isn’t set in stone. So to all you freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, there are endless options for you for the next year and choosing your classes can be a doozy. Here are the most common mistakes you’ll make when forecasting and how to avoid them!

  • Not taking enough classes (Hello athletes!)

Hey, all you athletes out there! Especially juniors and seniors who are taking TAs, early releases, and late arrivals. Given, all of those sound very appealing; sleeping in, getting out of school early, and hanging out with your favorite teacher. However, OSAA requires all student-athletes to be enrolled and PASSING at least five classes. So taking five AP classes and two late arrivals…

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