alumni spotlight

Paul Durant is a Beaverton High alumnus and currently runs his family’s farming operation in Yamhill County, which specializes in wine grapes and olive oil. After graduating from Beaverton, Paul attended Portland State and UT-Austin. He received his undergraduate degree from Portland State and his master’s degree from UT-Austin, both in mechanical engineering. His favorite classes were English and Physics, and his favorite teachers were Teresa Brandon and Mr. Madison. When asked to describe them, he said, “Brandon was the most caustic adult I had met who also appreciated hard work”. He also said, “Mr. Madison inspired my interest in science and later in engineering”. Nowadays, Paul enjoys pursuing his passion for farming and living in the country as well as skiing and trail running.


Student Spotlight

Sofia is currently a sophomore at BHS. Sofia’s favorite class at BHS is Spanish because she has learned so much in the past two years, and she hopes to visit Spain in college. In her future here at BHS, she is very excited to join the Health Careers program. She would like to continue her studies in health careers through college, and would like to go into the medical field. She is also excited to take AP classes because she has never taken one before.

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Sofia is also involved is varsity women’s soccer here at BHS. She has been on the team since last year, and she can’t wait for next season. Outside of school, she plays club soccer, spends time with her friends, travels with her family, and plays with her dog. This is Sofia’s first year at BHS and she transferred from ISB. She loves BHS because everyone was so welcoming to her this year, and she loves all of her classes and teachers.

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Community Spotlight

Located at 9220 SW Nimbus Ave, Bella Furnishings was started in 1998 by two Beaverton High graduates. Bella Furnishings sells custom furniture at lower-than-retail prices, offers fabulous customer service, and consulting/design services for your home. Bella Furnishings was laos kind enough to be a sponsor of Jam the Dam this year, helping us raise money for Make-A-Wish.

If you are in need of new furniture, make sure to check out Bella Furnishings:


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Shoshana Bean is a BHS alumna from the Class of 1995. Today, she is an incredibly talented musician, and she has released four albums. Her latest album is called Spectrum.

Shoshana really enjoyed her time at BHS, especially her senior year. Her favorite memories at BHS were game days and the assemblies. She was a Rhythm B, and she loved performing. The part of BHS she remembers most is all of her friends.

Currently, her favorite TV show is New Girl. She enjoys doing yoga, cooking, baking, sewing, and going out to dinner and going to the beach. She loves to eat chocolate-covered gummy bears. Her favorite song of all time is “My Funny Valentine” by Frank Sinatra, and the album she enjoyed making the most was her second album, “O’Farrell Street.” Her all time favorite singer is Aretha Franklin.

When asked about her advice for students, she said, “Enjoy this time in your life because you’re never gonna get it back! And if you’re NOT enjoying this time in your life. . .don’t worry, it’s just a moment. It passes quickly, and you never have to do it again.”

And, GUESS WHAT?! For the second row, Shoshana will hold a concert at BHS on Thursday, April 25, the proceeds from which benefit BHS performing arts. Buy your tickets here. Trust us, this is a show you do not want to miss!



Luke Harvey is an 8th-grade student from Whitford Middle School. Luke’s biggest passion is lacrosse, and he has been playing this sport for quite some time now. His biggest role model is a lacrosse player, Tucker Dordevic. Luke looks up to him because he has worked his entire life to play division one lacrosse at Syracuse University. Luke’s favorite color is green, and his favorite subject in school is science. He enjoys science because he has a great teacher who makes the class fun and interesting to learn about. His favorite food is steak, and when Luke spends time with his family, his favorite activity is to go on hikes around Oregon. Can’t wait to have you here at BHS next year, Luke!



Ms. Blanton is an English teacher here at Beaverton High School. She started working here in 2009 after working at Westview for six years. When asked what she liked most about Beaverton High, she responded with the kids. One thing that she thinks is unique about Beaverton High School is the diversity and the sense of tradition. She added that there is a strong legacy surrounding Beaverton and that we are completely unique to that.

Ms. Blanton attended Simsbury High School in Connecticut and Dunlap High School in Illinois. Ms. Blanton grew up in Connecticut until she was 15 years old, and then in Illinois until she was 22. Ms. Blanton comes from a large family and is very lucky to have the support system she has.

When asked about what her biggest pet peeve ia, Ms. Blanton responded with, “Students who have not yet figured out how lucky they are to attend school and get an education.” She also added that gum chewing is one of her pet peeves as she thinks it is disgusting. When asked if she could travel anywhere in the world, Ms. Blanton replied with “I’m not picky when it comes to travel. I’ll go anywhere and experience anything. Learning and exploring are what makes this human experience worthwhile.” One thing that Ms. Blanton is interested in that most people are not is her fascination for maps. Ms. Blanton also added she loves the snow. “The more, the better.”



Tim Joo is a senior at BHS who is a member of the Asian Club and has an interest in Art classes, particularly Ceramics. Tim says that one of his favorite things about the class is that there are few set rules, and students are given the opportunity to be creative in a relaxed setting. One of his favorite things about going to BHS is being able to meet and socialize within such a diverse community of students. A teacher who Tim looks up to is Mr. Reynolds. This is because Mr. Reynolds was able to make class that should have been hard easy to understand and enjoyable. Something that people may not know about Tim is that he enjoys drawing and spends a lot time working on his drawings in his free time.


Austin graduated from Beaverton High School in 2007.  He participated in football, baseball, student council, and the DECA marketing club.  Some of Austin’s favorite traditions include going to Round Table after football games and Jam the Dam.
After high school, Austin attended Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho to continue his baseball career before also going to Skagit Valley Community College and Western Oregon University.  After graduating with a degree in Public Relations Communications, he played baseball overseas in Perth, Australia. Now, Austin is a Market Development Manager for Coca-Cola.
Austin’s advice for high schoolers is to enjoy the experience, to build as many friendships as you can, and to follow your passions.


Future Beaver Spotlight

Henry is a 5th grader at West Tualatin Valley Elementary School. His favorite place to go is the basketball court where he enjoys his favorite hobby, playing basketball. Some of his other hobbies are playing video games and hanging out with his best friend Owen. His name is Henry but he goes by SAUCE GOD. Henry’s favorite color is purple and his favorite movie is School of Rock. His biggest role model is his mom and he has one sister named Hailey. When he grows up he would love the chance to be a basketball player. Henry’s favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny, and his favorite celebrity is James Corden. His favorite food is cheeseburgers, and his favorite subject in school is reading. You sound like a groovy guy, Henry! Can’t wait to see you at BHS!


Staff Spotlight

Mr. Bayha has been teaching here at THE Beaverton High School for 17 years now, not to mention a water polo and swimming coach here as well for 15 years. To the left of him is Elsie Windes, a two-time Olympian of whom he had coached (State Champs in 2002). Mr. Bayha has spent a majority of his life in Bend as he is an alumni of Sheldon High. After high school, he attended Pepperdine University and Oregon State University. Mr. Bayha is currently a Health Careers teacher. What he loves most about the community is the student body’s willingness and acceptance of being unique by being involved in school spirit and as well as activities. The advice he’d give to current high schoolers is to make the most out of your experiences, be willing to take risks, and always try something new.