STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Jessica Fregoso

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Mrs. Fregoso started teaching at Beaverton right after graduating college, and she currently teaches Social Studies 10, AP Human Geography, and AVID. She is also a Co-AVID Coordinator. Before teaching at Beaverton, she worked at Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, and Banana Republic. Outside of school, she loves to watch football (especially the Oregon Ducks!), spending time with her family and friends, and going to Disneyland. When asked what her favorite part about BHS is, she says, “My favorite thing about BHS is the students!”. Mrs. Fregoso has so much love for her family, friends, and her students. We are so lucky to have you in our community, Mrs. Fregoso! #ExperienceBHS



Syner Clothing is a brand created by alumni here at BHS. Shalev Hanamura started embroidering shirts and selling them to classmates in his 2017 graduating class. He and his crew have worked super hard to build up this clothing brand and plan to go even further. His favorite thing about this business is having the ability to do whatever he wants with his clothing. He explained that Beaverton and some of his favorite teachers such as Mr. Emch (pictured) did a great job allowing him to be creative with his passion. As his company grows, he wants to promote upcycling and how his brand has had a minimal carbon footprint from the beginning. He will be running a club at Beaverton to let students tap into their creative qualities and learn more about clothing and music. Lastly, He will be doing a pop-up shop at the Beaverton food carts on January 25th. It will be open to the public with clothes, food, music and more!



Kassie Savage is an alumna from the Class of 2018! She is currently studying acting in Los Angles at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Her goals as of right now include to get into the movie business in LA after she graduates and possibly start making some of her own! Kassie loved being part of the Thespian Club at BHS. Her favorite memory is making waffles for all the incoming thespians in the Pepsi room. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Dery. Kassie’s biggest role model is her dad because he works so hard to support her and her siblings. Kassie has many talents including acting and drawing! Lastly, her favorite tradition that she was part of from high school was being at the last play of the year and exiting through the auditorium. BHS was lucky to have you, Kassie!



Cole is a 5th grader at Raleigh Park Elementary School, and he loves it! Cole’s favorite color is red, and his favorite food is mac and cheese. Cole LOVES to go to the beach and it is his favorite place to go! Cole’s favorite movie series is Star Wars! He loves all of the movies. Cole is involved in two sports: baseball and basketball, but his favorite sport is baseball. The hobbies he loves to do at home are mechanical building and carpentry. Cole looks up to his dad because he works at Nike, and that is where he wants to work when he is older. Cole’s favorite class is Inquiry, which is a mix of all of his classes. He has a little sister who will also be attending Raleigh Park Elementary School. One thing he is very passionate about is baseball because it is his favorite sport and he loves to play it. The things he loves most about Raleigh Park are the teachers and the learning! Glad to have you in the community, Cole!

Future Beaver Spotlight: Jaden Borowsky

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Jaden Borowsky is a 6th grader at Cedar Park Middle School! He loves to play baseball and his favorite hobby is reading. His favorite subject is history because he loves to learn about what has gone on in the past. Jaden’s biggest role model is his father because he is super close to his dad and loves him very much! Eggs are his favorite food, and don’t worry, he loves them cooked in each and every way! When hanging with his family, his favorite activity is to go hiking. A few of his secret talents and hobbies include astronomy and collecting. Lastly, his favorite TV show is Forged in Fire because he is interested in Blacksmithing. Glad to have you in our community, Jaden!


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Maintenance custodial foreman Jon Rattazzi has been working at Beaverton High School since 2015. Jon was born in Oakland, lived in Modesto, and had later on moved to Oregon. What Jon likes about BHS are the kind students and staff members and how active BHS is, so there is always something to do. Jon knows what makes BHS so unique is the diversity at the school which shows in the community. Some of his favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and taking care of his grandkids.


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Daniel is a freshman at BHS! He has a two other siblings, Alex, his twin brother, and Maia, his older sister who will be graduating later this year! Daniel’s favorite class is PE because he likes the various activities they do in it. Some of his hobbies include soccer, basketball, baseball, and skateboarding. One thing Daniel looks forward to is playing baseball later in the spring. Something he is passionate about is the outdoors and playing sports. In the future, he plans to complete his future goals. #ExperienceBHS


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Located in Beaverton at 4545 SW Angel Ave., Suite 160, Milk+T is a self-serve boba bar that opened in August 2018! They are a female owned and a small business located in only two locations, Los Angeles and Portland. What makes them unique is their self-serve boba bar, their reusable glass jars offered to customers, and their all-natural and handcrafted drinks! They started their business in a food truck in LA, back in 2015. Due to loyal fans, social media, and strong momentum of going viral on the Internet, they were able to push for their first store just after a year of being open. They are so thankful to be next to BHS because they love being an active member of the community. In fact, they have helped out BHS’ Asian Pacific Islander Club! If you are looking for something to drink, check out Milk+T!


alumni spotlight

Anna Lorati is a recent graduate from the BHS Class of 2018. She played varsity tennis and racquetball all four years was a member of the Social Media Team and completed the Marketing Pathway while in high school. She also worked at a coffee shop called the Human Bean for over two years.

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Her favorite moments at BHS were when she was playing sports and getting to know all of her teammates, and her favorite thing about Beaverton was the caring and supportive teachers and staff that work there.

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Now, Anna is currently a freshman at Chapman University in Orange, California! She is majoring in Strategic and Corporate Communication and is hoping to double major in PR and Advertising as well. She would love to intern at an agency within the next four years to gain experience in the communications industry. In her spare time, she likes to study with her friends at coffee shops and go to the beach. Her advice to students is to, “Establish good habits; they make you happier and a lot more successful in the long run! Take it from someone who used to be the queen of procrastination. Being productive with your time is so much more rewarding and beneficial than putting things off.” Thank you, Anna!


future beaver spotlight

Meet Jonathan Valdez, an 8th grader from Meadow Park Middle School. Jonathan has two siblings, an older brother, Mario Valdez, who is a sophomore here at Beaverton, and a younger sister. Jonathan has been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for six years; he says he really enjoys it because it gives him something to do after school. One of Jonathan’s pet peeves is when people chew their gum really loudly. We are so excited to see you at Beaverton, Jonathan!