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Ann Skaugset is our new Principal’s Secretary at Beaverton High School! Ms. Skaugset grew up in southern Indiana and came to Oregon with her husband in the spring of 1991. They have been married for over 25 years and have a daughter and son.

This is Ms. Skaugset’s first year at Beaverton. As the Principal’s Secretary, she takes care of Dr. Erwin by updating her calendar and taking on any tasks she needs to do. She also helps assistant principals when they ask for things and help her substitute teachers ready to go in the morning.

Outside of school, Ms. Skaugset likes to read, listen to audiobooks, do crossword puzzles, spend time with her family, and play with her dogs. She is also a member of BHS CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team. At Beaverton, she has never felt like she belongs somewhere as much as here. Welcome to THE Beaverton High School, Ann! Skaugset!

Coach Boyer reaches 100 wins!

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

by Kanani Lambert

One of our very own Beaverton High School staff as well as coach, Bob Boyer, recently won his 100th football game while coaching for the beaverton high varsity football team. Coach Boyer attended beaverton high school as a kid, and had an offer to come back as a teacher, as well as a coach. this year will mark his 29 years for coaching varsity football and 30 years of coaching track.

Boyer’s 100th won game at Beaverton High was against West Salem on September 28th, 2018. The Beavers were ahead 28-6 in the first half, but West Salem fought back and even though it ended close the beavers still came out victorious 35-33 in the end.

We asked Coach Boyer what some of his most memorable wins with the beaverton high school program were and he responded with “well I would have to say that the state…

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Student Spotlight

Zitlali Alvarado is a 15-year-old sophomore at BHS. Zitlali attended Raleigh Hills from 3rd grade to 8th grade, and her brother was part of the BHS Class of 2015. Zitlali felt at ease and welcomed as not only a freshman also but when she transferred from Aloha High School. Zitlali is passionate about working out and hopes to launch a fitness clothing line in the near future, and her favorite part about BHS is the diverse and welcoming community.

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Solace & Fine Espresso


Solace & Fine Espresso is located at 4655 SW Griffith Dr #160, Beaverton, OR 97005, adjacent to Qdoba. After being acquired by its current operators several years ago, Solace has worked hard to create an amazing community surrounding their coffee house! Solace has been gracious enough to offer 10% off food and drink for students who present their Beaverton High School ID until the end of November.

Check out their Instagram @solace.fineespresso to find information about their open mic nights and more!



Jasmine is in the fifth grade at Barnes Elementary School. Jasmine is a potential Beaverton attendee who loves math because the subject comes easily to her. Her favorite hobby is dancing! She goes to Slay Studios a few times a week. Her favorite class that she takes is acro cause it is a lot like gymnastics, which is super fun! She has been dancing for six years. She is also part of the Beaverton Youth Cheer program here at BHS. When Jasmine grows up, she wants to be a dancer and a model because she loves to perform! She has two other siblings and loves her family so much. Keep up the great work Jasmine… we can’t wait to have you here at BHS!

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Dillon and Alli Schrader

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Dillon and Alli both graduated from Beaverton High in 2008 and are now married. Alli played basketball and ran track but her fondest memory came from her time on the soccer team when they made the state semifinals. She now teaches in the Beaverton School District. Dillon was in marching band, jazz band, and wind ensemble. He loved how passionate the student section was (and still is!) at football and basketball games. He currently manages a gym in Sherwood. Their advice for high school students is to make smart choices, be kind to your friends, and eat a healthy lunch.


STAFF SPOTLIGHT.jpgMiss Luber is one of our amazing ESL teachers at BHS. This is Miss Luber’s first year at Beaverton, and she is loving the Beaverton community! She has been a teacher for 12 years and loves being around kids. Outside of school, you can find her reading, making art, or listening to music. Ms. Luber has two twin daughters and a cat named Yanky. She is a grandma to her daughter’s children and loves every moment of it. She grew up in Los Angeles as well as Barcelona, Spain. Her hobbies include being part of the Portland Interfaith Choir and of course, she loves to read! Ms. Luber is an amazing edition to our Beaverton community!


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Meet future Beaverton Beaver, Henry Harris! Henry is currently a student at West TV Elementary. He has a sister named Hailey Harris who currently attends BHS. Henry’s favorite thing about school is reading and seeing his friends. He also loves to play basketball and plans on playing basketball at BHS. Basketball and seeing his friends at school are the two things he is most excited for when he comes to BHS. When Henry grows up he would like to be a basketball or an engineer. We can’t wait for you to join the Beaver nation, Henry! #THEBeavertonHighSchool

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Martha Madrigal

Staff Spotlight

Ms. Madrigal is a counselor secretary who speaks both English and Spanish, and this is her first year at BHS. What she loves most about Beaverton is every day is different and offers something new on a day to day basis. In her first year at Beaverton, she immediately saw the sense of family here, and how everyone treats each other with respect and is nice to one another.

Ms. Madrigal was born in El Salvador and moved to Los Angeles when she was 5. She lived there until halfway through her sophomore year when she moved to Oregon to eventually graduate from Tigard High School. Ms. Madrigal loves her job because she gets to work with and help students and parents, and anyone who is in need of help!

Welcome to the Beaverton community, Ms. Madrigal!


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Val Bottaro is an 11th grader here at BHS, and her favorite subject is science because she is looking forward to being a marine biologist when she is older. She loves visiting Mexico and snorkeling in the sea.

Val is on the volleyball team and has been playing since the 6th grade! She loves the family aspect of her team and being able to have everybody’s back. Her favorite thing about BHS is the traditions that we hold here. She grew up watching her brothers get to experience these traditions and could not wait to be part of it.

Her favorite memory this far in high school is being able to go to the Boys’ Basketball State Championship her freshman year. Outside of school, she is part of the Reser Family Foundation and did an internship there last summer. She had an amazing time helping out her family with their business. Val is an awesome addition to BHS!