LEARNING: AP Bubbles Call for AP Struggles

By Hunter Franklin, junior

Students that love to challenge their capabilities when it comes to academics tend to take harder classes. In saying that, AP classes are how these students fill this void. AP classes have harder curricula and subjects to, ultimately, make sure the student is ready for the AP test in May. So, in essence, students go through the challenging curriculum to prepare for a test. Keep in mind that there is also a final each semester for all AP classes. Each student has a tough class that happens to have a tough final and also has a tough test in May that can have an end reward of college credits. This adds up to make for some stressful and sleepless nights. Speaking of my own personal challenges, I have found that playing three sports and taking three AP classes does not make for a great equation when it comes to sleep or happiness. All joking aside, I strongly recommend taking an AP class or two. It truly opens your eyes to the wonders of college and to a higher way of thinking.

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Getting to the specifics, I signed up for AP Biology, AP English Language, and AP Economics. The hardest of which being AP Economics. The challenge isn’t due to pure content, but the fact that my brain seemingly does not function with curves and basic economic ideologies well. To adapt to this weakness, I have started digging deeper when studying to truly make sure I understand the concepts fully. In AP Biology, it’s a different experience. First off, I love the class, second off, it has a great curriculum. With Mr. Buckingham using a flipped classroom concept, where students do notes at home and labs at school, it truly makes for a fun learning experience. I am hoping to one day become an ecologist, so this class definitely increases my love for all things science. My third and final AP class is AP English Language. This class has helped my skillset for the future. Adding to how I articulate sentences, write essays, and solve this ongoing issue of timing. My favorite part of AP English Language is the ever-so-fun FRQs (Free Response Question). In these FRQs, we walk in, get told a starting time and a finish time, get given a certain type of FRQ (Question 1, 2, or 3), and go for it. This helps me realize that I have to write a well-planned essay within a certain time, which, helps me with other classes when testing in general.

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These AP classes make for a busy schedule, but a happy brain. While all of that is happening, I also do basketball, football, and track for Beaverton.

Brain Cartoon Character Giving The Thumbs Up

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