March Madness… and Mayhem

By Gus Woolfrey, junior

March Madness was the talk of the week. Everyone was competing between brackets and trying to make it the the top of their group. It was getting very intense, between all the upsets that happened and all the surprises that nobody expected… people were very into it. One of the biggest upsets was the Marshall against Wichita State. Marshall was the underdog in the 13th seed and Wichita State was the 4th seed. So of course, everyone thought that it was going to be an easy win for Wichita, but they were wrong. I took the gamble and had Marshall winning, and after they actually one, I went from the bottom 3 to 1st place because of all the points I got.

Blog Photo #1

Another huge upset was Loyola against Miami. Loyola was the 11th seed and Miami was 6th seed so everyone believed that Miami was going to dominate, but that didn’t happen. It was a huge upset for many people. The overall biggest upset in the tournament was UMBC beating Virginia. UMBC was a 16th seed, and Virginia was a 1st seed. UMBC beat Virginia by 20, the first ever 16th seed beating the 1st seed in march madness history! That’s huge! UMBC came out putting up a fight and Virgina took it too easy and wasn’t ready for the competition and it caused them to lose the game.

Blog Photo #2

What I think to have been a big surprise was the championship. Villanova was the winner of the tournament. But out of my bracket of 30 people, only 1 person chose them to win it all. The whole tournament was great because nobody knew what was going to happen, so it kept people entertained during it. Overall, it was a great tournament, even though I didn’t win the bracket.

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