Most of us would love to be in a sunny place for our Spring Break, but not all of us can make the trip. Whatever the reason for staying home, you can still have a great vacation…or, should we say, “STAYCATION.” Here are some ideas to make your time in Northwest Oregon one to remember.

While most of us would love to be in California tanning on the beach, not all of us can make that happen. Luckily, Seaside, Newport, and other beaches to the west are close enough for a day trip.

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One of the best parts about traveling is trying the different foods of the area. One way to try a variety of food in little time is heading down to food cart pods. Within walking distance of Beaverton High School you can head down to BG’s Food Cartel.

Sadly, traveling to the eastern hemisphere during our week off is out of reach for most, but we might have an alternative where you can see Japanese culture. The Portland Japanese Garden is one of the prettiest places in Oregon and is only a short drive.

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When most people think of Spring Break, they think of somewhere warm and sunny. This next idea might not fit into that stereotype. An hour-and-a-half drive can get you to one of the prettiest places in Oregon: Mt. Hood. Whether you want to spread the slopes or just relax in the lodge, the mountain is a great place to be on your week off.

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Although it is almost a five-hour drive, this might be the most worthwhile staycation idea. Crater Lake is the only National Park in Oregon, and from first-hand experience, it was the most stunning things I have ever seen. Pictures don’t do it justice, and I suggest spending one of your days off explore the deepest lake in the United States.

Crater Lake Oregon

For whatever reason you’re staying home during Spring Break, we all deserve a little get away!

TRADITION: Our Diversity Assembly

By Armando Lopez, junior

Beaverton has one of the most diverse public schools across the state, and we are proud. 42% of Beaverton students are from a multicultural background, and we have many foreign exchange students come to our school every year. The community at Beaverton high school is very important, and we make sure everyone feels included and welcomed. To quote Principal Erwin, “We are a diverse community that encourages the inspiration and aspiration of every person.” It is our diversity that makes us special at Beaverton.

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Copy of Diversity Assembly 2017 (56)Copy of Diversity Assembly 2017 (13)

The Diversity Assembly will be held tomorrow March 23 in the main gym @ 9:30 AM. This assembly shines a light on those who don’t always get the opportunity to be recognized, and it allows members of our community to express themselves and their different traditions through dance, music, poems, and more.

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Copy of Diversity Assembly 2017 (45)Copy of Diversity Assembly 2017 (30)

I joined BHS as a sophomore. Coming from a multicultural family, I felt included in the BHS community right away. With traditions such as the Diversity Assembly, Beaverton shows us that no matter our ethnic background or culture, we are all equal and should celebrate our differences. It’s important to remember that diversity encompasses all the differences that make us unique. Tradition unites us.


By Sammy Abrams, sophomore varsity attacker

With the lacrosse season starting, conditioning and practices are in full throttle. Both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams tend to be underappreciated. However, we spend countless hours a week building a stronger team, running through plays and working on fundamentals. With that being said, we are not considered a school sport, therefore categorizing us as a club sport and giving us the pleasure of 8:00 PM-10:00 PM practice every night. Within the lacrosse culture, we are able to persevere through all the hardships and unsupportive people that don’t recognize the hard work we put in. Being part of this team has allowed me to grow as an individual on and off the field, as well as being able to have supportive friends that I can call my family.

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Something unique about our lacrosse team is that we consider our junior varsity and varsity one team. Every year, after a tough week of tryouts, all players and coaches go to Twin Rocks for the weekend to build relationships and create goals for the season. This year, we decided on three team goals; always trying our hardest at every practice and game, encouraging each other, communication on the field and making it far in the gold bracket. This year we split into cabins and made lacrosse sticks out of string, wood and popsicle sticks to practice these goals. We competed by throwing eggs at different distances and seeing who can catch the egg the farthest without it cracking.

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We had a dramatic drop in players this year due to the school boundary changes. Last year, we had 35 players and now we have 23 players which has been one of our challenges this year. However, due to low numbers we are able to grow very close to one another and build off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This year, I have been able to recognize where there is room to grow and with the help from my incredible and supportive teammates I have been able to become a better player. This year we hope to have a lot more fans so come cheer us on and see our games this season! For game locations and times go to:

EXCELLENCE: Snowboarding to State

Colby Mills is a junior here at Beaverton High School, he’s also on the snowboard team. Colby has always loved snowboarding, he says it gives him a thrill and specifically loves boarding in the park and catching “mad” air. Since joining the Snowboard team Colby says his park skills have dramatically improved. He says the coaches know what they’re doing and also know how to explain it to the kids. Snowboarding is a unique sport in that the best way to succeed is to envision the jump or trick. He says you must picture yourself pulling the jump in order to do it. In addition, snowboarders must be willing to fail. In order to master a new trick, snowboarders fail many, many times.

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One of the hardest parts of being a snowboarder is failing. It’s hard to keep practicing and wanting to learn when you’re stuck on a trick. “It’s a mental game,” says Colby, “You have to block out the negative voices in your head.” Colby also says that it’s hard to get motivated when trying a new trick because you know you’re going to fall and experience pain.

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Being a Snowboarder living in Portland is not an easy task. Beaverton athletes make the long trek up to Mt. Hood every Wednesday after school and don’t return until 10:00 PM. Colby and his friends take turns driving up Saturdays and Sundays. Normally snowboarders can only practice 3 days a week so every run counts.

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Colby says that Snowboard team is one of his favorite things he’s been a part of. He has met many new friends and enjoys spending time with them on the mountain. Snowboard team welcomes all levels of boarders and would love to see new faces next year.

Senioritis Is REAL: 10 Reasons You Know You Have Senioritis

Seniors! At this time of the school year, you’re probably feeling down due to all the school work. Your motivation to get good grades probably hit rock bottom. What is this feeling called, you ask. It’s called Senioritis, and we’re all experiencing it right now. If you have even one of the following symptoms you may have Senioritis…

You wish you were sick when you aren’t and when you are sick you are happy about it

You can’t sit down at the lunch table

You know the weeks, days, hours and minutes until graduation

You stop caring about what you look like

You don’t care about your grades because you are already accepted to college

You walk into class and regret it

Your parents no longer care about getting the phone call that you were late to class

You can’t get up in the morning (even when you have late arrival)

1st period becomes optional

You give up on making this top 10 list.

To all who don’t believe or think that “Senioritis” is real, we are here to tell you that it is and many seniors at our school are infected by it and are looking for a cure. The only known cure is graduation.


By junior Max Johanson

Tradition at Beaverton High School has always been important to the school. One of Beaverton High’s core values is Tradition Unites Us. For as long as Beaverton High School has been around, tradition has really brought the community together and is a big reason why Beaverton is so unique and different from most other high schools.

One of the many perks of Beaverton is the alumni giving back to the school and the tradition passed down through family members. We do a good job here at really getting the community and alumni involved to help support the school. Also, a lot of times you see the kids of alumni who end up going to Beaverton which is really special. My dad, Doug Johanson, is an alumnus, who graduated in 1986. He is now part of the Beaverton Success Fund along with many other alumni. For me, it’s really cool to see that my Dad is still involved in the school 30 years after he graduated, and to have all 3 of his kids go to Beaverton like he did.

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At our school we also have Golden Grads. They often donate to programs and volunteer at our school. Every student and staff member is so grateful for all the work they do and thinks that they work shouldn’t go unnoticed. These Golden Grads. have been helping our school for years after years. It’s amazing to see that even after graduating from Beaverton High School, people still care about the community within it.

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Overall, alumni are an important tradition here at Beaverton. They help bring the community closer together along with helping raise money and giving back. It is something special and we should not take them for granted.

COMMUNITY: Why I Give Back

By junior Noah Weinstein

Community service has been the most predominant component of my high school career; it is important to me for many reasons such my wanting to improve and give back my community as well as goals of self-improvement.

I have greatly benefited from those around me, both in and out of school. Prior to attending BHS, I was home-schooled and my education was left in the hands of my family and the support of the community around me, although large amounts of my learning happened at home I believe that it is actually the skills that I learned from various members of the homeschooling community that allowed for my pre-formal education to be successful. My life will be forever impacted for the better due to the actions partaken by members of the community that I grew up in. The support that I received from my community inspired me to give back, and hope that my actions will allow for others to have upbringings equally as blessed with strong and caring communities as my own.

When I serve my community, I know that I am gaining skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am able to meet interesting people and get exposed to a diversity of opinions and backgrounds. I currently volunteer my time with two organizations, The Oregon Zoo and Outdoors School. In both of these programs I am leading groups to success and honing my leadership skills as well as educating on important topics related environmental science, conservation and how to be active in one’s community. Every time that I volunteer I learn or improve upon my leadership, communication and community building skills, all well having a ton of fun.

I personally take volunteering very seriously having volunteered slightly over three thousand hours since the start of my freshman year. Sometimes it can be difficult for me to balance my volunteering with school, this year I started to take four AP courses with a pretty heavy workload. By enrolling in many difficult classes I will often find myself in a situation where I have so much work I can’t even imagine how to get it done by the next day, and then I will still go and volunteer six hours in the evening. For me to get around the difficulty of balancing school with an intense volunteer schedule I have learned two incredibly useful traits. The first trait is to maximize the use of my time and the second one is efficiency. In school I am always doing some form of work, if I finish something early in class I will break out my Chromebook and start working on essay. The efficiency step just came with some practice if you work on a tight schedule enough eventually you learn to ignore distractions and get things done very quickly. It really is my mindset of always staying on task and ignoring potential distractions that allows for me to balance school with volunteering and whatever other activities I am currently involved with.

Serving one’s community is among the best things someone can do for both themselves and those around them. By serving your community you are improving the environment you and others live in, fulfilling your civic responsibilities and improving one’s own abilities. I would recommend volunteering to everyone, even if you can’t commit to a full schedule just going in to help at your local food bank, or animal shelter can make a huge impact on people’s lives.

EXCELLENCE: Beaverton Burritos

Excellence is a core value at Beaverton High. Our education, our athletics, and our community outreach programs support this theme. However, smaller things within the community are often overlooked, such as the fuel that feeds the students achieving such excellence. This fuel, of course, stems from the burrito stand in the lower cafeteria. Every day, a line is formed, usually about 30 students long, for the burritos handcrafted by our very own Mrs. Hama.

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Students who stand in line for a burrito get the choice of beef or chicken as their base. After Mrs. Hama finishes preparing the burrito, students can then bring it over to the salad bar filled with a variety of toppings such as cheese, sour cream, peppers, cilantro, and many more, to construct their very own perfect burrito. Unfortunately, rice is not offered as a topping for our burritos. Personally, I think that in order to achieve maximum satisfaction from the student body, rice should definitely be included in everyone’s burrito-making options.

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We went to the burrito stand and talked to Mrs. Hama, who gave us some interesting feedback. Personally, she says she “loves the burritos”, and even eats them herself occasionally. When she makes her own, she uses the ground beef instead of the chicken because the seasoning used on it is super flavorful. One thing that students might realize, if they went to Beaverton High last year, is that she no longer folds the burritos once she puts the meat and bean contents in. She states that the reason for this was to solve the line problem, and try to speed up the process so that students can sit down and eat faster. Additionally, almost none of the students currently at BHS would know this, but there used to be two burrito stands, instead of just one, but no one really knows why it vanished. In the end, I highly recommend trying one of Beaverton High’s very own burritos handcrafted by Mrs. Hama if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.

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TRADITION: Senior Nights

A common staple of high school sports are Senior Nights. These games are usually the last home game, match, meet, etc. of a team’s schedule and are meant to honor the graduating seniors and their time as a varsity athlete. Beaverton High School makes these games a tradition by promoting these games hard to the students in hopes of a large crowd. The seniors at Beaverton are called up before the crowd by the announcer. The announcer usually introduces the athlete by giving their name, position, favorite memories, and plans for after highs school. The senior athlete walks out onto the court or field with their family to shake Mrs. Erwin, Mr. Blok, and their coaches’ hands and then takes a picture with the group. This provides a positive way to start a competition and close a regular season.

This basketball season, the girls’ team only had one senior, Cierra Speck. Speck played Beaverton basketball for all four years of high school. Even after her freshman season, when many talented seniors and a familiar coach left, Speck stuck with the program. And again, even after relatively unsuccessful seasons her sophomore and junior year, Cierra didn’t quit. This season, the Beavers finished second in Metro and are ranked third heading into the state playoffs. Speck continues to contribute greatly to the team both on the court and off, as a mentor to the underclassmen. Cierra’s Senior Night (dubbed Cierra Night) was held against Century on February 13th. The team celebrated Cierra Night by beating Century 63-27.


The Beaverton Wrestling team had an unconventional Senior Night this season. During the week of January 25th, Beaverton was having some technical difficulties in their gym. As a result, all events to be held in the gym were cancelled. That meant Beaverton’s single home wrestling meet was cancelled and that was supposed to be Senior Night. Thanks to the hospitality to Beaverton’s otherwise bitter rival Southridge, Beaverton was able to host their meet at Southridge. Thanks to word of mouth, the team attracted a sizeable crowd and rallied for the 57-21 win over Liberty.

Wrestling Senior Night January 25, 2018 - 9Wrestling Senior Night January 25, 2018 - 11

Back to the Chiles Center!

By Curtis Posner, junior

#HatsOff to our boys’ and girls’ basketball for making the playoffs this year. It’s the first time that your Beaverton girls’ team have made the playoffs since 2015! Last week, our boys team had to venture down to Grants Pass, Oregon while our girls team earned a spot a home for their first two playoff games. I have ran the scoreboard for both teams at all of the home games, and I have really learned a lot about the coaches, players, and fans. What I have noticed first and foremost is that both coaches, Andrew Vancil and Kathy Adelman Naro, are fantastic coaches with they way they compose themselves and read each situation presented to them. Their expertise on the sidelines is backed up by their season record.

This year, the OSAA Basketball State tournament is held at the Chiles Center, located at the University of Portland campus. The girls quarterfinals will be held there on Wednesday, March 7th, and the boys quarterfinals will be held the following day on Thursday, March 8th.

Our boys’ team finished the regular season with a 14-10, earning a ranking of 17th in the state of Oregon. In league play, we finished 13-7. An added bonus to that 14-win season is that we beat the 8th rated team, Jesuit Crusaders, 68-49!

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Unfortunately, in the first round in the playoffs, our boys team lost to Grants Pass High School by 8 points. The score was 76-69, but that score did not represent how the team played. After three quarters, our boys brought the deficit down to two points, but the Cavemen fought hard to defend their lead. Even though the boys played down in Grants Pass, our devoted fans listened to the game over the radio and were able to watch the intense action live Tablerock Sports Network.

Both of the Beaverton basketball teams fought hard and represented our school very well, and it showed because our girls’ basketball team finished with a 20-3 record earning them 3rd place in the state of Oregon. In league play, we finished 18-2 beating the Jesuit Crusaders both of the times we played them!

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I have a sister that plays for the girls’ varsity basketball team, and it’s exciting to see her play and get to hear the conversations the coach is having with her and her teammates. Last Tuesday, in the girls first playoff game, they played Cleveland High School and conquered the Warriors 55-36. This was also a very intense game because Cleveland’s point guard closed the gap by knocking down three 3 pointers in a row. Our girls continued to battle through, and ended up winning by 19 points. Last Friday, the girls faced the 20th ranked, Sherwood Bowmen, which was the last game of playoffs before teams earned a spot to play at the Chiles Center.

I asked Nicole Posner, my sister, what was the best part about this season and she said, “I really liked meeting the new people on the team and I am glad that I have made new friends. I also liked having a winning season which was due to the long, hard practices that made us so much better.”

Blog Photo #3

Congratulations to both the boys’ and the girls’ basketball teams for making the playoffs! It’s awesome to see the teams make it this far and to see the great support that our school shows. It all links back to one of our common core values, which is that community connects us.