COMMUNITY: Kids for Wish Kids

One of our core values here at BHS is community. Each one of our students, teachers, and staff make it one of their goals to create a safe and supportive community throughout the school. One of our favorite times of year to see the incredible community we get to be a part of is in February.

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In February, we put on two events; Week of Wishes, which leads up to Jam the Dam. Our Sports and Event Marketing class connects with businesses in the community to sign sponsors and receive donations that help run our event. With sponsors, donations, and money from our silent auction, we raise enough money to sponsor multiple kids’ wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon. We not only get to provide a fun night for students and our community, but we also get to give back to the community in a big way.

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We have been putting on these events and partnering with the Make-A-Wish for over 14 years! These events not only signify our core value of community, but help represent our other values such as excellence, learning, and tradition.

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LEARNING: Forecasting for Our Future

As the second semester of school begins, we start to think about next year. For seniors, this means finalizing college plans, applying for scholarships, and making sure that they are on track to graduate. For juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, this means forecasting.

Every year, we all grab those sheets to pick classes and get teacher signatures, but do we all appreciate the opportunities presented to us? Beaverton offers students over 150 courses next year in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, World Language, ELL, Special Education, Visual Arts, Theatre, Business, Engineering, Music, Education, Health Careers, P.E., and others. The classes that Beaverton High School offers help prepare us for our futures as well as keep us entertained with interesting subjects. We just added a few enticing classes which include Intro to Astronomy, Child Development, Environmental Studies, and several more. These new classes, paired with the recently developed automotive and science classes, will help broaden the scope of our education and prepare us for life after high school.

Of the 150+ classes offered, we have 20 Advanced Placement (AP) and over 30 dual-credit courses, which allow our students to receive college credit while in high school. Beaverton also has pathways in education, engineering, digital media, health careers, and marketing, which could help students get started on a career path early.

These opportunities often become overshadowed by taking a class simply because it is easier than the alternate, which could end up being something a student regrets. By challenging yourself in high school and utilizing the courses available, you can both take interesting subjects and start to cut your way through college credits. We also have great staff with a lot of real-world experience, which is another very valuable resource when deciding your path through college or otherwise. Take advantage of the possibilities available at Beaverton High School; your future self will thank you.

EXCELLENCE: Jam the Dam 2018

Excellence can be found all around Beaverton High School. From sports to academics, anywhere you look, you will find excellence; in the bodies of students, staff and our community. One example of excellence is Jam the Dam.

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Jam the Dam is a double header basketball event. Beaverton High School pairs with Make-A-Wish Oregon to create Week of Wishes. Week of Wishes is the build up week to the final event. BHS and Make-A-Wish Oregon have been paired together for this event for 13 years. BHS has raised over $205,000 and granted 30+ wishes.

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This year’s Jam the Dam event was huge success. Varsity Boys and Girls and JV Girls won their games against Aloha. The Sports and Event Marketing class led by Kathryn Robinson, raised over $15,000 dollars from sponsors, donations, and silent auction baskets. As soon as the last bell rang, students immediately started to line up at the door in hopes of getting a free t-shirt. The first 500 students would receive a free t-shirt with a rockin’ logo on it. Free ice-cream, free t-shirts, a photo booth and much more made students, fans and parents very happy.

BASKETBALL: The Season So Far

Both the Boys and Girls basketball teams have had great seasons are both are going to finish in the top 3 in the Metro League. The boys team is ranked 15th in the state the with an overall record of 14-9, and a record of 9-5 in league. The girls team is ranked 3rd in the state with an overall record of 20-2, and a record of 13-1 in league. Both teams are going to make it into the playoffs, and both are looking to make some noise as two of the younger teams coming out of the Metro League.

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Boys basketball has had a great season so far but they aren’t done yet. The boy’s team is looking to get at least one home game in this years playoff run, or if they get lucky, will get to host two games on the way to the Chiles Center. After last season, when the Beavers made it all the way to the Chiles Center and placed 5th in state, we graduated 7 seniors from the basketball team. Coming into this season we only had one returning player with any varsity playing experience, 1st-Team All-Metro player Jake Estep. It was a very different team this year compared to last year, but despite not having as much experience our boy’s team still managed to be in the top 3 in league this year, only behind Jesuit and Southridge who are two senior led teams.

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Girls basketball also had a very different season from the year before. Last season the Beavers finished with an overall record of 3-20, and a league record of 3-12. It was definitely a down year for the girls basketball team, but this season has been a huge turnaround, with help from a new coaching staff and a new group of players that came into the program. This season the girls have had an amazing season with only two losses. They are looking to keep this winning trend ongoing into this year’s playoffs. The entire basketball program has been a success this season, but the season isn’t over and both teams will be looking to make a deep playoff run.

LEARNING: Exploring Health Careers

By Riley Gill, junior

Students at Beaverton High School have a very interesting and unique opportunity, as they can join a program called Health Careers. Health Careers is a fantastic opportunity for students who are considering the a job in the medical field, including jobs titles such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, administration, or anything else in the medical field.

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Deciding to study and enter into the healthcare industry is a big commitment considering earning a doctorate, one must complete a minimum of 6 years of college. Many students go to college wanting to join the healthcare sector not having had any experience in the field and then decide two years into the program to switch to a different field. This can lead to extra cost and time. Health Careers allows students to get accustomed to the healthcare sector before deciding to major in it.

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There are many professions within the healthcare industry, and Health Careers exposes students to as many jobs as possible. That way, each student can have a better idea of what major they want to study and do things in order to appeal to those programs. Exposing students to many different components of the healthcare field is also a great way to build an understanding of what is involved with other functions and responsibilities as it relates to particular roles. We all know colleges are becoming more and more demanding of their requirements, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get into colleges, the healthcare industry being no exception.

What many students consider the most valuable part of Beaverton’s Health Careers is the hands-on field experience they get. Students volunteer at hospitals, retirement homes, and accompany EMT’s in ambulances. In addition, you listen to guest speakers who are professionals in their field explaining what the day to day life of their job looks, feels and sounds like. Health Careers is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the healthcare industry and participate in hands-on activities that expose them to real life job opportunities. It allows them to meet people in the industry, which could be essential later when applying for an internship or job. Health Careers also help students to push themselves and mature faster than their peers, as a certain level of professionalism is required, helping students recognize the behavior and organization expected by the industry.

EXCELLENCE: The Pond Remodel

By Sley Vega, senior

About two months ago students in the Marketing Management class decided it was time to give The Pond, the student store ran by the students in this class, a makeover. After much time deciding on colors, aesthetic, and product placement we spent hours going on multiple trips to Home Depot and Michael’s to buy the wood and decorations we would need. Our lovely teacher Ms. Ramberg took the time to stain all of the wood and bring it back to school for us to start the project.

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A huge part of the remodel was able to get done thanks to our Pond Manager, Ayden Hanks who spent the time figuring out the placement of the stained wood and sticking it onto the wall in The Pond. “I feel that this remodel was worth all the effort and time because now the student store looks a lot more welcoming and it is a fun environment to work in… Working on this also helped me realize that I am interested in pursuing some sort of interior design degree in college,” said Ayden after asking her why this remodel was worth her time.

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With the new crates hung up on the wall, the students were able to display their product in a way that is easier for their customers to see and for the product not to get overlooked. There were also fake plants added and small signs hung up to make the store feel more like a cafe and attract more customers.

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This remodel will help the following classes to come, because they will have this wonderful, modern workspace that will make them feel better about where they are working. After talking to Mrs. Ramberg about the remodel she said “Students are more successful with learning in environments more appealing. It inspires them to work hard while providing that real life experience.” Thank you Managment students and Mrs.Ramberg for all your hard work to make this happen!

Prom Dress CRISIS

By Sley Vega, Senior

The countdown to Prom has begun for us seniors! It’s crazy how fast time is passing by, especially now that we are officially second semester seniors. The past few weeks, prom has been a recurring topic in conversations among us girls, and it is still two months away. “Send me a picture of your dress!”, “Who is hosting?” and “Oh my gosh, it’s approaching so soon and I haven’t even started looking for a dress…” are constantly talked about at the lunch table.

The funny thing is, I can definitely relate to everyone who hasn’t started looking for dresses. Dress shopping is already hard enough, and this is a huge night, so finding the perfect dress is a must. Not to mention, finding a unique and different dress so you don’t show up wearing the same dress as someone else is important. It’s so important to some girls that they have created a group message where everyone is sending in pictures of their dress to make sure no one buys the same one.

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Here are some of my recommendations that I’ve come up with to all the girls still looking for a dress:

If you are going to order dresses online, I would start looking now or in the next few weeks and order soon, just because you don’t want to stress about your dress not coming in on time, or not liking the way it fits. If you don’t want to buy a new dress or don’t have the money to spend on a dress, ask around and see if anyone has one you can borrow! Or… in the next few weeks, check in with Becca’s Closet to see if they have any dresses you like.

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But my biggest recommendation that I have got from some friends of mine that have graduated is to have patience! Dress shopping is certainly not easy, and you may not find the dress you like after the first one you try on. You will know when you know, and that may be the last dress you try on after a month of looking for one, so take a step back, breathe and have fun because when you think about it, this will probably be the last time we will be looking for a dress to wear to a high school dance.


Beavers are Learners.

Every day, when you walk the halls at BHS, you experience learning first hand. Whether it’s in the math hall where teachers teach students on whiteboards, or in MD where students use technology to learn how to use Microsoft Office in Computer Apps or how to create websites in Web Design, students are hard at work learning valuable skills to be prepared for life after High School.

Students learn using a variety of resources, including teachers who dedicate their time to help students prepare for their future. Teachers are key role models to students and help influence what happens for the rest of their life. Teachers use what they have previously learned and pass that knowledge along to students in many forms, in all classrooms around our school. After school, student athletes can be found in the gym or on the field with their coaches, learning or improving their sport. You learn through practice.

“You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.”-Wayne Gretzky

If you don’t throw the football tons of times, you will never be good at football, if you don’t shoot free throws at practice, you won’t ever make free throws during the game, and if you don’t do math homework, you will never be good at math. It takes practice to learn, and you have to learn to try.


Excellence is truly all around us at Beaverton High and the best place to see it is in out students. A person who embodies the core value “Excellence Inspires Us” is junior Gabriella Lee.

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Gaby is an example of excellence in our school community because of her dedication to her activities both in and out of school. Something many people do not know about her is that she is a competitive figure skater. She has been skating since the time she learned to walk, and she hopes to continue on someday to perform in shows all over the world. Gaby hopes to go out of state for college to study political science and history, and her dream school is Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her dream job is to be a lawyer and live in Atlanta, or somewhere on the East Coast.

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Outside of school and skating, Gaby loves going to the gym, watching The Office, hanging out with friends and watching sports. Gaby loves the Blazers and a dream of hers is to marry an NBA player. Gaby Lee has bettered our school community by finding a need and completing it. Along with joining LINK Crew this year, she has started the Beaverton High School Black Student Union, a group that plans to improve the opportunities and success for black students at Beaverton, along with creating awareness about social justice issues in our community. She also hopes to create more representation for minorities in school activities and leadership.

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Thanks to Gaby and her excellence, our school is a more inclusive and well rounded place.