Stuck in eternal cycle of student loan payments: college kids’ struggle

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

By Noe Lambert noe.png

At eighteen years of age, high school students are expected to determine the rest of their lives. We are expected to choose one of the many overpriced colleges or universities our nation offers while inheriting the debt that comes along with it. And does the education we’re paying so much money for even get us a good enough job to help us pay off these loans?

Senior Nina Hambleton stated, “I think it’s ironic that they’re going to make me pay for a school that’s not even going to pay off my student debt.” Many of the acclaimed academic schools in our nation are overwhelmingly overpriced, which makes sense because they better your education and job opportunities. But what job could ever help us pay off $200,000, while also being a homeowner and supporting our families? It’s virtually impossible unless you win the lottery or suddenly inherit…

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