Bucky’s Family: Reeya Tamang

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Reeya Tamang!

Reeya is a freshman here at BHS and has an abundant family with many different backgrounds. Her father is from Bhutan and her mother is from India. Reeya was born in Nepal and lived there as well as Bhutan and India until she was ten. She lives here now with her mother, father, and brother who is 19. She speaks six different languages! It’s truly amazing. One of these languages is sign language which she learns through a tutor every Sunday. She wanted to learn this language because, in middle school, she often worked with children with disabilities. One of the kids she worked with was deaf and she really wanted to learn how to communicate with her.


She also has a passion for drawing. Reeya explained that she has her own style of drawing and learned this from her uncle. Her whole family really loves to draw. She is very talented and loves to keep a journal with all her creations.


She is also very passionate about writing and performing poetry. She wrote a quote that is very dear to her and goes like this: “A roar of a lion silences the beating of a thousand sheep.” The meaning of the quote is that if you are yourself, you will be stronger than being who everyone else wants you to be.

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Reeya’s biggest challenge was coming to the United States with little English or experience with this culture. Someone that really helped her out was her father. He was a principle in Nepal and taught English there, so he provided a lot of assistance. She has to work extra hard sometimes because she might not know a certain word or phrase and she has to be able to figure it out on her own.

Reeya is excited to be at Beaverton and is planning on trying out for wrestling in the spring. She is also looking forward to visiting her friends and family in Nepal this summer. Her family traditions are probably her favorite thing about her culture. For example, every Saturday night her family and her neighbors get together for dinner at a different house each week. They all switch around and make traditional meals from Nepal. Her favorite dish is rice. Reeya is passionate about so many things, and we are so lucky to have her in our BHS family.


Bucky’s Family: Josh Davies

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Josh Davies!

Josh is a senior here at Beaverton High who grew up in a Christian family. Josh and his family of his mother, father, and older brother have lived and continue to live in a house around 10 blocks south of Beaverton High. He went to Hilltop Christian School for kindergarten and then to Pilgrim Lutheran for first grade through eighth grade. Being so close to these schools, Josh has come become very familiar with Beaverton. In fact, Josh has lived in this house all of his life!

Josh with Family

Something many people don’t know about Josh is that he often thinks of possible explanations for God. These ideologies often involve higher dimensions. Josh added almost sarcastically, “These explanations would probably melt the minds of anyone who hasn’t taken AP Physics.”

Josh Posing with LEGO

Josh also loves video games and anime! Josh plays video games such as Warframe and Paladins on his PC. He plays video games because he enjoys how much strategy is involved. Josh loves anime just as much, if not more! When asked about how he feels about anime, he responds, “It’s a guilty pleasure that I don’t feel guilty about.” Josh watches anime such as Samurai Flamenco, Durarara, Parasyte: The Maxim, and Steins Gate. Josh appreciates any anime in the Shounen genre. This genre of anime focuses on adventure, action, and fighting.  In addition, Josh also loves LEGO and listening to music.

Josh with Anime and Music

When asked about his biggest obstacle, Josh spoke of Celiac disease. Josh was diagnosed with Celiac disease in fifth grade. Josh’s parents were aware that something may be wrong because Josh hadn’t gained a single pound for a year. Josh came to the realization that gluten was raising his intestines and would basically destroy his ability to digest nutrition. Essentially, Josh was starving to death no matter how much he ate. After being on a diet given by his doctor for about a week, Josh had a night where he stayed up all night crying due to growing pains. Now, whenever Josh eats gluten he feels queasy, or if the queasiness isn’t enough to make him throw away the cookies, the gluten present in the cookies is the equivalent to almost one and a half mea’s worth. Josh Davies makes a great addition to Bucky’s Family.